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What a lovely Christmas!

What a lovely Christmas! Do well to enjoy The magic of Christmas; It does not come everyday; If you want the best christmas videos, Try this “Must see playlist’. You can alsoEnjoy the beauty of Christmas decorated. Christmas is a time For light to shine. Light up the Christmas spirit in your home.Since the eve…

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Best wishes at Christmas

Accept my best wishes This Christmas! May this year’s Christmas Bring you many unexpected blessings! May happiness fill your heart! May you know the joy of love! May the light of Christmas Shine on you today And forever after! May your face so brightly shine, And with your heart Light up the world!

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A Nativity for One

A little tree twinkles on the coffee table. The instrumental music of Elvis Presley’s song, “Blue Christmas” softly plays while you rub your stocking feet together. Staring into the flickering light of the fireplace, you glimpse the Three Wise Men moving on the mantel. It was an inherited nativity scene, now meant for one person…

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Christmas Gifts

Christmas – another year of rushing to find the perfect gift. You know, the latest state-of-the-art, hottest item on the market? What a time to share your love by giving gifts to others! It might be cold outside, but come inside and feel the warmth of Christmas. The tree ornaments, decorations, and the smell of…

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