Be at your best

My teachers taught me,
To always be at my best;
That is what also
My parents instilled in me;
At all times in life,
Be at your best;
In that, I encourage you;
You are called to do,
Be at your best;
Whether hard or easy,
Be at your best;
If you want success
To smile genuinely with you,
Be at your best;
Wherever you go,
Be at your best;
Never stop trying;
Until you are sure
You are
At your best;
But, if you are
At your best
And do not deliver
The goods;
Don’t worry;
Your best may not be good enough,
No problem,
You have done your best;
Heaven will understand;
You cannot do
More than your best;
The most you can do is,
To be at your best;
Care not about results,
They don’t come from you;
God alone controls that;
Your duty is to be
At your best.
To God, the Almighty God,
You must leave the rest.
He created you
To be at your best;


This is shining time

Trying times, these times
We are waddling through;
A challenging era
For a long time not known;
Which, interesting to say, offers a great opportunity
To shine;
It’s time to shine;
If not like the sun,
Like a star or the moon;
Glimmer, glow and radiate;
I urge you to do just that;
And don’t wait;
You don’t have any reason
Not to glimmer on the hill;
Begin to shine now
And be a star;
Make sure you shimmer
And glitter so,
The utmist you can be;
Light the lamp in you;
And put it on a lamp stand;
So it may shine,
And give out light
To illuminate all the world;
Yes, my friend, shine!
If you don’t light your lamp,
Switch on the meter;
Because it’s time to shine;
If you squander such a chance,
You will always live to regret;
Beam your light!
Brightly so;
It’s time to dazzle
The best you can.
For this is shining time.

The treasure of tomorrow

What is the treasure of tomorrow?
The young are tomorrow’s jewel;
Our progeny, our gold;
They are our hope,
And our pride;
With energy and enthusiasm
They bustle;
A blessing is our offspring;
If you want them to grow,
That is laudable, indeed;
Then you go ahead and help;
Do something to keep them up;
Do what you should do;
Give them a chance;
You owe them a duty to do so;
To facilitate;
Above all,
Do not stand on their way;
You cannot do that;
If you do, it will be sinful;
You will be
A barrier to their growth.
Which is contradictory by itself;
But, you know,
The young are meant to grow;
Once you’re born,
You haven’t a choice
But to grow;
Yes, they must grow;
Give the young a chance to grow;
The young want their chance
To grow;
Make our treasure
Of tomorrow realize
The fullness of their being.

The Perfect 10

As society sways in and out of the going tide, I reach for answers deep inside my soul. Hatred brands many minds as their evil destruction is so uncharacteristic of God’s original creation. Today we are at the mercy of the town criers who scream, “The world is ending!” Funny, it’s only the unbelievers who are running scared and to such wild extremes. God set on stone tablets the instructional directions that we are to follow – the perfect 10, known as the Commandments.

While rereading these moral laws, can we understand that if everyone lived by them, then crime, hatred, and deplorable sins would barely exist? And of all the alterations to the Bible and God’s Words, never have these laws been touched. Interesting! So, they are my perfect ten, for they are the only laws we need to live a godly life.

In my reverence, I consider what man has done to the essence of society. They removed the Lord from schools; very few believe in Him or attend church, churches are burned down, and social media placed bans on Christian posts. Among the battle cries, we have hateful, godless children and adults who wave their artillery, damning everyone’s life. In their rightful mind, no man will find peace and harmony without the Lord seated in their soul!

As history repeats itself, God sent the perfect ten for the Israelites, His chosen people, to follow because riots and upheavals were commonplace. His commandments, handed to Moses, defined their sin and revealed the difference between the holy and a commoner.

“Now then, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, then you shall be My own possession among all the peoples, for all the earth is Mine; and you shall be to Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.’ (Exodus 19:5-6) …”

The Lord also clarified that those defiant in His laws will forever carry the guilt because it is blasphemy. Need I clarify that society, today, doesn’t want any standard of righteousness, rules, or Commandments? People do not recognize their bondage of sin, and sadly, they are doomed. Satan has deceived the inhabitants of this world!

Christians, I ask you to please pray for the lost who dominate our land. May we all soon, see the power of the Perfect Ten. Let us hold close God’s laws and never forget their meaning or value for our eternal salvation.

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What an historical figure taught us

The reading of success literature, which we also call inspirational or motivational literature, listening to it on audio or watching videos of it, is a worthwhile habit which I strongly recommend.

It is invigorating, and heightens your awareness of the principles of success.

This habit has been of immense benefit to me. Many top achievers attest to this also; and their achievements lend credence to it.

There are many people who, sadly, still live under the illusion that success is either predetermined, or dependent on luck.

