The world’s major challenges staring us

When I look at the world,
I am flabbergasted
By the wars devastating humanity;
The number of conflicts
Ravaging within
And between countries.

When I look at the world,
It is hard to believe
The number of people
Dying from senseless wars;
Hunger, malnutrition
And poor health.

When I look at the world,
I am saddened
By the fact that I see
So many people languishing
In poverty;
Going with food;
Unable to make both ends meet.

When I look at the world,
I am dumbfounded
By the hatred
That has stormed humanity;
The dishonesty;
The injustice making life
A hell for many people.

When I look at the world,
I am saddened by the scarcity
Of what we need most:
Love, justice and peace;
Not enough love
Is going round.

When I look at the world,
I tell myself love is
What ought to submerge
The world
According our maker’s plan.
But why is it so scarce?

When I look at the world,
I ask myself,
Why all the problems
We have on our planet?
Who controls the world?
Is it God or the devil?

These are intriguing issues;
Begging for answers;
This is not the world
We want;
It is not the world of our dreams.

People everywhere want
A war-free world;
A peace-filled world;
A lovely and enjoyable world.
So let us all join hands
To work for such a world.

The Secret to Salvation

Steeped in my mind are the slender memories of Vietnam. Today, we witness the same violence on our own stomping grounds. I cannot help but seek peace with God, for it seems to be humanity’s only hope. The noise and chaotic atmosphere of gunfire and pepper spray capture the illusion that war is agony on earth.

Our unruly citizens battle for a belief they do not truly comprehend, but they still seek the opposition. Taking up arms to fight to the death, they create a hell in their own mind. A peaceful protest turns into another violent sunset, like an afternoon thunderstorm. Do we know what or who they are worshipping? What will be their secret to salvation?

Satan has deceived most of humanity to believe they have an immortal soul. It is only him who will laugh in the night air as the wounded lie in desperation and lawlessness settles in like a heavy dew. God’s willingness to grant us the freedom to make our own choices allows for the moral and physical evil.  Combatants will not escape the penalty for disobedience to the Lord, which is death, for the only thing that thrives in hatred is hate itself, not salvation.

A solid Christian will quickly recognize evildoers. Nonbelievers do not know the Bible in any capacity, nor do they lead a life according to God’s rules. Only goodness and love develops from faithfulness. Violent and self-destructive humans do not possess these characteristics because bitterness consumes their souls. They display traits of abusiveness, chaos, misstating truths, and rejecting reality.

Pope Francis was once asked in an interview if we should try to convert evil people, and his response was, “NEVER!” He pursued his comment by saying Christians should live by example and our testimony of the true faith in God.

If we analyze this theory, we quickly note that righteousness begins at home. When we raise our children to know God, the Ten Commandments, and the Bible, they will always remember this love, despite their choices later in life. That is a Christian parent’s duty, especially if we baptized the child in the church. Unless victims of brainwashing, our offspring will eventually realize this is their only way to salvation through Jesus Christ.

We cannot deal with evil on our own – this is a misconception. Christians must pray to our Heavenly Father and ask for deliverance. Give the wickedness of the world to God and let Him handle it. This is the secret to salvation!

These are horrible times of no direction or leadership, and God is our only miracle. Placing trust in Him will be the only peace you will receive in the concrete’s dirty gutters. Seek our Almighty Lord for vengeance, for it is His, not yours.

Thank you, Lord, for being there for us and allowing us to cry out to You in our times of need. God, there are things happening around us right now that we do not understand. Some of these things make us feel weak, helpless and afraid. Even in the midst of this, we know that You are the Lord.

We know that the situation is in Your hand, and we trust You. We beseech you for strength and for wisdom that we would be able to endure this situation and be able to handle it in a way that would bring glory to Your name.

In Jesus name. Amen.

