Life is all about struggle.

You never live without struggle.

Life begins with a struggle.

Life ends with a struggle.

Struggle is the part of our life.

A mother struggles to give birth to her child.

Every living creature struggles for survival.

Struggle is the rule of life.

If you struggle to get something today,

Tomorrow or in your near future, you’ll receive your grand rewards.

Don’t scare to struggle.

Enjoy your struggle and hug it like your true pal.

Your grand success and victory is always waiting for you.

Source: POSITIVE THOUGHTS OF SELF-MOTIVATION! Only you can motivate yourself… Only you can bring positive changes in your life…. Birister Sharma


Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless!

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Kuch Khwaish adhuri si…by #VirtualSiyahi

Dil kehta hai thoda thehar ja

Ek do kadam ka chalna bhi jo ab fasla sa lagta hai

Roshan hokar bhi sab na jane kyu dhua dhua sa lagta hai…

Ranjisho aur shikvo ke kisse to naye purane bikhre zamane ho gaye

milne milane ke kisse bhi ab sadiyo purane ho gaye

ab to mulaqat hoti bhi hai to bas us lamhe mein…..

Read Full Poetry Here ☟☟☟

What Is Causing Apprehension? Why Not Assurance, Confidence Not Such Tension? …

What is causing apprehension break the tension

Journal—An Ongoing Dialog Between thiaBasilia And Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Sunday, January 21, 2018 at 11:38 am.

O My Father—O Father Of Mine? The risk is great in the writing of this post, but! Though I risk offending and out of shape some bending? You are the Master in control. At Your word? I obey, regardless!

  • A famine for hearing the words of the Master….

It’s 3:30 pm. Didn’t know how to continue with this post. I slept for a couple of hours. On waking up? My Teacher whispered where I had to look to go ahead.

The Time of the End

Amos 8:11-12 AMPC+

Behold, the days are coming, says the Master the Creator, when I will send a famine in the land, not a famine of bread, nor a thirst for water, but [a famine] for hearing the words of the Master.

And [the people] shall wander from sea to sea and from the north even to the east; they shall run to and fro to seek the word of the Lord [inquiring for and requiring it as one requires food], but shall not find it.

Daniel 12:1-4.

AND AT that time [of the end] Michael shall arise, the great [angelic] prince who defends and has charge of your [Daniel’s] people. And there shall be a time of trouble, straitness, and distress such as never was since there was a nation till that time. But at that time your people shall be delivered, everyone whose name shall be found written in the Book [of  the Creator’s plan for His own]. 

And many of those who sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake: some to everlasting life and some to shame and everlasting contempt and abhorrence. [Joh_5:29] 

And the teachers and those who are wise shall shine like the brightness of the firmament, and those who turn many to righteousness (to uprightness and right standing with the Creator) [shall give forth light] like the stars forever and ever. [Mat_13:43] 

But you, O Daniel, shut up the words and seal the Book until the time of the end. [Then] many shall run to and fro and search anxiously [through the Book], and knowledge [of  the Creator’s purposes as revealed by His prophets] shall be increased and become great. [Amos 8:12] 

Reading those words? I see how easy it is to justify our doings. How easy it is to assume our Creator’s approval of our doings. For instances, the words, ‘And the teachers…’

Ah! Immediately all Bible teachers pat themselves in the back confident of our Creator’s approval, but! They disregard the words of Yahushua,

Matthew 23:8-13 AMPC+

But you are not to be called rabbi (teacher), for you have one Teacher and you are all brothers.

And do not call anyone [in the church] on earth father, for you have one Father, Who is in heaven.

And you must not be called masters (leaders), for you have one Master (Leader), the Christ.

He who is greatest among you shall be your servant.

Whoever exalts himself with haughtiness and empty pride shall be humbled (brought low), and whoever humbles himself [whoever has a modest opinion of himself and behaves accordingly] shall be raised to honor.

But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, pretenders (hypocrites)! For you shut the kingdom of heaven in men’s faces; for you neither enter yourselves, nor do you allow those who are about to go in to do so.

What is this great controversy about the Church and the Pastors and the Bible Teachers?….

Alright! Let’s put two and two together. What is this great controversy about the Church and the Pastors and the Bible Teachers?

Where all come from the myriad of different beliefs, religions, groups, churches, and! The great fallen away from it all to the beautiful side of evil—the knowledge of GOOD from the same forbidden tree?

Think about it. Why the apprehension in our souls as we watch the parade of goodness from that tree? At the sound of,

‘Unconditional love! Divine Self! Complete! I love myself’?

Some of us tremble. Why? We distinctly know something does not add up, but! For the most? We stay silent. We figure, To each his own. We go on with our own business.

Well? That’s the way of humankind. We are humans. We think and act as per the good programmed in our natural minds, but! Unfortunately? We call evil good and good evil.

Lack of knowledge of the Creator and His ways….

It all lies in the knowledge from the forbidden tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It lies in the lack of knowledge of the Creator and His ways.

This all it’s just coming to me. It’s not my own reasoning for sure….

Now? Am I already boring you with all of this seemingly reasoning of my own? Hold it. I really don’t know what I am writing. This all it’s just coming to me. It’s not my own reasoning for sure.

Come now, and let us reason together, says the Master….

It does make sense though. Our Almighty Creator is calling us all to come and reason things out with Him, as per what’s written,

Isaiah 1:18 AMPC+

Come now, and let us reason together, says the Master. Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall be like wool.

