World of love

If you say a kind word
to me,
You will make my day;
If you utter a noble word
of love and care,
You will make me happy;
You will embellish my heart,
With the flowers of joy;
When you shoot me words
of fraternity and peace,
On my lips, you light
a smile.

How sad we don’t do that
As often as we should;
Instead of kind words,
Daggers we throw at others;
I receive mine so often;
And to be honest with you,
They pierce my heart;
They virtually tear it apart;
They cut and shatter it
Into tiny pieces;
What could be more unholy?
Atrocious language our hearts feast on;
That is not the world we want;
The world we need and desire,
The world we love,
The world we value,
Is a world of love;
Not a world of hate;
Not a world of animosity;
Or mad dogs,

Where daggers are drawn;
Where one another we stab.
We want not an evil world,
Where monstrosities are galore;
As we witness always;
Where blood waters the streets;
A world of justice and peace,
Help us to build such a world.

A world of love;
Where happiness flows
Like sunshine,
Freely and smoothly;
Where love like air we breathe.
With oceans of tolerance,
understanding, and patience;
With tolerance, forgiveness
And reconciliation;
The world our creator fully
intended for us.
Big world of love.
Can we have this world?
Let someone answer me.
Where the language
Of angels and saints
We speak to one another?

We want a world where love flows like water in an ocean.

A world of love.

Talking too much

Language, a tricky tool;
For dialogue,
And sharing;
For negotiation;
And business;
A gift of God to humans;
To use it well is wisdom;
So stop talking too much;
Why are you so talkative?
Stop running your mouth;
It’s not wise
To be so vocal like you;
Worse, to be as flippant;
It’s not every thought
Which comes to mind
That you must pour out;
Who made it for the world?
It’s not all happenings
That you see,
That you must discuss;
It’s not everything
That you hear
That you must recount.
It’s not every question
That you are asked
That you must answer;
You must keep much
Of what you hear
To your self.
Say only what
You have to;
Lest you be accused
Of being too talkative.
Of gossip;
For when you
Chew the fat,
When you talk
More than required,
You’re bound to babble,
Say more than you should;
When chattering
Is your trademark;
Loquacity your motto;
A lot of precious time
You squander;
Make this your rule
Of life:
See more than you say;
Hear more,
And say less.
It is better
To keep your mouth shut,
To seal it;
Than to turn it into
A tap of
The running water
Of empty words.
When you talk,
Weigh your words;
Don’t spread them
Like stray bullets
That may hit unintended.

Spinning yarns or chewing the fat?

A graceful speech

Today, I heard a graceful speech;
So gracefully delivered;
Do you know someone
Who speaks gracefully;
How do you feel?
When you listen
To a graceful speaker?
Who delivers
A graceful speech?
And brings grace to the moment?
A graceful speech
Can only come
Out of a graceful soul;
In a graceful speech,
You find graceful words,
So gracefully arranged,
To bear a graceful message.
And what type of words
Do we describe
As graceful words?
Words of love;
Kind words;
Words that beautify
The human soul;
That build, not destroy;
That unite, not divide;
That promote harmony,
Not disharmony;
That create hope,
Not despair;
Words that are a melody
To the ear.
The world
In which we live,
Is in dire need
Of graceful words,
Delivered by graceful speakers,
To heal the wounds
Of so many broken hearts;
In a completely broken world.
Thank God, many we have
Around us,
Who breathe hope into the air,
With graceful words and messages;
Makng us know
In the midst of the chaos
That seems to have invaded
And submerged the world,
Flows an ocean of beauty,
That brings joy to life.

Language well refined

I like people who speak
The truth;
People who are straight;
Who say it as it is;
Not people who say
What they know others
Would like to hear;
Yet what is often done,
People coat their language
With beautiful dresses;
A well stitched suit;
Or gowns so nicely sewn;
They put flowers on
Their dirty window panes;
To have a beautiful look;
Setting a table so well,
To serve a meal
That is devoid of taste.
The straight talk is best;
But when it’s crude
It’s no better still;
Make it straight
But give it class;
With language well refined.

