Why do you hate Trump?

Why hate Trump for nothing?
I don’t hate Trump at all;
I don’t dislike him the least;
Don’t think I do;
Yes, I often raise my voice,
To talk about what he does;
But it’s never against him;
It’s against what he does;
Or what he has done;
What he continues to do;
I do talk against injustice,
Not against a race;
I do talk about evil;
Not against a social class;
I do talk abuse of power;
Not about a person;
I fo talk against policies
That are destructive;
Where I find injustice,
I cannot be silent;
If I am silent,
I am an accomplice;
Conscience demands
That I raise my voice high;
Where I find abuse of human rights,
I raise my voice high;
Where I find the voiceless,
I raise my voice high,
As the voice of the voiceless;
I can’t close my lips
When things go wrong;
I do crusade for justice;
That none cheats another;
Why should a human cheat another human like him?
Why should a human
Trample on another human?
Why should s human
Exploit another human?
Should one do it
And go free?
The world has everything;
It has enough for everyone;
So live and let live;
Equal opportunities,
Needed for all;
Enough resources
Available for everyone;
Why treat some citizens
As second class citizens?
Is their skin colour their doing?
That is incorrect;
And unacceptable;
And you will pay the price;
If you shake a bee hive;
Bees will sting you;
Be ready for them;
Don’t think I hate Trump;
I don’t hate Trump;
I hate wrong ways;
Don’t think I hate Trimp,
I don’t hate Trump,
Do you want to know
What I hate?
What I hate is lies;
I don’t hate Trump;
Do you want to know
What I hate?
What I hate is
Poor leadership;
I don’t hate Trump;
Do you know what I hate?
I hate when a leader has no program for leadership;
And leads like a village chief;
I don’t hate Trump;
Do you know what I hate?
I hate when a leader
Dismisses collaborators at random;
I don’t hate Trump;
Do you know what I hate?
I hate to find people who are in leadership today,
behind the bars tomorrow;
I don’t hate Trump;
Do you know what I hate?
I hate when a leader
Is a danger to humanity;
I don’t hate Trump;
Do you know what I hate?
I hate when somebody is dishonest;
I don’t hate Trump;
Do you know what I hate?
I hate when somebody destroys
All those who oppose him;
I don’t hate Trump;
Do you know what I hate?
I hate when somebody hates others;
I do not hate Trump,
Do you know what I hate?
I hate when somebody says
Nasty things about others;
I don’t hate Trump,
Do you know what I hate?
I hate when somebody has vaulting ambition;
I don’t hate Trump,
Do you know what I hate?
I hate the idea of a dangerous leader being reelected;
I do not hate rump,
Do you know what I hate?
I hate the possibility of the nuclear code in the hands
Of someone unpredictable;
I fear to think of it.
Do you see my worries?
I like Trump;
But I hate when someone poses a danger;
I hate when someone
Has no place for honesty in his world;
I do not hate Trump;
I have no problem with him;
What I hate is crookedness.
Amassing illegal wealth;
Dictatorship in disguise.
We don’t have a right
To hate anyone;
But we have a right
To hate their wrongs.
If you ask why I hate Trump,
I tell you, I don’t;
And never will;
But I hate what is wrong
No matter who does it.


What is wrong with America?

What is wrong with America?
What is wrong with the country
I so much love and admire?
What is wrong
With the number one country
In the world
Land of liberty;
Land of opportunity;
I am honestly worried
And confused and lost;
What is the matter
With great America?
Uncle Sam;
The New World;
Where is the American dream?
That, I want to know;
What is wrong with the people?
Aren’t they so well known
For their brilliance?
And their courage?
And their creativity?
And especially their love,
And commitment to Democratic values?
I mean truth;
There must be something seriously wrong;
I can’t understand!
My favourite country
Simply intrigues me;
I can’t fathom what’s come over
The great men and women
On the world,
That for many years I adored;
Is it normal they allow
A dementia
To lead them?
Is Doomsday around?
They were my role models;
Because they stood
For what was right;
They stood for the truth;
For justice;
The dignity of the human person;
Yes, human rights;
Today, I am lost;
The unscrupulous find their way,
The honest are behind the bars;
Do you a Mso Tse Tung?
A Leonid Breznev?
An untouchable
As of the days of old?
When freedom was yet unborn?
What is going on?
Is the world turning upside down?
What is wrong with America?
What is wrong with the leader
Of the free world?
I like somebody to tell me.
The dream land of all and sundry?
The land that was known
And loved
In all the nooks and crannies
Of the planet.

