The best teaching method

Do you know
The best method
To teach
In the world?
I do;
It is example;
There’s no way
To teach
Than by example.
The pedagogy
Of example;
Best pedagogy.


Ayub’s Recipe (A Very Short Story)

It’s bound to be utterly delicious “, he said, “cooks are from Qatar, no joke.”

I was waiting for my turn sitting in a corner with my head buried in the newspaper when this remark made me look up; he was cutting hairs of an elderly half-bald man while talking to another old guy sitting at the other end of the pew, almost on the edge, with his head tilted to the left like he was really enjoying either the talk or the wait, not that he had that much time on his plate at this age but he wouldn’t have any choice, I thought.

Ayub is talkative and it works out well for his profession as a barber. You could spend hours listening to his narratives and not get bored.

“Only thing is, that I am not invited”, he continues, “and he is”, he adds further pointing to the soda stall next to his shop.
“This is funny because I was the one who introduced them, and now they seem to be going at it without me”, he said with a scoff followed by a grin, and then a self-assuring smile which remained plastered to his face for few more minutes until he started to speak again, “Have you ever had such a relishing dish?”, asked he to the other old man sitting at the corner of the bench.

Man shook his head.

At this point Ayub picks up a different pair of scissors and steps out for a few seconds, looks here and there on the road and then stares at the hardware store across the road from his shop.

They are going too”, he said as he started trimming moustaches of the man in the chair, “You should know the recipe is pretty special and intriguing, let me tell you.”

He goes on without waiting for any response, “First chicken will be washed in detergent powder for an hour..”, I tilted my head, “..then it will be dried out and immersed in boiling kerosene.”

I was trying to find any hint of jest on his face but it looked sincere as he continued telling about the recipe.
“Once fried in kerosene, four bags of chewing-tobacco will be poured into it and then it will be mixed and mashed into keema.”
And he remarked, “Who would not want to be invited to a party where one will be served with such delicious chicken-keema!”

I continued staring at his face in awe and amusement. If he was laughing in the inside, he certainly was doing a great job hiding the expressions from showing up on his face and in his sad but twinkling eyes.

“That is what takes him through the day.. he keeps amusing himself and everyone around him”, I thought to myself.

I was interrupted by a nonchalant voice, “You’re next! Please come”, it was Ayub, smiling at me as I rose and went to sit in the chair.

What I have learned today

I have learned
It is good
To be patient;
I have learned
It is good
To work hard;
I have learned
It is good
To persevere;
I have learned
It is good
To be humble;
I have learned
It is good
To struggle;
I have learned
It is good
To be kind;
I have learned,
It is good
To respect others;
I have learned
To speak with care;
I have learned
To be prudent.
Have you learned
Anything today?
What have you
Learned today?


In continuation with my Learning Series; adapted from a motivating and inspiring write-up which I felt would be very useful for both students and the Society as a whole with day – to – day instances, to encourage positive thinking  and improve efficiency !!

LEADERSHIP  QUALITIES  (BE THE LEADER!) :  Are leaders born or made? If you look at the lives of famous leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela, you can guess that leaders are not born. With a vision for a change, hard work and commitment, leaders are made. This write-up teaches you how to develop such Leadership Qualities!

Learn about these people and know about their leadership qualities.


Born in 1967, Satya Narayana Nadella is an Indian born American business executive. He is the current Chief Executive Owfficer of Microsoft. He was appointed as CEO on 4 February 2014. His colleague and peer Bill Hilf speaks about his leadership style like this: “He is very inclusive. He brings people in and gets them excited to work on stuff, and that’s what I think his magic is — his authenticity and the way he is able to inspire people and not just push them. He can inspire them to do great work and get them motivated and excited. That’s really about him as a person: Whether he was running a technology company or a non-profit, he would have the same demeanor.”


“Before becoming an astronaut, I was a helicopter pilot, but realised my skills, got trained and entered the field of space engineering. I appeal you to know your skills, your comfort zone and your position in the organisation to make you successful and you will also become an asset to your organisation. You never get nervous when you are in the field of your choice. I was never nervous during my flights into space … During my first flight, I was a crew member with a seven-member team. During the second one, I was the team leader and had members from Europe, Japan with different thinking and taking them along, was a task in itself.”


