Talk with love and respect

The world will be
A better place to live in,
If we learn
To talk to each other
With love and respect;
What does this mean?
That we must talk,
Not to hurt
But to sweeten the heart;
That we must talk,
Not to destroy
But to build;
That we must talk,
Not to scatter
But to gather;
That we must talk
Not like antagonists
But like friends.
If we can do this,
We will make the home
A better place for all;
Let us learn to talk
With love and respect
No matter who
We are talking to.
Let us strive to talk
To everyone we know,
Everyone we come across
Everyone with whom
We are dealing,
With love and respect,
And the world will be
An excellent place
For all of us to live in.


Time was wasted

I wish to apologise
To you
For the way
I talked to you today;
I did not take time
To choose my words
Before uttering them;
I used words
I should not have used;
Words meant
To satisfy myself
Without caring
About their affect
On you to whom
I was talking;
I spoke recklessly;
Which was not supposed
To be the case;
The result was,
I hurt you;
And failed to achieve
What I set out
To achieve.
The time was wasted.
Language was abused.

Tell me what is more powerful

Words are so powerful,
It’s hard to believe;
Words are so powerful
I never knew;
Words, I bet you,
Are the most powerful
Of forces;
You may say prayer is
most powerful;
Yes, it is;
But prayer is said in
Spoken or unspoken;
Words are never to be
toyed with;
With words alone,
God made the world,
And all that is found
in it;
With words,
Sin, suffering
and death sneaked
Into the world,
Through the backdoor;
And through
The Word made flesh,
We are saved
From eternal damnation.
What is more powerful
Than words?

The way we talk matters

The way we talk
Matters more than
Many people are aware;
That is why
Many people talk
Without weighing
Their words;
They don’t give
Careful thought
To what they say;
When you throw words
At random,
Get ready
For the consequences.
Most likely,
You will say
The wrong thing,
Hurt someone,
And create conflict,
Which you could have
Easily avoided.
God has given us language
To use to interact,
Build relationship,
And make the world enjoyable
For all;
But, unfortunately,
We use it to tear down
One another;
To hurt
One another,
To humiliate,
Discourage instead of
To demoralize instead of
We have to be careful
How we use language;
Be careful
How we talk;
We have to take time
To choose our words;
Our language has to be
And show that we have
Educated minds.
Mind your language;
Take time
To choose your words;
Choose words
That build,
That encourage,
That motivate;
That inspire,
And with them
You will move people
To give you
What you want.
That is why I say
The way you talk matters.

Grind and sifter your words

Do not throw words
Around at random;
Wise people
Don’t do that;
They are careful
With their words;
They know the truth,
About words;
That words have power
To build or destroy;
Depending on how
They are used;
If you don’t want
To cause havoc,
Avoid taking words for granted;
Throwing them at random
Is detrimental;
It is better to grind
And sifter your words well
Before you use them.
Thus, they will bring great results.
Don’t forget,
Results are what you want.

Words and action

Your sweet tongue I love,
But it will not help me;
A sweet tongue
Will not solve my problem,
Though it will make me
Feel fine;
I love it, when I feel fine;
But those words need back up;
And that back up is action;
Action gives value to words;
It is the body of words;
Without action words are empty.
So each time you use words,
Back them up with action,
To give them true meaning.

Don’t talk too much

Don’t talk too much;
You risk saying more than
You should;
And so much damage
You could cause;
Those who talk too much
Weigh not their words
Before they utter them;
Which is a dangerous thing
For anyone to do;
As our people say,
Chew your words well
Before you swallow them;
Say only what
You should say;
Don’t say what
You should not say.
In other words,
Don’t talk too much.

The words you use

Today, I shared with some friends on language especially on the words we use to communicate with others.

My point was, words are very important. They are a powerful communication tool. We have to take care about the words we use because although they can build, they can also destroy.

It is necessary to make sure that we use words that build not words that destroy.

I believe strongly in the power of words to build or destroy. The truth is, the words we use shape the world just a they shape our relationships and our individual and collective destinies.

One word can change the direction of your life. One word can transform your life. One word can lift you out of oblivion into stardom. It all depends on how it is used or how we use it.

There are right words and wrong words for every situation. When you use the right words, you ignite positive waves that work to bring positive results. The reverse is true also. Words are not just like seeds, words are seeds. Some are good seeds and some are bad seeds. But whether good or bad seeds, they grow. The difference is in what they produce. The good seeds produce good fruits while the bad ones produce bad fruit.

Hence, we are encouraged to only sow positive words so that they produce positive results.

Do you know? (Be inspired today 317 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Do you know
What may change
Your life?
Do you know
What may change
Your status?
Do you know
What may lift you
To the top?
Do you know
What may make you
Shine and spark?
Do you know
What may make you
Super rich?
Do you know
What may make you
Do you know
What may make you
A hero?
Do you know
What may make you
A star?
A superstar?
It may not be
Anything great;
It could be
A little thing;
As small as
A simple word.
Simple but inspiring word
Well said,
Could be the magic wand
You need.
Pay attention
To the words
You read, hear and see.
Go for the right words
And make your day great.