Don’t forget

How intricate

Life can be

It does make sense

That it can be complex

But hold on

Lies are being exposed

Keeping you on your toes

Truth will be revealed

Stay strong

Joy can no longer be concealed

Oh, can’t you see?

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018


“Failure Is Not An Option”

Failure Is Not An Option cover

“With a tear in his eye and a broken voice reflecting his soul, no man should ever have to crawl out of the depths of that which he has found himself in.” ~~Dana Bicks~~

Steady at the helm, I insisted, and let God control your heading. His knuckles were white from gripping the wheel. He looked at me with tears brimming in his sad eyes, and the bitterness flowed. He told me, “Failure is not an option.”

With all the perseverance of a giant of a man, this little five foot six gentleman held on while a hurricane blew into his personal domain. An alcoholic with five children to feed, and a wife who deserted him, this gentle soul finally came face-to-face with the only one he did not plan on – God. He hides his habit in a garage full of memories where obligations wear tears on his collar. Robert knows who he is facing now.

Failure Is Not An Option Pic 2

This man, who tries to escape reality through alcohol, almost died at the hands of a driver who crossed over the yellow lines. Within a year of the horrid accident, he found himself crippled, perhaps never to walk again. Today, he stares into the face of the only man he didn’t expect to meet, God, our Father, and in of all places, his garage. It’s not what I’d call a church, but he was eyeball to eyeball. With schedules and activities for five kids still in school, my friend finds God staring at him while he pours himself, yet, one more.

God grabbed him by the collar and pushed him against the wall. He looked Robert in the eyes and asked him a straightforward question.” What means more to you? The bottle or the boys and that sweet little girl?” Tears from a broken father flowed as my friend understood now, God really existed. He is always watching our every move. There’s no hiding from Him! Even if you lie to your loved ones and yourself, God still sees the actions of the guilty.

Failure Is Not An Option Pic 3.jpg

I’ve never been in such a predicament, so it’s hard to relate to on many levels. I could only hug this dear friend and comfort him. My friends, God continually watches and listens to our spirit. He watches over the conscious mind when sickness and sin combine as one. So, I must ask then, if weakness is your virtue, then why is God not an option?

You see, so many live their life from within their mind. Reality is merely a temporary state of being. But, God will not help those not willing to reach out to Him. So, let the words, “Failure is not an option,” be your motto as you struggle to find your path to heaven. Don’t you know His greatest accomplishments can be built on our failures?

Failure Is Not An Option Pic 1

My friend lost a twenty-one-year career, wrecked two vehicles, and later discovered his marriage wasn’t as solid as he thought. We must come to grips with reality as God gives you back the helm. Will you take the wheel and hold the course God has for you? Or will you run with the wind to escape the challenges? Eventually, you must face our Father. Let failure not be an option for you too!

Godspeed Robert, we all love you!

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The Value of Thoughtfulness


The Value of Thoughtfulness cover

Doing a thoughtful deed for others has such high rewards, but when it happens unexpectedly to yourself, it dramatically changes the credence of kindness. I’ll never forget coming home one day to find a neighbor who lived across the street, mowing my front yard. How do you put a value on their thoughtfulness? The most significant action is the act of giving! It’s the only thing our government hasn’t figured out how to tax either. A simple smile, a ‘hello’ or ‘good morning,’ means so much and it costs so little to deliver to the receiver. It is the sweetness of Christian life – care, love, and consideration.

The Value of Thoughtfulness pic 1

Thoughtfulness denotes good character and earns respect. God expects us to model His love to others for it shows we have Him living inside us. Giving unconditionally is the value of thoughtfulness, and it becomes a domino effect. It’s the priceless heartfelt feeling when you witness someone smiling over such a little act.

The Value of Thoughtfulness verse

I am blessed to remain in these rejoicing moments. God promises to honor us tenfold when we give to others out of consideration and love for one another. It is my calling, too, to walk blindly into the valleys and spread His good news to the confused. Making others feel like they matter in a sometimes cruel and unrelenting world can be challenging, but the reward is so great. Be not afraid, our gracious God has a gentler side.

The value of thoughtfulness goes a long way in making so many people happy. It restores the faith in humanity. Christians, we have a calling to give with a free spirit. It will shine in heaven’s armor, trust me! Let us follow God’s path.

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Nepotism cover

Today, I discovered how old the theory of nepotism, the art of favoritism, really is; it dates back long before Jesus, and even He fell victim to it. Jesus taught the art of loving one another and His Father’s demand to never show partiality to others. But, for that, He was hated by many and crucified. Isn’t it a sad reminder of a glitch in our conscious mind?

Nepotism verse

So just what was my earliest sign of nepotism in life? I remember, as a first-grader, playing kickball. We chose two captains. Each one picked their best friends, first, to be on their team. How innocent it seemed as kids, but there were always one or two students left embarrassed and feeling not very liked by the captains.