Six Qualities of an Effective Leader!

Once a King’s two sons had to build two large canals to supply water to the royal estates. The first son took part of his father’s riches and part of the army, travelled north where he ordered the people to work hard. He oversaw the work, paying the villagers fairly, and finished the project within time. Proud of his work he returned to the palace. But he was told that his brother had taken only one year to build his aqueduct in the south. He investigated and found a few irregularities and informed his father about them.

“He built his aqueduct deviating from the plans. He created so many outlets that barely half the water arrives at the royal estates. He confronted the prime minister in front of the villagers, and he left without paying any of the workers.  He even used your soldiers as labourers.”

The King replied. “My son, what you say is true. Your brother had the initiative to modify the aqueduct to improve it;  the wisdom to propose something, which would improve the lives of everyone. And so he convinced the villagers to work quickly and without pay. He had the courage to confront the prime minister to defend justice, and the charisma to get his soldiers to work even more hours than the villagers. His commitment was so great that he himself was the one who worked hardest on the project, forgetting his Princely status. This is why everyone adores your brother, and would do anything he were to ask of them. He is more than their King, he is their leader.”

(Identify the six qualities and practice them in your everyday life)





Do not wait on a leader…..  Look in the mirror –  it’s you!

Learning Series 19 : EARTH, OUR HOME

In continuation with my Learning Series; adapted from a motivating and inspiring write-up which I felt would be very useful for both students and the Society as a whole with day – to – day instances, to encourage positive thinking  and improve efficiency !!

EARTH, OUR HOME !  (LET’S KEEP IT CLEAN…)  Our life is dependent on the well being of the Earth.  But in the name of  modern advancement we are causing a lot of damage to it. Learn to care for our home, this EARTH !


These days everybody is talking about hot skin-searing summers, cold biting winters, sudden floods, untimely cyclones and they say that these are the result of global warming,  a man- made disaster!

What a sad plight we are in! What are we doing  to our planet? What are we doing to our HOME? What will we give to our future?


There was once a little grey planet that was very sad. The people living there had contaminated the whole countryside so much with rubbish and pollution that there were no plants or animals left. One day, a little boy walking on the planet, noticed a small red flower inside a cave. The flower was almost dying – so the boy carefully dug up the flower, with roots, soil and everything. He searched all over the planet, but everywhere it was so contaminated that there was no place the flower could possibly live in. Then he looked up at the sky and noticed the moon. It seemed to the boy that maybe the plant could survive there. So the little boy put on his astronaut suit, and climbed into a space ship. He put the little red flower in the back, and off they went to the moon. Far away from all that the flower started to grow. The flower was so well cared for, that it had soon germinated, giving birth to others, and these other flowers spread onto other flowers. Before long, the whole moon was completely covered with flowers. That’s why, whenever the little boy’s flowers open up, for a few minutes the moon takes on a soft red sheen, like a warning light. Maybe it’s telling us that if you don’t look after your planet, a day will come when flowers will only be able to grow on the moon.

Time to wake up…Time to THINK  !    Be truthful in your answer choices…
1. What do you do when you see a tap at a public place turned on and water leaking?
a. Ask someone to turn off the tap
b. Turn of the tap yourself
c. Complain to the authorities about wastage of water
2. What will you do if you are asked to participate in a ‘no garbage on the roads’ drive?
a. Participate actively
b. Participate because others are doing so
c. Participate and not do anything
3. Where will you start keeping things clean?
a. Outside the house first
b. On the public roads first
c. At home first
4. What will you do if there are chocolate wrappers lying all over the floor in your classroom?
a. Ask the sweeper to clean the classroom
b. Complain to your class teacher about the room
c. Pick up the wrappers and put it in the dust bin

Observe the pictures below and see how our  home the earth is burdened.




Watch out against…?




What do we do now?
• Plant more saplings …more greenery
• Car- pool… lesser fuel use…lesser pollution
• Segregate wet and dry waste


In continuation with my Learning Series; adapted from a motivating and inspiring write-up which I felt would be very useful for both students and the Society as a whole with day – to – day instances, to encourage positive thinking  and improve efficiency !!

