The tragic reality of today’s world

This is a call to all who believe in God and the word of God to humanity.

Why is the world the way it is when we have churches popping up every day?

Are you aware of the acute shortage of love in the world?

What about the devastating surplus of hate?

This is the tragic reality of our world and our most critical challenge as the indigenes of planet earth and believers in God.

The daunting task in our hands has always been, and will for a long time to come, remain to reverse the trend and let love overflow while hate is reduced to the barest minimum, if not completely eradicated.

The critical question is whether humanity can live up to this arduous task.

That is the mission which the Church has engaged herself to accomplish since she was instituted by her Divine Founder.

Her fortunes have been mixed.

The truth is, as long as hate outweighs or supersedes love in the world, we will continue to bear witness to the overwhelming and devastating flow of evil that has already submerged the human race.

But we have neither reason nor excuse to despair. We must keep the candle of hope burning, based on the assurance of heaven, that victory will be on our side. Reason will eventually outdo senselessness in the race and ultimately, good will triumph over evil.

Let us live in hope that our world will eventually sail through the stormy seas of hate to the safe shores of love.

Let our candle of hope burn on, that peace will eventually reign in our midst while chaos, wars, senseless fighting and killing and destruction will go into a downward spiral in a bottomless pit.

If we let hope go, we become hopeless.

Despite the dark reality of our world, let us keep hope alive.

We need to lean on God. He is our only hope. We cannot eradicate hate and the evil that comes from it through our human effort. Only God can rescue us. He alone can grant us the grace of love. He alone can transform the burning human thirst for evil into a thirst for good.


Where our problem lies

Where does our problem lie?
Where does the devil dwell?
Are Christians in a trance?
The world is being torn to pieces;
Under our watchful eyes;
Or are we saying we do not see?
Who does not see the fire
That hell is spitting out
On the world?
Who is not aware
Of the blazing flames?
The world is rife with produce
From the devil’s farm;
Aren’t our leaders worse today
Than the tyrants of old?
Human slaughter houses
Have geometrically multiplied;
Humans are massacred like cattle
Or buried alive;
Neighbours at war,
Fighting and killing,
And dumping neighbours in pits
Dug behind their homes;
Who talks?
Don’t we hear
And see these atrocities?
Can we pretend not to see?
Aren’t we authoring them?
Where is the Devil’s dwelling place?
Our hearts.
Who feeds and nurtures him?
Hypocrisy is devouring
The world.
Shall we stop him?
Or shall we let him go on
Till our human race is wiped off?
We preach virtue
And practice vice.
That’s where the problem lies.
Can’t we stick to the right,
And shun the wrong?
That is our challenge;
To cast pride and greed
Into a bottomless pit;
To keep falling
Never to walk the earth again.

They will pay a heavy price

Make no mistake. People who are doing evil thinking they can go away with it will pay heavily for it.

The rate of evil in the world has become alarming. We find people killing to get power; killing to stay in power. We kill and cheat and exploit to enrich ourselves. Can we do all this and go away with it? We cannot. We cannot kill others, burn down their houses and destroy their property and go scotch free. It doesn’t happen. To think you can commit such atrocities in life and go free is to fail to understand the world in which we live.

No evil in this world goes unpunished. Take me for my word. Either the punishment is immediate or deferred.

Open your eyes and look around, far and near. All the dictators who subjected their people to torture, untold suffering and numerous deaths did not go free. Not even one of them went free.

Either they are punished in ways that are very obvious or in ways that are not.

We live in a world that operates on the principle of balance. When you work hard and do what should be done to succeed, you succeed. When you are lazy, you fail. When you do good you are rewarded. When you do evil, you are punished immediately or with time; directly or indirectly.

Undoubtedly, many will disagree. You will say you have worked hard but have not succeeded or you know people who are working very hard but are not succeeding and many are committing atrocities and going free. To this I say yes, if you go to our prisons, you will find people who should be free but who are languishing there while many criminals who should be gnashing their teeth behind the bars are enjoying full freedom.

But what happens in the long run? Success is a tricky thing. And depends on what we call success. A lot of what looks like failure is actually success in disguise; and a lot of what looks like glittering success is woeful failure in disguise.

Haven’t you seen people who have risen from rags to riches? Or who were sitting on mud and rose to sit on a throne? Have you not seen someone who has risen from a gutter to an ivory tower? Have you not seen someone who has gone from prison to the presidency? Have you not seen unknown quantities who have ended like saints in heaven? ” …there are people who have risen from obscurity to places of honour.” Sir.20:11.

Similarly, some people who are reigning in palaces today will go down to live in huts tomorrow. From shining success to shameful failure. After swimming in an ocean of abundance, they found themselves in a barren land of misery.

The man who goes from the presidency to live in a hut had been working for it all along without being aware. Through unscrupulous methods of behaviour, he was paving the way for his downfall.

The one who rises from mud to an ivory tower was paving the way for that all along.

Our rise or fall is a reward or punishment for seeds sown.

Even if you do evil and go free, know that your children or grandchildren will pay the price. The Lord himself says it, “I will not fail to punish children and grandchildren to the third and fourth generation for the sins if their parents” ex. 34:7-8.

