Media role in creating an excellent world

The role that the media are called to play to build an excellent world is paramount.

But that role is not being played. In fact, the media are doing mostly the opposite of what they should do.

The impression you get when you listen to the news is that the world is bad because it is dominated by bad people.

This is negative reporting which is not good for the world.

Excessive negative reporting has invaded the media world.

We are so much taken along the path of the negative instead of the positive.

Such reporting gradually destroys the world.

The Media should report the so many good things happening in the world not the opposite.

By focusing so much on the negative, the media fill our minds with negative thoughts, which end up making us negative people.

Being negative people, we do negative things and pit ourselves against each other. Hence, the various conflicts and wars that rock the world taking away human lives and gradually destroying the world.

The media have an obligation to build not to destroy. And to build newsworthiness has to be redefined with primacy given to the positive.

Media work must end up filling human minds with the positive, and making people shun the negative.

This is indispensable for making the world an excellent place for all.


I feel boosted

Your words of encouragement

Have greatly boosted me;

I feel like going out

To start to fly;

Do you know how inspiring

Your words are?

Keep saying those uplifting words

To pull people out of

Their comfort zones,

To dash out

And conquer the world. (Inspired by the post Personal Excellence published on Popsicle Society by Romania’s Ribana.

Speak not to destroy

You have a voice,
That has power;
If you lack what to say,
Don’t talk;
Be quiet;
If you don’t have
Something edifying,
Keep your mouth shut;
Do not speak because you
Want your voice
To be heard;
Speak because
You have something to say;
Let what you say
Be what builds
Not what destroys;
Important is your voice
Let it generate good,
And promote light
Not darkness.
Speak not to destroy,
Speak to build.

Talk less listen more

If you do talk too much,
That is not a very good
You must talk less
And listen more;
You will learn so much
From others who speak;
Talking more than you
Should talk,
Will make you say what
You should not say;
Gossip will become your
Stock in trade;
Which is sure not good
For you and me;
Neither for anyone at all;
Talk less;listen more;
Look at what the wise
Ones do;
They do talk;
But talk less,
And listen more.
In the likes of these ones,
Talk less and listen more.



How do you listen?

How do you listen to others?
How well do you listen when the
Master speaks?
Do you listen with half an ear?
Or you listen with a full ear?
How can you listen while You read?
How can you listen while You watch Television?
How can you listen while You browse?
How can you listen while You are on the phone?
Do you listen with your ears?
Or you listen with your mind?
Do you listen with your heart?
Do you listen like a believer?
Or you listen like a non-believer?
Truly, we need to listen;
And listen well;
And listen with all our heart;
We must listen with love;
We must listen with a caring ear.
We have two ears and one mouth,
To listen twice as much as we talk.
Do you want God to listen to you?
Sure, you do, when you pray;
You must, on your part, listen to God
When silently He speaks to you.
Listen to his Eternal Word,
That you may know and do his will.
That he may richly bless you.

Note: I drew inspiration to write this post from a poem by the prolific writer and psychotherapist, Abanga Marie titled could you just listen? Many thanks to Marie for this inspiration.

What you say (quote)

“It is not only

portrait of young woman using mobile phone in cafe
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What you say
That matters;
It is also
How you say it;
Why yo say it;
When you say it;
Where you say it
And to
Whom you say it.” (Romilia quotes)

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It is not only
What you say
That matters;
It is also
How you say it;
Why yo say it;
When you say it;
Where you say it
And to
Whom you say it. (Romilia Quotes)

Watch your words

How do your words
Impact those
Who listen to you?
Are they inspiring
Or dispiriting?
Do they uplift them
Or put them down?
Do they edify
Or mortify?
Your words should be inspiring,
Not dispiriting;
Your words should uplift;
Not make them downcast;
Your words should edify
Not mortify them;
Make them upbeat,
Not downbeat.
Yes, you must watch
Your words;
Watch the words you use.

What type of tongue does this?


What type of tongue:

  1. Spits out hate?
  2. Says words that deceive?
  3. Boasts about themselves?
  4. Criticizes everything that others do?
  5. Talks without ceasing?
  6. Does not give room to others to speak?
  7. Says one thing but means another?
  8. Can set fire on the house?

If you find it hard to find the answers, consult this list:

Ceaseless tongue, deceitful tongue; hateful tongue, critical tongue, boastful tongue, double tongue, explosive tongue, ceaseless tongue.

You must not answer all but answer at least one.

Frame your answer this way: the tongue that talks without ceasing is a…….

Enjoy your blogging!