SOCIAL  RESPONSIBILITY (THE JOY IN HELPING) : As members of society we take a lot from it in many forms. We also have to give back to it. This is social responsibility.

“HELPING HANDS ARE BETTER THAN PRAYING LIPS.”  How does it feel to help a person in distress and see his eyes fill up with un-shed tears while his lips open up into a tremulous/shaky smile? You really feel good, right? This kind of help you extend to people in need makes you a kinder and more responsible person.  Sometimes you serve others because it is good for the  society. This is what individual social responsibility is all about!


A DEVASTATED VIZAG…  AFTER HUD HUD :  These are no rescue teams ….  These are people like you and me… the common people!


CHENNAI FLOODS …    “I kept standing near the window, waiting for my husband. Suddenly, I saw four young men going through the water on the other side of the road. I thought they were the rescue people sent for me. I called out for help. At first they did not hear me but when they passed by a second time they did. I asked if they were from the rescue team.”     “We are not a rescue team ma’am but we will help.   Tell us what you want,” said one of them.”   These were four unknown boys.


“Success has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It’s what you do for others.”    -Danny Thomas

Observe how these youngsters give back to the society.
1. The young and determined Varun Sharma has taken up the responsibility to bring electricity, education and empowerment to a remote tribal village in Odisha.
2. Nupur Ghuliani , prospective charted accountant gave up a lucrative career to work in rural India.
3. Shalini Krishnan quit a high-paying job to teach tribal students.
4. 2 young engineers transformed a Bihar village.
5. A young engineer from BITS is helping farmers in remote villages of MP.
6. Abhinav Sharma a final-year Masters student in Mathematics at BITS Pilani, helps with educational/ recreational material from the cities reach children in villages/slums across the country.
7. Mannika Solanki, Student from Delhi volunteers for CRY. She says that CRY motivates orphaned children to go to government schools.


Reflect on them for a moment.
They are enthusiastic and open.
a. Agree
b. Partly agree
c. Disagree
They are sympathetic and warm.
a. Agree
b. Partly agree
c. Disagree
They are problem solvers.
a. Agree
b. Partly agree
c. Disagree
They are innovative.
a. Agree
b. Partly agree
c. Disagree
They are empathetic.
a. Agree
b. Partly agree
c. Disagree
Develop such enthusiasm, openness, sympathy, warmth, empathy, problem solving ability and innovative skills.  You will truly be a great worker serving others.



“Failure Is Not An Option”

Failure Is Not An Option cover

“With a tear in his eye and a broken voice reflecting his soul, no man should ever have to crawl out of the depths of that which he has found himself in.” ~~Dana Bicks~~

Steady at the helm, I insisted, and let God control your heading. His knuckles were white from gripping the wheel. He looked at me with tears brimming in his sad eyes, and the bitterness flowed. He told me, “Failure is not an option.”

With all the perseverance of a giant of a man, this little five foot six gentleman held on while a hurricane blew into his personal domain. An alcoholic with five children to feed, and a wife who deserted him, this gentle soul finally came face-to-face with the only one he did not plan on – God. He hides his habit in a garage full of memories where obligations wear tears on his collar. Robert knows who he is facing now.

Failure Is Not An Option Pic 2

This man, who tries to escape reality through alcohol, almost died at the hands of a driver who crossed over the yellow lines. Within a year of the horrid accident, he found himself crippled, perhaps never to walk again. Today, he stares into the face of the only man he didn’t expect to meet, God, our Father, and in of all places, his garage. It’s not what I’d call a church, but he was eyeball to eyeball. With schedules and activities for five kids still in school, my friend finds God staring at him while he pours himself, yet, one more.

God grabbed him by the collar and pushed him against the wall. He looked Robert in the eyes and asked him a straightforward question.” What means more to you? The bottle or the boys and that sweet little girl?” Tears from a broken father flowed as my friend understood now, God really existed. He is always watching our every move. There’s no hiding from Him! Even if you lie to your loved ones and yourself, God still sees the actions of the guilty.