Dear Reader, read the whole chapter in Isaiah 1. It will open your mind and soul should you be willing to reason things out heart to heart with the Master Creator of our beings.

Am I a Bible scholar? So far from the truth. …

Ha! This quoting of Scriptures could give the impression that I am a Bible scholar. So far from the truth. The truth? All those Scriptures just pop in my mind as the Spirit is directing whatever I’m writing.

Let me relate to you an incident that keeps coming to mind in reference to the quoting of Scriptures in all my writings.

To that end, I will quote a writing where I quoted Scriptures I had no previous knowledge of. That was when I first started writing consistently every single day of my life. Quote,

Mine shall be a good day!

March 21/87.5:20 a.m. Birds are singing, Master, the dawn of a new day must be approaching, Oh, Master, how great Thou are!

For Your Spirit is harboring the earth right now as it was that first day; in a short while Thou shall say “let there be light,” and there shall appear the light of a new day!

And it shall be a good day!

Yes, a good day, for Thou has so written it in the Book of Life and what it’s written in the Book of Life it’s Your Word which stands true forever!

Yes, it shall be a good day!

“But Thia, how about all the evil of the day? How can your day be good? Have you thought about your doubts? Have you thought about your ups and downs? Do you remember your failures? Do you see your inability? Don’t you know that you are always a day late and a dollar short? And what about the national situation, haven’t you heard the news, there is “Aids” and something worse that “Aids,” some unknown plague that is approaching us. And there is war and rumors of war. And you can’t even travel because you might be held up as a hostage. And right here in your back yard, don’t you realize how easy it is for a nut to break into your house and rape and kill you? How can your day be good?”

Devil, my day shall be good because so it’s written in the Book of life. Genesis 1:26-31. You are a liar, a destroyer, a murderer from the beginning, so it’s also written. Your end it’s even written in the Book of life. John 8:44; Revelation 15:2.

I come against you and your foul words and suggestions, in the name of the Mighty Elohim I serve, the Mighty One of Israel, I come against the evil of this day Satan, in the name of Yahushua. Luke 11:20-22.

I live in the secret place of the Most High, sheltered by the Elohim that is above all Elohims, this I declare, I abide in the name of Yahushua, He is my fortress, my refuge, my shield of faith. Psalms 91:1-2.

Satan, I reject your words and suggestions, I refuse to dwell in the evil of this day and the frustrations of my flesh, for you are a liar, a father of lies, and a murderer from the beginning. Philippians 4:6; I Peter 5:8-9.

The truth is that you are speaking to my flesh, the flesh of the Thia that died in the cross with Yahushua. Satan, that Thia is dead! Romans 6:11.

But I, the new Thia, resurrected in Yahushua Messiah, I, come in the name of that same Yahushua, to trample you under my feet! Romans 8:1-2; Ephesians 6:11-16.

Begone Satan, mine shall be a good day, for I’m a new creature, there shall no evil come near me nor any plague come nigh my dwelling. Matthew 4:10; II Corinthians 5:17; Psalms 91:10.

And I have the power to trample you under my feet and vanish you from my sight, in Yahushua Messiah, my Master and Savior. So it is written. Psalms 91:13.

Yes, it shall be a good day! —So it is written in the Book of Life. Alleluia!

Honest to goodness! To this day? I have never been able to memorize one single verse of Scripture. None! Zilch! I must refer to a copy of the Bible to read those Scriptures as they pop into mind while I’m writing.

Yes, I have, by now? Read the whole Book, but! Not from cover to cover or in a systematic way of reading it in a year or so liken to the normal way of reading is done. Not at all. Never been able to stick to any of those systems.

So? How am I able to quote so many proper Scriptures? Hum! Me? Able? Nay! Honestly, it’s not my ability. It’s the Presence of the Father/Creator’s Spirit—the Teacher in my heart. He pops those Scriptures in my mind. I go to the Book and quote exactly as the Spirit leads me to do. Simple.

What Is Causing Apprehension?….

Anyhow? What Is Causing Apprehension? Why Not Assurance, Confidence in our midst? Simple. Timing. The Creator’s timing that is!

Time for the Creator to enable us all to come and reason things out with Him….

It’s now His time to lift Himself up to us. His time to show His justice. Time to show His mercy. Time for Him to enable us all to come and reason things out with Him.

It’s all about our Creator and ourselves individually and personal….

Indeed! It’s all about our Creator and ourselves individually and personal. Don’t you think so, dear Reader? Our redemption draws nigh.

The Plan Of Our Restoration To The Original Intent For Our Creation Is In Effect—To Be Loved by our Creator and to Love Him in return.

The March To Success, Success, Success Without Recess Shall Soon Come To Naught…

Monday, January 22, 2018 at 3:02 am.

To naught! That’s what! This time? All nations shall know and bow down to the ground to the ONE with Whom we must do without any ado. Amen or so be it.

Meantime and until the next post? His love in my heart for you and for all remains there to stay for eternity, thiaBasilia. 🙂

Forever Asking, “Who Am I?”

BOOKCOVER_FINAL_The Family_A True Story_Complete children n Robin

Journal—An Ongoing Dialog Between thiaBasilia And Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Saturday, January 20, 2018 at 5:46 am.

O! Oh! The 7th Day of Rest finds me? Resting on You. Restlessness and messes and disrespectfulness? Going with the emotional glean of no duration wind!

