All night, I did not sleep

All night, I did not sleep;
I was thinking of you;
And wondering what
You were up to at that time;
I kept asking myself
“Is she alone?
With somebody?
Is she cheating on me?
Is she faithful to me?”
These questions kept me awake;
I felt jealous too;
All this shows how much
I love you;
I love you so much
I can’t stand another person
Fidgeting with you;
I mean all night
I did not sleep;
I would turn myself in bed,
Close my eyes;
And pray for sleep,
But it wouldn’t come.
Can you see the depth of
My love for you?
You better mind what you do
In this relationship.
I do not want to keep spending
Sleepless nights
Worrying about our love;
Make things clear to me;
Are you for me or not for me?
And if you are for me,
Make sure you are for me;
That is the heart of the matter;
I am not going to accept
Half measures
When it comes to our love;
Either we are in fully
Or not at all.
Last night, I did not sleep;
This night, I want to sleep.


I hope I make myself clear?

nature lion south africa whitelion
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My dear one,
I don’t know if addressing you
Like this is correct;
I don’t care;
I no longer know how
To address you;
But that is not important,
No time for jokes;
I got up early today,
To write this letter to you;
To warn you against playing
With my emotions;
You are playing with
My emotions
You are doing
Something dangerous for you
And for me;
Something very dangerous;
Something for which you will pay
A high price;
Do you know what it means
To play with someone’s emotions?
To make me put my heart in you
And then you begin to play around With another one?
Right in front of me?
Why did you tell me
You loved me
When you knew you did not?
Why did you assure me
You would be faithful to me
When you knew you would not?
Why did you promise
You would never leave me
When you had plans to leave me?
Can you explain why
You promised me
All your heart
But it’s all gone to another?
Do you expect me to take it
Lying down?
I want to let you know
There is a lion in me
That was asleep;
It is now awake;
And is seriously hungry;
What is happening now is,
You are playing
With a hungry lion.
You get me right, do you?
You have to be careful!
You have to be very, very, careful!
I hope I make myself clear!
You are moving carelessly
Around a hungry lion;
Whose desire to pounce
On its prey
Has been trippled;
Because you have wounded it;
You have to be more than careful.

Waiting for your call

Did you see my missed calls?
I called you many times today;
But each time I missed you;
I expected you to call back;
But you didn’t,
Which worried me;
Why didn’t you call back?
My conclusion was that
You no longer care.
Let me know if you still care;
How am I to know if you still care?
If I called several times,
It was to remind you
I was still waiting to get
A word from you;
Do you remember the promise
You made to me?
You promised to be mine
Until the world comes
To an end.
But that promise is belied
By what I see everyday;
I want you to tell me
What is in your heart;
Am I still to count on you?
If you have found another
Just let me know.
As for me, my heart is
All for you.
I am your spouse for life.
I am waiting for your call.

Indecent Exposure


Indecent Exposure cover

We live in a fallen world and never is it clearer than the immorality and lust which follows us everywhere in these sin-filled days. You must wonder what happened in the tragic childhood of those who later exploited their bodies either for money or fun? Who robbed them of their self-esteem and moral behaviors? And what about the men who will endanger relationships or a marriage for the love of an eyeful? Abnormal expression of nudity and passion of pornography is not born within God’s children. So, what leads one to walk this path of psychological torment and destruction, even at the risk of losing everything? Let’s examine the Bible’s view of this indecent exposure, and you be the judge. May you pray for discernment as you learn the Word.

Indecent Exposure Adam and Eve

When Adam and Eve were created, they roamed the Garden of Eden naked, but it was meaningless to them. Sin was not yet an issue. But as soon as they disobeyed God’s command not to eat the fruit, they felt incredible shame and guilt. Their innocence was gone, and vulnerability made them feel the need to cover their bodies, so God provided them with animal skins. It is safe to say God regarded clothing as appropriate and necessary in a now sinful world. According to the Bible, public nudity, except in the case of sexual activity between marriage partners, is a sin. (Leviticus 18:6-18)

Pornography and self-gratification are the first steps on a very slippery slope of ever-increasing wickedness, immorality, and lust of the flesh. This is especially true if we try to justify the inappropriate action as “normal human behavior.” It is a sure sign the individual may not be saved.

Indecent Exposure Pic 1

The Bible makes it clear the proper meaning of sex and how we are to rely, only, on our spouse to meet that aspect of our life. Pornography desensitizes a person to the needs of their partner. It allows Satan to drift into your mind, ultimately brainwashing your thought patterns to believe it is acceptable to feel good at that moment. Meanwhile, the spouse may wonder what happened to their healthy sex life and the sharing of intimacy in the marriage. It doesn’t take long before the signs become obvious.

God’s words even say when a man looks lustfully at another woman, he has committed adultery within his marriage. I’m sure plenty of marriages today have grounds for divorce, and God will condone their decision!

Indecent Exposure Pic 2

So, it is written we must “abstain from fleshly lusts which war against the soul” (1 Peter 2:11) That is a powerful warning, friends, this is very sinful! Why would you tamper with your soul at the risk of losing your eternal life, not to mention a spouse and/or family?

Personally, I take great offense to women on social media who send messages to my husband with erotic undertones, especially when they see he is married. From the opposite spectrum, Dana is offended too by the men who send me naked pictures and flamboyant pick-up lines. But, you must feel sorry for these lovers of darkness for Satan robbed their conscious mind, pride, and humility. They live a godless life of fear. It takes me back to the biblical story of Rehab and her city of Jericho. When God became fed up with the carnal immorality and sin, he burned them to the ground. Just imagine what he could do to you today!

If you are involved in sexual sin of any kind, repent today and start anew. It’s not worth your life! Our Lord forgives those who divert their actions, never to return the behavior.

Written by Anne Bicks, Editor

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Sad letter to mother

Dear mother,

I write to inform you that my sweetheart has, at last, flown off with my best friend-turned-enemy, leaving me in absolute cold and total darkness in the middle of an Atlantic ocean of sorrow.

As I pen to you, my heart is in thousands of pieces and my solitary journey has begun. How far I go, I do not know; my destination, I have no idea. All I know is alone I am on the move. No company do I seek. No company shall I have. None else do I need.

The wound of this ignominious betrayal will never be healed.

If you never hear from me or see me again, pray for you beloved son; and stay well.
Your lovely boy,
Myrad Benson.


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A prayer for marriage

O God, our Heavenly Father,
You instituted marriage
And decreed
That man and woman
Shall leave their parents
And come together,
Bound by love
To live happily
For the rest of their lives;
It is not always easy, O God;
Help all couples,
To be happy;
Many are not happy;
Help couples to enjoy peace
And harmony
Instead of quarreling
And fighting on a daily basis.
Fill all husbands and wives
With the spirit of Love
And respect of you law
For marriage.
Grant them the wisdom
To find peaceful solutions
To their problems;
And be shining examples
In their various communities;
This is our humble prayer
Which we submit to you; Amen!

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