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Work for your luck

I wished her good luck In her marriage; Good luck in marriage? Yes, but you work For your good luck; None falls from heaven; If you go to sleep, Your love Will go to sleep; Your marriage Will go to sleep; If you are up running For your love, And your marriage, Your love And…

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An ideal couple

If you are married, Try to be An ideal couple; An ideal husband and wife; An ideal man and woman; What do you expect To find in An ideal married couple? Love tops the list; Where there is love, There is trust; There’s fidelity; There’s self giving; And there’s oneness. And they can’t have All…

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There are many temptations in marriage. One of the commonest of them is the temptation to be angry. It often comes at unexpected moments. The relationship between husband and wife may be at its peak when all of a sudden, temptation will drop like a bomb from nowhere. Something may just happen or be said…

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If tomorrow never comes

If tomorrow never comes For me, What will you remember About me? Will you miss me? Will you think fondly of me? Will you regret that I am gone And left you? Or will you thank God That finally you are free? And if tomorrow never comes For you, What will I remember About you?…

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Why have you not said a thing?

Is nothing wrong with her?You haven’t told me anything?Or didn’t you hearWhat I asked you?I asked,”what is wrong with her?”But you haven’t said anything;Or if nothing is wrong with her,Why is this happening to her?I really want to know;And I am not alone ;A lot of people are like me;They want to know.If you can…

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What is wrong with her?

She is so beautiful; So nice in my eyes; I strongly believe That she will make A great wife; But she is not married; She can’t find a husband; What is happening? All her friends are married; But none is as beautiful As she; She is even highly qualified; And has a good job, Aren’t…

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