Harsh weather hit the town to pawn and tear down, but! My soul?…

Yesterday? Harsh weather hit the town to pawn and tear down, but! My soul? Could not touch not near detach from Your firm hold on me! Hahaha! HalleluYah!

Hum! It’s already 11:13 am. Been up since forever! Done wrote a letter to Joyce. Wondering if I should post it? I’m several posts backed up. Don’t know which way go to again go.

Lack of Communication….

I see clear the outline from 1985 to this 2018, but! I wonder why I’m dwindling around with the whole matter, not really knowing what to pick and stick as per Your loving will.

What to do? Where to go next? Have I missed any step? I’m wondering about the covers for the books. They don’t meet the standards for a professional cover, but!

I sense those do meet Your standards. More and more I see every day how remarkable is this issue of lack of communication.

More and more I see this issue as the key that locks us out the door of the best for our lives. Some talk about oranges. The others talk about apples.

They both think they talk about the same thing because, apples and oranges are both fruits, but both are miles apart in all aspects of the matter. Duh!

People do not quite understand me or you….

But why am I bringing this issue up? O well! Maybe to comfort myself. In the last few months? The Spirit of the Father/Creator within my being shows to me how people do not quite understand me.

Totally frustrating! From childhood to senior age and beyond the bounds of the lands? No one really understood much about this thiaBasilia at hand, but! Now? Wow!

It’s 7:52 pm. I woke up about 2 hours ago. Returned call from Joyce. We share for a long time as usual. Check the link about asparagus she sent to me. That brought me to Facebook.

In Facebook? I read the article. Check my notifications, and? Look at what I found! A post I wrote on Friday, January 20, 2017. Wow! It blows my mind! Exactly one year to the date.

O my Father! I’m flabbergasted! To experience Your Presence? Nothing short of amazing, and? You know it. You know all things before anything comes to be. A paragraph from that post,

Well, I slept for quite a few hours yesterday. Been awake since midnight. Been checking emails, comments, replies and all. Now You bring me to record the next post. My life in Your Presence, O my Father—O Father of mine? It’s a wonder! Never know what to do next but! I always do the right thing to do always. Even when it seems I have done wrong, it turns out to be right. So, what am I to post today? Who am I again? Very well, I will pull the files now.

  • Forever Asking, “Who Am I?”

Well? Today is Saturday, January 20, 2018 at 8:52 pm. Exactly today one year ago? I wrote asking the same question. Here is the link, Who am I?

What is so amazing about an old post of mine?…

Hum! What is so amazing about an old post of mine? For one thing, whatever I have written or whatever I shall write? It’s all in Your hands of mercy, O my Father.

It’s all not from me, but! It’s all from You. That’s the reason why the awesome response to such posts. So? What am I to do now with this post? Tell when come back. For now, I must sleep. 9:11 pm.

Sunday, January 21, 2018 at 12:55 am.

O but how blessed I am to wake up at midnight with my heart full to the brim with Him that I must do?  Blessed be His name forever! In silence I worship You, my Father!

Who Am I again and again? I’m Yours, first. Your thiaBasilia—A Child Of Your Heart….

But then? sometimes perhaps a ‘fisherman’ I am. Other times? Your ‘scribe’ fits the vein, but!

As of seven or eight by now years past? A ‘star’—an ‘angel’—Ah! How’s about just a simple ‘messenger’ to the ‘Lost Sheep of Yisrael’ You compelled me to be?

No biggie.Just a ‘messenger’ delivering such a MESSAGE…

No biggie. No more intrigue. Just a ‘messenger’ delivering such a MESSAGE. That MESSAGE is the ‘biggie’ not the simple ‘messenger’.

Forget about the ‘simple messenger’. Concentrate on the MESSAGE—the GOOD NEWS from on high delivered with might! Might? Indeed!

Behold! The Power Of Love & Wisdom From On High Drenched Upon Us All. It Never Fails. It Always Avails!

WOW! The GOOD NEWS to the ‘Lost Sheep of Yisrael? Yeap! What ‘Lost Sheep am I talking about? Talking about you and he and she and me.


Not at all a plank. This you can put in your bank. YAHUSHUA the Messiah—the ONE sent? He was sent exclusively to US—of Yisrael? The LOST! Not my thinking. It’s written,

Matthew 15:24 AMPC+

He answered, I was sent only to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

Years plus years of reading the same words. It all went over my head, until? My appointed time. That solemn moment of APRIL 27, 2008 at 5:48 am TO ME IT CAME.

SO? Here I’m! some ten years later—a ‘Messenger to the ‘Lost Sheep of Yisrael, and! I find myself? Dumb! Flabbergasted! Astonished at the veracity of that solemn call in 2008.

Simple ways of our Creator against the complicated ways about Him by mankind created….

O my Friend Reader of these lines! I hope you are beginning to see along with me, how real and simple are the ways of our Creator against the complicated ways about Him by mankind created.

A New Look At Myself For You, My Friend. Who Am I To You & For You.

I am an angel—a messenger from on high to the lost sheep of Yisrael. I am not the MESSENGER—even YAHUSHUA—the Messiah—the One sent to us.

No, I am not Him, but? I am His messenger—His Ambassador to deliver His message to the “Lost Sheep of Yisrael’.

Who Am I One More Time. This Time? This 2017 Year? How It Concerns You Big Time! Why?

