No More Montgomery Wards

No More Montgomery Wards cover

It was a cold Friday morning, and my mother promised to take me to see Santa the day after Thanksgiving. The winds howled, and flurries flew, but we bundled up and headed out, anyway. Twenty-five more days till Santa arrived on Christmas morning. I was so excited!

The parking lot was full of cars. We had little choice than to drudge our way through the frozen elements. My small arms pushed so hard to open the enormous glass doors for my mom while she closed her umbrella. Suddenly, it was like walking into a fairyland of twinkling lights. Everywhere I looked animated animals and snow-covered gingerbread houses lined the mall’s entrance. I used to wonder who had to climb way to the top of the Christmas trees to decorate them for they were as high as the sky.

No More Montgomery Wards Pic.jpg

In the middle of all the garland and tinsel, a sweet baby Jesus laid crying and waving this arms. Mary and Joseph stood over His cradle attending to His needs. Joseph’s hand was on Mary’s back, comforting her, as she reached for a blanket to keep her newborn warm. Those animated characters were so real to this young boy! What an incredible memory!

No More Montgomery Wards Pic 1


My head was full of enthusiasm as we walked the corridor passing Santa’s sleigh and reindeer. They were chained up and ready to take off at any second making my head full of wonderment. And then, inside the entrance of Montgomery Wards, was the moment I’d been waiting for all year long. Bigger than life, and right in front of my eyes, was Santa Claus! A line of impatient children was dying, like me, to climb up on his lap and tell him all about their life story.

No More Montgomery Wards Pic 2


Those yesteryears of bearing the frozen elements and fighting the crowds to get a good look at our Savior and a sneak peek at Santa are all but a myth. The large department stores, like Montgomery Wards, and malls of my youth are now replaced by high-end strip centers. I reflect with sorrow in my heart; my grandchildren will never have the privilege to remember the Friday after Thanksgiving as I did as a child!

The first snow was inside a mall, and baby Jesus reminded us of the reason. Santa waited to reward us for being good little girls and boys. Oh, those were the incredible days – going to the mall with Mom while Dad took things out of the attic, preparing for the season. Lost in thought, can we ever forgive the system which brought us miracles like 34th Street downtown? Why did they ever shut down those glorious days?

Now we sit in a leather-back, with pumpkin pies in our lap, and watch the parades on television as they light up the city. I’d give my eyeteeth to take my grandson, along with his father, to see Santa and walk those same corridors. We would laugh and celebrate a tradition through the eyes of a child.

I pray the day will come when we can stop and appreciate the love instilled us through generations of parents who cared not to change our holiday season. Let the effervescence of Christmas traditions roll on. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for never letting me forget.

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Make yourself happy

What makes you happy?
Is it the accomplishment
Of your goal?
Have you accomplished
The goal you set
For yourself this day?
And are you happy or unhappy
As you read this?
On some days, you will
Accomplish your goals
For that day;
On some days, you won’t;
That is life;
You can’t expect all days
To be good;
It is easy to be happy
On the days that things
Work out well;
And hard to be happy
On the days that things
Do not work out well.
However, it is possible,
To train yourself
To be happy when the going
Is good,
And when the going is bad.
This is to say,
Happiness is not determined
By what happens to you,
But by how you react
To what happens to you;
If you want to be happy,
Make yourself happy;
Do not wait for
Circumstances to make you
Circumstances will not make
You happy
Unless you allow
To make you happy.
Your happiness depends on you
And on you alone;
Not on circumstances;
Therefore, learn to be happy.

Happy Diwali!

Hi friends,

Wishing you all a very happy Diwali. May your life be filled with love and light!


Image taken from google images

I love festivals and I love this time of the year when we decorate our houses, light lamps, pray to God, meet family and friends and eat delicious food.

According to Hindu mythology, Diwali symbolizes the victory of good over evil and returning of Lord Rama, his wife, Devi Sita and his brother, Lakshman after finishing their 14 years of exile. Though it is a Hindu festival, it is celebrated all over India by people from all religions.

As kids we used to love this time of the year because of the school holidays, the celebrations, new clothes and all the fun we had with family and friends.