Nothing could be more farfetched.

Success is always a consequence of the respect of the principles of success; one of which is making right choices.

Right choices are never made haphazardly. They are usually the result of correct information, and clear thinking.

I have been listening to some icons on how they found their way to the top.

Their stories are not only thrilling, but also edifying.

The need to make right choices or right decisions keeps topping the chart of their list of success principles.

I have read many odysseys of people from obscure backgrounds to triumph, and I bet, always they enliven my spirits beyond the ordinary; and what I get away with all the times is the choices we make, which is the same as the decisions we make, are highly determinative of our success..

You have to take time to learn how to take sound decisions or make right choices in life.

Another requirement for noteworthy success which from every indication escapes many people struggling to succeed is the need for a sponsor.

When you have someone who backs and guides you, success becomes a certainty. All on your own, it is always much harder.

My advice to anyone in search of success is to make learning a must and a continuous process. Keep learning how to better do whatever you want to do.

Not long ago, I took an online course on digital graphics design and it has enhanced my work. Without it, I would still be trailing far behind in many ways.

An error that is commonly made, is wanting to have what we want here and now. It doesn’t work that way. Why? Because as one luminary of the science of success asserts, nothing worth while is accomplished easily in life. If that were possible, everybody would be an achiever.

Success demands that you invest time to study your project, plan it, and meticulously execute your plan. Even then, that does not guarantee automatic success. You may still fail and try a second, a third and a fourth time before you can make it .

The journey to success, especially to eminence is challenging but it can also be thrilling if you have the right attitude.

Whatever the challenges, never lose sight of the inspiring words of the man whose teachers dismissed as a dunce but who defied all the odds to become a timeless historical figure.

Among the enlivening lessons Winston Churchill taught us and future generations was, “Never, never, never give up!”

Recognizing Humanity

As appalling current events unravel before our very eyes, an underlying message lies deep between the lines of the newspapers and social media posts. Christians must understand we need to stand up, today, for the Lord and His written Word. Be followers of Jesus, or live in the sinful realm of Satan!

Dear children, do not let anyone lead you astray. The one who does what is right is righteous, just as he is righteous.  1 John 3:7

Are all people not created equal? Did God make one race superior over another? No! He made each person unique in His own light, and an “image of Him.” So, why is there a need for racism?

My first thought in recognizing humanity is the word equality. It engulfs the notion that every person, regardless of religion, race, or gender, has the same rights. I believe this to be true, but many in the United States have a tough time putting it into practice. I think the issue is not about equality, but a varying difference of opinions. Let me give you an example…

In today’s times, the Jews often dispute “the image of God.” They feel strongly that God was referring only to Israel’s nation, for they abide more so by the Old Testament than Christians. The problem with this is God didn’t create people to be more valuable than others, nor more deserving of His love than others.

We must come to grips with the fact that humanity will either accept God’s Word or not and live a life worthy of God. It is an individual choice – one which will be personally answered to before the Lord.

I find the greatest country on earth, oddly enough, is spreading the most immature behavior. Americans are like a box of crayons standing collectively inside a little cardboard box. Our colors bring vibrancy to creativity, yet the mean-spirited are determined to break us in half, creating separation through social justice. We each bring gifts and talents to the table, and all skin colors and religions are equal in the worth that God has given them.

My goodness! Isn’t it time to come together? Yes, I’m aware Satan has control over many; but it shouldn’t deter the rest of our communities from acknowledging the self-worth of man.

In the spirit of recognizing humanity, let us attend church regularly instead of rioting. If you want equality, then put God first. Yes, let’s recognize humanity! Instead of rioting and judging others for their race and religion, let us go to church on Sunday morning and ask for forgiveness. Pray for the lost that they may find solace in the Lord.

It is Satan’s unending motive to disenfranchise us from God, so why are we empowering him? The discrimination of racism begins in the heart, so give it to God! I ask you to recognize humanity for what it is – the Lord’s beautiful creations… born with many differences.

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Why did you do that?

Am I still to understand
What happened to you?
Why did you do that?
Why did you do what you did?
I mean giving up?
You wouldn’t have done that?
That’s the mistake you made;
You gave up too early;
You don’t give up;
You stick to it;
You stay in the plane!
Even when the going is tough,
When the road is rough,
When the weather is harsh,
When the sea is stormy,
You have to stay on board;
Stay in the boat!
Hang on!
If someone tells you success is for cowards,
Tell them they lie;
Success is not for cowards;
Success is for
The courageous ones like you;
Who are ready to hang in there
Despite the risks;
Despite the toughness
Of the task in hand.
And so I advise you,
Go back and hang on in there;
Keep on digging the hole!
There is something inside;
Or is it a ripe plumb
You want to pluck;
Hang on,
Your chance is coming.
Never do that again.
Stay there till you make it;
Do not start doing hide and seek.
What happens
When you knock and insist
And no one opens?
If you are a loser,
You will quit before somebody
Starts to persuade you to hang on;
And that quitting is the wrong road to take.
Don’t take the wrong road;
Take the right road.
At the end of the right road
Flows milk and honey.
At the end of the wrong road
Is a precipice that ends
In the deep sea;
That is danger.