Simple. It’s your time. Your time for what? Your time not just to hear and let this message fly by your head alone, but! To hear and let this message penetrate to the depth of your spirit being.

To hear and obey this message? What is this message all about? This is a message of ‘repentance’. Repentance is not a bad word.

Only the connotation of badness is what keeps us from taking advantage of the message of ‘repentance’, but! All that apprehension is ending now. How can that be?

Time and timing. Our destiny runs like a clock. Not the physical instrument, those break or are not always available or reliable. But the clock inscribed in the span of the Universe? Steady forever!

On that clock the seasons take place. Then?

  • For everything there is a season.
  • Seasons come and go, until our season comes to stay for eternity. It’s that simple.

So? We have messed up our existence….

So? We have messed up our existence. Each one of us have chosen to follow the winds of our imagination. We mount our horse and? Away we go!

Some mount on swift steads that carry them to the mountain top of success, but! Once there? Still on the horse’s mount, SUCCESS! Goes the cry! We spook the horse. The horse bolts! Down to the brown ground we are bound.

On we again and again, until! ….

Over and over we get up. We dust ourselves. We find a less spooky horse, and on we again and again, until! The clock ticks our midnight.

Not much delight in the midnight. Darkness and death amid us sticks. Success? After all is not worth the climb. There is, still, only darkness in our minds—the darkness of the times.

Is the Almighty to remain silent as our rebellious route comes to an end in the bend? NAY! ….

So? The Almighty Creator has let it all take place. He has given us a choice. Our choice led us to death row. In death? There is no life. No chance to love and be loved. No chance to be a family, but!

That’s enough! Cries the Master. I see you left on that hill of the darkness of the times. It’s time. It’s midnight. Come, partake of My mercy. Let Me show My loving-kindness to you.

For I am your Almighty of justice. Blessed, happy, fortunate, to be envied are all those who earnestly wait for Me, who expect and look and long for My victory, My favor, My love, My peace, My joy, and My matchless, unbroken companionship]!

WOW! No need to expound the matter any further. Our midnight is here! Dear Reader, thanks for your visit.

Meantime and until the next post? His love in my heart for you and for all stays there to stay for eternity, thiaBasilia.


HalleluYah_Its Happening_Graphic

Journal—An Ongoing Dialog Between thiaBasilia And Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at 11:28 pm.

Life goes on despite it all….

O My Father—O Father Of Mine? It’s only 7:48 am. As a maid waits for her mistress instructions for the day? So, I wait for Your instructions.

I learned yesterday that Joyce has not been able to do anything on my situation with Site 5, but! Perhaps after I talked to her she had time to do something because, I just got two emails from Site 5.

You are in control, my Father. You know why and how this matter took place. You also know the situation with the payment for SiteGround to renew my account with them. I wait on You.

It’s now 9:47 am. What goes on my Father? I just found all the emails about the shock of Cory’s death. Over 3 years gone, but! Have we gotten over such shock? I wonder.

The ‘life that goes on’ is not ‘life’ at all….

Father? How can I get over the constant reminders of the shocks in the past? Life goes on. Least what is called ‘life’. From my now perspective? The life that goes on is not ‘life’ at all.

Least not the life that You created us to enjoy in Your Presence forever. Even so? Your faithfulness. Your plan of restoration to the original intent for our creation is now in effect.

There is always HOPE….

There is HOPE. In You? There is always HOPE. For You are a Mighty One of justice. Blessed—happy, fortunate, to be envied are all those who earnestly wait for You—who expect and look and long for You,

  • for Your victory,
  • Your favor,
  • Your love,
  • Your peace,
  • Your joy, and
  • Your matchless, unbroken companionship!
  • Read it in Isaiah 30.

O my Father! All that is a reality of this life that I now live in Your Presence. Your matchless, unbroken companionship? Ecstatic! To say the least, and? Such ecstasy is the future my focus is on.

Now I see things like through a blurry mirror. Then? His brilliance! All fussiness shall be no more! And sorrow and sighing shall flee away. Everlasting joy, gladness, peace.

So it’s written. Read it here Isaiah 51: 11-23

REALITY! United Kindred Spirits UnOficial….

Tuesday, January 16, 2018 at 10:03 pm.

Hahaha! HalleluYah! It’s happening! United Kindred Spirits, but! Not an Organization by human hands. Wow! What an awesome revelation!

In my distress I called upon my Master and the Father/Creator of my being? Speedily! That voice from my heart resounded in my ears.

This whole afternoon, perhaps my whole day? Misery. Doubt. Fear loudly knocking! No heat. Shivering cold again. Excruciating pain in my feet on and off. Silence again. No calls. No personal emails.

The food supplies going down. The Internet and the electricity could be cut for lack of money, but! All that? Secondary. Number one misery? Silence from above. Frightening threats from below.

I headed for bed. Getting under the cold covers I remember the threat, ‘something is seriously wrong with you.’ Loudly I spew the answer, ‘There shall no evil come near me nor any plague come nigh my dwelling!’ Next?

I began my complain. “How can I keep on posting all of these Poly-Annie liken words because, I have no tangible results of You materializing Your promises to me, to us? I will not post anymore. I had it!” Up went my shrilling cry!

Tears copiously flowing. My feet like two blocks of ice. The cold covers were hard to pull with my aching arms. I managed to curled up under and hope to warm up. Suddenly!