A stop to nasty words

I got his sarcastic tone;
Stop using nasty words
To talk about
A fellow human being;
Be they black, white or red;
Like today I heard,
“Meanest,” “most horrible”. “disrespectful”
All are born in the image
And likeness of God;
And enjoy the dignity
Of the human person;
When you are
Of the upper class in life,
It becomes even more
That your language
Be refined;
Carefully chosen words;
Talk like someone
With an educated mind
And heart;
Who has passed
Through school
And school
Has passed through them;
My heart
With sorrow, bleeds
To know that someone
So very highly placed
Would use such despicable language
On another;
It stinks;
And makes you unsavoury;
Worse of all
On a lady of class
So highly acclaimed;
Who is more popular
Than you
Can be seen as
Being misogynistic;
And truly,
It can only emanate
From a male chauvinist;
Well, a nasty person
Likes saying nasty words,
Thinking by blowing out
Another’s candle
Yours will more brightly
Shine ;
A pity, indeed!
Out of a nasty heart
Comes nasty words;
Be choosy when you speak.

He humbled me

A Cardio thoracic Surgeon!
He humbled me,
I met him on the web;
Though we hail from the same hemisphere;
More precisely, the same city;
In the heart of the black continent;
To say the least,
His illuminating presentation humbled me;
His articulate style left me dumbfounded;
His literary prowess,
Rare to come by in my vicinity;
Incomparable to anything
I have found
Even among the literary gurus, whose masterpieces
I have had the privilege
To peruse over the years;
A barrage of questions
Assailed my mind;
How comes such linguistic finesse?
Such charming writing
From a fellow who,
In his own words, “learned physics and calculus, anatomy and epidemiology”?
He didn’t specialize in Shakespeare’s communication tool;
As a professional communicator
I am both humbled and challenged
To pay more attention
To my own crafting and delivery
To my listeners, readers
And viewers;
Among those who listen to
My articulations,
Or read what I craft,
Are many of the caliber
Of my cardiovascular surgeon;
And who knows?
Even sterner stuff than him;
Would such giants entertain
Half baked truths?
Fake news?
Non esthetically presented?
There is a need
For those serving in the communucation industry,
To raise the quality
Of their expression;
Especially if their specialty
Is speaking or writing.
We need to write more elegantly,
To fascinate our readers
And listerners more,
As my cardiovacular surgeon friend did me.
We have to make it crisp
Lucid, poetic as need be.
I have every reason
To thank this eminent scientist
For challenging me,
And waking me up
From slumber.
It’s never too late.
We can still make a difference.
If we fine tune
Our communucation skills

Talk with love and respect

The world will be
A better place to live in,
If we learn
To talk to each other
With love and respect;
What does this mean?
That we must talk,
Not to hurt
But to sweeten the heart;
That we must talk,
Not to destroy
But to build;
That we must talk,
Not to scatter
But to gather;
That we must talk
Not like antagonists
But like friends.
If we can do this,
We will make the home
A better place for all;
Let us learn to talk
With love and respect
No matter who
We are talking to.
Let us strive to talk
To everyone we know,
Everyone we come across
Everyone with whom
We are dealing,
With love and respect,
And the world will be
An excellent place
For all of us to live in.

Time was wasted

I wish to apologise
To you
For the way
I talked to you today;
I did not take time
To choose my words
Before uttering them;
I used words
I should not have used;
Words meant
To satisfy myself
Without caring
About their affect
On you to whom
I was talking;
I spoke recklessly;
Which was not supposed
To be the case;
The result was,
I hurt you;
And failed to achieve
What I set out
To achieve.
The time was wasted.
Language was abused.

Tell me what is more powerful

Words are so powerful,
It’s hard to believe;
Words are so powerful
I never knew;
Words, I bet you,
Are the most powerful
Of forces;
You may say prayer is
most powerful;
Yes, it is;
But prayer is said in
Spoken or unspoken;
Words are never to be
toyed with;
With words alone,
God made the world,
And all that is found
in it;
With words,
Sin, suffering
and death sneaked
Into the world,
Through the backdoor;
And through
The Word made flesh,
We are saved
From eternal damnation.
What is more powerful
Than words?

The way we talk matters

The way we talk
Matters more than
Many people are aware;
That is why
Many people talk
Without weighing
Their words;
They don’t give
Careful thought
To what they say;
When you throw words
At random,
Get ready
For the consequences.
Most likely,
You will say
The wrong thing,
Hurt someone,
And create conflict,
Which you could have
Easily avoided.
God has given us language
To use to interact,
Build relationship,
And make the world enjoyable
For all;
But, unfortunately,
We use it to tear down
One another;
To hurt
One another,
To humiliate,
Discourage instead of
To demoralize instead of
We have to be careful
How we use language;
Be careful
How we talk;
We have to take time
To choose our words;
Our language has to be
And show that we have
Educated minds.
Mind your language;
Take time
To choose your words;
Choose words
That build,
That encourage,
That motivate;
That inspire,
And with them
You will move people
To give you
What you want.
That is why I say
The way you talk matters.