Nepotism Pic 1

In the political scene, no Godly merits nor qualifications of the electoral seem to lead our country, only the glory of preferential participation. The evil here is whatever favors we may use to change what people say or to alter what they see. But, I recall off the top of my head, positions appointed which could not be bought by money or a smile. I know some may not agree with the examples of Henry Kissinger, Condoleezza Rice, and Sarah Palin, for one reason or another. Excluding the personality issues, they remained solvent to their cause. I give any elected official the credit they deserve for not being persuaded amidst the current democracy of now.

Amongst family units, nepotism ranks even higher. One child, one sibling, appears to be a shining star. Is it that one is easier to love than another or does one’s handicaps make them harder to enjoy equally? In either case, this sense of inequity creates damage to the self-esteem instead of building strength to hold each other up in difficult situations. Children are very perceptive to their parent’s interactions with them and their siblings. Yes, it doesn’t go unnoticed!

Nepotism Pic 2

I look to God for the answers. How do we abbreviate the part of our mind which undermines merits? The answer lies currently, still, in Jesus’s words… love each other unconditionally, and resist the urge to dishonor those less fortunate or less powerful. Nepotism prevents someone else from receiving the love or attention they need. The highest expression of loving others as we love ourselves, and showing no inequity, is Jesus’s death on the cross. He allowed His life to be taken so He could take ours, rising again with all the power. In the Final Judgment, we will experience the culmination of God’s plans for perfect fairness.

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Indecent Exposure


Indecent Exposure cover

We live in a fallen world and never is it clearer than the immorality and lust which follows us everywhere in these sin-filled days. You must wonder what happened in the tragic childhood of those who later exploited their bodies either for money or fun? Who robbed them of their self-esteem and moral behaviors? And what about the men who will endanger relationships or a marriage for the love of an eyeful? Abnormal expression of nudity and passion of pornography is not born within God’s children. So, what leads one to walk this path of psychological torment and destruction, even at the risk of losing everything? Let’s examine the Bible’s view of this indecent exposure, and you be the judge. May you pray for discernment as you learn the Word.

Indecent Exposure Adam and Eve

When Adam and Eve were created, they roamed the Garden of Eden naked, but it was meaningless to them. Sin was not yet an issue. But as soon as they disobeyed God’s command not to eat the fruit, they felt incredible shame and guilt. Their innocence was gone, and vulnerability made them feel the need to cover their bodies, so God provided them with animal skins. It is safe to say God regarded clothing as appropriate and necessary in a now sinful world. According to the Bible, public nudity, except in the case of sexual activity between marriage partners, is a sin. (Leviticus 18:6-18)

Pornography and self-gratification are the first steps on a very slippery slope of ever-increasing wickedness, immorality, and lust of the flesh. This is especially true if we try to justify the inappropriate action as “normal human behavior.” It is a sure sign the individual may not be saved.

Indecent Exposure Pic 1

The Bible makes it clear the proper meaning of sex and how we are to rely, only, on our spouse to meet that aspect of our life. Pornography desensitizes a person to the needs of their partner. It allows Satan to drift into your mind, ultimately brainwashing your thought patterns to believe it is acceptable to feel good at that moment. Meanwhile, the spouse may wonder what happened to their healthy sex life and the sharing of intimacy in the marriage. It doesn’t take long before the signs become obvious.

God’s words even say when a man looks lustfully at another woman, he has committed adultery within his marriage. I’m sure plenty of marriages today have grounds for divorce, and God will condone their decision!

Indecent Exposure Pic 2

So, it is written we must “abstain from fleshly lusts which war against the soul” (1 Peter 2:11) That is a powerful warning, friends, this is very sinful! Why would you tamper with your soul at the risk of losing your eternal life, not to mention a spouse and/or family?

Personally, I take great offense to women on social media who send messages to my husband with erotic undertones, especially when they see he is married. From the opposite spectrum, Dana is offended too by the men who send me naked pictures and flamboyant pick-up lines. But, you must feel sorry for these lovers of darkness for Satan robbed their conscious mind, pride, and humility. They live a godless life of fear. It takes me back to the biblical story of Rehab and her city of Jericho. When God became fed up with the carnal immorality and sin, he burned them to the ground. Just imagine what he could do to you today!

If you are involved in sexual sin of any kind, repent today and start anew. It’s not worth your life! Our Lord forgives those who divert their actions, never to return the behavior.

Written by Anne Bicks, Editor

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How long are you here?

You are here
Only for a while;
You are not here forever,
It does no matter how rich you are,
You are here
Only for a while,
You may be the most handsome man
Or the most beautiful woman who ever lived,
You are here
Only for a while;
Be as powerful as you can be;
And when you talk, all the world trembles,
You are here
Only for a while;
Be the top of your class
And graduate with
The highest academic distinctions;
You are here,
Only for a while;
You may have a box full of academic and professional qualifications,
You may be the greatest orator
The world has known,
Or sing like a nightingale,
And move all hearts with your mellifluous voice,
You are here
Only for a while.
And how soon you hand your place
To another. you do not know;
It is not determined by you!
It could be today;
It could be tomorrow!
It could take quite a while again;
You know nothing about when it comes!
Neither do I;
What I know with certainty is
You are here
Only for a while;
No need to boast
Ot to be nasty to others;
For soon the bell will go
And you must quit the seat
you call yours
In this world for ever.
So, my friend, always bear in mind
You are here
Only for a while.
And your powers are limited;
You may think you can do and undo,
But that’s one of the biggest lies
of all times;
You can only do a few things;
And your time here is limited;
You are here
Only for a while;
That, you cannot change;
So where is the power?
You may take away life from others;
But you can never create life;
And you cannot be here for ever;
You are here
Only for a while.