Don’t build a monster to devour you

You have to be careful;
You don’t build a monster;
He will turn around
And devour you.
Have you seen the fellow
Who is drunk
Without a taste of alcohol?
I have;
He is so eccentric;
What makes him drunk?
You, sure, find it bizarre;
He’s drunk of money;
He drinks money as wine;
And that makes him whimsical;
Haven’t you heard about him?
He loves money to a fault;
Maybe love isn’t strong enough;
That should not be
The right word;
I should say he ‘adores’ money;
Yes, he adores money;
Maybe worships is best;
He worships money;
When you listen to him
All that he talks is money;
No matter what you say,
He hears money;
He values money more
Than human beings;
So capricious!
Rather than lose money,
He’ll prefer to lose people;
If people die,
Even in their numbers,
He doesn’t care a pinch;
Take a disaster;
Or any other tragic event,
He won’t weep;
Because he doesn’t care;
It doesn’t matter to him;
But let him lose a mite;
He will be inconsolable.
Tell me
What to call such a freak;
A brute or a human being?
Would you have him
For your leader?
Hmmmmm! Tyrant!
Unless you’re odd like him;
Wayward like him;
Brute like him;
Wicked like him;
Tyrant like him,
You can’t like him;
Greedy leader he’ll be;
He can only rule by his whims
And caprices.
This is what happens
If we allow money to enter
Our head.
Watch out for people who worship money.
Don’t ever let them have a taste of power.
They will do what they like;
Break the rules;
Trample on people;
Kill at will;
And only God can call them to order.
Don’t built a monster!
If you built a monster,
How will it not devour you?
If it’s sinking,
It will sink with you.

Guest Post: Finding the leader in your employees By Carol Evenson

While you may want to control everything in your company on your own forever, that is not possible.

Some things must be delegated for a business to operate properly.

Furthermore, you need to think about the future of the company without you.

If you want your business to have a lasting legacy, you need to be constantly thinking about the next generation of management.

If you don’t, the entire business may collapse as soon as you step aside.

With that in mind, it’s always a good idea to have systems in place to develop the next
generation of leaders within your company.

You need to be trying to foster leadership skills at all levels of your organization.

Here are some tips you can use to help find the leader within your employees.


Mentorship is one of the proven strategies for building leadership skills in lower level employees.

Try to become a mentor for prospects you believe have promise within the

A mentorship can help pass on some of your skills as a business owner and
manager. It also helps to keep talent within the organization.

That can be a benefit versus only hiring outsiders when you require new management.

They may not be as devoted to your business and overarching vision for the company.

You may also institute an official mentorship program in your company. Including job shadowing and cross-training in such a program can be very beneficial.

It can allow employees to become proficient in other areas of the business they wouldn’t be familiar with otherwise.

It can increase the value and versatility of each employee that goes through such a program significantly.

75 percent of Fortune 500 companies have a
mentorship program.


Leadership is not something that will just develop in a vacuum. People need incentives to become leaders in any kind of organization.

Within a business, the incentive is to rise higher within the company. That incentive will not exist if employees view their positions as dead-ends with no possibility of moving further up the chain.

Instead, you need to
have an employee recognition program in place in which promotions are actually given

In fact, this should be outlined in the employee handbook so everyone working for the company is aware of this fact.

While you may not want to promote all of your employees, they need to be aware of the
fact that receiving a promotion is possible.

If they don’t think that, you’ll have bigger problems than not being able to develop leadership skills in employees.

You’ll also have a high turnover rate when those employees become frustrated and end up leaving your
company for greener pastures elsewhere. $11 billion is lost to employee turnover every

Succession Planning

Overall, you need to have a plan. Succession management needs to be something that is thought out in exact detail beforehand.

If there is no plan for replacing the leaders of a
company, at some point, the organization will end up rudderless if the worst transpires.
At that point, the entire company going under is a very real threat.
Succession planning includes having specific instructions for who will take over the company if someone in an important position were to leave or die.

It should also incorporate mentorship and promotion programs as previously discussed.

Having everything outlined can help build stronger stability within the organization.

