Hidden love

Hidden is our love;
None knows about it
But you and I;
It is hidden love;
We are cheaters;
I cheat on my spouse;
Yoo cheat on yours;
How long shall this be?
How long shall we do
Hide and seek?
How long shall it continue
To be secret love?
Or hidden love?


Memories, Old and New

Memories, Old and New cover

Enjoy this beautiful song, “Memories”, sung by Elvis Presley!

Another year of memories will be soon be added into my 67-year-old book of life. I sit in the dark shadows of the garage, now packed up to move south after thirty years in the Midwest. God calms and soothes my exhausted spirit. The chill of the dreary rain penetrates my coffee, and it turns cold. I patiently wait on life as God makes good on all His promises.

rocking chair (2)

In the darkness of the rubbish and boxes, two objects which I’ve personally touched, leave me wondering of their memories as well. An old red rocker gave up the ghost – it came from a yard sale. I have no concept of the famous children of God who wept for hours sitting on it. But, with a little love, its rejuvenated life will totter a little longer. I wonder where its life began and wished I could reminisce the stories it would tell.

And a second memory was created with a little carpentry work – something I built for my beautiful wife and me to enjoy in our new home. I never thought of how old and new memories join in matrimony until this morning; an old rocking chair, tossed to the curb, and the other, an entertainment stand I gave birth to using lumber. The stand is brand new with a story to tell – a memory of how my wife and I put it together in our first year of marriage. It will be with us for the rest of our days. Someday, it will be passed down to the grandchildren who will remember Pop-Pop built this by hand in his garage.

Memories, Old and New pic 2


For now, though, they quietly stand alone, waiting for their remembrances to unfold of decorating them for many holiday seasons to come. The bright red rocker, wise and strong, sits beside its impressive partner. An entertainment center quietly stands, but the rocker is not in a hurry to go anywhere. It looks up to the new grains of lumber. The stand feels the only comfort from the chair accompanying it in the garage.

Memories, Old and New pic


Cherished memories, a gift given by none other than God, carries us throughout the years. The new ones, like this cabinet, will be held so dear to us too. With the hands that hold you, my love, I molded something special for you to love as well!

We eat our lunch amongst the sawdust and scraps, with sticky, varnished-stained fingers and share thoughts of new beginnings and new memories. God will be in our every thought, in the coming years, in our new home. May we never lose sight, He only, shapes our future. So, let us thank Him for the gift of remembrance.

Memories, Old and New verse


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Your words got me

I felt disappointed with you,
And was getting angry
That you had done nothing
To save our dying relationship;
But as God would have it,
Just as the thoughs were
Passing through my mind,
I got your mail,
And you told me,
We had to start anew;
You said many lovely things
To me,
That touched my heart
To the core;
The feeling of disappointment
Melted at once;
And my passion for you revived;
Your words got me;
We reconciled;
The magic of reconciliation,
Is something
We all should experience.

Since you left me

Since you left me in the
Freezing cold of love,
Things have never been
The same again;
And it looks like
They will never be
The same again;
If I say I don’t miss you,
I will be lying;
I am suffering in silence;
I must be honest to say
You have left a vacuum
In my life;
That vacuum will be
Hard to fill;
I envy you because
You are so calm;
I know you are fine;
Which means you never
Loved me in the first place,
Though you claimed you did;
For me, I loved you;
And still do;
That is why I miss you;
However, I have learned
That in life,
We cannot always have
What we like;
Sometimes, we have it;
But many times we don’t;
This time I haven’t had it;
And thank God my father
Already taught me
To be strong at such times;
No matter what I am
Going through;
I do follow that advice;
It enables me to sail
Through many challenges;
As I am doing now;
I am proud to say
I am fine.
Yes, I miss you;
And wish we had not come
To this;
But, I am braving it;
I am fine.
I do agree with your stand;
And it is actually mine also;.
If you have lost your keys
And cannot open your door,
Do not rush to force it;
You may damage it;
Just to later on find the key.

How did we get to this?

How did we get to
Where we are?
I am talking of our relationship;
Can you explain?
I must assure you
I am lost;
And dumbfounded;
If not shocked;
A relationship
So sweet; so romantic;
That soared so high,
To sink so low
To rock bottom;
Can you explain?
Were we not inseparable?
Didn’t we say we
Had never had it before?
Questions bombard my mind;
Unanswered questions;
Please, tell me;
I am anxious to know.
How did we get here?

Flower love

Our love was flower love
Not root or trunk love;
Like a flower,
It bloomed
With shouting beauty;
Was admired by everyone
Who saw it;
Even the birds and bees
Saw the beauty of it
And not only admired
But hoped from one
Flower to another
To savor it’s nectar;
But flower that it was,
The beauty did not last;
It was but shortlived;
And withered and died;
Is it thus true?
That sweet things
Don’t last for long?
So was our love;
Flower love.
Here now and blooming,
Gone tomorrow, no trace.

Do we call this love?

businessman office mobile phone finance
Photo by Markus Spiske temporausch.com on Pexels.com
My dearest, loving one,
What do we call
What we are going through?
Do we call it love?
I am still to understand
How love can evaporate so fast;
Was it not real love?
If it was, what happened?
Where has it gone?
Disappeared into thin air?
I remember how passionate we were;
We went to bed thinking
Of each other;
And got up thinking of each other;
You were the first person
I wanted to hear from
In the morning;
I was the first person
You wanted to hear from
In the morning;
What happened to all that?
You were the person
I wanted to talk to last
Before going to bed;
And that was same for you;
What happened to all that?
It so quickly evaporated;
And hard for me to understand.
Do we call this love?

Remain a darling

You’re a darling;
Do you know why I say so?
You are so nice;
I am judging from
The sweet words
That come out of your mouth;
Only from a darling
Can such sweet words come;
Your words are sweet;
And sweet words,
From a sweet heart do come;
That is what you have;
A sweet heart;
Thus, a darling;
You are a darling;
A sweet one, indeed;
Please, do not stop;
Continue to be sweet;
You are a darling;
Remain a darling;
Continue to be a darling.

Pardon me!

Please, pardon me, my dear;
I am sorry to hurt you;
It was not my intention;
Please, pardon me, my love;
I am sorry to disappoint you;
It was not my intention;
Please, pardon me. sweet one;
I am sorry to fail you;
It was not my intention;
Please, kindly understand;
It’s our filters, that’s all;
Nothing wrong with you;
Nothing wrong with any of us;
Just our filters;
That have led to blame game;
Let’s stop the blame game;
It doesn’t help us;
And letting the whole world
Know what concerns only us;
But why?
How does that help us?
Let’s correct what went wrong,
Let’s reconcile;
Reconciliation is noble;
It comes from forgiving hearts;
And forgiving hearts,
Are noble hearts.
So, pardon me;
Let’s reconcile!
See us world’s apart;
It doesn’t help at all.

Let us celebrate

Shall we celebrate?
As you see me,
Where I am standing,
It’s you
I am waiting for,
My love;
Are you coming
Along with me?
I need you to come
With me;
We must celebrate
This love that burns
In our hearts;
Come with me;
And hold my hand;
Let me hold yours;
Hand in hand,
Let us walk on
To the hill;
Where in silence,
And undisturbed,
We can celebrate
This love
Burning in us.