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Faith in Failure

Failure is a word most, or many would just assume skirt around. How many times must we fail? There may be a job and home losses, relationships gone awry, wars, or even deaths of loved ones. God didn’t prepare us for such horrible conditions, as satisfaction had its limits. Only now do we turn to God with outstretched arms and give it all to Him. Don’t you know, in those unsuspected times of remorse, God loves using failures for His glory? Yes! It is time to watch and listen for His message. Have faith in failure!

“My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.”  2 Corinthians 12:9

Our Father chooses those who are NOT perfectly polished and prepared for a purpose. The people you least suspect will be His chosen ones. A perfect biblical example was the Jew called Saul of Tarsus. Saul murdered and tortured Christians, yet as he walked to Damascus, God blinded him with a light, and Jesus appeared before him. Saul converted to Christianity and ultimately became an apostle.

Saul of Tarsus Image Courtesy of Sweet Publishing/

Many people walk the earth today with a torrid past, yet they turn their lives over to God. I am one such example. I went to bed a carpenter and was awakened and told to write His messages to the world. It did not behoove me to argue with the Lord despite being dyslexic. For being a faithful servant, God has adorned me with countless blessings – it was my faith in failure.

Never give up on your faith… this is my best advice. What if the Wright brothers gave up, or Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, and Henry Ford? Sam Walton filed bankruptcy three times before he started Walmart. Look how their faith amidst catastrophes made them successful. As their failures came, their faith drove their power.

Humanity is born to fail, and it is only by faith that we learn we can do anything our heart desires. Pick yourself up, brush yourself off, pray for answers, and wait for God’s whisper. Adverse events can bring such love if you receive the confidence from our Almighty Father. We can either believe in the lies we are not good enough, or draw closer to God.

Let the Lord fill us with thankfulness and humility. As long as we fail, we know God is in control of our destiny. Stand against the tide in the turmoil of life and watch faith in failure grow more robust than ever.

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Injustice and exploitation must end

In this world, the common people suffer a lot in the hands of the rich and powerful.

Even when the rich and powerful fight, the common people are the ones who suffer.

“When two elephants fight, it is the grass that suffers.”

When I heard this proverb the very first time, it touched my heart and gave me much food for thought.

Think of it. It has a lot of meaning.

When you hear about war between two communities or countries, who are those who bear the brunt? Usually, not the big guns, but the common people.

Who are those who get killed in a war? It’s usually not the Generals who command the forces but the ordinary soldiers commonly referred to as combat soldiers.

When the war is won, who are those who reap the gains? Not the common people but the leaders.

Our forefathers were wise to coin the aforementioned proverb.

The elephants fight for their gains or to satisfy their ego. But their fight brings untold suffering to innocent people.

That is how unjust the world we live in can be. Many in this world labour not for themselves but for others.

If everyone were to receive pay equal to the amount of work they put in, there would be less suffering in the world.

Unfortunately, a lot of people put in so much for very little pay. And a lot of people put in so little for so much pay.

The truth is the person who puts in so little but goes away with so much pay has exploited the one who put in so much to generate the money but goes away with so little pay.

This is the way we run our world. Who determined that this world should be run this way?

Greedy people. Selfish people. People who wanted to be in a privileged position and play big.

How long will this continue?

It cannot continue forever. One day, it will end. One day being excessively rich will end.

One day, being excessively poor will end.

One day, working so hard, putting in so much and getting so little while almost all the fruit of your labour goes to the boss will end.

One day exploitation of man by man will end.

It is true that we have entrenched structures to protect the exploiters so the current exploitation system continues, but one day it will end.

What makes me believe so?

The number of poor is growing bigger and bigger. The extremely rich are only a few at the top.

Numbers matter.

One day the majority of those plotted will stand up for their rights. And nobody will stop them.

Injustice can not live forever. It has a lifespan. The truth shall prevail.

This world was created for all her inhabitants to enjoy; and not for anybody to exploit another.

Exploitation is not in God’s plan for the world. Just like good will overcome evil , justice will overcome injustice.

