Tell me why

Why are you so much
On my mind?
Why do I think so much
Of you?
Why does my heart burn
So much for you?
Why do I long so much
For you?
Why is it like I cannot
Live without you?
Why I am getting crazy
For you?
Tell me why this is so.


Let’s save our boat

Our ship is about
To sink;
Our plane is about
To crash land;
What do we do my sweetest?
Allow it to sink?
Or let our plane crash?
How can we do that?
Let us fight for out ship;
It’s our thing;
We owe it to us
To fight for our ship
To stay afloat;
To fight for our plane,
To land safely.
That is my appeal to you
My sweetest;
Let us not watch it sink;
Or help it sink;
Let us save it;
It is our ship.