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Do not break your worth

To break your word Is to break your worth; To break your word Is to break yourself; You are worth your word; If you use violent words; You are considered A violent petson; If you speak words of peace, You are considered A peaceful person; If speak love words, You are seen to be A…

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Right to write

Write for others To read; Read what others Write; people will read What you write So you must write What people will read Enjoy your right To write Use your right To write. Write on the right; It’s right There to write. On your right; You are right To write, But you must write Only…

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Words can be dangerous

“Choose your words Like someone Who knows the power Of words; Not like someone who doesn’t; Words can be sweet; And give joy; When the right words Are properly chewed And swallowed; But they can also be dangerous.” (Romilia Quotes)

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The magic of words

What is here that hooks you? What is in these lines, That make them so special? I see they caught your eye; They caught his and her eye; They’ve caught so many eyes; What is really in them? They touch your heart, right? But why do they touch you so? They don’t touch all hearts;…

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