Every strong organization has such plans. These include government, the military and all
other structured organizations.

It should also include your business.

At the core of that
plan should be strategies to help build leadership skills in others so they can take over if the worst happens.

81 percent of employers use software to help with succession planning.

Overall, if you want your company to survive for the long term, you need to start thinking about building leadership qualities within your employees.

If you don’t, the business will not survive current leaders passing away or leaving the company.

About the author

The author, Carol Evenson, is an entrepreneur and professional consultant specializing in C-level training and business growth. She currently works with organizations across the globe assisting CEOs with their expansion strategies

You go! It’s time to go!

If your people want you,
Stay with them;
If they don’t want you, go!
It’s time to go,
Better you quit;
That is what they want;
And that will not be
For their good,
It will be for yours also;
Don’t insist on staying;
It’s better for everyone,
That you go;
Because, if you don’t,
It will be like,
You are imposing yourself;
That, surely, is not right;
Unless you are a dictator;
You don’t impose yourself
On people as their leader;
Leaders respond to the will
Of their people;
Mind you:
You are there to serve,
And not to be served;
You are there to care
For the interest
Of your people,
And not your own interest;
So if they don’t want you,
You don’t impose yourself;
You don’t insist on staying;
If they want you out,
You go!
Be off!
Pack your bags and leave
It’s time to go.

Who can answer?

How can such nice people
Have such a bad leader?
How can such brilliant people
Have such a dull leader?
How can such competent people
Have such an incompetent leader?
How can such honest people
Have such a dishonest leader;
How can people who can die fighting for the truth
Have a leader who revels.in lies telling?
How can people who swear by democracy
Have a leaders who a dictator?
How can a people who boast of their freedom
Have a leader who is doing everything to stifle freedom?
How can a people who are like the light
Have darkness for their leader?
Can you answer any of these questions?

Dear leader, examine yourself

The leaders I see,
Where are we going?
Who are the winners?
The dictators or the democrats?
Dictatorship or democracy?
Why are they like this?
Why are these great leaders
Doing this?
Preaching virtue
And practising vice;
What a people!
On each other,
They sling mud;
Stones and mud they throw
On anyone opposed
To their interest?
Nothing to do with being right
Or wrong;
Interest and interest alone;
Be on their side,
They find everything
Good about you;
Shift to the opposing side,
They find everything
Bad about you;
You throw mud on me,
I throw mud on you;
The same person is an angel
To some,
And a devil to others;
Are the ideal people
I have so much admired
Over the years
The ones doing this?
Where is their honesty gone?
Where is their objectivity?
Where is their fairness?
When I am the judge
I call you
A criminal and sentence you
Because you belong
To a different camp;
When your friends becomes
The judge
He dicharges and acquits you;
You are no longer criminal,
But inmocent;
Its stomach alone
That makes you criminal
Or innocent;
Where are the values?
Is the sanctuary of democracy
Still the haven of democracy?
What is lurking
In the shadow
With an ugly head
Like dictatorship
Testing the ground?
What I see is not
The dream world of values
That I knew;
The land of opportunity;
The defender of justice;
Human rights and freedoms,
Defender of equal opportunities
For all;
Does light become darkness?
Leader of the free world;
Champion of democracy;
Shall the light of the world
Become its darkness?
What the world needs
Is not darkness but light.
Don’t give us darkness;
Give us what we need: light.
Dear leader, examine yourself.

Late Reflections of President’s Day: Rating the Five Worst American Presidents

Presidents DayMost of the reflection done on Presidents’ Day in the United States [not that there is an overabundance of reflection about it] is reserved for contemplating who should be named among the greatest Presidents in our history. Around the 2019 President’s Day holiday, I did that in this journal with my “top ten” greatest Presidents.

Before moving on to the somewhat different presidential category that is the subject of this article, I want to reiterate that the current President, Donald John Trump, is not eligible for inclusion in any ranking at present simply because current office-holders are ineligible. It is better to include the entirety of presidential tenure before making any decision about that person’s performance as President.

It is also prudent to wait a substantial amount of time after a former President is out of the office to render an informed opinion from a historical perspective. Thus, former President Obama is not in consideration for this list, just as he was not considered for my list last year.

This election year of 2020 also brought to mind that very few people give indications of who should be considered among the worst of all the American Presidents. It is impossible to make any judgments that are devoid of emotion and at least partial subjectivity.

