Don’t forget

How intricate

Life can be

It does make sense

That it can be complex

But hold on

Lies are being exposed

Keeping you on your toes

Truth will be revealed

Stay strong

Joy can no longer be concealed

Oh, can’t you see?

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018


You are the best version of you

If you are far from
The size you consider
If you do not enjoy
Good health
As you desire to have,
If you think
You don’t look
Beautiful or handsome
As you would love to be,
Always bear in mind
That God knows best;
You are the product of
His hands and mind;
And he does not create junk;
Everything he creates
Is excellent;
That includes you;
You are the best version
Of yourself
That he created;
What you may not like
About yourself
May just be what gives you
Great advantage over
Your fellow human beings.
You may think you are not
Beautiful or handsome,
Whereas there are people
Who adore you
Because of how beautiful or handsome they find you.
Take courage;
And be confident;
You have what it takes;
And you are not alone;
Your creator is with you.
Move with your head high;
You are inferior to none.
You are the best.

Random wisdom thoughts

It hurts indeed;
When you are wrongly judged;
It hurts, indeed,
When you are unjustly condemned,
It hurts, indeed,
When justice is trampled upon;
Injustice is wicked;
Unfair treatment is unkind;
If you play double standards
You are a hypocrite;
Cheating is to be denounced;
Greed must be condemned
With all the force;
So too is vaulting ambition;
The golden rule has stood
The test of time;
If you don’t like something
Done to you,
Do not do it to another;
If it hurts you,
Know it may hurt another,
Therefore, stay clear of it.
Judge nothing superficially;
Go to the roots,
And have a clear understanding;
Then you can pass judgement;
Avoid going away with half information;
And if you must do,
Get the rest of the story
Before resolving on the matter.
Simple things matter;
Take note!
Remember these;
They will help you tomorrow.
Never stop learning;
You will gain wisdom.
And wisdom is better than gold.

Why I am not afraid

Who thinks I am afraid?
Who thinks I am worried?
Who thinks I am in doubt?
Who thinks I am weary?
With God beside me,
With God on my right,
With God on my left,
With God above me,
With God below me,
With God encircling me,
With God watching over me,
I have no reason to fear;
I have no reason to worry!
I have no reason to doubt;
I have no reason to complain;
I have reason to believe;
I have reason to be confident;
I have reason to hope for the best;
I have reason to move with courage,
The Lord is on my side;
The Lord is with me, for me;
The Lord is in control.
And I am divinely protected.

Give God what he wants

Did you hear Gid’s call?
Did you hear the Lord’s call?
God called you;
To come to him;
God called you,
To give him your ear;
God called you,
To give him your time;
God called you,
To return to him
Some of what he has given you.
If you did not hear the call,
I am here to tell you;
And to urge you;
To encourage you
To answer the call.
He’s given you so much,
And wants just a little
Back from you.
I urge you
To give him what he wants;
After everything,
All belongs to him.
And he can take all from you.
Give him;
Answer the call;
Give him what he wants.

I love books with all my heart

With all my heart, I love books;
I love especially good books;
I love inspirational books;
Such are my favourite books;
I never saw someone called
A right thinking person
Who never loved good books;
Good books so sweet like honey;
The fountain of knowledge;
Gold mine of wisdom;
Not only to be read, for pleasure,
But to be well chewed, swallowed,
And digested;
If you want the best in you
To flow out, and enrich
Your life and the world,
Go for good books;
In particular,
Inspirational books are my best;
They know the secret
Of pulling out the best in you.
Make good inspirational books
Your daily companions;
And tap the magic in them;
To take you
To the summit of your mountain.

If all were like you

“I wish all were like you;
I really wish all were
Like you;
Do you know
What the world would be?
An excellent place
For all to enjoy.”
Can one say this of you?
That is a question
We should ask ourselves;
What would the world be
If all were like you?
Can you say what the world
Would be?
If all were like some people,
The world would be
An excellent place for all;
If all were like some people,
The world would be a hell
For all.
Some people are making
The world a heaven;
Some people are making
The world a hell;
Which of the two are you
Making the world?
Let it be that
If all were like you,
The world would be
An excellent place for all.

The world needs you

If you didn’t know,
I like you to know,
The world needs you;
I read your post
And got so inspired,
I couldn’t keep it
To myself;
I had to share it
To others
To also read it and be
Inspired as well.
I warmly compliment you
On the wonderful work
You’ve done and are doing;
I urge you now,
To keep on writing
and inspiring the world.
Many, both far and near,
Need those uplifting
Words of yours to keep
Them going;
It’s a gift you have
To inspire the world
And get people running
For the stars.
I encourage you then,
To keep on inspiring;
And never stop;
The world needs all that
You have to give;
And the world needs you.

Put your heart in what you do

Put your heart
In what you do;
Put all your heart
In it;
Be passionate;
When you put
All your heart in it,
God comes in
And gives you
A hand;
And therefrom
Comes your success;
Even outstanding success;
I do advise then,
Which is also
My encouragement,
Whatever you do,
Be committed;
Commitment is the thing;
Have passion;
Put your heart in it.
God will come in
And lend you a hand.
And you will smile broadly
As success will
Smile also at you.