How to handle a little responsibility

Many people don’t know that a little responsibility can be a good steppingstone to a bigger one.

They become angry and protest if they are given a little position in their service when they are expecting a bigger one.

Surely, it can be frustrating and tempting to fume and fret and even turn it down. But, that wouldn’t be wise.

Instead, do the little thing so well that your hierarchy will see you are qualified for a bigger thing.

Your little position can bring about your promotion before you think of it.

Doing little things at your work place well is one of the strongest signals to your higher management that you are ripe for bigger things.

When streams come and meet, they form a river. Rivers grow into a sea; and seas grow into an ocean. Little things are not to be minimized as they lead the way to big ones.


God the architect

Humans are the labourers;
God is the architect;
Let us allow Him
To build the mansion
As he conceives it;
The structure of His dream;
Not our dream;
The skyscraper He wants;
Not the kind we want;
What powers do we have
To produce anything
On our own?
God alone
Is the determinant;
But He works through us;
And we could be tempted
To think
We are the architects
Of our lives and the world;
We, surely, are not.

Thoughtless decisions can ruin you

Beware of thoughtless decisions. Do not take thoughtless decisions. Thoughtless decisions can ruin your life. To avoid thoughtless decisions, it is necessary that you take time to ponder on the issue on which you want to decide. Pray about it. Ask for wisdom to take the best decision. And after examining all the sides, take your decision. If you do this, you will have a good chance of taking a good decision. A good decision opens the way for good action and good results.

A game of football

I’m nursing a big dream
In my heart;
If someone tells me
It is farfetched,
I won’t believe them;
I doubt what you say,
But I know I cannot fail
To achieve this dream;
I will get there;
To the mountain top;
Of course, it’s God
Who has the last word;
But I must play my part.
That’s what I am doing;
It’s a game;
Another game of football.

Why I like Tuesday

T stands is the first letter of two words that mean so much to me: tenacious and triumph.

In order to triumph, you have to be tenacious.

U stands for uplifting. Never let your spirits go down. Reading stories that will uplift you.

E stands for excel. You can excel. You have what it takes to do so. Do not waste the opportunity.

S stands for Superhero. Anybody who desires to can become a superhero. It takes courage, determination and dedication to a selfless cause

D stands for dynamic. Be dynamic. As a dynamic person, you can do a lot of things.

A stands for amazing. You are, undoubtedly, an amazing person.

Y stands for yellow, a colour which I love because of the way it is shining.

Hang in there

How hard it is to stick to it when you are not making any head way in your endeavours!

Giving up is easy and accounts for why many people don’t succeed as they aspire to.

It’s nothing new that people easily throw in the towel. And that is the crux of the problem.

You have to hang in there regardless of how many times you fail.

If there is a master key that unlocks the door of success, persistence is that key.