However, to lessen the effects of such subjective judgments, there are some rules that need to be set forth to determine how a President arrives at the ranking of one of the worst. Here are some criteria that should apply for consideration as a terrible Chief Executive.

What Makes a Horrible President?

There have been 45 U.S. Presidents in history. Most of those have performed at acceptable levels and haven’t been very bad or exceptionally good.

However, in some ways picking the worst Presidents is much more difficult than choosing the greatest ones. The question is how many Presidents have damaged the nation significantly enough to warrant inclusion as one of the worst ever.

I decided to use the same qualifications as were used for determining presidential greatness in last year’s article with the emphasis upon how these individuals failed to meet those standards. These are the inability to meet a national challenge, their incompetence as President, and/or their infidelity to the Constitution.

It should be noted that these are not meant to measure any level of scandal in a particular administration, as some kind of scandal can be attributed to almost every President who has ever occupied the White House. Scandals exist in many ways solely in the eye of the beholder, and the presence of one or two, while not desirable, should not brand someone as a horrible Commander in Chief.

Rather, it should be their actual accomplishments, for good or ill, that determine presidential rankings. Therefore, for your consideration here is a list of who I believe are the five worst Presidents of the “land of the free and the home of the brave” in history.

5. Millard Fillmore – 13th President, 1850-1853

President's DayIt is rare that a President is so bad that the party which selected him perishes shortly afterward. Fillmore was the last President affiliated with the Whig Party and that political group disbanded largely as a result of Fillmore’s support and signing of the “Compromise of 1850,” which strengthened the old “Fugitive Slave Act.”

The demand from the South for more effective legislation resulted in enactment of a second Fugitive Slave Act in 1850. Under this law fugitives could not testify on their own behalf, nor were they permitted a trial by jury. …Attempts to carry into effect the law of 1850 aroused much bitterness and probably had as much to do with inciting sectional hostility as did the controversy over slavery in the territories.

Though this action stalled the start of the Civil War for over a decade, it also served to increase the tensions between the Northern and Southern states and began a course that ensured armed conflict would be the only remaining solution to the slavery question. The hope that the Founding Fathers held onto that slavery would peacefully fade away as the nation matured was lost for good because of the “Compromise of 1850,” and that marks the Fillmore presidency as the fifth-worst in American history.

4. Andrew Johnson – 17th President, 1865-1868

President's Day 2020America was reminded of the most familiar and infamous fact about President Andrew Johnson after enduring the sham impeachment effort aimed at current President Trump. Johnson became the first Chief Executive to be impeached by the House of Representatives and missed being removed by one vote in the Senate.

Whether or not the impeachment was warranted, Johnson was certainly a very ineffective President because he tried to please everyone on both sides of the issue of slavery immediately after the Civil War. For example, while in Congress,

Johnson supported the Fugitive Slave Act and the right to own slaves. However, when states started to secede from the Union in 1861, Johnson was the only southern senator who did not agree.

Johnson became President upon the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and carried his politics into the Reconstruction era with terrible results. This places Andrew Johnson at the fourth-worst President in our history.

3. Lyndon B. Johnson – 36th President, 1963-1968

President's Day 2020I am courting some opposition with the choice of Lyndon B. Johnson as one of our worst Presidents ever. The reason this choice is controversial is that LBJ, as he was popularly known, racked up a list of accomplishments that many would see as very positive for America.

After all, LBJ signed into law the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that recognized the legal rights of blacks and other minorities. However, it wasn’t LBJ who originally pushed for these, and actions he did take through the rest of his presidency erased much of the good that resulted from the Civil Rights victories.

For one thing, LBJ seriously mishandled the Vietnam War and allowed the press and the protesters at home to determine policies for the battlefield. However, it was his “Great Society” program used to conduct a self-declared “war on poverty” that has caused incredible carnage in America for the last half-century.

The efforts championed by LBJ essentially subsidized poverty by creating a welfare state, as well as the gigantic entitlements of Medicare and Medicaid, and as basic economics tells us, anything which is subsidized grows larger. The welfare state mentality has crippled large urban areas in America for over 50 years and mired minorities in high unemployment and terrible poverty because of the results of LBJ’s efforts.