It is only a question of time. Justice will prevail. Exploitation of humans by humans will end.

What we don’t understand

I wanted today better
But I am fine;
All days cannot be excellent;
Some will be good;
Some will be better;
Some will be excellent;
Even if it’s bad,
I still welcome it;
But make sure
The next day
I bounce back strongly.
Life is full of impossibles;
Did you ever hear about
Two oceans meeting
But not mixing?
The Atlantic and the Pacific;
They have a long point
Of contact;
They hug each other,
But no one crosses
To the other’s territory;
No mixing.
God alone knows
How he created this world;
If you don’t see it,
It will be hard to believe;
That is why
When people discredit
The belief of life after death,
The resurrection,
And Final Judgement,
I say they don’t know
What they are saying.
God uses signs
Like the two oceans meeting
But not mixing
As signs to help us
In our belief;
That what we understand
Is nothing compared
To what we don’t understand.
God is mystery;
Too deep for human mind;
Life, an ocean of mystery;
The vast universe
Hides unbelievable mysteries;
Beyond human imagination.

The Quality of Life

What is the value of your quality of life? Perhaps as Christians, it’s understanding we do not do spontaneous things without putting God first into the equation. Does your quality of life reflect the image of our Holy God? Can we have a good quality of life if we are living in constant sin?

In my childhood years, I thought the quality of life only depended on attending church. We dressed in our finest apparel and polished loafers. Socializing with other members of the church created encouragement and acceptance. But was that ‘quality,’ or was it just an hour of mingling?

Christian living isn’t easy, but challenges and difficulties of life help us grow to have Jesus Christ’s mind and the character of God. He gave us the Bible to teach us the best way to live. However, very few Christians rarely make time to comprehend it. It is a wealth of information on the quality of life because it addresses fruitfulness, success, happiness, joy, purpose, and blessings. So, allow me to highlight some points on today’s topic.

In the New Testament, God relates the quality of life to an assurance of His favor and a sense of doing His will. In some circumstances, material blessings imply much, but the focus is not on physical possessions. Personal greed, lust, and pride are explicitly mentioned as the adversaries of a quality of life, for they create selfishness.

“And he said to them, “Take care, and be on your guard against all covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions.”  Luke 12:15

So, what is a real quality of life for Christians? It is spending our days in the expectation and hope of eternal life in God’s kingdom. We can start by abiding by the Ten Commandments, which is a firm guideline for morals. Let’s add unity, harmony, and peace with the Lord and others into the equation. It is loving all God’s children, and sometimes using ‘tough love’ in His image. We should remain in constant prayer and often praise His Holy name.

I ask, is there peace inside your heart, soul, and mind? It’s about time that all Christians get off the fence and plow their ground. Respect the written Word of God, for your salvation is at risk. Do not attempt to minimize or change the Laws of God to suit your own needs.

Take this moment to ask God to come and enter your body of flesh and heal your spirit. It’s a temple, so dust off your soul, vacuum your spirit, and cleanse the ungodly thoughts. Now you will begin to find the Christian quality of life.

God bless you!

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The Little Floating Seed

Written by Anne Bicks, Editor of Bicks Books LLC

As an inquisitive adolescent girl, I used to play in my Mother’s jewelry box. One day, she sat me down on her bed and showed me a beautiful pin. Its beauty mesmerized me because it had a little floating seed in a bubble. My mom was a dedicated Christian, so when she told me this seed had a story in the Bible, I was not surprised by her claim. My Grandmother, who also was a strong Christian, handed it down to her.

After my Mother died, I gently pulled the pin out of her jewelry box. Besides the deep, personal meaning it had to me, I wanted to learn more about the “Mustard Seed” parable.

The Bible tells that Jesus taught his followers the Laws of His Father in parables. You may ask, “What is a parable?” A parable is a story used to illustrate a moral lesson. Jesus spoke them to discover who would seek further understanding of their meaning, or who would try to find a higher interpretation of the Kingdom of God.

