Category: Death

The Last Ride

A somber mood lingers… one less life on earth begins their journey. The black hearse pulls up to the curb. As it latches closed, it makes a distinctive noise only heard by those who no longer exist. The driver waits for the breezeway gates to slowly open. In a dignified pause, the inherited remain to…

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From Molech to Soylent Green

The tacit endorsement of infanticide by the Democratic governor Northam of Virginia originally reaped intense criticism, though not from most of his party. Political damage control kicked in the next day with the ‘discovery’ of photos in his medical college gallery of Northam supposedly in blackface, or maybe in a Klan hood, … it’s complicated. So now…


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What a sharp sting!

Death! What a sharp sting You have; You strike the heart Like an electric shock; Will I ever be happy again If you strike my heart? I see you everywhere; You have multiplied Your sting; Grieving in agony Is all over the place; What unbearable pain! O Death! Why not leave us alone?

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We Work For God

  The blackest of clouds stalk the night’s evening sunset. A phone call interrupts my joy of dreams. The update took precedence for a mother lost her young son to the practicing world of medicine. God forbid the professional caretakers who made the misdiagnosis! Her innocent child died of a curable cancer at the tender…

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Goodbye Letter to Papa

The day I was born was one of the happiest days of my grandfather’s life. Every year his voice singing, “Happy Birthday” opera style, was a cherished part of my celebrating. After 92 years of singing, on that day, we could no longer hear his voice. Dear Guido, Let us hear you sing one more…

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