At what age should you bury your dreams?

I haven’t met anybody with a normal mind, who doesn’t like to be great.

Greatness is the aspiration of everybody.

People differ in the degree of greatness they desire, but all is they want to be great.

The desire for greatness is universal.

Of course, not everyone achieves their dream to be great.

A good many people do, though, but the majority never get to the threshold of greatness.

Don’t say it’s because God created some people to be great and created others not to be great. God has not done any such thing. God does not discriminate. He doesn’t favour anybody.

God who has created us all keeps the door open to everyone to get through to where they want to go in life.

It is true that if he doesn’t want it, it cannot happen. He is the architect of all the good that happens in the world.

But we have to choose our destination and bring him on board as a Senior Partner.

That is when he will provide the necessary help for us to get the results that we want .

The issue becomes difficult when we do not know what we want; do not decide what we want; are not determined enough to get it, above all do not bring God in as our Senior Partner; and do not stay long enough on it for the fruits to get ripe for harvesting.

People give up too early and miss the wonderful blessings which would have been theirs.

Time is a big determining factor in achievement. You can start and expect to climb to the top of the ladder the same day.

Anyway, this could happen as an exception to the rule, otherwise you always have to give time for your plans to mature; or your efforts to bear fruit.

Waiting time is not wasted time. Waiting is a necessary knot on the success chain. There is a time to plant and a time to harvest the crops; a time to work and a time to stay and wait. We must give time to the plants to bear fruit and mature.

Every success story has an introduction, the body and the conclusion. The body is usually the longest part. If you make the body one paragraph as the introduction and conclusion, you will fail.

There are many people who have gone on retirement and have produced their best work.

What if they had gone and packed their bags home with their dreams in them?

Of course, the dreams would have died.

The question arises: at what age should one bury ones dreams?

My answer is at no age.

If you are already looking at it to be too late, I stand to say it is not. All the chances are available to you to make your mark.

No one can argue the fact that you may not be as energetic as you were when you were much younger, but you definitely have other abilities waiting to be tapped.

Hence, whatever your age, define what you want; define the best way you know to get there, resolve to get there and set out for it.

We can confidently assert that even on retirement as you may be , the sky remains your springboard. That is definitely mine. No doubt about that.

If this belief doesn’t produce the expected results, it would at least have made me feel better, which in reality, is what actually matters.


Helping children realize their potential

I recently visited a school of over one thousand students all dressed in the same attire.

As I looked at the young people sitting in front of me, many thoughts came to my mind about life and what destiny reserves for each of us.

I realised how hard, if not impossible, it was to know what each of them would become tomorrow.

We all have different destinies as decided by our Creator; but none is to keep us at the bottom.

We are all destined for greatness, but it is left to each one of us to tell God how far we want to go and to do what he has already decided that we must do to get it and we will get it.

If we go back to the young people I mentioned at the start, some of them might end up rising to very high positions in life while others will be in low positions.

Some of them might become financially independent while others will be financially dependent.

We have seen this happen. And many times do who go on to shine might not be those that looked most promising.

If you make a study of the extraordinary achievers and underachievers, you will find it has to do with:

  1. The way they used their time.
  2. The decisions they took.
  3. The choices they made.
  4. Their belief in their abilities.
  5. Their belief in divine guidance.
  6. How hard they worked.
  7. How determined they were.
  8. How motivated they were.
  9. How ready they were to persist.
  10. How prayerful they were.
  11. How much encouragement they got.

There are some young people who, right from school, know:

  1. What they want from life,
  2. What it takes to get it;
  3. Start to work for it;
  4. Are determined to succeed,
  5. And stay focused.

Such are the ones who go on to attain great heights.

If you do not know where you want to go, what happens?

Of course, you may end up going nowhere; or you wander to where you don’t like.

There are things we need to teach our children or help them do early:

  • Teach them the importance of goal setting,
  • Help them decide their life path. It may change as they grow, but it is absolutely important that at every stage in life, they should have a sense of direction; something they live for.
  • Instill ambition in them. Don’t let your child be like the people among us who are not ambitious at all. They should not only be ambitious, or have dreams, they should have big dreams.
  • Motivate and encourage them. Motivation and encouragement are of paramount importance. If they are not motivated to aspire, they will end as chicken scratching the soil for a living instead of soaring in the sky like the eagle they are meant to be.

Let me reiterate that God did not create us humans for mediocrity. God created us for great things. Every single thing that God created is great.

The children God has blessed us with are no exception. They are so full of potential. We must not allow them to waste that potential.

Unfortunately, for lack of awareness and know-how many parents are allowing the great potential of their progeny to waste away making them end in misery instead of the shining stars that they are meant to be.

Let us not do this.

Isn’t It Time for Some Good News?

I open Google and social media each day, and the negative news floods the pages. People are murdering the innocent with fortitude, a grim reminder Satan still walks the earth. Those with the gold try to pass absurd laws for citizens to follow while they release the guilty to commit more crimes. Lines are drawn in the dirt as men of power speak lies. We, the meek, are artists left to draw our own conclusions. Today, I sit outside in the rain to witness God’s tears of sadness as I pray for those who desperately need His help. But every now and again, we might glimpse His holy goodness.

