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Long distance talk

This leads me to a Question,which I am unable to decide ! Long distance relationship or short distance relationship……which is better & why ?  (couples & Friends) Please share your thoughts. Thank you.    Philosophy Through Photography Image source © Dr.Sridhar,2019 All Rights Reserved Advertisements

Long distance talk

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Family Quarrel

Definition :To quarrel is to fight — but usually not physically. Quarreling is a fact of life, occurring between the best of friends, in the happiest of marriages, and between parents and their children. It is a disagreement about something. Why we quarrel in the very first place ? Somewhere I read ( I…

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Love is scarce- Really ?

Only thing we never get enough of is love; and the only thing we never give enough of is love. ― Henry Miller Why this happens ? We all  think that, Love means romance.But it is not so. There are 7 types of love. Storge- Familial love Phila-friendship ( shared goodwill) Eros-Sexual or passionate love Agape-Universal…

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Communication can mean a Big difference; Communication is the key; If your communication is Powerful, If your communication is Clear, If your communication is confident, If your communication is Credible, If your communication is charismatic, If your communication is Convincing, You stand a good chance To win The hearts of those who Listen to you;…

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