Keep on running

You cannot stop;
You don’t have to stop;
How can you stop?
You can’t,
When you have not found;
You have to keep on going;
Keep on seeking;
Keep on asking
And knocking;
Keep on searching
Till you find.
Keep on running;
You haven’t arrived;
That is what the winners know;
That is what they do;
If you stop searching,
Your journey ends;
Then you can say
“I have failed “
Who wants to pronounce
Those words?
We all want to succeed,
Not to fail;
So the road is clear;
The road is straight;
No deviation;
Keep on going;
Keep on searching till you find.
Keep on running
Till you arrive.
We call it persistence;
Dont stop;
Dont quit;
The race is not over
Till you reach the winning point.

Yes, I understand

I now understand;
Yes, I understand
Why you preform
So poorly in life.

I now understand;
Yes, I understand,
Your problems
You face in life.

I now understand
Yes, I understand
What it takes
For you to succeed.

I now understand;
Yes, I understand,
Why life is so hard
For someone like you.

I now understand;
Yes, I understand
Why you alone have
So many worries.

I now understand;
Yes, I understand
The issue in question
From your own perspective.

I now understand;
Yes, I understand,
Why you are hardly happy;
Always you look sad.

I now understand;
Yes. I understand,
That you don’t understand
The way things work.

I understood
When I was not getting
The success I wanted in life;
And why many people
Do not succeed as they should.

Everyone is supposed to succeed.
We are born to succeed;
And we should all succeed,
But we don’t.
We fail in our numbers.

I would get worried;
When I saw people
So hard working ,
But yet unable to make it.

They wouldn’t make ends meet;
Wouldn’t do what they want;
Wouldn’t live the life
Of their dreams.

Now, I understand;
I understand
That you have to know
What it takes and do it
To succeed.

Now, I understand;
I understand
That you can work so hard
But still fail.

Now I understand;
I understand
That you can be brilliant
But still fail as well.

Now, I understand;
I understand
That the best students
In class
Are not necessarily
The most successful in life.

Now, I understand;
I understand
That it takes brilliance
To succeed, but
Brilliance of a different kind.

Now, I know why;
I now know why
Some people shine so brightly,
And some people are so dull.

The elements are there;
Hard work, I agree,
But know what you want.
What is it that you want?
What is your goal?

For sure,
That is where you begin;
But that is not where
You end.

You make a plan;
And work your plan.
And make it work.
That is where hard work
And determination come in.

It won’t be easy;
But don’t give up;
Keep going;
If you quit you lose;
You stay on and smile.

Excellence be your trademark
Take note:
None has ever done it alone;
You need others
Above all, Almighty God,

Bring him in
Who can do and undo.
On your knees, in prayer
Let him in always.

I cannot see how you will fail.
Be creative, positive,
Expect the best;
And you will get the best.

I am happy I now understand;
Yes, I understand;
I now understand fully well.
For sure, I now understand.

Who says you’re too old? Are you?

If you think you are too old to be bothering about making a difference in your community, I disagree with you.

If you say you are too old to make a difference in your country, I disagree with you.

If you say you are too old to make a difference in the world, I disagree with you.

Ask me why!

The reason is as you read this people older than you are impacting their communities.

People who are older than you are impacting their countries.

People who are older than you are impacting the world.

I do not know how many times it can be said before some people understand that it is never too late for one to do something great with their life.

It is never too late to start a new project from the bottom and take it up to the top.

I hope you are not among those senior citizens who consider life to be over because they are senior citizens?

I want to state categorically that life is not over unless you decide that its over.

This may just be the time that if you put in some good effort, you will be surprised by what you can do..

I don’t support anybody thinking or feeling it is over for them just because they are on retirement.

Many people do their best work when they are on retirement. At that time, they are free to do what they enjoy doing not what duty obliges them to do.

When you are on retirement, there is nobody to put unnecessary pressure on you. You can sit, plan, execute, and relax at your pace. Freedom has amazing power.

I know you may be thinking like some people that if you didn’t do it during more than three decades of working life is it now that you will make it?

I say in this world of ours, every minute counts. Make no mistake!

