Men’s Day not yet finished

The celebration of
The International Men’s Day
Is not yet finished;
By the way, have you already
Spoiled me with a gift?
If you have,
Take a hug;
If you haven’t’ I am waiting;
Still waiting;
Take your time,
And remember what I said
About offering the kind
Of gift the receiver
Will appreciate.
Do you know the gift I will
Help to bring more traffic
A reblog;
A comment;
These are my best gifts.

Thanks in advance for generosity.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™


You are a blessing

So sweet, indeed;
You are so sweet;
You are a blessing;
My blessing;
A blessing to me;
But not to me alone;
Too good for me alone;
To others also;
You are a blessing
To your family;
Your lovely spouse;
Your kids;
Your neighbours;
Your community;
To the whole world;
As he commanded,
I love you so very much.

(Inspired by and dedicated to the lovely Yamina of love- Faith- Soul)

God is there for you

God is there for you,
God will hold your hand;
God will protect you;
God will rescue you;
God will save you.
I see you in tears, my love;
I see you crying;
I see you are wailing so;
I know why you are in tears;
I know why you are crying;
I know how you feel;
I know how your heart beats;
I know your heart bleeds;
So many trouble have you,
So many sorrows hit you;
So much pain you know;
But let me assure you
All will be well with you.
All your troubles will end;
All your pains will be over;
All your suffering will stop;
You are serving a God
Who lives;
Who knows you;
Who ubderstands you perfectly;
Who knows when you hurt,
Who knows when to step in;
Who knows when to heal
Your wound;and wipe
Your tears;and hold
Your hand at the right time,
Have no doubt, he’ll come;
Have hope;
Have confidence in his love.
You are going to bed,or
You are getting out of bed,
You must turn to him;
You must hang on him;
You are his and he is for
You now and for ever.

Your greatness is unstoppable

Do you know you are great?
Unless you are great,
You cannot make another great;
Indeed, you are great;
Though you may not be Recognized yet, as a great;
In any case,
Not to be recognized
As a great one,
Does not say
You are not great;
It only says
The time has not come
For you to be recognized;
Some saints are canonized
Hundreds of years
After their departure
From this sinful world
To the eternal world;
What a long time
For recognition to take!
Your recognition may come
When you are already gone
To the world beyond;
All the same,
It would have come.
You must continue
To do your best;
If you make it big,
One day,
In your lifetime,
Or after you,
Your greatness will be
I encourage you to go on
And do great things;
Make others great;
Your greatness cannot
Be stopped;
Neither can it be hidden
For ever.

Random wisdom thoughts

It hurts indeed;
When you are wrongly judged;
It hurts, indeed,
When you are unjustly condemned,
It hurts, indeed,
When justice is trampled upon;
Injustice is wicked;
Unfair treatment is unkind;
If you play double standards
You are a hypocrite;
Cheating is to be denounced;
Greed must be condemned
With all the force;
So too is vaulting ambition;
The golden rule has stood
The test of time;
If you don’t like something
Done to you,
Do not do it to another;
If it hurts you,
Know it may hurt another,
Therefore, stay clear of it.
Judge nothing superficially;
Go to the roots,
And have a clear understanding;
Then you can pass judgement;
Avoid going away with half information;
And if you must do,
Get the rest of the story
Before resolving on the matter.
Simple things matter;
Take note!
Remember these;
They will help you tomorrow.
Never stop learning;
You will gain wisdom.
And wisdom is better than gold.

Why I am not afraid

Who thinks I am afraid?
Who thinks I am worried?
Who thinks I am in doubt?
Who thinks I am weary?
With God beside me,
With God on my right,
With God on my left,
With God above me,
With God below me,
With God encircling me,
With God watching over me,
I have no reason to fear;
I have no reason to worry!
I have no reason to doubt;
I have no reason to complain;
I have reason to believe;
I have reason to be confident;
I have reason to hope for the best;
I have reason to move with courage,
The Lord is on my side;
The Lord is with me, for me;
The Lord is in control.
And I am divinely protected.

Give God what he wants

Did you hear Gid’s call?
Did you hear the Lord’s call?
God called you;
To come to him;
God called you,
To give him your ear;
God called you,
To give him your time;
God called you,
To return to him
Some of what he has given you.
If you did not hear the call,
I am here to tell you;
And to urge you;
To encourage you
To answer the call.
He’s given you so much,
And wants just a little
Back from you.
I urge you
To give him what he wants;
After everything,
All belongs to him.
And he can take all from you.
Give him;
Answer the call;
Give him what he wants.

Your golden crown

If you want to win
A golden crown,
The rules of the game
You must learn;
And once you have them
In your palms,
To obey them
In the best way that you can;
The main rule always
To be on top,
Is never to turn back
Without the crown;
To persist until you win;
No matter how weary
Your legs may be,
Perseverance is the word;
Crawl like a baby
To the finishing line;
This encouragement
I give to you,
That you may claim
Your golden crown.
If not for the victory,
That you will win,
For the courage
You have displayed.
Now, you go and bring
Your golden crown.

Appreciation and gratitude

Hello sweet friends!
Accept my compliments;
Appreciation and gratitude;
I love those of you
Who support me;
And I say bravo!
Where would I have been
Without you;
I appreciate those of you
Who encourage me;
How could I have made it
Hadn’t it been for you;
I applaud those of you
Who put a consoling hand
On my shoulder;
Wouldn’t I have been lost
Without you?
I, surely, would;
I cannot count all the
Charming people like you
Who have stood by me
In dark and bright moments;
In sunny and rainy days;
In rough and calm moments;
To all of you,
Who are such lovely friends,
I say, “Thank you!”
May your path be always smooth
And never rough.
May the milk of human kindness
Continue to nourish
Your heart, mind and soul;
And may it overflow into the world around you!
You are so nice.
Continue to be nice!
You are light;
Continue to be light.