How to handle a little responsibility

Many people don’t know that a little responsibility can be a good steppingstone to a bigger one.

They become angry and protest if they are given a little position in their service when they are expecting a bigger one.

Surely, it can be frustrating and tempting to fume and fret and even turn it down. But, that wouldn’t be wise.

Instead, do the little thing so well that your hierarchy will see you are qualified for a bigger thing.

Your little position can bring about your promotion before you think of it.

Doing little things at your work place well is one of the strongest signals to your higher management that you are ripe for bigger things.

When streams come and meet, they form a river. Rivers grow into a sea; and seas grow into an ocean. Little things are not to be minimized as they lead the way to big ones.


Good morning all!

Good morning all!
As we start another day,
My heart is full of
Best wishes for you;
I wish that your day
Be as bright as bright
Can be;
Full of sunshine;
I know challenges
Cannot be absent,
But my wish,
Which also is my prayer,
Is that you find the wisdom,
Inner strength,
And stamina
To face and overcome
Every single challenge
On your way;
So that by the end
Of the day,
Smiles will fill your face.
This my wish;
This is my prayer
As we begin this lovely day
Of our Lord.
That you feel motivated;
Pumped up and energized.

A game of football

I’m nursing a big dream
In my heart;
If someone tells me
It is farfetched,
I won’t believe them;
I doubt what you say,
But I know I cannot fail
To achieve this dream;
I will get there;
To the mountain top;
Of course, it’s God
Who has the last word;
But I must play my part.
That’s what I am doing;
It’s a game;
Another game of football.

Do these things today

Do these things today. God will be pleased with you; and you will be happy.

  1. Pray
  2. Thank God and all who render you one service or another.
  3. Greet as many people as you can.
  4. Smile.
  5. Read something as you are doing now.
  6. Listen to someone.
  7. Listen to, watch or read the news of the day.
  8. Eat.
  9. Drink water.
  10. Take time to rest.
  11. Take time to think.
  12. Think positive.
  13. Learn a new word.
  14. Take action on your goal.
  15. Forgive someone.

Do you have something to add to this list. Please, tell me.

Live in hope

I live in hope

In hope

That the future will be bright.

In hope

That everything will work out well.

In hope

That God will always come to your aid;

In hope

That God will put the right people on your path to help you on your journey to the promised land.

In hope

That no matter how rough and stormy the sea may become, you will sail through successfully.

Yes, in hope, I will live.

Always remember

You may forget as many things
As you like,
But never forget
What I am telling you now;
It is of capital importance;
It can enable you make or mar;
Of course, I don’t want you
To mar,
I want you to make;
And make with a difference;
So, listen to me;
And listen well;
And never forget it;
Always remember:
And this is what I mean;
In life, sometimes, you win,
And sometimes you lose;
Some days are good,
Some days are bad;
Some days, you’ll be happy;
Some days, you’ll be sad.
But whatever the case,
Stay strong;
And let life continue;
God’s time is the best;
It is God who gives
And God who takes.
No matter what happens,
Give him thanks;
Praise his mighty name.
Give glory to him;
All that happens is for good;
If not seen or known now,
Later it will be.

Greetings to you all

Greetings to you all!
May your day be blessed!
May God sit at the center
Of your life;
Only by God’s grace
Shall you sail through;
And sure you are
Of His grace
For so generous he is.
In him, dear people,
Put your trust,
As you embrace this day;
And as you look ahead;
To enter the open door
Of the new day.
Prayer remains the key;
Use it everyday
To open your door.
May God guide you
In everything you do!
I encourage you.
Keep going don’t relent.

Struggle continues

Whether you lose
Or you win,
One fact remains,
Struggle continues;
It doesn’t end
With victory;
It doesn’t end
With failure.
To live
Is to struggle;
It is lifelong;
You have to keep struggling;
Struggle to victory;
Struggle after victory;
Struggle to failure;
Struggle after failure.
Struggle ceases
When life ceases;
Life ceases
When struggle ceases.
As long as you live,
Struggle continues.

Before you go to bed

Before you go to bed,
Feel satisfied
That you have done
Your best to deliver
The goods;
Once that, you have done,
Let the results be not
Your concern;
Results are not in your hands;
You do the work,
God gives the results;
You work the sum,
God gives the answer.
You till, plant and weed,
God determines the yield;
So, lovely friend,
Before you go to bed,
Be sure
You have done your best.
And end.there;
That is the best you can do.