Remember the voice of John the Baptist crying out, “The axe is ready to cut down the trees at the roots; every tree that does not bear good fruit will be cut down and thrown in the fire.” Matt. 3:10;Luke 3:9.

In Sirach, Joshua warns those who “go on committing one sin after another not to be deceived to think that God will forgive your sins no matter how many they are. He does show mercy, but he also shows his furious anger with sinners.” Sirach 5:5-6. “His anger can come upon you suddenly, and you will die under his punishment.” Sir. 5:7.

He even cautions those who go for ill gotten wealth not to “rely on dishonest wealth; it will do you no good on that day of disaster.” Sir. 5:8.

To cut a long story short, those who are committing evil thinking they are doing something, should know. Nobody does evil and goes free. We all get reward or punishment for our deeds. A word to the wise is sufficient.

We must take back our land

We must take back our land;
It was designed to be
A love land,
And not a hate land;
But what do we find?
Hate all over the land;
Who has turned it
Into a hate land;
We ourselves;
What an abuse
Of the Creator’s goodwill!
We have a big challenge
On our laps;
To take our land back
To where it was
When the Creator created it;
Remember it was
A Garden of Eden;
Full of the milk and honey
Of love;
We Chased the bees out
Through our stupidity
And greed, and lost our honey;
Then came a barren bee
Of hate, to install itself.
Today, we pay the price
With tears of sorrow;
As we fight and kill ourselves.
What a pity!
But we can’t let it be so;
Let us take back our land
From Hate and give to Love.
This is a must else
We are wiped out of the universe.

Your people

I have some people
Who are so very special;
I call them my people;
I trust them;
They are
The people I rely on;
The people I count on;
The people who never
Let me down;
They are the people
Who make things move
For me;
They are
The engines of my life.
Do you have such people
You can rely on?
Whom you can trust?
Whom you can depend on?
Who will serve as
The engine of your life;
You cannot go far in life,
If you don’t have
Such people;
They will make things move;
They will pull you along.
They will help you succeed.
You can call them
Your people.

Thoughtless decisions can ruin you

Beware of thoughtless decisions. Do not take thoughtless decisions. Thoughtless decisions can ruin your life. To avoid thoughtless decisions, it is necessary that you take time to ponder on the issue on which you want to decide. Pray about it. Ask for wisdom to take the best decision. And after examining all the sides, take your decision. If you do this, you will have a good chance of taking a good decision. A good decision opens the way for good action and good results.

Follow God’s plan for you

Do you know God’s plan
For you?
It is important to know;
Many people don’t know God’s plan for them;
They don’t even know
God has a plan for them,
And so miss their blessings;
God has a plan for you;
God has a plan for everybody;
And that is more than your plan for yourself.
Know God’s plan for you;
And always follow that plan.
That is the best thing;
The wisest thing to do.
Follow not.your plan
For you;
Follow not another’s plan
For you;
Follow God’s plan for you.

Struggle continues

Whether you lose
Or you win,
One fact remains,
Struggle continues;
It doesn’t end
With victory;
It doesn’t end
With failure.
To live
Is to struggle;
It is lifelong;
You have to keep struggling;
Struggle to victory;
Struggle after victory;
Struggle to failure;
Struggle after failure.
Struggle ceases
When life ceases;
Life ceases
When struggle ceases.
As long as you live,
Struggle continues.

Our world

The world is moving
In revrerse;
In the opposite direction;
It is not moving right;
It is moving to the left;
It is not moving forward;
It is moving backwards;
The sun is not shining
On the earth;
The rain is pouring
The earth is deprived of light;
Plunged into darkness;
One can understand.
Where have we kept God;
We worship money,
We worship property;
We worship power
All agents of the evil one;
More than God;
Why would the world not be
The way it is?
Why would it not be
Going down the drain?
Indeed, unless we take
An about turn,
Who can guess
Where we are headed.
Disaster looms over us
For our planet;
Let us act while it is
Not too late.

Who will save us?

I have some worries
That need answers
So urgent.

Tell me:
How can the world
Know peace,
When the rich keep
Exploiting the poor;
And the powerful keep
Trampling on the weak?
Can’t this stop?

Tell me:
How can the world
Know happiness
When everyday,
The rich grow richer
While the poor grow poorer?
Can’t we put an end
To this?

Tell me:
How can we talk of
A just world
When the rich
Swim in wealth,
While the poor
Wallow in poverty?
Cant we make things good
For everybody?

Tell me:
Is this how
God meant the world
To be?
Is this
The creator’s plan
For his world?

Who created
The greed we have in us?
The evil prevailing?
The wickedness that fills
Many human hearts?

And how do we free
The world of all the evil
When it is growing
By leaps and bounds?

I fear for the world;
I fear what lies ahead;
Disaster, I clearly see;
Hate is about
To overthrow love;
Evil is overpowering good,
And violence and war
Are taking full control
Of the world,
Putting peace out of work;
Who will not nurse fears?
Who will not be worried
About the future of our
The road to destruction
Is being widened
And smoothened;
Who will save us?
That is the question.