I know so many people who became senior citizens without a car, without a house, without having finished educating their children, but in their retirement, they got right to the top.

That makes life thrilling, doesn’t it? It is much fun making achievements on your retirement that many didn’t expect you to do.

I don’t need to cite the names of people I know who made it big on retirement but there are galore. I guess you know some.

I have read about people who wrote their best book while already on retirement. There are others who got higher degrees on retirement; others who built mansions on retirement; and others who got to the highest office in their country on retirement.

You don’t need to go too far to find them. Turn on your TV and look at the two fellows running for the White House this year. Who between them is younger than you? If they were cardinals, they would have been on retirement already. The two fellows are above 70 years each.

I don’t like it when I see people with potential for greatness wasting it under the pretext of retirement.

If you like me to tell you, I will do: my best work is ahead.

Haven’t we been told that the years between 60 and 80 are usually every human person’s most creative years?

This is the time for you to do your best work.

The only wedge that can stop you is the belief that it’s over for you already; that it’s too late.

What you should tell them is such are discouraging messages. Those are the messages we call dream-killers.

They do, indeed, kill dreams. It’s not too late.

What you should do is you don’t bother to go for very big projects. Such might leave you discouraged. Of course, if you feel called to do something big, you go ahead. If you aim high, that’s excellent!

But if it’s something new you are starting, my advice is start small and then climb to the last rung of the ladder. It isn’t meant only for others.

There are little things you can do to make a difference in your community. In this era of communication technology, nothing is impossible. We no longer talk of the sky being your limit. Now, we say the sky is your springboard.

You can find your influence going worldwide in a week. All is to be determined, and to put on your thinking cap. Allow age to rest. Don’t even think of it.

You may not believe if I tell you I was computer illiterate a few months to my retirement. Then I got the young people who came on internship to tech me between programs and during break.

Do you know what? I am doing things on the web. A few weeks ago I did an online course on graphics design. It was mind blowing.

If there are two people who believe in fighting to the end, I am one. We must fight till the very last minute of our breathe to make a difference.

And one can make a huge difference even at the last minute. It’s real.

Let me tell you about a certain friend of mine in a WhatsApp forum. This man’s popularity grows by leaps and bounds daily. Can you guess what he does? He writes lovely posts that hardly go beyond ten sentences daily. Readers adore them and so he’s making a name for himself. Less than ten sentences; but he captures minds and hearts. He gets people hooked. That is an example of a little thing in an extraordinary way.

I see people spending time on social media but do not think it necessary to offer useful content that can make a difference. They chat away their precious time. I don’t understand.

We can make social media a vehicle for service that will impact the world. It’s being done.

One thing I very strongly believe in is God did not create us to trot across the stage making no impact. God created us for great things. His plan for each one of us is far greater than our plan for our own selves.

Some people make it big during their working life; but some take much longer. They get into retirement before they make it.

Now, if you have already made it (I know many who have), God has bigger plans for you. He granted you the grace to make it big early so that you can go further, not for you to fold your arms.

I have been wondering if the Bible gives an age for retirement. To me, if we retire, it is to give our place to younger people because jobs are scarce. I see retirement as stopping work in a government office, a company or under somebody to work on our own projects.

Our brains haven’t gone any where yet. They are still very active. Let’s use to them! There’s still so much waiting for us to do.

I believe deep down in you, there is something you have always wanted to do. This is the time to do it.

What I can advise is think of some service that you can render; that thing you have always wanted to do. You can carry the light of your faith in your community. You can be the best neighbour to your neighbours. You can be someone who encourages young people in your community. You can put smiles on the faces of others and be the best of friends on Facebook or other social media.

There is a tool which we under use or many of us use wrongly whereas it can do so much for us and others; and it doesn’t cost anything. That is words. Why not take up talking to people as your. main thing for your remaining days? On a daily basis, you can lift people’s spirits, encourage, motivate, inspire them. With this, you will find yourself taking some people from where they are to where God intends them to be.

There is something I almost forgot. When you are on retirement and spend time aimlessly, you grow old fast. When you stand with your mates, you will look like their older one. And your days will be counted. When you are active doing constructive work, you will ever look young and your life span will increase. Experts actually say those who go on retirement but have a dream they are pursuing live longer than those who do not.

You will hear people say retirement is meant to rest not bother themselves. I totally agree. You have take enough rest; but also keep body and brain active. Don’t neglect that!

But beware of taking on activities that expose you to stress, be it physical, mental or emotional or put your life at risk. You are no longer a young person to withstand some kinds if stresses.

Do you know why I wrote this? If you are a senior citizen, I am a senior citizen like you and its best at this time when we hold hands and walk down the street together.

The ball is on your court.