So, isn’t it time for some good news? God is coming soon to save the faithful and who believe He is the great healer of all our pain. Prophecy promises He will honor those who uphold His holy name.

“And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.” Revelation 21:4 NIV

Let’s make hope the new headlines! The brown lawns will soon resonate to a gorgeous green, and budding plants will regain their strength. Even in times of disaster, we can witness God showing His power, and mankind, together, fights off evil as one. Many non-believers, especially overseas, have found the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Isn’t this a joy to share with others? Let us join hands in solidarity and honor God, for He will be the successor! Spread the hope of salvation to everyone!

Today, I challenge every man, woman, and child to become a leader for God. Sweep away the dead foliage of yesterday, and salt the icy bricks so we can climb the steps to heaven’s gates. Let your Christian faith shine through in every aspect of your life! Make positive changes that reflect God’s love and spread His good news.

“A cheerful heart is a good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Proverbs 17:22 NIV

Memorize scriptures with a strong heart and an encouraging message. It will improve your relationships, health, and happiness. Learn new ways to replace the old negative ones. Pray for the Lord to show you the way for He is in total control of your life.

Yes! YOU will be the good news this world is so desperate to find! Faith unto us has great continuity.

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:2  NIV

God bless you, my friends!

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Talk less listen more!

I have learned a big lesson from my observation of people’s habits and behaviours.

I have learned that big people talk less and listen more.

Small people talk more and listen less.

What is the advantage that listening has over talking?

As the big people listen, they learn. As the small people spend their time talking, they do not learn much.

We learn more by listening not by talking.

When we talk, we give away what we have. When we listen, we receive; we take in.

Listen to others and you will learn from them. Talk to others and they will learn from you.

There are people who think that talking is more important than listening. It is not.

As you would hear people say, God gave each of us two ears and one mouth so that we talk less and listen more.

Talk less, listen more. Thanks for listening to me.

Don’t wait for luck

Are you banking on Luck,
To cart success to you?
When is he landing?
Has he taken off?
Are you sure he will land?
Did he promise to come?
What motivates your trust?
He may never arrive;
Anyway, you keep waiting
If you like;
But I have my qualms;
I wouldn’t bet on him;
I will go out for my success,
Instead of staking on Luck
Who may never show up.
I will go for it myself.

God’s time the best

With a clear mind,
Last night,
I went to bed;
Day had just given way
To night,
Sunshine had darkness
Yes, indeed!
With a clear mind;
Justice, I had done
To my day;
No portion of my time
Had I wasted;
Time well spent,
Wisdom itself;
Reason for thumbs up;
Come on, new day;
Whatever your bowels contain,
Expectantly, I wait;
Knowing God’s time
Is the best.
Always, it is the best.

The triumphant journey to the Promised Land

So rough is our journey
To our Promised Land,
The city of our ancestors;
The road is rocky and tedious;
Potholes galore;
But our entry will be triumphant;
Once you are in Amba land,
Mind where you thread
On this danger land;
Her heroes are swift;
Her heroes are brave;
And danger itself;
An army of wounded lions;
Don’t forget what fate
Awaits you,
When you wound a lion,
You get ready for its wrath;
When it snarls,
Sweat streams down enemy spine;
One grain of anger sown,
Large tons of madness
Harvested to fill a barn,
Great warriors of the caliber
Ancient Horatio;
Focused and lionhearted,
The triumphal charioted entry
Into the mountain city
Of the land of our ancestors.
Only time is holding back
The people’s coveted trophy.

The giants with sandy feet will crumble

In politics, we have giants with sandy feet. In Church, we have elephants with sandy feet. In power, we have dwarfs who are disguised like giants.

The real giants are often unrecognized; trampled upin. This is our world. This is our tragedy.

Many who are laughing today were in tears yesterday. Many who wailed and mourned yesterday are laughing today.

If you are in tears this day, don’t despair. You may sing and dance tomorrow.

Generally, the human being loves good and detests evil.

People may do evil to others, but no one likes to be a victim of evil.

If you rise to the mountain top and claim your golden crown, people will hail you.

If one day you fall and find yourself sitting on mud, hardly will people give value anymore to your golden crown.

It’s easy to understand that when a magnificent edifice collapses, all that is seen is the wreckage.

If you are living in an ivory tower, watch out not to end up sitting on mud.

What will be most remembered about you will be that you fell from the top to the bottom which does not honour you.

It is better to start from the ground and rise to the top than to start at the top and fall to the floor.

You will be judged on where you ended and not on where you started.

Glory comes from starting at the bottom of the ladder and climbing to its last rung.

It is a shame when you start on the topmost rung and end at the bottom.

How tragic when I look around the world and find so many giants towering high above the crowd; but who in reality, are elephants with sandy feet.

We can, and ought to get rid of man-made tragedies from the world.

We can and ought to make the world an the excellent place it is meant to be by ensuring that while we run fast to win the race, we are running on the right lane.

What is the use coming first in the horse race but never enjoying the trophy because our horse recklessly lands us in the precipice immediately after the winning point?