Failure Is Not An Option Pic 3.jpg

I’ve never been in such a predicament, so it’s hard to relate to on many levels. I could only hug this dear friend and comfort him. My friends, God continually watches and listens to our spirit. He watches over the conscious mind when sickness and sin combine as one. So, I must ask then, if weakness is your virtue, then why is God not an option?

You see, so many live their life from within their mind. Reality is merely a temporary state of being. But, God will not help those not willing to reach out to Him. So, let the words, “Failure is not an option,” be your motto as you struggle to find your path to heaven. Don’t you know His greatest accomplishments can be built on our failures?

Failure Is Not An Option Pic 1

My friend lost a twenty-one-year career, wrecked two vehicles, and later discovered his marriage wasn’t as solid as he thought. We must come to grips with reality as God gives you back the helm. Will you take the wheel and hold the course God has for you? Or will you run with the wind to escape the challenges? Eventually, you must face our Father. Let failure not be an option for you too!

Godspeed Robert, we all love you!

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Learning Series 17 : BE THE CHANGE!

In continuation with my Learning Series; adapted from a motivating and inspiring write-up which I felt would be very useful for both students and the Society as a whole with day – to – day instances, to encourage positive thinking  and improve efficiency !!

BE THE CHANGE !  (SAY NO TO DISCRIMINATION)   Some people don’t tolerate others because of their colour, language, sex, nationality, religion and so on. Change the world into a better place of happiness and respect.


Hi, have you ever felt let down when you were not allowed to play a game of cricket saying that only boys play that game. Have you ever felt discouraged when your mother said that you are a boy and you can’t help her in kitchen as ably as your sister does? Were you ever refused an opportunity to perform in a college stage play because you are fat, lean, short, or dark?  Did you feel shocked when people from particular countries are looked at suspiciously because of their nationality?

Yes, you are treated with bias, prejudice or discrimination.



People all over the world face such discrimination based on their sex, colour, religion, race, nationality and so on. BUT as young men and women YOU can bring change in such thinking and transform the world into a better place to live in harmony. So “YOU, Be the Change”   

We may Have Different Religions, Different Languages, Different Colored Skin…But We all belong to One Human Race……



Boys and girls in a class are asked to solve this riddle. “When Deepak and his son Arjun met with an accident, Deepak is instantly killed and his son is injured. Arjun is rushed to a hospital. But the surgeon on duty becomes very upset, and says, “I cannot operate on this child. He is my son.” Both boys and girls immediately responded, “How is it possible when the father is already dead?”
What is your solution to the riddle?
It has become a riddle because the youngsters could not immediately consider that the boy’s mother, a woman, to be the doctor.



Y. Sreelatha, with intellectual disability, from Kannepalli village, Ananthapur won gold and silver medals at the Special Olympics LA World Games 2015. Being trained in vocational education with basic life skills and sports, she learnt Badminton and Table-tennis quickly. She was selected for Special Olympics LA  World Games, 2015. She created history along with a team of twelve other Indian athletes at the World Games by bagging 17 medals for India.

Observe types of discrimination she must have faced and how a change in people’s mind has transformed the girl.


Find how these people fought against discrimination and brought a change.


1. Don’t discriminate others because they are women, weak, or disabled.
2. Don’t be biased because of religion, colour, race, nationality or sex.
3. Don’t be prejudiced against people because of their language, cultural practices and food habits.
4. All are equal.
5. Be inclusive of all and be human.

Learning Series 16 : INTERVIEW SKILLS

In continuation with my Learning Series; adapted from a motivating and inspiring write-up which I felt would be very useful for both students and the Society as a whole with day – to – day instances, to encourage positive thinking  and improve efficiency !!

INTERVIEW SKILLS  (GRAB YOUR DREAM JOB !)   Most of you think twice when you hear about campus interviews! But with  some skills and ideas about interviews, you can easily get through them.   Listed below such interview tips !