As grown ups also we love to celebrate the festival with our friends and family.

I take this opportunity to thank SIWO for this wonderful opportunity  and I also thank you all for reading and understanding me. You all have become my extended family. Thank you for being with me!



The Best for Last

The Best for Last cover

It’s quiet and dark. God, I know, is ever-present with me. I awaken to welcome our Lord on this calm Sunday morning. What do I do in moments such as these? I write to you, my resting angel….

For you, my love….

What a gracious moment to reminisce! The things you and I accomplished this year, and God’s gifts, make it such a wonderful time to give thanks. I feel my heartbeat resting; no man should ever attempt the suicidal race against time as I do six out of seven days a week.

Someday, I pray to sail away with you my fair lady, hand-in-hand, to conquer a distant world awaiting us. Our toes will poke in the sand near the crystal clear waters. It won’t be long, my love, because our first anniversary is on the doorstep.

The Best for Last pic 1

In the meantime, I sit in sweats, enjoying the daybreak, and counting the moments. It’s one day closer to reminiscing our beginning of time – a reunion of sorts. We met as kids and were too young to realize the other’s needs. There were babies to raise and a whole life of mistakes to live. We never thought we’d find each other, or marry, after thirty-two years apart!

But, God, in His infinite humor, watched us go crazy. Little did we know He was saving the best for last! I have to smile and ask myself – how could one little week, in 1985, direct the course of two people reuniting and then creating such a perfect pair? Only through our Father! It’s the only possible way. Now, my little angel, we are infinitely heaven bound, together.

First, though, there are things we must do, here on earth. God anointed me to be a messenger nine years ago; so we need to spread His word and passion to others. Perhaps, we are Adam and Eve, His original creations, reincarnated to prove how real love shines in this world. It certainly explains my back pains for God took a rib from me to make my dream come true. Overjoyed, I am better for the ache!

The sun ignites the gray morning sky. It’s undeniable our Father planned to unite these two souls from the beginning. So, it is here I stay content in spirit, God abounding, and mother nature is dormant. Tomorrow, on our first anniversary, we will celebrate this blessed union. I can come forward to share an everlasting miracle with a world waiting to witness perfection in the flesh.

Jacob's photo 3

Today, I am alive, in love, and tranquil as the dawn. As my goddess sleeps, I pray our devotion will conquer all. It’s clear, God in His magnificent wisdom, saved the best for last – YOU.

Happy Anniversary, my love!


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It’s A Pancake Kind-a Morning

It's A Pancake Kind-a Morning cover

I returned from another morning of pedaling mail. The chill in the air reminded me of fall’s arrival. A simmering glare ignited the ominous sky. The rains of yesterday disappeared and a patchy dew laid low to the ground. I think God reveals the loveliness of this season to help us remember life is a beautiful journey.

They predict a perfect weekend, but for now, it’s tranquil. Suddenly, I smelled something cooking. With my wife’s back to me, she was intently preparing a hot meal for her wayward stranger. It was a pile of pancakes waiting to be devoured for breakfast; the eggs and sausage shared a skillet. Breakfast was almost finished, so I hung up my jacket on the hall tree. It’s a pancake kind-a morning!

I fixed a cup of caffeine hoping to stay awake and share my morning with her. God’s got everything under control. Our home became the International House of Prayer; for even though a mess scattered about the kitchen, the fluffiness of God’s love shined ever-present.

Lighting a candle, we thanked God for my morning’s safe journey. It’s a wonderful time to be alive! We’re living the dream, her and I, together once and for all. Against all the odds, we sat at our farmhouse table with God at the head, sharing our morning meal. This is the secret to a happy marriage – He is always between you. He is the butter and flour which raises a perfect round of deliciousness. Just add the syrup and life becomes even sweeter!

Invite the Lord to your next breakfast and listen to His blessings sizzle. You will be amazed at the beauty of your pancakes!

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Let the Heavens Dance

Let the Heavens Dance Cover

Ascending into the heavens, high above the moon and stars, I can hear my Father, at a glance, calling out your name. The crowd forms and I mingle amongst them searching for the only one who’s ever truly loved me. An orchestra of harps and violins sway like palms on a sunset beach as night falls. There are so many welcoming faces, but I am only looking for just one.