“UNITED KINDRED SPIRITS UN-OFFICIAL” came loudly and clear to my mind. The tears dried almost immediately. My attention sprung up! Wow!

Next? The same picture of gardens and families working together to plant and to build was displayed like a film slide for my eyes to feast on!

I paused. I reflected. In a moment of time? Some thirty plus past years of my life began my spirit lifting up and up!

Nothing. Absolutely NOTHING is as we human beings think it to be….

Dear Readers, nothing is like we human beings have ever even imagined it to be. It’s a fact! Our Maker and Creator’s ways and thoughts are far above out of reach to the human mind.

When United Kindred Spirits was first set in my heart and mind? I thought it was to be a legal Organization to collect the monies necessary for the Creator’s restoration plan. DUH!

How on earth my puny brain fancied to get that kind of money? We are not talking about nickels and dimes. We are talking about billions +billions!

That kind of money is already in the hands of Father/Creator’s choosing. It shall be funneled for the restoration of the Garden as per the Creator’s will.

This day? The Father/Creator of our beings is setting the record straight for mine and all His children benefit.

Through the waves of the Internet? United Kindred Spirits IS now a REALITY by the will and doings of the Father/Creator of our beings.

United Kindred Spirits IS NOT to ever be any resemble of an Organization by the hands of mankind. I will continue to post as per instructions.

In the meantime, and until the next post? His love in my heart for you and for all remains there to stay for eternity, thiaBasilia


Guest interview: A writer who shines through her poems.

Our guest today is a multi-talented lady who shines in many ways: as a writer, a blogger, a wife, mother and much more.However, what caught my attention in her was none of these. It’s her sweet heart. When you know her you do not want to let her go out of your life. The beauty of her heart is seen through her writings.My chat with her was most enjoyable. I am confident you will enjoy it too.
420825_391192144224553_1622115046_nRanjeeta Nath Ghai, it is a joy to have you as guest on Success Inspirers’ World. If I go by what I have read about you, you have written a book which is being highly profiled. What is the title of your book and what is it about?

Thank you for inviting me! Yes, I have written a book, or rather my first book…”Mann Ki Aarzoo”. Since I am an Indian I decided to keep a very Indianised title for my book. Mann means mood/mind and Aarzoo means a wish or a desire in Hindi language. So basically you can sum it up as desires of a hungry soul… It’s an amalgamation of sentiments and emotions we go through in our daily lives like achievements and disappointments, success and failure, love and infatuation, introspection and retrospection etc. Continue reading

Guest interview: A distinguished woman who is making a strong impact in her country and beyond.

My distinguished guest today is Ina Vukic. Prof.. Ina Vukic comes through as a powerful woman who knows where she is going and is determined to get there. Ina has written books, handled many important positions of responsibility, and received awards at a very high level for her work. In short, she has made and is making her impact felt. I met her on the blogging arena where she blogs about Croatia, the War and the Future. The force of her argument and the positions she takes on issues concerning her home country caught my attention and I started following her. Continue reading

Blurry Faces of the city

Blurry Faces of the city is a series of illustrations of the people who are living around us but are rarely noticed and acknowledged in mainstream. I have attempted to see their lives and struggles as they go through the ordeals to keep themselves and their dependents alive – in hope for a better tomorrow.

Please don’t hesitate to share your opinions, thoughts and feedbacks by going at sanjeevkumarpandey’s blog.

-Sanjeev Kumar Pandey | author, sanjeevkumarpandey’s blog

The ice-cream seller

A Friday night, somewhere in Noida.

Clock is about to strike 11 pm. We came out of a restaurant and started walking on the eastbound road alongside a now-slept market. On the road there are auto-rickshaws lined up with their drivers wandering around looking for passengers. Some auto-rickshaws are rushing down the road and some others slowing down to ask if we are intended to go somewhere. Some of them would try to guess the place we are likely to go and shout – ‘So and so much money for blah-blah place… Get in!’ We would answer some and ignore others. I know it is their daily practice so it hardly makes a difference what we really say. Deal is – are we getting into it or not? Actual listening would start only after either we nod to a fixed amount or the meter is down – which would be rare thing to happen so mostly for us and for most of the commuters it is the first one.

Amidst this, a police car came and from it a policeman wearing a washed away shade of standard-brown-police-uniform shouted on the owners of the roadside food stalls to close the business. Meanwhile a companion of the theirs, a motorcycle-ridden policeman, patrols the adjacent alleys and then signaled one of the stalls to bring food to the police car.

This must have been a routine for these stall owners and the patrolling party too.

We kept walking towards the end of this market where there is a traffic signal – mostly ignored by all during this time of the night. Just before the signal, around a corner standing in ebony skin was a thin boy of age around 17 with his ice-cream trolley.

He had his skeleton prominently visible. All the features of it – the cheek bones, eye-ball sockets, collar-bones, elbows. His head appeared large though – due to unkempt hairs those fashioned a brownish color owing to dust gathered in them.

One can easily be startled by an ‘apparently unprecedented’ form of living being when least expecting. Not even in figment of imagination I would have thought this structure of bones, flesh and blood.

So I reacted, – “What are you doing on this side of the road!? There are no restaurants or anything luring for people to crowd around!”

“Cars stop here sir.”, came a reply riding on a voice that was sure of itself but also a little sad. “They buy from me. I am here for those customers.”, he added sounding defending his ground.

