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Football Fans’Club 9

The Croatia vs England encounter was a tough match; and very thrilling too. England was fast to score when the match opened which gave them momentum and almost destabilized the Croatian side. However, Croatia regained focus and slammed on the equalizer during the dying minutes of the match. For a good part of the encounter,…

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Football Fans’Club 7

France stands tall in Russia 2018. Macron’s boys bagged 3 points in their premier match at the World Cup beating Australia 2 goals to one. What a big start for France! Give any information you have on the world cup in the comment box.

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Football Fans’ Club 6

Real Madrid Star Cristiano Ronaldo in the head lines again on the first day of stepping onto the stadium in Russia 2018. Ronaldo carries home all the superlative – ‘magical Ronaldo,’ ‘their best ever’ after he hit the Spanish net with a penalty shot. All the same, Spain and Portugal ended on a 3-3 score.…

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Football Fans’Club 5

Russianย humiliates Saudi Arabia 2018 World Cup Opens Russia opened the 2018 World Cup at home in a big way, thrashing Saudi Arabia 5 goals to zero. A big deal for the host country while the Saudi boys got their fans totally embarrassed. Did you watch the match? Let’s get your impressions. World Football Cup 2018

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Football Fans’ Club 5

Who would you tip as the World Cup 2018 Sensation? Many are tipping 5-time ballon d’Or Cristiano Ronaldo. Yet, the fans and supporters of Lionel Messi are not less ambitious. They are hoping their man will outsmart his all-tine rival to carry the day. But a third school believes this time around it will be…

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Football Fans’ Club 4

Who is waiting for Russia 2018?Who will be in Russia for the competition?Or just the opening ceremony?Who intends to watch all the matches?Can someone say which teams play the opening match?When?And where?May we be together throughout Russia 2018!

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Football Fans’ club 3

Football is commonly called the King Sport. Truly, it seems to be the number one crowd puller in the world. Some have even referred to it as the world’s first religion. Strangely, while some people adore it and swear by it, many others are indifferent. Tastes are different. It is true, as we say in…

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