Light at the end of the tunnel

Let us live at all times in hope;
That better days lie ahead;
Not days of sunshine alone;
Where rain has no place at all;
Nor days of roses without thorns;
Or days of sunlight and no darkness,
But days of both sorrows and joys;
As every real day should be;
Ours is a world
Where joys and sorrows go together;;
Success and failure marry;
Sweetness and bitterness
Hands in gloves;
Therefore, when rain or sorrow come our way,
When sunlight goes to sleep
And darkness takes over control,
Let not discouragement take hold of you;
Better days always lie ahead;
Light at the end of the tunnel;


Bounce back

When you are up and doing,
You have lots of friends;
They scramble around you;
Give you help you do not ask for;
Sing your praises
And make you feel great;
When you are down and doing badly,
They will run away from you;
Leaving you to leak your wounds;
Some will criticize you;
Some will laugh at you;
Some will rejoice you are down;
But never mind;
Let that not put you down;
Stay strong;
Work hard;
And make sure you bounce back.

Go ahead and do it

Are you worried about anything
At the moment?
Do you have some doubts about
What lies ahead?
Are you afraid that things may
Not turn out well?
Having worries, doubts and fears
Is a normality of life;
You must muster courage and face them;
Don’t let them stop you.
All those who shine and spark at the top
Experienced such worries, doubts and fears
At one time or other in their lives;
But they did not allow such setbacks
To stop them.
You too must do the same.
Despite your worries, doubts and fears,
Go ahead and do it.


Compliments pay, and pay well;
Compliments have magical power;
Compliments add meaning to our lives;
Compliments, honestly given not fake
Compliments are of priceless value;
Compliments light up a dark day;
Compliments heat up cold environments;
Compliments are like broad smiles;
Compliments should not only be received;
Compliments should also be freely given.

Believe me

Believe me
When I tell you
You were born to win
For, indeed, you were;
Believe me
When I tell you
The best is still to come;
For, indeed, it is.
Believe me
When I tell you
Quitters never win
And winners never quit;
For that’s how it is;
Believe me
When I tell you
You can become anything
You wish to be;
For, indeed, it’s true.

What else

You cannot be stopped

Who wants to stop you?
Who can stop your progress?
Tell them who try
They are wasting their time;
Tell them they labor in vain;
What God has designed for you will be;
What is yours will come;
None is powerful enough to stop you.
None can stop you.
Do you know that you cannot be stopped?
You cannot be stopped
Unless you allow someone to stop you;
You cannot be stopped
If you like.

The winner’s spirit

Right now as you read this,
Are your spirits high or low?
Are your spirits up or down?
It’s easy
For your spirits to be high
When the going is good;
But how easy
When the going is bad?
It is easy
For your spirits to be up
When someone praises you;
But how easy
When someone criticizes you?
It is easy
For you spirits to be high
When you pluck a victory;
But how easy
When you lose a match?
Yet, if you want to be
Among the great in your field;
Or in life as a whole,
Keep your spirits on top,
Regardless of what happens;
Whether you win or you lose,
Keep your spirits high;
When the sun is shining
Or the rain is pouring,
Always feel as somebody
Who has won a big victory;
That is the winner’s spirit.

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Fighting spirit

Do you have a fighting spirit?
You do need a fighting spirit;
If you have a fighting spirit,
You are bound for victory;
With a fighting spirit,
The top is not a far-fetched dream;
I strongly encourage you
To go for a fighting spirit.
Fight to pass your exam
If you are a student;
Fight to succeed in your work
If you are a worker;
Fight to make it in business
If you are in business;
Fight to be a hero in blogging
If you are a blogger.
Fight and fight and fight;
That is a fighting spirit.

Welcome New week 8th week

You may start this week with difficulties, but welcome it all the same. Many things start with great difficulty but before long they are speeding to success. If you are having a slow start, get ready to speed because you may find yourself speeding to success.

It is hard to know what the future has in stock for us especially if we are putting in our best. See the way things went for the new British Prime Minister, Theresa May. In the US the battle to get to leadership has been going on for more than a year with all its ups and downs. In Britain it came to Mrs May out of the blues. This can happen to anybody. Of course, had she not worked hard in the past, it would not have come.

We have to do the best we can. We have to embrace each new day; each new week and do our best; and leave the rest to the God who is the sole author of results.
Welcome this week. Give thanks for it; and do your best and hope. The results may astonish you.