The situation with federal and state government entitlements is the single most significant and ignored portion of our astounding amount of national debt. Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security are the three largest portions of the unfunded liabilities of the government, and those three together total more than 50 trillion dollars and make the true total of our national debt, almost 130 trillion dollars, all begun with LBJ’s actions earning him the title of third-worst President.

2. Franklin Delano Roosevelt – 32nd President, 1932-1945

President's DayIf choosing LBJ as one of the worst Presidents was controversial, choosing FDR as the second-worst is going about as far out on a limb as one could go. Franklin Delano Roosevelt is as close to a Leftist deity as can be imagined, and he is the GOAT [Greatest Of All Time] of the Democratic Party rivaled perhaps only by another three-letter Dem, JFK.

It has been said that his policies successfully led America through two great crises of the time, the Great Depression and World War II. However, there are others who would rightfully contend that what FDR’s actions really did was make these crises worse than they should have been all along.

His “New Deal” programs actually lengthened the Great Depression and it wasn’t until World War II that the nation began to recover economically.

As the state sector drained the private sector, controlling it in alarming detail, the economy continued to wallow in depression. The combined impact of Herbert Hoover’s and Roosevelt’s interventions meant that the market was never allowed to correct itself. Far from having gotten us out of the Depression, FDR prolonged and deepened it, and brought unnecessary suffering to millions.

During World War II, the domestic policy of FDR was nothing short of heinous. The infamous Japanese Internment camps created by FDR’s executive order forcibly “relocated” people of Japanese descent, two-thirds of whom were born in America, into government camps farther inland and in remote areas.

One of the most stunning ironies in this episode of American civil liberties was articulated by an internee who, when told that the Japanese were put in those camps for their own protection, countered “If we were put there for our protection, why were the guns at the guard towers pointed inward, instead of outward?”

The final rather dubious accomplishment of FDR’s reign was the creation of the United Nations after WWII. The legacy of this Leftist dream is the epitome of the old saying, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions,” and has been covered by this journal in more detail in a three-part series from 2017.

This leads us to the President who was essentially FDR’s unseen mentor and began the efforts to steer America toward Socialism, Woodrow Wilson.

1. Woodrow Wilson – 28th President, 1913-1921

President's Day 2020During the eight years of the presidency of Thomas Woodrow Wilson, he accomplished an amazing amount of changes in the American landscape, and the vast majority of it was detrimental and produced negative consequences we are still wrestling with today, a century later.

The two most influential and destructive domestic economic programs Wilson was involved with were the creation of the Federal Reserve and the IRS. The Federal Reserve was created essentially to serve as a nationalized Bank of the United States and has dramatically changed our economics in an unstable direction as a result.

The single most destructive measure during Wilson’s tenure was his implementation of the progressive income tax system in America. This created the Internal Revenue Service that has fed the insatiable maw of federal government spending that has brought America to the atrocious and dangerous levels we see today.

It is even more troubling that the IRS was granted a power that no other government agency enjoyed up till then in that its regulations were given the force of federal law to be used against the taxpayers of America. This means that the IRS is empowered to enforce its rules as if they were laws, even though these are not technically laws under the Constitution.

That power has been used to severely limit constitutional freedoms, greatly assist in the destruction of the American family, assert the authority of the government over individual liberty, and provide unprecedented enablement of government corruption since its inception. This renders the progressive income tax system in America antithetical to the Constitutional premise of no taxation without representation and amounts to legalized theft.

Wilson was also a noted racist who enforced his wishes by resegregating the U.S. military and the federal government. Though he has been a darling of Leftists for his progressive policies, his racism has also been rebuked by others of a leftist bent.

Wilson was a bigot who sanctioned official segregation in Washington, D.C., say critics on the left. He used America’s entry into World War I as a rationale for crushing civil liberties. He was autocratic.

His sanction of bigotry and enforcement of blatant racist policies at the federal level set race relations back decades at a time when Americans were beginning to come together in all areas of society without regard for race. He essentially put his stamp of approval on the “Jim Crow” laws throughout the South and emboldened groups like the Klu Klux Klan to perpetuate racism.

What made Wilson more sinister than other Presidents was his open disdain of the Constitution and the form of government enshrined in America. He believed that America had essentially out-grown the Constitution and a much more centralized government system was necessary for the 20th century.

