Emerge on top

What you’re doing
Makes me proud;
I am proud of you?
Accept my compliment;
And encouragement;
I encourage you
To continue;
You are doing great;
You are on
The right track;
And your future
Is promising;
I have no doubt
That you will emerge
On top;
You will be victorious.
Forward, ever;
Look ahead not back;
And you shall emerge
On top.


Do what you can do

Always be positive;
Make the most
Of whatever time you have;
Your remaining time
May not be much,
Or you may still have
Much time left;
But don’t forget,
It’s never too late,
To do something great
With the time
In your hands,
Even if it’s not much,
Do what you can.
No matter your age,
Strive for the best.
Expect the best;
And believe you will
Get the best;
No doubt,
The best, you will have.

Spouses work together

If you are married,
Or when you marry,
Don’t spend time fighting
With your spouse.
It is not only a waste of time,
It is also a misuse of time;
A mismanagement of time;
Abuse of time;
And working against yourself
Not for yourself;
Working for failure
Instead of working for success;
Spouses should work together;
And support each other;
So as to enhance their chances
Of succeeding.
Start today to work
With your spouse
If you are married;
And if you are not married,
Decide now
That you will work
When you become married tomorrow.

Picking up signs

Every time you see
Pick-up signs
Staring at you
After you have been
Rolling down the hill,
Give thanks to God
And push on;
Don’t relent
In your effort,
To reach
The point of victory;
Where the golden crown
Waiting for a brave winner.
If you relent,
You may start
The downward journey again;
Focus always
On the prize;
That is the secret ol
Of the win;
Keep journeying to it;
Till you carry it home.
The more pick up signs
You see,
The better for you.
The journey is never easy;
Stay positve,
Whatever happens;
Let it never leave
Your mind
That no night lasts
For ever.
Night comes, night goes;
Same like
No matter how bright
The day may be,
It cannot last for ever.
The trick is
Always keep hope alive.
And welcome
Every pick up sign.

It may be the best thing

Whenever what I wanted
Never came,
I usually felt bad;
But I shouldn’t have felt so;
What we need
To understand is
When we don’t have
What we want,
It is because
God doesn’t want it
For us;
Which means
It is not good for us;
Hence, He wants
Something else;
And that something else
Is better
Than that which
We have failed to get.
This is what we mean
When we say
A disappointment
Is a blessing.
Never cry over a disappointment;
It may be the best thing
That ever happened to you.
Thank God for it,
And start looking
For that better thing
Which he has for you

The Carols Heralding

Many enjoy our words of faith and enduring inspiration; however, not all of my life is colorful as the fall. But, this is not about those I’ve turned over to God in prayer, but the joyful ending of God’s faithfulness. The holiday season is fast approaching, and I won’t focus on the ugly parts of life, but the joy of Thanksgiving.

Thanks be to God ~ the carols heralding!

Living in a state of humility and reverence, I find myself so thankful for answered prayers. The summer winds turned to the north, and the foliage of forests turned harvest colors. It’s time to lie down arms, repent, and comfort those we might forget this past year.

Thanks be to God ~ the carols heralding!

Yes, it’s time to rejoice! Give praise to our almighty Father for our many Thanksgiving blessings. Join hands to commemorate the peace and love we’ve found in each other. It’s not just the pilgrims landing anymore. Our sovereignty, through God, our Father, blessed the table we partake this past year.

Thanks be to God ~ the carols heralding!

I so often return to the words my wise dad spoke, “count your blessings, not your problems.” I welcome you to share this thought on Thanksgiving. Lay aside the differences, if only for one day, and thank God for your life. Count your many blessings and be thankful. We fill every day with memorable moments.

Thanks be to God ~ the carols heralding!

As for my family and I, this year’s Thanksgiving Day holds a significant meaning. It falls on the twenty-eighth, which was my Dad’s birthday, and I commemorate him in heaven. It was also my parent’s wedding anniversary. Married in 1958, I bet they picked this day so my dad would never forget their anniversary. Only one person knows their story for sure, and he’ll never tell… or will you, Uncle Bill?

Thanks be to God ~ the carols heralding!

Be sure to join us again on Sunday, December 1 for the ongoing “Everything Christmas Blogs”