Our only hope

What is in your luggage,
Dear Week?
Uncertainty fills the air;
You will meet our Prayers;
Then decide how to proceed;
The future is unclear;
Without a doubt bleak;
The sky is dark;
A storm may be underway;
In God alone we count;
With Him our hope is alive.
Dont fail us O Lord;
You are our only hope.


Success is not magic

Success is not magic;
If you want to succeed,
The best thing to do
Is to be determined
And to work hard;
Success does not come
On easy terms;
When you work hard
And intelligently,
You succeed;
Success is far from
Being magic
As some people think;
Success is determination
Hard work, focus and persistence.
Do this and your success
Will be guaranteed.
This has nothing to do
With magic.

Talent for joy

Surely, you do have
A talent;
Are you aware?
What is your talent?
And if you know it,
Are you letting it waste,
Or you are using it
As the creator intended?
Talent for joy;
Tell me what you are doing
With your talent;
Let your talent fly high;
Don’t let your talent sleep;
Let your talent shine
Like a star;
Let your talent burn
Like a fire.
Let your talent sing
Like a nightingale;
Talent, talent;
You have a great talent
Straight from the hands
Of the Creator, God.
Use it for its purpose.
To bring joy to the world.

All that’s to it

That’s all that is to it;
I will not fade away;
I have no excuse to do so;
I will live to the full;
And realize my potential;
I will realize my full potential;
I will achieve my fondest dream;
If you don’t achieve yours,
That’s your problem;
It will be you alone to blame;
If you do what is necessary,
You will achieve
What you should achieve.
That’s all that’s to it.

Mind your attitude

This weekend will be good
If you make it good;
And it will be bad
If you make it bad;
It is not what happens
To you
That determines
Whether a thing is good
Or bad,
It is how you handle
What happens to you;
It is a question
Of attitude;
What is good for some,
Will be bad for someone
With a negative attitude;
What is bad for some,
Will be good for someone
With a positive attitude.
Your attitude matters;
Attitude determines;
Mind your attitude!

If things are not going

It can be hard when things
Are not going;
But if what you desire
Is not coming,
Don’t think you are
Not worthy of it;
It’s just because
God has something better
For you.

If what belongs to you
Is taken away from you,
Don’t think it’s because
There is something wrong
With you;
It’s just because
There’s something more precious
God wants to give you.

If the person
You call your own
Walks out on you,
Don’t think it’s because
You are inadequate;
It’s just because
There’s someone better
In God’s plan for you.

Always bear in mind;
What seems not to be going,
May actually be going very well.
You will be happy
In the end,
That it may bounce into you;
And lift you so high.