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Cornerstone-A Designated Landmark

In the beginning, a body of water or a pile of rocks designated property lines. God drew out a line marking the earth’s plane as His cornerstone, a designated landmark when He first created the world. As time passed, walls were nearly always built around cities in biblical days. For example, the one surrounding Babylon…

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Learning to Walk

All our life we live like we’re playing in a scrimmage game – time is on our side to make things right. But, along the way we suffer multiple hurts and wounds. We stumble and fall because we never really learned to walk in forgiveness. ____________________________________ Please join us on Blogging 2 Believers! We are…

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Certain words have such a profound meaning in life. At times they even apply to a holy line of thoughts. ______________________________________ Please join us for more conversation on Inertia on our new YouTube channel, Blogging 2 Believers! Just click the link below: ______________________________________ For example, Sir Isaac Newton determined the law of gravity –…

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Who can teach us?

Can anyone teach us? We are willing to learn; We wish to have more interaction here on SIWO; There must be a way To write That will motivate readers To comment; Who has some tips or skills? We are willing to learn; We have a dream of making SIWO a forum where There is real…

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“Unity in Diversity”

“Unity in diversity” is an old, prominent principle of many religions around the world. __________________________________________ How about joining in on our conversation about Unity in Diversity? Click the link below to go to our new YouTube Channel, Blogging 2 Believers: _________________________________________ “‘A oneness of being’, namely reality is one, and God is the only…

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Raid of the Stagnating Beast

Depression has become a clichéd illness affecting many beings in today’s fast paced world but we ought not take it lightly assuming it to be a very natural phenomenon. I call depression a ‘disease’ for it actually feels devastating going through this phase. Mental energy gets depleted to an extent that performing even basic chores…

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