You are nothing but a candlelight;
You shine but never for ever.

Inoculate Hate


Inoculate Hate cover

At this moment, let’s imagine what the world would be like if we could inoculate hate and evil from the earth. Think of the lives we could save! A world where everyone would live together; no fathom, no harm, only living as one. We would be a racism of human beings, protecting and loving each other, no matter the country or color of skin.

Let us pray so….

Envision going to God’s temple on Sunday, and the Ten Commandments proudly stood in the vestibule by the gold shovel at the door. There’d be no need to claim a religious doctrine for only Jesus would minister to thousands of parishioners who’d attend church every Sunday morning.

Let us pray so….

Could it ever be where harmony would spread instead of wildfires, and we looked upon a friend as a brother in Christ? We’d unite to build a better way of life. The homeless would merely be those whose homes are under construction. Our infants would never fear for their last meal – even in Africa and other destitute areas of the world where hope is nonexistent. We could organize a Million Man March for natural disaster victims.

Let us pray so….

Wars for lies untold would be a thing of the past. Languages would be the only barrier the world has ever known. Unity in faith, as God perceived, would be heavenly. One God, one religion, one human race gathered together as one heart, one soul and mind trying to help each other. We could wipe our brows knowing we tried our best.

Let us pray so….

City streets would be ready for tomorrow, and the manicured lawns would welcome visitors. Locks on doors will be for Satan’s evil spirits who will all but give up his ghostly image.

Let us pray so….

What a wonderful world we will share when God inoculates hate in the world! Christians, let the happy word spread – this WILL be our heaven one day with Jesus!

Let us pray so….

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Welcome Day Three of Walking

Some notes about my daily walks. One it is really hard not to take a bunch of pictures and cheat, posting them on days I don’t walk. This would be self defeating. I have set a limit on myself: three to six pictures a day. Two I love where I live. I wave at every car passing me. Today 6 out of 8 drivers waved back. Country/Small Town people are pretty friendly. Lastly, I measure my distance by mailboxes. My phone has the Samsung Health App which measures my actual distance and time. What I do is pick a mailbox up a head and walk until I get to it. Each day I pick a further out mailbox.

So without anymore delay, today’s pictures:

The Daily Trees to inspire. From this angle they look like they are in line but they are not.

This is a path into the woods I would like to walk but I am not sure who owns the property.

First Wooly Warm of Autumn. Anyone know the folklore about the coloration and Winter?

A turtle cross in the road. This folklore I know, when turtles cross the road it means rain is coming.

BONUS PIC: My best friend’s two year old not ready to face

Jesus is Good

Days may run dry like a river

Nights may make you shiver

But God will deliver


Time may move like a torpendo

Fast like the ocean flow

Faster than you know


Hold on to this coaster ride

Peace does confide

So jump for joy inside

(C) Carly Wiggins 2018

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“The Golden Rule”


The Golden Rule cover

In matters of the world today, the Golden Rule is better pronounced, those with the gold make the rules. It’s sad, but true, and not very Christian-like nor Godly. How did this uniting principle, which Jesus taught on the Sermon of the Mount, evolve from “do to unto others what you would have them do to you” to the least respected and most changed scripture in our sovereign nation?

Jesus’s teaching ascribed The Golden Rule during the 16th–17th centuries and appears (though not by that title) in Matthew 7:12 and the Book of Luke:

The Golden Rule verse

Jesus knew mankind was selfish and innately evil (Matthew 7:11, If you, then, though you are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give good gifts to those who ask him!). So, He taught the disciples a standard of treating others the way they would like to be treated, with respect and dignity. His Golden Rule was a positive command to show love proactively, not in the negative light it sheds today. Social media would lead one to believe it means something quite different though – money and power.

The Golden Rule pic

My analogy is regardless of which context used, it should always be the Christian’s perfect standard of leadership. It could build relationships and achieve dreams. But we’ve forsaken it under politically induced duress. Many of the infamous believe they feel better in the driver’s seat by playing God and using people as their own sheep on the pretense it deepens their pockets. Where are the morals and integrity of the original Golden Rule? Our society is imploding because of its self-love characteristics, and our leaders twist scripture to justify their own assaults on reality. Long ago, people understood the Bible enough they would recognize when commands, such as the Golden Rule, were used inappropriately but sadly, most are ignorant to it today.

I’ve met nationalities of folks from all corners of the earth. God is in all of us and His love for mankind is still the most powerful force – not money, greed, or hatred. He shall come to our rescue one day and bring shame to the shameless and fortune to the prayerful meek for not one is above His Holy Words. We must love God and be active in loving others as He so commanded. This is the Golden Rule given to the prophets!