You are amazing

You are amazing;
What you do amazes me;
You have a special touch;
I call it a magic touch;
You are not ordinary;
You are extraordinary;
No ordinary specie;
You are a rare specie.
You are wonderful;
Simply amazing.
To say the least,
You are simply amazing.


How about we let the Resolution thing slide?

For most of us, New Year is a time for turning a new leaf. To cease from doing certain things, to improve on certain aspect of our lives, either to stop some bad habits, to work out so as to burn that fat and be in shape (Lol) and the list goes on….

Happy New Year

Some always make RESOLUTIONS, but only a few about (8%) do follow up with whatever they’ve decided to do.

2020 is upon us, are you one of the 92% that keeps signing up a deal with yourself and within few days into the New Year you dump it?

How about we let the Resolution thing slide and just live our normal lives, but with a changed mentality and perspective towards life so as to get the results of what will eventually becomes an attitude, instead of being All-Serious and deliberately failing ourselves more often than not that failure becomes our habits instead of getting the change we desired.

Positive change isn’t something that takes place overnight or in a twinkle of an eye! It is an effort made deliberately, it is a process followed up consciously in order to yield a valid and positive result that brings fulfillment to one’s self.

Do not make false promises called RESOLUTIONS, decide a positive habit from your previous bad habits, work and improve on it and be proud of yourself during the process till it becomes your lifestyle (YOU)….

Here’s wishing You a fulfilled NEW YEAR ahead with love and blessings, and i hope You Start it With Determination and Enthusiasm! Cheers 🍻

Submitted by Udubrai Faith

A new look at compliments

I am taking
A new look at compliments;
This follows a lesson
I.just learned;
I never thought
On those lines before;
Compliments are good,
But all are not the same;
Some have strings
Which can be used
To tie you.
Since that lesson,
I am more careful
With compliments;
Whether I am giving
Or receiving.
Truth is,
I love compliments;
Both to give
And to receive.
But from now on,
Prudence will be
My watchword.
When I give;
When they come hitting
The door of my heart.
This is my new look
At compliments.

You are a great soul

You amaze me, woman;
You are an amazing person;
You are so brilliant;
I know you don’t like
When I say this about you;
You may even feel hurt;
You don’t want to be appreciated,
Talk less of praised;
But what you do
Is too much for me
To close my eyes on;
Thank God you may
Never read this
To get at me;
But it’s not meant
To hurt you
Lovely one;
I just wish
I could make you happy;
You are such a great soul;
Doing so much with me;
Thank you for your magnanimity of heart.
May you be richly rewarded
By our almighty creator
In ways
That you like
For your noble heart,
And outstanding work!

Something special in you

I see something special
In you that I admire;
That many people
Do not know;
They don’t have eyes to see;
They look but do not see;
Seeing is not given to all;
Of course, a few look
And see;
But many look and do not see;
That is why many do not see
That special thing
That God has given you
That sets you apart;
That makes you such a charm;
A generosity of heart,
That is hard to define;
A kindness rooted in love;
A burning desire to be good;
And to spread good around;
It’s something I see
Deeply buried in you;
Which many others don’t see.
And you may not even be aware;
It’s my joy to let you know,
That that is how I see you.

You’re 8 today

Happy birthday to you, dear;
8 good years have slipped by;
Very unnoticed;
Not a short time at all;
But short
Compared to the number ahead;
The journey has only begun;
May it be long but enjoyable;
Potholes, you can’t avoid;
Neither can you evade
All the steep hills, valleys
Stony paths and slippery ground,
But the Almighty will always
Equip you when you get there,
To sail through delightfully,
With flying colors.
A very happy birthday to you!