Are you ready to come with me?

Are you ready to come
With me?
I invite you to come
With me;
If you come with me,
I will guide you to
Your promised land;
If you come with me,
I will ease your
Journey for you;
If you come with me,
I will tell you what
Works and what doesn’t
Are you ready to come
With me?
Be wise and come with me,
So as to reach your own
Promised Land;
This is an offer
I urge you to embrace.
Come with me here on SIWO.


The truth about you

Since repetition is a good way
To drive home a point,
Let me repeat what I have said before;
You are amazing;
You were born to win;
Nobody who tries to stand
On your way will succeed;
All obstacles will be cleared;
Your most cherished destination
You will reach.
This is the truth about you.
Know it;
Believe it;
Live it.

The main architect

How do you get to where
You want to go?
Are you aware?
That you are the architect
Of your life?
The moment you are born,
You start to build
Your life;
And if you want a great life You must build a great life;
And to build a great life,
You must be a great architect;
None will create a great life
For you;
You have to do it yourself.
If others do it for you
When you are young,
Make no mistake,
They will not do it for you
All your life.
They may help, but the main architect is you.

The light

Sweet people of the world ;
Nice people of the world;
Good people of the world;
Kind people of the world;
Lovely people of the world;
Excellent people of the world;
Positive people of the world;
Thanks for being part of
The good in the world;
Thanks for contributing
To the good in the world;
Thanks for adding to
The light in the world;
You are the light of the world;
Yes, the light of the world.

Why do certain things happen?

Why certain things happen
The way they do,
It’s hard to explain;
Many happenings in life,
God alone knows;
Nothing, indeed, happens
For nothing;
Always, there’s a purpose;
Carefully designed by God;
Thus, a thing may look Unfortunate,
When it is actually fortunate;
You must never despair;
You may appear to be losing,
When you are winning;
You may appear to be going backwards,
When you are going forward;
You may appear to be going downwards
When you are going upwards.
That is life;
The complexity of life.
Hard to say you know it all.