Miracles, My Love, Lie at the Foot of the Rainbow

The shadows lingered from a restless night, but I tried to be positive as God’s light rejuvenated my soul. I listened quietly as my wife dreamed, and I tried to adjust myself to fit into her position. I kissed her soothing body and prayed over her tragic health news this week. Sometimes in life, you wish you could put the world in reverse and take back past mistakes of bad decisions. We wasted too many years apart before finding each other again. Now, I’m left with little time to make up for my stupidity, and guilt haunts the “what if” category.

I’m reminded, reverently, we live our lives in God’s perfect timing. Our past life experiences are only to prepare us for the future. I crawled out of the covers. It was a new day, and the sun blessed the flowers; the birds chirped, and that which lied upon God’s planet came to His glory. I would be a speck of smudge on the earth’s surface if it weren’t for my faith. All things happen for a reason, and it is only God’s choice. I try to stay strong while our friends rally around us to rescue the brokenness of my will. It’s like kids on a little league team – everyone jumps out of the dugout and runs to help their fallen comrade. It’s a wonderful feeling when you’re lying face down in the dirt, and the whole team arrives to lift you out of the pain.

Tears have grown now as my appreciation outweighs the love which continues to pour into us. How can I sincerely thank all our friends, family, and followers, except to pray God’s glory will shine on their kindness? The Lord watches over His flock, no matter the situation. The sheep are gathered in herds, waiting to be fed once again. Christ, our Shephard will feed the hungry who are gathered in His name.

But, thoughts turn to my beloved. I find my strength in God, for I must be a pillar for her to lean on in this time of distress. So, I take her hand to rededicate, before God, my deepest love for her. I pray, in the name of Jesus, I will give her my all for His love is all we need now. We will walk together in the valley of the elms and take refuge in God’s shade. Our mighty Savior will bring us through this, just like our many other scenarios. Miracles, my love, lie at the foot of the rainbow. ~~www.danabicksauthor.com~~

Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Judy Garland

Thank you everyone for your love and support during this difficult time!



The Christian couple

How are Christian couples seen by others? Do Christian couples truly love themselves as husband and wife? Do Christian couples respect their marital vows? Can a Christian spouse die for the other?

Read this story:

Robbers entered a house and asked for all the money
and valuables.
After they had collected what they could, they gave the
man of the house a gun with instructions to
shoot his wife or else he would be shot himself.
The man got the gun, pointed it at his wife and hesitated.
He is thought of what he had gone through in life
with his wife and how she had suffered and sacrificed for him.
He handed back the gun to the gang leader and said, “I am sorry I can’t do this…”
The gang leader silently grabbed the gun from him and passed it on to his wife with the
same instruction to shoot her husband or be shot.
The wife got the gun and without any single hesitation pointed it to her husband’s head and pulled
the trigger.
Luckily for the man, there were no bullets in the gun.

The robbers got their gun
and walked out of the house laughing.

Question for discussion:
1. If you were the man in that house and a Christian man, how would
you react towards your Christian
2. If you were the wife, and a Christian wife, what explanation would you
give to your
3. If you as a proud Christian were invited to advice Christian couples using this story, what advice
would you give them?


Life is all about struggle.

You never live without struggle.

Life begins with a struggle.

Life ends with a struggle.

Struggle is the part of our life.

A mother struggles to give birth to her child.

Every living creature struggles for survival.

Struggle is the rule of life.

If you struggle to get something today,

Tomorrow or in your near future, you’ll receive your grand rewards.

Don’t scare to struggle.

Enjoy your struggle and hug it like your true pal.

Your grand success and victory is always waiting for you.

Source: POSITIVE THOUGHTS OF SELF-MOTIVATION! Only you can motivate yourself… Only you can bring positive changes in your life…. Birister Sharma


Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless!

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Don’t you remember what we were taught? (Poem No. 87 from 100 poems for my sweetheart) by Ngobesing Suh Romanus

Don’t you remember
What we were taught
About being the first
To love?
Don’t you remember
What we were taught
About fighting for
Our relationship?
Don’t you remember
What we were taught
About daily dialogue?
Don’t you remember
What we were taught
About making our love
Our priority?
Don’t you remember
What we were taught
About marriage as
A Sacrament?
Don’t you remember
What we were taught
About forgiveness
And healing
In our relationship?
Don’t you remember
What we were taught
About the place
Of Christ
In our marriage?
Don’t you remember
All these lessons?

Marital vows (Success in marriage 1 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Do you remember
What we vowed
To do
To each other
Do you remember
What we vowed
To be
To each other?
Do you remember
Our marital vows?
Do you care about
Respecting them?
I want to assure you
That all our marital vows
Are still fresh in my mind
And that I do my best
To respect them.
On the respect of
Our marital vows
Depends our marriage.
Please, let us both
Respect our vows.
And be the happy couple
That we are meant to be.

I couldn’t have imagined, Can you?

I found this story unbelievable and was wondering if things like this happen just to come across this:

Watch “Husband Is Having Affair But Wife’s Brilliant Revenge Makes Him Regret It All” on YouTube

Who can give me a take-home from these stories?

When we say we love, do we mean it?

How many of us respect our marital vows ?

And how hurting is it for someone we love to cheat on us? I know it hurts. It can inflict deep emotional wounds but should punishment for someone we really love be so severe?

I know we are called to be forgiving in marriage, to love unconditionally, and to remain in marriage for better for worse.

How do we reconcile all this with the severe action of the two wives?

Marriage by Ngobesing Suh Romanus

How far should a premarital relationship go? What are the dos and don’ts in a premarital relationship?

Would you like to marry a boy who has had many girlfriends whom he has taken to bed?

Or if you are a boy, would you like to marry a virgin or a girl who has gone to bed with other men thereby having experience?

There are people who want only a virgin to marry and there are others who don’t care.

What about you?