Enjoy this touching song, Dancing in the Sky, sung by Danielle and Elizabeth Nelson!

I reminisce with the earthly tunes I once sang, and memories become a glimpse in time for they were before God called us to be with Him. Everyone looks so beautiful and healthy! They smile at me and file in one-by-one. But I stagger and stumble as though lost. Please, dear Lord, lead me to my heaven sent Angel. I prayed you to make us whole again. This is the grand finale where we will dance a lifetime together. I never quite learned to dance, but I knew it was you, God, who led me to her.

The night is young, becoming a reunion of old friends and relatives shaking hands and exchanging hugs. But, discontentedly my eyes wandered in the dimly lit plateau of heaven. The maître D, in His best dressed-whites, asked if He could help me. I bowed down before Him. He gently placed His hand under my chin and raised my head to face Him. On one knee, I pleaded, “My Lord, have you seen the one I adored?”

Let the Heavens Dance Pic 1

He rubbed His chin, thinking for a moment. He knew exactly who I meant, for He heard my heart beating loudly. An amazing smile broke across His face, and He said, “Look behind you! She, too, has searched for you for a very long time.”

We serve an awesome Lord, a caretaker of sorts, as He guards His Father’s place in heaven. It is a house, I pray, you and I will dwell someday. But for now, let us dance in the shadows, under the moonlight, reflecting on the place we first met. God promised, eventually, we’d be together forever so let the heavens dance for us for it’s true!
Heaven – what a beautiful place it will be if we keep a strong faith in Jesus. On earth, it isn’t about being a good person (ethical, going to church, or praying); instead, it’s living a holy life and atoning the death of Jesus of Christ. How can we accomplish this feat? It is done by developing an intimate relationship with the Lord, repenting of our sins and never repeating them, and believing Jesus died on the cross for our sins. Salvation is by grace, through faith. All you have to do is receive it!

Let the Heavens Dance verse

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Binoculars on a balcony.

Happiness Is Just Around Your Expectations

Binoculars on a balcony.

Lately, have you caught yourself having expectations from others whenever a plan or appointment has been made? Did it turn out the way you wanted it? Are you disappointed with people because they don’t do what they say? Do you secretly expect others to react or reply to anything that you do with an understanding? I used to, a lot.

When I had expectations, I had pre-fixed thoughts of how things should be which I was attached to. These expectations created fear. Fear of what I thought what I desired as an outcome may or may not happen. Believe me, if I say that fear, doubt and worry are really the last things you want to experience in the process of manifesting desires.

That is why the best way to create what you want is through detachment of an outcome. I know it’s hard to have no expectations, but it will get easier with time.

“When you release expectations, you are free to enjoy things for what they are instead of what you think they should be.” – Mandy Hale


Do What You Meant To Do

Nowadays, I focus on what I need to do without having expectations of others. You might want to give it a try as well because when you base your actions on reason, you have done what you were meant to do regardless of what the outcome may be. Therefore, you tend to not judge the rightness of anyone besides your own by the result that you get.

However, do take in mind that even when plans and ideas work out, many things could still make it appear as if it is not. Become aware of this because it is your expectation of how things “should happen” that makes you think that things are not working out. And the truth is, you are not seeing the whole picture because what you are seeing is only a piece of the larger arrangement of events where everything is really working out the way it should. Simple things become complicated when you expect too much.

For example, your date didn’t go exactly as planned but he or she did have one hell of a blast with you, or the birthday cake was not in the right colour but it sure was damn tasty. What I’m trying to say is, don’t let those small issues ruin the complete experience. Look at the bigger picture. Focus on what you can do, instead of complaining what you can’t.


See What Is Really Happening

Expectation clouds your perception on many things in life, such as friendship, love, or work. You stop seeing how things around you are really happening when you expect them to happen a certain way. “He is not carrying my bag,” or “I achieved my target, but I don’t get any credit.” This prevents you from recognising the good that comes your way and causes you to push it away thinking that it is crap.