“Why not move a little closer to the market behind the bus stand?”, I said almost rhetorically.

“There is already a trolley on the northern corner. Two of us can’t sell together, we have to cover larger area, plus we have to follow a strategy of being visible at a certain place in continuation of positions – a series of trolleys placed at a certain distance from each other would form such a chain that would induce the ‘desire’ by repetitive stimulous to vision and mind”, he spoke in authoritative and compelled voice while narrating his sales plan.

He was getting into it. I’d drawn him into a conversation now. Earlier it was merely asking and answering. By this time, I had understood that he could talk more freely now. His body language suggested that he was at ease and the cover of defense that mind had created was gone.

I could see him more clearly now, for now he didn’t feel embarrassed, or offended, when I ‘stared’ at him.

Those eyes could not have been more alert and skin did not wear wrinkles and a nice bath would have had brought-out a smooth chocolaty tone instead of grainy and dusty brown one.

Teeth were surprisingly white against the common notion about tobacco eating mouths and surely one would have been able to count all the ribs if he’d took off his yellow-brown shirt.

He probably read my thoughts for he spoke suddenly, “I’ll put on some weight once my worries are over sir.”

I looked at him in awe and he went on with his story of leaving his village in Buxar (Bihar)and coming to Delhi to work in a factory that produced packaging items.

There came a mention of his father and his eyes lit up, his hands clutched the pushing-bar of his trolley harder as if they were the hands of his father whom he probably has longed to grab and cry, sharing his ordeals. It became ‘necessary’ to talk about something else to do away with the emotional overwhelm.

“So which ice-cream do you like?”, I made an attempt to change the subject but came no reply from the him. I felt a little embarassed to ask such a stupid question after a heavymoment. I, however, threw away that feeling and asked another question.


“When do you start your sale?” I asked, while pretending to read from the items’-chart hanging from the top of the trolley.

“From afternoon 3.”, he glanced at that menu chart and looked away on the road to our right.

“And when will you go home?”, I continued.

“I am waiting for some friends, the other trolley manning men, who would be going with me. It is risking life and property to travel alone on these roads due to some anti-social elements who will strip you of everything and wouldn’t hesitate to put a knife into you, so we go in groups.”, he said gravely while his forehead frowned.

The timing of this response could not have been worst, so to lighten the air I asked, “For how much did you sell today?

“Not much – only 1200 Rupees. Usually I make 2000-2500.”

“I understand that that money goes to the company. What do you get?”

“16% of my sales amount.”

“So you get it monthly?”

“I wouldn’t survive on monthly salary if it is this less! I keep my 16% every day… and I don’t like ice-cream sir.”

His friends arrived and he left with them; talking while waving hands animatedly. Sharing stories from the day. Sharing their common worries and pacifying what’s there to pacify.

Do you like to be interviewed?

You have a story to tell;
Did you know that?
You have a sweet story to tell;
Everyone has a lovely story to tell;
Your story will be sweet
If told in a sweet way;
A great story teller will make
Any story sweet;
A poor story teller will make
A great story boring;
I help people tell their story
In a sweet way;
I interview them;
Through a good interview,
You can tell your story in a lovely way;
Do you like me to interview you?
Just let me know.
Your story may end up bigger
Than you think.

Guest interview: meet one of my stars on WordPress – the amazing writer and blogger Erika Kind.

What a joy that one of my stars on WordPress, Erika Kind has accepted to be our Guest of the Week! Erika is a great writer whom I adore. She has a heart of honey. Her smile says it all. She has written books, promoted them, granted interviews, across continents; and is making a great impact worldwide. She is also an amazing blogger.  Meeting this sweet loving woman is one of the blessings I have had on WordPress. When, despite her tight schedule she accepted to be interviewed on Success Inspirer, she made my day. This interview will, without doubt, be a very enriching experience for you.IMG_4710
lecture VaduzImFree_Cover VorderseiteYou are welcome to Success Inspirer.
Thank you for your kind invitation to this interview, Romanus. I feel honored to be considered as your guest here.

Thank you. Please, kindly introduce yourself so that we may know you better.
I am living in the Principality of Liechtenstein (located between Austria and Switzerland) but I am Austrian, born in Vienna. I am a mother of 2 teenage boys (13 and 16) and one grown up girl (20), who has just moved out. I am caring about my family, a house, a big garden, two guinea pigs, and a tortoise. I am running a practice for Aromatherapie and Self-Development, where I offer massages and products with essential oils, Spiritual Healing, Matrix Transformation, One-to-One sessions, and recently Emmett-Therapy for long-lasting pain relief and muscle relaxation within only instants. Also I am the author of 4 books. Another book is already written (in German). But I am considering translating and publishing it first in English. I give workshops, seminars, and lectures regarding connecting with the power and beauty we really are to let go of limiting thoughts of fear in order to expand ourselves into this world and live a life according to this authentic Self. I am a professional singer and also produce my own songs, which are found on my blog at where you will also find information about my books.

What do you like about the job you do?
To make others see their wonderful light everybody carries within.

What don’t you like about the job you do?
I love what I do and I do what I love! Actually there is nothing I do not like.