Here is The Mustard Seed parable as written in the Bible:

“He told them another parable: “The kingdom of heaven is like a mustard seed, which a man took and planted in his field. Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree, so that the birds come and perch in its branches.”  Matthew 13:31-32

This parable was first told while Jesus preached from a ship to a large crowd of people on the shore. The second time it was recorded took place late in 29 A.D. He was making his way toward Jerusalem for Hanukkah.

Mustard seed in the field can be outsized by many plants – that is until grows. It is then considered the most vigorous plants to live on earth. This parable compares the Kingdom of God to the mustard seed.

Image courtesy of Good News Productions Int’l and College Press Publishing/

Though Jesus believed heaven will start out small, it will eventually grow in large numbers with those who have a strong faith. So, what was the deeper meaning of my mother telling me about the mustard seed at a young age?

It was to say when children (or even adult new believers) begin to love Jesus, their love is like the tiny mustard seed. Our love for God and the church will grow bigger, eventually growing into a strong tree. The tree will be large enough to have birds come sit on its branches. Let me point out who the birds represent in the parable. They denote the demons of Satan, who continuously try to infiltrate the church.

The underlying message of this parable is this:

Love the Lord our God and have powerful faith. Praise His name so the church will grow His Kingdom of heaven. The greatest things start from the smallest beginnings, so always plant those seeds. Do not allow the vultures to sit on your branches… let God’s Kingdom prevail!

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Virus and Violence to Victory

Rampant corruption runs deep in our country. We hide in our homes and pray things will get better. Virus, violence, and victory… which one do you stand for?

Corruption and undermining good intentions have progressed as long as life has existed. We can start with Cain and Abel, where hate and greed dominated the soul of a brother. But bigger than this was the man who walked with Jesus named Judas. He betrayed Jesus and sold His soul for thirty pieces of silver.

What’s new today is not new at all because it’s just another viral wave of interruptions. Many people try to ward off the godly intentions of men. Through the course of history, our founding fathers fought feverishly for our freedom. A hundred years later, civil wars brought unrest, and thousands died at the hands of the enemy. Years later, we fought to protect what man deemed worthy of God’s protection.

Today, we watch another wave of hatred. It is still the men who give their sweat defending humanity’s rights from viruses and violence, so we may once again live in victory. Every war had viruses that plagued soldiers. “Agent Orange,” I remember, was the disease that killed so many of my friends who served in Vietnam. Now, COVID 19 is as viral as any war ever seen on our land. It can be said the virus and violence running through the veins of our precious country is just another attack to hinder our sweat equity.

Victory is the vibrant whispers of standing together, believing in one God, and going home to a place of peace, as our Lord Jesus promises us. No viruses or violence will be… just the sweet triumph of living where evil is not permitted behind the gates of Heaven.

I lost a talented friend and follower this week. He stood for the men who wore their sweat on their brow and was the greatest fiddle player in the world, Charlie Daniels. He gave his life to be with Christ while hoping he made this world a better home for America. I hope a comrade, a soldier, or a statue will stand in honor of this good man’s memory. God graced us with his presence. We should all be blessed to call him “friend.”

From virus to victory and all the violence we’ve endured, let us praise God for our strength, for we are stronger in numbers. No virus can claim where eternity prevails! Jesus paid our debt to be free from the sins of the world and non- believers. Rise, my friends! Our Redeemer lives graciously in our hearts and homes.

Virus and violence (is there a difference??) have no home in our hearts or home when we live in victory with Jesus. Praise God, won’t you? For it is He glowing our bright light. Listen to the lyrics, the sweet sounds of victory for God is about to bring us all home.

A Psalm of David (Psalm 108: 1-6; 12-13)

My heart is steadfast, O God, my heart is steadfast; I will sing and make melody.

    Awake, my soul!

Awake, O harp and lyre! I will awake the dawn.

I will give thanks to you, O Lord, among the peoples, and I will sing praises to you among the nations.

