If success flows with ease……

If success flows with ease…
If to someone success flows easily,
If it flows with ease,
Take it not for granted;
Let that not surprise you;
And don’t conclude they were born
With a silver spoon in their mouth.
If to someone success seems natural,
Do not say they are divinely blessed
With a golden touch;
That everything they do by nature becomes gold.
it is not a question of being born
With a golden spoon in the mouth;
Or being born
With a golden touch.
It is rather that
You focus your attention only on
The wealth in which they swim;
And it bids your imagination ;
You think they work very little
But get so much in return;
Hardly do you think about where
They are coming from.
Hardly do you see the path
Through which they have traveled.
They did not jump onto where they are.
They worked hard to build a solid foundation.
There was a time to work;
Now is the time to enjoy.
They built their factory for wealth;
Today it is manufacturing;
Producing the fruits.


It will come

If your work is not recognized
By your contemporaries,
Don’t you worry;
If you are not recognized
In your life time,
Don’t you worry;
If some overlook
And some despise you,
Don’t you worry;
How many great people are recognized
When they are alive?
After your life,
You may be more recognized
Than you imagine;;
Keep on doing your best;
And worry not about the gain.
When the time is ripe in God’s plan,
It will come.

Take your time

So much beauty that passes us by;
And we do not notice that it is there;
So much in a hurry to go are we;
So much in a hurry also to arrive;
We chase the earthly things of life;
And see not what we need to find;
Yet, they file pass us all the times;
And we have no idea they are there;
It’s as we want to hear God’s voice;
But make such noise we can’t hear it;
And so we think our prayer ignored;
Which is all so false, indeed.
Take your time to savor life’s gifts.
Take your time
And take your time.

Wisdom comes from God

Wisdom comes from God

Who created wisdom if not God?
Wisdom is a gift from God;
Wisdom is from God;
All wisdom comes from God;
We must use it for God;
And only for God;
To bring glory to God;
To bring glory to the Holy Name of God;
If not used for the glory of God;
It is a waste of the gift of God;
It is a misuse of a jewel from God.

Others in your life

The role of others in your life
You need others in your life;
You need others to succeed;
No one makes it alone;
What others can do for you,
You cannot do for yourself;
Do not try to do it all alone;
Who can do it all alone?
Others can help you achieve more
Than you can achieve by yourself;
In others hands, lies your destiny;
Learn to get others to help you;
That is how your success will come.

A shoulder to lean on

I’ve found a shoulder to lean on;
It’s your shoulder I found to lean on;
When the going is hard;
I don’t worry that the going may be hard;
I live with confidence
Because I know I have a shoulder
To lean on;
Thank you for being a shoulder
I can lean on.
Do you have a shoulder to lean on?
Come lean on my shoulder;
I am there for you;
If the going is tough,
You will find my shoulder to lean on.