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Be Positive (B+)

Sharing a few instances which show…some people are so Positive in any Situation they face in Life… (This is called “Positive Thinking” ) Doctor : Your Liver is enlarged Patient : Does that mean it has space for more whisky ? (Now this is called “Positive Attitude” ) Lady to her dietician :- What l am worried…

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My goal for 2019 !

My goal for 2019 is To accomplish the goals of 2018, Which I should have done in 2017, Because I promised them in 2015, And planned them in 2014…….. Jokes apart…. Let us be frank…..Most of us fail to achieve what we plan for the new year ! It’s alright ! Take a deep breath.Relax….…

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A Change

Your lips curl upYou are thinkingYour nails are bitten downYou are nervousThis world comes at a costA great one indeed You came from a loving familyAnd were raised with a silver spoonYou were always healthyBut you were sadPeople tried to helpBut they could never fill your need Then one day you broke downAnd lost everythingYour…

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