Great majority (language)

Idiom: To join the great majority.
Have you ever heard this idiom before?
You join the great majority when you die. To join the great majority, therefore, means to die.

It is important to work hard so as to provide for your children before you join the great majority.

Make your own sentences with the idiom to join the great majority.


Master the English Language

The English language is a formidable weapon that anyone who commands a mastery of it can use to conquer the world.

When I talk of conquering the world, I mean rising to the position of one’s dream; achieving one’s loftiest ambitions.

A good mastery of language can enable one procure a seat in the most impermeable of hearts.

It is a pity, however, that we don’t exert ourselves enough to master this all powerful tool of communication.

At SIWO, we remain committed to our mission of helping our readers especially learners of English to ameliorate their proficiency.

Thus, we give you a new idiom or new word every day. Our idiom for today is:

To get the hang of it.

This idiom means to become familiar with the handling of (a tool) or the working of (a machine); to understand (a situation, scheme, principle, story, etc,).

Example in a sentence:

When I first heard about online shopping, it was hard for me to understand. Now, I have a hang of it. (This means I understand how it works).

Can you make a sentence with the idiom to have a hang of it? Please, make as many sentences as you like so as to have it ingrained in your mind and functional vocabulary.

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Elegant idiom

Open and above board is an English idiom which means entirely frank, candid.

If you are open and above board, it means you are entirely frank. It means you are candid.

It would be naive for any one to expect US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Um to be open and above board during their discussions.

Let us have your own sentences with the idiom open and above board.

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Don’t skate on thin ice

When Sawamba voiced the idea of overthrowing the government, I got scared and warned him not to skate on thin ice.

He ignored me and went ahead with his plan; and you know what? He was caught red-handed trying to gun down the president.

Immediately, he was arrested, judged and slammed a life sentence.

You have to be careful when you skate on thin ice.

To skate on thin ice is an English idiom which means to take part in an affair in which there is extreme danger of failure and disaster; to do or say something that may lead to trouble.

If you skate on thin ice, you are taking a big risk.

As much as possible, avoid skating on thin ice.

Can you make a sentence with the idiom To skate on thin ice?

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Language power

Do you have the power that the mastery of language confers on someone?

We urge to grow your language power daily by learning a new word or new idiom a day.

Read the following poem:

Stiff upper lip

Do you have the courage
To endure the hardships
Of life?
Do you have the backbone
To stand strong
When the going is rough?
Do you have the stamina
To keep on going
When you have been battered
On all sides by failure?
We humans must learn
To keep a stiff upper lip.
The challenges of life
Call on us to do so.

Today’s idiom: To keep a stiff upper lip.

Meaning: To endure misfortune with firm courage.

Sentence: As a child, I was taught the necessity to keep a stiff upper lip. That is why I usually look calm when misfortune strikes.

Make your own sentence or sentences with the idiom to keep a stiff upper lip.

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The more sentences you make, the better chances you have for this idiom to find a place in your functional vocabulary.

Idioms beautify and give power to language and that can keep you ahead of many.

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Irons in the fire

How many irons do you
In the fire?
Do you have too many
Or too few?
You will be tempted
To have too many;
My advise is,
Don’t have too many
Irons in the fire;
That will be too much
For you to manage.
And you can guess
The result;
I hope this helps.

Idiom: To have too many irons in the fire.

This English idiom means to try to do too many things at the same time.


At the moment, I have too many irons in the fire. I really have to do streamlinng, otherwise I may crack.

We would love to read your own sentence with the idiom To have too many irons in the fire.

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