Wilson contended that a system of government established in the late 1700s for a smaller, sparsely populated country had become inadequate in a world of industrialization, immigration, international tensions and other developments the founders couldn’t have foreseen. Government therefore had to adapt. …He deplored the way the branches of government checkmated each other to stall progress—or what he saw as progress…

Woodrow Wilson set America on the road toward today’s ‘Democratic Socialists’ who are democratic in name only, and believe the American political system should be overturned and a Socialist system should be established. He has certainly earned the ranking of America’s worst President ever.

Can wicked rulers be allied with you, those who frame injustice by statute? Psalm 94:20 [ESV]

D.T. Osborn

Sources: The Holy Bible, English Standard Version, Crossway Bibles, 2001

Featured and Top Image courtesy of Robert Couse Baker’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
Inset Image 1 courtesy of Tina Saey’s Flickr page – Creative Commons License
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Inset Image 5 courtesy of Jared Enos’ Flickr page – Creative Commons License

All other sources linked or cited in the text

Originally published in TIL Journal

Isn’t It Time for Some Good News?

I open Google and social media each day, and the negative news floods the pages. People are murdering the innocent with fortitude, a grim reminder Satan still walks the earth. Those with the gold try to pass absurd laws for citizens to follow while they release the guilty to commit more crimes. Lines are drawn in the dirt as men of power speak lies. We, the meek, are artists left to draw our own conclusions. Today, I sit outside in the rain to witness God’s tears of sadness as I pray for those who desperately need His help. But every now and again, we might glimpse His holy goodness.

So, isn’t it time for some good news? God is coming soon to save the faithful and who believe He is the great healer of all our pain. Prophecy promises He will honor those who uphold His holy name.

“And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.” Revelation 21:4 NIV

Let’s make hope the new headlines! The brown lawns will soon resonate to a gorgeous green, and budding plants will regain their strength. Even in times of disaster, we can witness God showing His power, and mankind, together, fights off evil as one. Many non-believers, especially overseas, have found the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Isn’t this a joy to share with others? Let us join hands in solidarity and honor God, for He will be the successor! Spread the hope of salvation to everyone!

Today, I challenge every man, woman, and child to become a leader for God. Sweep away the dead foliage of yesterday, and salt the icy bricks so we can climb the steps to heaven’s gates. Let your Christian faith shine through in every aspect of your life! Make positive changes that reflect God’s love and spread His good news.

“A cheerful heart is a good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Proverbs 17:22 NIV

Memorize scriptures with a strong heart and an encouraging message. It will improve your relationships, health, and happiness. Learn new ways to replace the old negative ones. Pray for the Lord to show you the way for He is in total control of your life.

Yes! YOU will be the good news this world is so desperate to find! Faith unto us has great continuity.

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:2  NIV

God bless you, my friends!

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Why do African leaders stick to power?

Has you ever asked yourself the question as to why African leaders like to stick to power?

It is a normal thing for African leaders to stay in power for life. There are only a few exceptions. And in some cases, they only leave because they are forced to do so.

This is an issue Africans need to put more and more on their discussion agenda. It is imperative that we put an end to this eternalization of people in power.

So how do we explain that once a black man gets to power, he never wants to leave to make way for others?

Let me start the discussion by advancing my own points.

  1. Lack of educated minds: Someone with an educated mind knows and accepts that they are not the only person in their community. They know we share the earth with others who also have a right to be here. We do not have to be selfish or greedy. We have to have a spirit of sharing. The selfish instinct in most African leaders is very strong to the point of greed. Many African leaders are greedy. They don’t want to share power.
  2. Power is sweet. Power is sweet and once somebody tastes it, it becomes hard to give it up unless there is real serious pressure to step down.
  3. Weak constitutions. The constitutions of African countries are generally weak and give room for manipulation. The leaders change them at will to legitimize their long stay in power.
  4. Weak institutions Governing institutions like the Parliament, the Senate and the judiciary. are and not free and are manipulated.
  5. Unscrupulous leaders: Many African leaders are unscrupulous. They don’t listen to their consciences.
  6. Fear: Many African leaders are ruled by fear of the unknown. What will happen when they leave power? They could be jailed for all the atrocities they committed while in office.
  7. Western Masters: At times, the Western masters want a particular person to continue in power to facilitate things for them.

These are the points I have. Please, keep the ball rolling. Give your comment or add to the points advanced here.