4 P ’s Technique to have success in interview:

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the   axe”   – Abraham Lincoln

Observe how these two candidates succeeded: 


A fresh graduate with a Psychology degree was able to grab a job as a Retail Store Manager for a high-end clothing line. She could beat people with many years of experience.   To the question,“Why are you the perfect candidate?”, she replied,

“I belong here. I’m like a blank slate that can absorb all the right information for getting the job done. I’m new, I’m fresh and very eager to learn, I won’t be as complacent as all these other applicants.”

“I wanted to let you know that I just received an offer for an Associate position with McKinsey.  It was the culmination of nearly three months of near-constant preparation. I used your LOMS program and your PST prep resources throughout the process…”

What made them succeed?
Confidence, presence of mind, wits and preparation are the secrets here.


Practice the following questions:
Facing interviews is a nightmare for some students, but for some others it is an excellent forum to display their knowledge, skills and confidence. Can you guess the reason? It’s simple – “Enough Practice”. A list of frequently asked questions is given below. One is tried as an illustration; try answering the remaining?
1. Introduce Yourself.
2. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
My strengths are adaptability, positive attitude and hardworking nature.
My weakness is I find it difficult to tell lies what so ever the reason.
3. Can you tell something about our company?
4. Why should we hire you?
5. Are you willing to relocate/travel?
6. What was the toughest decision you ever had to make?
7. Would you lie for the company?
8. On a 10 point scale how do you rate yourself in communication skills?
9. How long would you like to work for us if we hire you?
10. How much salary you expect from us?


Take a glance:
85% of the interviews are decided in first two/three minutes. So be careful about:
• Handshake
• Eye contact
• Body language
• Right posture

DO’ s
• Organize all the required material neatly.
• Have a good dress sense, groom well.
• Reach the place of interview well in advance.
• Be cheerful and expressive.
• Have positive body posture.
• Be honest, sincere and simple in your talk.
• Be assertive and confident.
• Be polite in answering.
• Leave a good last impression by saying “thank you.”
• Replace the chair and other things in the original place when you leave the room.

• Don’t search for anything in an interview as it creates a bad impression.
• Don’t fold arms or close palms.
• Don’t drag the chair and make a noise.
• Don’t be rigid. Don’t cross your legs.
• Don’t tell lies.
• Don’t be very submissive or aggressive.
• Don’t argue, confront, challenge.
• Don’t feel frustrated if you lose the interview.


Useful quotations :

  • “People who are unable to motivate themselves must be content with mediocrity, no matter how impressive their other talents”   – Andrew Carnegie
  • “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”  – Thomas Edison
  • “Peace begins with a SMILE”  – Mother Teresa
  • “Success without confidence is not possible. Being successful in life is very important.” – Barack Obama
  • “Climbing to the top demands strength, whether it is to the top of Mount Everest or top of your career.”   -Abdul Kalam

Learning Series 15 : BODY ALSO SPEAKS!

In continuation with my Learning Series; adapted from a motivating and inspiring write-up which I felt would be very useful for both students and the Society as a whole with day – to – day instances, to encourage positive thinking  and improve efficiency !!

BODY ALSO  SPEAKS !   (LISTEN TO ITS LANGUAGE !)   Your face with its forehead, eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth,lips and the other parts of your body- shoulders, hands, fingers, legs and even feet, can express what you are thinking in your mind. This is called non-verbal communication, because this communication does not use words.



1. Posture
2. Facial Expression
3. Eye contact
4. Gestures

Ramesh is very intelligent. But he never bothers about his body language. He holds the book between his face and me. I cannot see him some times. When asked a question, he immediately starts biting nails. Most often during presentations, he pulls the sides of his
shirt and keeps on swinging on his legs. He touches his face and looks at the ground.
He does not look into the eyes of others. I warn him but he ignores. He also does not
bother about attending a saloon. He comes to college in an untidy way.  He is seen frowning at his friends and shouting at the top of his voice though he is sharing good things. His staring into the eyes of girls is irking.”

All underlined features indicate Negative Body Language! Try to Avoid them !


1. Smile
2. Don’t Cross Your Arms
3. Make Good Eye Contact
4. Keep Your Body Pointed Vertically Toward Your Guest
5. Nod at Key Points
6. Stand Up Straight

The correct handshake:


Avoid the following Negative Aspects related to:

1Capture  Capture