Without pre-fixed ideas to limit your perception, you can accept what comes your way as part of the solution to realising what you truly desire in life. Often, you feel discouraged when things are not happening the way you want them to happen. You might even lose hope thinking that it’s not meant to be, and even give up pursuing it altogether because your actions are in vain. Does this sound familiar?

As a result, you do not realise that you are right in the process of it all coming to pass, and you turn away when you are closer than you ever were before. So, let go of expectations so that you can embrace the process and let the outcome unfold itself.


An Attitude Of No Expectations

If you choose to live with an attitude of no expectations, I can assure that you will be better off because you eliminate failure and disappointment from your perception. Here’s why: you can continue to do what you believe in simply because you do not expect a particular outcome. You can let go of much negativity and you won’t be holding back from going on in the direction of your desire.

In the context of having no expectations, it is meant by expectation is attached to a random outcome, instead of a particular one. Of course, you expect what you desire to happen, we all do, but you should also expect that anything can happen. One should have a relaxed and confident expectation that the desire will come true. Have no expectations or no attachments to expected outcomes but expect or look to see your desire to manifest in its own way.

It’s absolute most challenging to live a life without expectations. You are so used to having expectations for everything. And you start feeling bad and guilty when you don’t meet other people’s expectations. If you can’t live without expectations, start with lowering your expectations. I promise that you’ll find yourself living a happier life.

“My expectations were reduced to zero when I was 21. Everything since then has been a bonus.” – Stephen Hawking

Here are three tips on how to live your life without expectations.


1. Become Aware Of Your Expectations

Chances are high you won’t recognise your expectations because they are subtle and take different forms. They disguise themselves as goals, visions, beliefs, assumptions and social norms. Every time, you think someone “should” do something or something “should” happen, that is an expectation. The word “should” brings forth expectations. So, you may want to start noticing how you use the word “should” for all the small things in life. Don’t let these expectations run your daily life.


2. Stop Wanting To Be Right

Look, I’m not saying that people shouldn’t be on time, or your partner shouldn’t help you out with the household. But when you believe these are the right things to do and people should do it, you are setting yourself up for a bunch of disappointments. Our expectations create misery because we believe we are right. If you are doing the household and you need help, simply ask for help. Have no expectations in a relationship. Don’t determine who’s right or who’s wrong, because there is no right or wrong. Stop blaming one another and start communicating.


3. Have No Expectations Of Others

This is probably the most important and useful piece of advice I can give you. Don’t expect people to be nice to you and most certainly don’t feel entitled to it. Instead, be nice to yourself and others. It may seem very depressing to have no expectations of others, but let’s be honest here, you probably realised that you have absolutely no control over one’s action. So why the hell would you let another person’s action affect you?

“Nobody owes you shit.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

You can only control how you treat others and how you treat yourself. So be nice to yourself when people are unkind. Forgive them. And don’t even expect your friends or family to do what they promise. This has nothing to do with trust. People just don’t do what they promise every single time. I’m sure you experience it for yourself.

Whatever the case is, don’t take other people’s words too seriously. Don’t even take your own words too seriously! Because words are just words until actions are taken.

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  • Do you think differently about having no expectations?
  • Did having expectations ever ruined a relationship for you?
  • Do you feel bad when you don’t meet other’s expectations?

Have your say in the comment section 🙂

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My First Blog Post – Hi World!

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This is a story of a girl…” is perhaps a very common and popular beginning of most stories we heard from our parents in childhood. “There was a girl and a boy …to… and all is well that ends well” which is the familiar, popular ending too. As a child, the tragedies of our world do not seem to have any effect on our innocent minds with the exception of extreme cases where we are as well affected. We laughed wholeheartedly. Sometimes, the silence of tragedy would tickle us to giggle despite being conditioned to see tragedy to be of a certain seriousness by society. We fall and we cry, and then the next moment, we are in our own world, in our own plays, being the captains of the ships we sail in the streams and oceans of our dreams. Who we are and who do we become? It is not about making any points and neither decode life as it evolves. This blog is simply the sharing of my journey and insights about life as I feel, understand and live it; learn and know from it. This is the story of a girl. Indeed! The difference being, not that of a fictional character, but one who is breathing her truth. 


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