Let life continue!

Do you want to die
Because your love has left you?
Mine left me long ago;
But I have not died;
At the time it happened,
I thought I would die;
It pained;
It was as if the world would end;
It weighed down on me
Like a boulder on my shoulders;
A stream of tears flowed from my eyes
Both swollen and red;
Yet,here I am today waxing strong;
And stronger than I have ever been;
I have not died;
I will not die
Because my sweetheart has left me;
If the apple of your eye leaves you,
Or has left you,
Life must not come to an end;
On the contrary,
Life continues;
Start life anew;

What a husband should never do to his wife

How is a man required to treat his wife? The answer is obvious: with love, honor and respect; but what does this mean in concrete terms. What are the things that a man must endeavor to do to or for his wife? What should a man never do to his wife? Say one thing or more that a man should never do to a woman.

If you must quarell

If you must quarrel
With your spouse
And I really don’t see
Why you should,
Do it with decorum;
Do it with style;
Do it with love;
Let it be seen by whoever
That you are two people
In love,
Although you are quarreling.
Can you do that?
Don’t make it a bitter quarrel;
Be thoughtful and considerate
And throw no words carelessly
To embarrass your sweetheart;
Be conscious!
A quarrel is not the end of marriage;
It will be over
And your marriage may become stronger;
Don’t tear down your spouse
If you happen to quarrel;
And why must you quarrel at all?
Where did dialogue disappear to?
Don’t quarrel!
But if you must quarrel,
Don’t tear your spouse to pieces.

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Daily Chat Forum no 28 Compatibility and incompatibility in relationship

Some couples are compatible; others are incompatible. What are some of the things that bring about compatibility or incompatibility?
What measures can one take to ensure that the person one takes as friend, business partner or spouse is compatible?
What will you do if you find the person with whom you are in relationship or to whom you are married is incompatible?

Hold your marriage not to fall

How many pillars hold your marriage?
Are they two or three or more?
Husband, wife and who again?
All the pillars have to be strong;
If they are, they’ll stand up straight;
And hold your marriage not to fall;
A pillar alone will not do it;
No matter how strong such a pillar may be;
Husband and wife must stand up straight;
And hold their marriage not to fall.

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Fight for your marriage

If you are married, do not take your marriage for granted. You have to fight for it to succeed. Stop apportioning blame to your spouse and not looking at yourself. You have to work hard to help your marriage succeed.

Your success and that of your spouse in life greatly depends on the quality of your marriage. If it is a peaceful, happy marriage and you communicate well and journey together in love, you will achieve many things.

If on the other hand, your marriage is beset by squabbles, and you go in dispersed ranks, never seeing eye to eye, your success will be compromised.

Even the success of your children depends very much on your marriage. With a happy marriage, you make it easier for your children to succeed. This is because you provide an environment of love to them. And in an environment of love, the young ones are better placed to bring out the best in themselves.

If you work for the success of your marriage, you are working for your success, the success of your spouse and the success of your children. Even your community benefits as well.

When you allow your marriage to hit the rocks, you are destroying your own life and many others especially that of your spouse and kids.

You have to fight for a good marriage. This is what is called ‘fair fighting’.  It is the duty of every married person to fight for their marriage; not in negative ways, but in positive ways – doing positive, loving things to help your marriage succeed.

If you are married, take off some time to think about your marriage and what you are contributing to make it succeed. Are you putting the blame for the things that are not working in your marriage on your spouse without looking at your own self. You may be surprised that you are the real problem not your spouse. Look at yourself honestly and fight fairly for your marriage for the success of your family, which means you, your spouse and your kids, not leaving out your community, your country and the world.



Daily Chat Forum No 11 Marriage, love and divorce

I read a very thrilling story of how Admira (not her real name) was in love with (Gallant), not his real name. Both were head over heels in love. Then the devil landed from nowhere and separated them. Admira turned her back on  Gallant and embraced Charming (not his real name).

The two were again head over heels in love; and it did not take them long to get married. Their ,marriage was great. They had two kids. Then it stopped functioning. They came to the end of the road.

By some divine providence, Admira met Gallant again and their relationship resumed. It did not take long for them to become husband and wife. It’s many years already. They are still husband and wife; and never has a couple been happier. They believe they came into this world for each other.

How do you find this? There are many things that happen in this world that are hard to understand. Can we chat on this?


Daily Chat Forum day 3 – inter-racial, tribal or country marriages.

Inter-racial, cross-country, inter-class marriages.

Would you accept to marry someone from a different country if you are still unmarried? Or would you accept that your son or daughter gets married to someone from a different country? What reasons for or against?

There are some people who insist on marriage only to people of the same community, tribe or country or race. Others say love has no boundaries. What is your stand?

Some people in high positions will not tolerate their son or daughter marrying someone from a lower class like a peasant boy or girl.

Join the chat.

To re-marry or not to re-marry

Would you remarry if your spouse died and left you? Some people quickly remarry when they lose their spouse. Some stay for quite a while and then remarry. Some stay all the rest of their lives. In other words, they never remarry.

If I were to lose my spouse (God forbid), remarriage would not be in my agenda. I do not know how I can remove her from my life and replace her with another.

Re-marriage is an issue that has worried and continues to worry many people. It is worth sharing on. What do you think?

If I were to advise I would say a young person may re-marry; but if you have had children, and lived your life, I do not encourage re-marriage. Of course, every individual has to decide for themselves.

Who has understood marriage?

I have never understood;
Who has understood?
Have you understood?
If you have understood,
Why not share so that the rest of us
May understand as well;
Do you know what I am talking about?
I am talking about love;
And marriage;
And divorce;
I am talking about the joys
And sorrows of marriage;
Have you understood?
Who has understood
Why marriage is so difficult?
Why is it that husband and wife
Cannot live together without problems?
Must there be problems?
Must they quarrel?
Must they fight and hurt each other?
Who has understood why two people
Would be passionately in love
And when they get married
They instead start to drift apart
Until the marriage ends up shattering
On the rock of divorce?
It’s hard to understand, isn’t it?
Or, if it’s not, and you’ve understood, tell us.
It looks to me like
Many are having hard times in marriage;
Some appear to be fine
But indeed they are not;
Is there a way to know
How somebody would become after marriage
So that you avoid the spouse
Who will give you hard times?
What intrigues me is
As some are having hard times
Others are in heaven.
What is the secret?
Who knows?
Who understands?
Or do they just appear to be in heaven?
Please, share so that many will benefit.
Many are suffering;
Many are seeing stars;
When I talk of stars, I mean stars;
Many are having a taste of hell
In their own homes;
Which ought to be
Where they find the most comfort.
Maybe if we each look at ourselves
It can help.
Maybe the fault is not our spouse
But us;
Maybe you are blaming your spouse
When you are the cause of all the trouble
In your marriage.
Maybe you are not fighting enough
To protect and preserve your relationship.
You see!
The worries and doubts are many;
And need to be addressed.
You may not have all the answers;
But definitely you have some;
Or you have some ideas;
Share them!
Who can ever know?
That might help.
So, I pray you,
Tell us what you know;
Don’t keep it;
Speak out;
And if your marriage is hurting,
What is hurting in it?
What do you not like?
What do you expect of your spouse?
Where is your spouse going wrong?
If we put our heads together,
We may do something for marriage;
What do you think?
We may rescue some marriages
Which are at breaking point;
We may prevent many from getting to breaking point;
So let’s speak.