How did you become a writer?
My life was ruled by fears and the effort to impress others with my achievements in order to find respect and love. It never worked out but I was worn out. I was scared of being criticized, of being questioned. So I was hiding the voice within which seemed not to fit into this world. But this flame inside never extinguished. One day I realized that something in my life had to change and that I had to make the decision either to break down or to break out. I waited far too long that others changed for my benefit which of course never work. I changed my thoughts, my attitude, and my life started to transform. I became courageous and spoke up or simply accepted people the way they were, stopped taking things personally, and turned towards what I wanted from my life, towards my dreams. There came that moment when all of a sudden all these insights merged into one and like in an explosion I realized that I never needed to fear anyone or anything.

No one can ever limit me or scare me unless I let them. But in the end it is only me who limits myself. So it is also only me who can be unlimited! That insight was so profound in that moment, so mind blowing, so exhilarating that I wanted to share this with as many people as possible.I wanted everybody to feel this feeling of liberation and true freedom like I felt at that very moment. Everybody is beautiful in their unique ways. And everybody has something precious to give which only they can give. That was the moment when I started writing “I’m Free”.IMG_4719

How many books have you published so far?
I have published 4 books: One poem book “Wie das Lebenschreibt…” with German and English poems in 2010, “I’m Free” in German in 2012, “I’m Free” in English as an extended and modified version of the German one, and “Enjoy Life!” again a poem book with 24 English poems available only as an e-book on

Which is your favorite book and why?
My favorite book still is “Your Sacred Self” by the legendary Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. This book put all the little puzzle pieces together which made me see a bigger picture and understand so many contexts. That again motivated me to provoke the changes in my life.

What are you talking about?

In my books, lectures, seminars, and posts I am talking about who we really are, about the reason we come here, and our purpose. Once we get an idea of this all (although this is only the tip of the iceberg) we automatically change our perception. We need to feel who we are in order to find our place in this world. We need to feel who we are in order to make use of this immense creative potential and power we all are blessed with.

What are the common themes that you treat in your books?
It is about becoming aware of who we are, unveiling the illusion we might have lived by now, changing the look at ourselves and the world in order to focus on what we want and not on what we don’t want; because only then can we realize the dreams which are burning within. And those dreams are meant to be realized. They are not only wishes but memories of what we intended to experience and realize within this lifetime.IMG_4630

Many have difficulties having their works published. What about you? How are you getting your books published?
I self-published three of my books. My first poem book was my way of checking out the world of being a published author and I learned what mistakes not to make again and where to focus better. The publisher of my German version of “I’m Free” took me under contract. They published the book because they thought it was worth to spread the message it contains. The English version was self-published again at Balboa Press, which was an amazing experience of support and professionality. “Enjoy Life!”, my e-book, was self-published with Amazon which also cost me nothing because I did it all over the net by myself.

How do you market your books?
I had a worldwide marketing and social media campaign going for my English version of “I’m Free”. It went out to almost every newspaper and bookseller, media. I gave interviews writing and radio interviews (which I still do) and that was also the reason I started my own appearance in the social media world. I would not have my blog without “I’m Free”. Now through my blog and other social media outlets I can promote my books or events.

Tell us about some of the thrilling and frustrating moments you’ve had ever since you started writing, publishing and marketing your books.
I have to confess that I never had a frustrating moment since I started writing. Every step was a step further. When I started writing “I’m Free” I wasn’t sure yet if it would ever be published. I did not set myself under any pressure and so I still handle it. One thing led to the next and the most thrilling moment by today regarding my writing career was my book signing event at the I CAN DO IT convention of Hay House in Pasadena, in October 2014. I had one hour to sign and give away 75 books. I was out of books after half of the time. Even the display copy and all the ones on the sales tables were gone. I was signing at the same time as Doreen Virtue was signing right opposite to me. It was an event where Wayne Dyer, Gregg Bradon, Bryan Weiss, CarolinMyss,… and all the great authors gave workshops and lectures. Two years prior I was at this event joining Wayne Dyer’s lecture. I had never ever thought back then to be there again as a published and officially promoted author only two years later.

Amazing indeed! How lucrative is it to write and publish books? Can that alone put bread on your table, take you on vacation to where you want to go and enable you to stretch a hand to those in need?
Haha… I am sure it can! And perhaps one day I will be able to say that this worked out for me. But to be honest, when I started writing it never was my goal to make a living of it. I just wanted to have an outlet to spread the message. Of course it would be a dream-come-true if I could make a living only from that. Because then I could afford it and focus on writing more. I will see…. Everything is possible!

Who are your role-models? I mean writers and other figures that have inspired and shaped your life? Tell us what you like in them; and in what way they have influenced you?
First and foremost it is Dr. Dyer. As I mentioned before, his book(s) opened up new points of view on life and everything beyond which made me look differently on myself and others. But there is also Eckhart Tolle, Esther and Jerry Hicks, and Dr. John Demartini, They all made me check out life in different ways which led to so many insights and new beautiful developments in my life. All of them had their challenges before the result of that insight unfolded. But you don’t reach a new shore before you cross the waters.

What are you working on right now? Tell us more about your next book.
My next book is already written and I already sent the manuscript out to some publishers. But I did not sign up for another contract yet since I am not fine with the conditions. I think there is a reason that it doesn’t work out right away. As I mentioned already, I am thinking of translating it into English and publishing it first that way. I can reach more people. It makes so much more sense and since I am blogging I spend about 90 % of my time in English anyway. The German title of the book is “WundersindkeineLaunen des Himmels” which in English is “Miracles are not depending on heaven’s mood”. It is about how we ourselves are the creator of our own little world and also how we all influence the world around us.

