A Real- Life Love Story Of A Sailor And His Queen

He went onboard for 6 months again. And that ‘Long-Distance-Love’ phase struck us again. But, the wait for the calls and video calls was worth it all. It was difficult for me but he always gave me strength. He made sure that he gave me all his time when on port and wrote to me each day without fail no matter how tired he was.  To read more please CLICK HERE:-


Motivational Thoughts

Most fear centres around losing something you value the most. The more you develop non-attachment, the less vulnerable you will be.

Every night, before you sleep, give away your possessions and desires back to God. Make Him responsible for your well being and security. ..

In the morning you can have the responsibility back again if you want…

Live your life intelligently and use your mind skillfully… Observe the play of the mind indifferenrly. Whatever happens, remain detatched. By practising discipline in our lives, we can easily achieve success.

Do what it takes

When my friends are sleeping,

I will be up and toiling;

I know what it takes;

While others are comfortable

In their soft beds sleeping;

I will place myself far ahead

Of them by being up and doing;

Toiling is the key we use

To open the door of success;

If you are prepared to toil,

Be ready for the success ahead;

If you are not ready to toil,

You can simply just forget.

No one will come and place it

In your palms.

The rule is go get it

Or you don’t have it at all.

And I see no reason why I have

To sit fold my arms and don’t

Have it;

If it’s to go get it, I am ready;

I have to do what it takes.

Same, I sincerely expect of you;

You always do what it takes.

Go get it by being up and toiling

While others are snoring in bed.

Missed opportunities

How many opportunities

Have you and I missed

Since we were born?

How many opportunities
Have you locked out?

I think they area


What do you think?

Many real opportunities

Have slipped through

Our fingers;

I say what I know;

When I look back

At my life,

I see them so clearly:


To be more loving;


To visit sick friends

In hospital;


To carry out kind deeds;


To grow in my work;


To be more considerate

Of others;

I did miss them, indeed;

And what’s intriguing,

I continue to miss

Important opportunities;

What accounts for this?

When I look back,

I see laziness;



Unintentional living;

These are areas to handle

If you want to reach

Your full potential;

Get rid of laziness,

Get rid of procrastination,

Get rid of irresponsible behaviour;

Get rid of unintentional


Don’t forget

Some opportunities

Only come once;

Once missed, they are missed

For ever.

And you may live to regret.

My advice is

Let us not let

Our opportunities slip

Through our fingers;

Make the most of

Your opportunities;

To reach you full potential;

And enhance

Love in the world;

And enhance

The positive in the world;

In short,

And enhance

Good in the world.

Let me remind you

Do you need
To be reminded
Of something as simple
As this?
That God wants you
To succeed;
And you have no reason
To fail?
Do you need
To be reminded?
That you have so much
Untapped potential
In you?
That you need
To know it;
Develop it,
And tap it
To get to where
You dream to be?
Do you need
To be reminded?
That you need
To work hard
To succeed?
Do you need
To be reminded?
That you have a star
That you have to
Allow to shine
Instead of trying
To hide it?
I don’t think
You need to be
But if you think
You need
To be reminded,
Let me
Remind you.
I am here
To remind you;
You have no reason
Not to shine
And inspire
All the world
Around you;
You have no reason
Not to reach the top
Of the mountain;
You have no reason
Not to live
In an Ivory tower;
All this
Is just a reminder;
Since you like to
Be reminded;
I am just
Reminding you.
You have no reason
Not to shine,
You have all that
It takes to shine.
Let me remind you.

Say yes with conviction

two men standing while doing high five
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

If you wan things to work,
Say yes with confidence;
Say yes with faith;
Say yes with conviction;
God will not say no;
When you say yes with confidence,
God always says yes to you;
When you say yes with faith,
God always says yes to you;
When you say yes with conviction,
God always says yes.
That is what it takes for God
To say yes to you.
Is that a hard thing to do?
No use living in misery;
Or living a life you don’t like;
God is ready to say yes to you
For your dream life,
If you’re ready to say yes to it
With confidence;
Or with faith;
Or with conviction.
Tell me you are ready;
Are you ready?

The right way

I see self-interest
And self-interest
Will destroy the world;
If you try
To protect
Only your interest;
And I try to protect
Only my interest;
And others try
To protect
Only their interest,
What about
The common good?
Life calls us
To think
Beyond the self;
That we bear in mind
That to go for
The common good
Is the right way to go.
Go for the common good;
Not for self-interest;
Go for the right way.