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Greatness from humility

It is humility that gives greatness;Greatness comes from humility;The humble best recognize the awesomnessOf the Almighty Creator;And give him the glory he is due,Reaping, therefrom, abundant rewards;The haughty believe in their power aloneTo achieve the success they desire;The humble knowThere is a God so mighty they are insignificantIn relation to him;Β The humble do not boast…

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Do you believe in despair?

Do you believe in despair?I don't believe in despair;It means giving up completely;Admitting that there is no way out:I am not for that;I can never be for that:There is always a way out;And you can always turn tearsInto laughter.Or a dark day into a bright day;Hence, when sorrow comes,Look for how to get the best…

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Are you prepared?

Are you prepared To assume responsibility For your life? Are you prepared To do what is expected Of you To go to heaven? Are you prepared To put in the work Necessary for your success? Are you prepared To take the blame For your errors? Are you prepared To do the groundwork That is necessary…

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Start big or start small

Sometimes, You start big And end big; Sometimes, You start big And end small; Sometimes, You start small, And end big, Sometimes, You start small And end small; Do you see Where my finger Is pointing to? It is not how you start That is the matter, It is how you steer Your ship, Row…

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If you are diligent

The journey to success Is not an easy one; Never has it been; And never will it be; If someone tells you It is an easy road, Do not believe it; For such a person Tells a lie; To deceive you; The road to success Is like the road To paradise; Which has never been…

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Let us start

Thank God For the opportunity To start again; Let us start again; And this time, Let us aim higher; And shoot higher; Everyday, Is an opportunity To start again, And both aim higher, But shoot higher. So, please, Let us start again; And aim higher; And shoot higher.

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Are you perfect? Who does not make mistakes. You don’t reject a friend, Because the friend has made A mistake. Who has not made mistakes? You will be friendless If you throw off friends Because they make mistakes; You throw away the mistake And keep the friend After all, you make your own Mistakes.

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