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Do you believe in despair?

Do you believe in despair?I don't believe in despair;It means giving up completely;Admitting that there is no way out:I am not for that;I can never be for that:There is always a way out;And you can always turn tearsInto laughter.Or a dark day into a bright day;Hence, when sorrow comes,Look for how to get the best…

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If you are diligent

The journey to success Is not an easy one; Never has it been; And never will it be; If someone tells you It is an easy road, Do not believe it; For such a person Tells a lie; To deceive you; The road to success Is like the road To paradise; Which has never been…

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Empower with words

Do you like to get words that will empower you for the day? Virgilio Bernas has a verse that does that to you. This verse is drawn from the book of Isaiah chapter 30. It’s really empowering. Or if you prefer this from Psalm 55, well and good.

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Working together

Working together, Supporting one another, You can’t imagine What we can do; I think we can move Mountains; So, shall we continue To work together? So as to do marvels Together? Tell me your stand About working together.

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I fully agree

Inspirational leader wrote an inspiring post, Dare to dream? It’s such a nice post As soon as I saw the title, the word big came to my mind. I don’t know why I am so much in love with dreaming big. Who believes in dreaming big as I do? I always ask: “why should we…

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A Thousand Words

The picture above is such an appropriate scene for many of my followers today! I took this snapshot five years ago (sorry, it’s not the best of quality). Complacent as it is though, my thoughts run deeper. I never realized, until this morning, how much it says about life. The heavens were so blue and…

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