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House-wife !!

From planning meals, overseeing domestic chores, keeping the house in order, helping kids with homework, being a sounding board to the family, etc. etc., hands of a house-wife are perpetually full. What we really treasure are the rare moments of peace we manage to find out in our non-stop schedules. While corporate and other jobs…

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Family Quarrel

Definition :To quarrel is to fight — but usually not physically. Quarreling is a fact of life, occurring between the best of friends, in the happiest of marriages, and between parents and their children. It is a disagreement about something. Why we quarrel in the very first place ? Somewhere I read ( I…

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We grow you grow no5

We have an obligation to bring up our children to be successful, don’t we? Some parents think we do and go on to decide everything for their children – the school to attend, the career to choose, their life partner, the place from where they must or must not marry. Other parents say children should…

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