Tell us about your writing habits: the best times you write; what do you do before you start to write? Do you have a regular schedule for writing?
I love writing in the mornings. Everything is quiet then, nobody is home and my concentration is high. That is when I do my Monday posts for example. But basically I can write at any time of the day when I have time. Only when my boys are playing with their PlayStation in the same room I am working I switch to other things.

Is it better to publish e-books or traditionally published books? Tell us the difference and the advantages and disadvantages.
I don’t have too much experience with e-books since I still read real books. But I am sure that this is the way it will develop over time more and more. Less space capacity is needed, easier to store and carry around, cheaper… My Amazon e-book was an experiment of checking this platform out. Basically I never want to give up on publishing in the traditional way.

What are your dreams as a writer?
To make the reader smile, feel better, encouraged, and motivated. I want to make the reader feel their flame inside and to see the whole glory they are.

If God blesses you with a lot of money as a writer what shall you do?
It always depends on how much money; but it would be great if I could focus more on writing that way, travel around the world and speak for compassion and tolerance, and support environments for people in need, may be refugees, homeless, … I just want to say: You are not alone!

There are many people, both young and old who want to write but fear to start. What advice would you give them?
Simply start! You don’t need to know if ever your manuscript will be published. Just write and act as if. I did not know either if I would publish what I had written. But during the writing process itself I gained so many insights about me, my life, and the subject. When I was done with the book I was prepared to go for it. And it worked out! Just do one step at a time. And when you don’t feel well with it, wait! You’ll feel the moment, when it is right for you, and then go! No matter, how scary it may appear, there is nothing to fear about. It is only new territory, that’s all! We only can get used to new territory when we enter it! Everything else will follow.

What of those who have unpublished works in their machines or drawers? What can they do to have these works published?
First they need to know whom they want to reach with their books. That can be important to know which way to publish might be ideal for them. If it is novels or poems they might start with a platform like amazon or Create Space for keeping the costs low and just checking it out. Maybe talk to other writers about their experiences and listen to their tips. If you can afford it I would recommend a professional publisher who does all the set ups and editing, creates the cover, and does all the background work. That is the easiest way when you start and don’t have any experience.

Apart from writing, how do you spend your free time? What are your pastimes?
I love my garden and making it a little oasis. I love being in nature and it fills me with its energy. That can be when just sitting in the garden or on my bench behind the house and just perceiving my surrounding. My most favorite time to spend is when I can be in California and gazing at the ocean. I can spend hours there, just letting my thoughts flow. Those are the times when I get amazing insights, solutions, ideas, and visions. My breakthrough and decisions to write “I’m Free” took place at a beach in California.

Tell us what your blog is about.
The purpose of my blog is to write about all the things I also write in my books. I want to spread love and compassion, awareness and faith!

What have you gained from blogging?
I’ve met the most wonderful people in this world. I’ve made close friends, and I experience so much love. What astonishes me the most is the giving and receiving and the high level of support and tolerance in the blog sphere. Wherever you come from doesn’t matter but is welcomed. Everybody is not only accepted but most of all appreciated for the difference they make in this world. No matter what culture, country, or race you come from, if you are “healthy” or “ill”, the only thing that matters is what you give and share. And that is what brings this special spirit into the blog sphere because we all share a part of our being.

What are the challenges you face as a blogger?
The time factor! I am happy that I could create a wonderful space with my blog where people like to stop by and get some inspiration. But there are times I can barely catch up with the posts of the wonderful peeps in my community. They all deserve to be honored for their work because everyone has something special to share and everyone gives something from themselves which needs to be honored. Yes, my only challenge in blogging is the time limit.

Everywhere around the world women are clamoring for more leadership positions. How do you see this?

To me it doesn’t make a difference whether there is a man or a woman in a leadership position. Today women are in better places regarding education compared to 40 or 50 years ago. So everybody shall have their chance. The decision should not be between male and female but who is more suitable for a certain position.

How do you rate the key female leaders in the world? If you were in the US would you vote for Hilary Clinton? What would you say to Americans concerning her candidature?
I am not informed enough about the election campaigns and the different candidates. So I cannot say anything but that I hope the elected candidate will have their focus on the benefit for the people and the world in general.

Do you have any message to give to all those who have supported you especially through your books and maybe through your blog?
I would never be where I am today if only one person on my path was missing. I am very aware of that fact and deeply grateful. But I am also grateful for the ones who challenged me; because they forced me to look deeper inside of me. I would have never had my breakthrough without them.
Regarding the blog sphere I thank all of you for taking the time and reading my posts, for every like, comment, reply, reblog, nomination! I thank you for granting me your trust and opening up to me. I take this with highest responsibility and appreciation. I thank you for every suggestion, question, praise, insight, loving and encouraging word. I love my blog and being here. But I can only do it because of all of you.
In particular I thank my closest friends for being there for me when I went through a dark valley once. You all know who you are.
I thank you all, my friends, for making me this blogging experience a dream come true and therefore for making it possible for me living my dream. I can only do that because of you! Thank you from my heart!
One person alone cannot change the world. But together we can!

Success Inspirer wishes to thank you immensely for accepting to be our guest.
A huge Thank You to you, Romanus! You gave me wonderful questions and the opportunity to talk about the things that matter so much to me. Thank you from my heart for your effort and your support!

Do you like to meet Erika on her site? I highly recommend this. Go to