For your steadfast love is higher than the heavens, and your faithfulness reaches to the clouds.

Be exalted, O God, above the heavens, and let your glory be over all the earth.

Give victory with your right hand, and answer me, so that those whom you love may be rescued.

O grant us help against the foe, for human help is worthless. With God we shall do valiantly; it is he who will tread down our foes.

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Life is a school

Life is a school we attend,
Where learning is continuous;
Always be steady;
And ready to learn;
That is good for you;
Don’t rush;
And do not panic!
Never be too anxious
Over anything;
Take life as it comes;
With confidence in yourself;
And maintain a positive attitude.
Always expect the best.
That is what God, your Creator,
Wants for you – the best;
And only the best ;
He didn’t put you here
For anything short;
And He didn’t put you here
For nothing;
He put you here for a purpose.
Find that purpose;
And pursue it all your life;
As best you can;
To do anything different,
Is a pure waste of time;
Precious time;
Sadly, that is what
A lot of us do,
Without being aware
Of what we are doing.
Bear this in mind:
Life is full of challenges;
Life is not a bed of roses;
And will never be;
Life is full of thorns
And prickles;
And that is what makes it so interesting and precious;
It would have been dull
And boring;
Never be tired of living;
You never set your time
Of arrival into this world;
It’s not your place to decide
When and how to exit.
You will hear two knocks
Every blessed second
On the door of your heart;
One from heaven;
The other from hell;
One, to make good your bedfellow,
The other, to make evil so;
Never open to evil;
Always to good.
That is what will give you peace
And sound sleep at night;
Put love at the center
of your life:
Love of God who loves you
So much he brought you
Into this world,
And is keeping you here;
And love of others;
Don’t give hate a chance;
Let love take it all.
At the end of everyday,
Take time
And count your blessings
One by one,
And give thanks to God;
They are his doing.
Talk to him;
First thing in the morning
When you open your eyes;
And last thing in the night,
Before you close them.
Be in harmony with him;
And go about your life
With certainty and faith,
That all will be well.
With Him, it will;
God bless you!

The Perfect 10

As society sways in and out of the going tide, I reach for answers deep inside my soul. Hatred brands many minds as their evil destruction is so uncharacteristic of God’s original creation. Today we are at the mercy of the town criers who scream, “The world is ending!” Funny, it’s only the unbelievers who are running scared and to such wild extremes. God set on stone tablets the instructional directions that we are to follow – the perfect 10, known as the Commandments.

While rereading these moral laws, can we understand that if everyone lived by them, then crime, hatred, and deplorable sins would barely exist? And of all the alterations to the Bible and God’s Words, never have these laws been touched. Interesting! So, they are my perfect ten, for they are the only laws we need to live a godly life.

In my reverence, I consider what man has done to the essence of society. They removed the Lord from schools; very few believe in Him or attend church, churches are burned down, and social media placed bans on Christian posts. Among the battle cries, we have hateful, godless children and adults who wave their artillery, damning everyone’s life. In their rightful mind, no man will find peace and harmony without the Lord seated in their soul!

As history repeats itself, God sent the perfect ten for the Israelites, His chosen people, to follow because riots and upheavals were commonplace. His commandments, handed to Moses, defined their sin and revealed the difference between the holy and a commoner.

“Now then, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, then you shall be My own possession among all the peoples, for all the earth is Mine; and you shall be to Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.’ (Exodus 19:5-6) …”

The Lord also clarified that those defiant in His laws will forever carry the guilt because it is blasphemy. Need I clarify that society, today, doesn’t want any standard of righteousness, rules, or Commandments? People do not recognize their bondage of sin, and sadly, they are doomed. Satan has deceived the inhabitants of this world!

Christians, I ask you to please pray for the lost who dominate our land. May we all soon, see the power of the Perfect Ten. Let us hold close God’s laws and never forget their meaning or value for our eternal salvation.

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