No More Wilderness

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Wilderness can mean different things to different people depending on their school of thought.

Dictionary defines wilderness as a wild and uninhabited area left in its natural condition.

In politics, wilderness means a state of disfavor. An inclination to withhold approval from a person or group.
It is a place where nobody is interested in.

In the spiritual realm, wilderness means God’s training ground. It’s a place or route where God takes His people through to train and equip them in order for them to reign and dominate.

It also means a place of emptiness, dryness and lack.

You remember how God took the children of Israel through the wilderness in order for them to get to the promised land, but not to allow them die there except for the spirit of error and miscalculation that happened to some of them.

Wilderness is God’s training ground and once you have been trained He expects you to reign. Wilderness is not a permanent place, wilderness is not a place of death.

Any power that does not want you to enter into your place of rest, fulfillment and your promise land will die for your sake in Jesus name.

Wilderness is the school where God is training so many soldiers of His even in our generation. In the wilderness you go through many unpalatable experience like lack, disappointment, failure, rejection, stagnation.

These were the route through which the children of Israel passed through but unfortunately the spirit of error and miscalculation came upon some of them and they were destroyed just at the edge of their breakthrough.

Anyone that’s is going through the wilderness today, I pray for you that you will come out and enter into your place of rest and perfection in Jesus name. The spirit of error and miscalculation shall be far from you.

Wilderness is a terrain where you are exposed to all sorts of danger and temptation, it’s an horrible situation where you are exposed to adversaries.

But one may ask why did God allow the children of Israel to pass through this route?

When Pharaoh finally let the people go, God did not lead them along the main road that runs through Philistine territory, even though that was the shortest route to the Promised Land. God said, “If the people are faced with a battle, they might change their minds and return to Egypt.”

So God led them in a roundabout way through the wilderness toward the Red Sea. Thus the Israelites left Egypt like an army ready for battle. Exo 13:17‭-‬18 NLT

One thing we should learn from this scripture is that for the fact that God is leading you doesn’t necessarily mean that He will take you through a shortcut.

So many of us wants everything urgently, we prefer the shortcut, we want to get rich quick. That it is God that led you into that business, school, relationship, ministry does not mean He will lead you through a shortcut.

God might lead you in the way of the wilderness in order to test you for your testimony. God wants to try you so that you can triumph. He wants to train you in order for you to reign.

In life it is not bad to go through wilderness experience once in a lifetime, but when wilderness becomes persistent and continuous in a home, life, ministry, career it becomes a catastrophe.

Your holy cities are destroyed. Zion is a wilderness; yes, Jerusalem is a desolate ruin. Isaiah 64:10 NLT

You are the city of God, your life is the temple of God but with what some individuals, businesses, relationships and homes are going through today, many cities have become desolate.

Wilderness is a place where nobody wants to assist you, you are qualified for that job, position but you never get it.

Just like Pharaoh, the enemy is not interested in your freedom, the enemy does not want you to enter into your place of fulfillment and perfection but God will drown them for your sake.

Sometimes God takes us through the wilderness for us to break forth through Him and for His glory.

Wilderness is a wrong place to dig for water. You are doing your best but your best is not bringing your rest and it looks like all your efforts is wasted, but God will bring you out and you will break forth in Jesus name.

Signs of wilderness:

  • Loneliness: When there are no helpers, no assistance, it is a sign of wilderness, everyone needs helpers at crucial point of their life.
  • Wandering: is a sign of wilderness where you keep going in circles, confused and not knowing what to do in life. You are not created to wander but for signs and wonders.
  • Frustration: is a sign of wilderness, always angry with everyone and everything. When nothing seem to work out no matter how hard you try.

You will not die in the wilderness, no power can stop you because God is bringing you out in Jesus name.

And the peace of God, that peace which reassures the heart, that peace like a river, that peace which transcends all understanding, may that peace stands guard over your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

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What makes people feel most loved ?

Though life is fair to us,always we feel we are missing something and we are unhappy most of the times.

Less said better especially about love.

“The only thing we never get enough of is love; and the only thing we

never give enough of is love”.

 Henry Miller

If you feel the Love, I think, that is, the most beautiful thing to happen in the world and you are lucky !

Suppose if you want to make somebody feel the love …that is even a memorable !

What makes YOU feel most loved ?

what makes you feel most loved

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Please see this video clip and tell your version.( worthy 4 minutes )

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Long distance talk

Long distance talk

“Distance doesn’t separate people.Silence does”. Jeff Hood

This leads me to a Question,which I am unable to decide !

Long distance relationship or short distance relationship……which is better & why ?  (couples & Friends)

Please share your thoughts.

Thank you.    Philosophy Through Photography

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A Real- Life Love Story Of A Sailor And His Queen

He went onboard for 6 months again. And that ‘Long-Distance-Love’ phase struck us again. But, the wait for the calls and video calls was worth it all. It was difficult for me but he always gave me strength. He made sure that he gave me all his time when on port and wrote to me each day without fail no matter how tired he was.  To read more please CLICK HERE:-

Love Letter in a long-distance relationship

Distance means so little when someone means so much… Dedicated to the Love of my Life, Writing a letter to your Love when he or she is far away from you and both of you are equally missing each other !!

I cannot tell you how happy and excited I am feeling right now, I don’t know the reasons why I am so very happy for you, for both of us.

Thank you so much dear for all the lights and glow you have given to my dark life.

I had always felt the need of a partner like you in my life and I am so very glad that you are there with me always in my heart, in my mind.

It’s almost a few years now already and I still love you the way I used to love you when we first met and confessed our love feelings for each other.

You are everything for me and the only person who can make me the happiest.


I can never forget the days and nights we shared with each other together, the Smiles, the Tears, the naughty jokes, watching movies, listening to songs, singing customized songs for each other, travelling together and the moments we made Love . I love you and I will love you forever.

We could spend the whole day or a whole night together and I will still miss you the moment you leave me….. Thanks for making my sad days happy and my happy days happiest ..


Sometimes I wonder Is it only me or is it you too thinking in the same lines?

That whenever I see you, an enchanting calm touches the very core of my heart.

That whenever we have a conversation, I feel like you are the only person, to whom I can let all my secrets out.

That whenever I feel low, you are only the one I want to be with.

That I wish to start all my mornings with you.

That every time when I am with you, I wish time could halt for that moment.

That just the echo of your voice in my mind, releases away all my fears for a while.

That just the thought of you is enough to pull me out my misery.

That a mere thought of being without you gives me chills.

That I wish I could hold on to you till my last breath.

Is it only me or is it you too? Are you watching me dear……