Be a winner

Be a winner;
Don’t be a loser;
A winner wins;
A loser losses;
It’s good to win
Not to lose;
That is why I say,
Be a winner;
Be a good winner;
A champion winner;
Win trophies;
Win medals;
Be a winner.


Use a long spoon with fear

Fear is not good;
Fear is something to fear;
If you are not afraid of fear,
I don’t know what to say;
Don’t give fear a chance;
Not even the least chance;
What is even worse is to let
Fear grip you;
Don’t try it;
If you let fear grip you,
You are finished;
You may lose everything;
The thing is
When you deal with fear,
Use a long spoon;
That is the only way out;
Use a very long spoon;
That will keep you safe.

Are you still afraid?

Are you still afraid?
After you have been assured
Of God’s full protection
In the day and in the night?
When the sun is shining
And when the rain is falling?

Are you still afraid
When the Bible ssys
“Do not be afraid.”?

Are you still afraid
When everyone is telling you
There is no reason
To be afraid?

Are you still afraid
When many times
You have seen that you have
No reason to fear?

Are you still afraid?
It will surprise me
And every other person
If you are;
For God has made it clear:
“Do not be afraid!
I am with you always.”

I count on you

I count on you
To open the door
For me
To go in
For there’s so much cold
Outside where I stand.

I count on you
To give me the wisdom
I need
To do the things
That I have to do.

I count on you
To give me the courage
I need to do the things
That I have to do.
But fear to do.

I count on you
To show me the right way
To go when I come
To a crossroad
And do not know
Which way to go.

I count on you;
I count on you;
I count on you, Lord;
And thank you that
You never fail those
Who count on you.

A vehement no to fear

Fear wants you to run away
From something that you
Should be running to;
Fear wants you to let go
What you should hold fast;
Fear is pushing you
To sit on mud
Instead of sitting on
A golden chair
In an ivory tower;
Fear wants you to abandon
Gold and go for coins;
Can you allow fear to do
This to you?
Can you give fear a chance
To deprive you of what
Is yours as designed by God?
Fear is not for you;
Fear is against you;
Fear is not clearing the way
For you;
Fear is blocking the way;
You cannot allow fear to
Continue to have his way;
You must stop fear;
Say a vehement no to fear.

It’s not your doing

If you are succeeding,
You have no right to boast;
Don’t claim it’s your doing;
It’s not your doing;
What can you, on your own, do?
It’s God’s doing;
100% God’s doing;
All success comes from God;
When He wills it,
You succeed;
And He wills it when you respect
The prescription he has given
For success;
When you deviate from it,
Of course, you will fail;
Which means you have fallen
Into the evil hands of the devil;
Where everything is failure.
This is what you need to get clearly;
If you do, fine;
Especially if you put the knowledge
Into action as required;
So, you know it once and for all;
Your success does not come from you;
Or your success will not come from you, whether big or small;
It is not your doing;
It is God’s doing;
God’s doing alone;
Your success, however big,
However small, comes from God.
It is not,
And never will be your doing.

New: “We grow you grow” challenge

Hello friends! We are launching our new challenge:

We grow you grow challenge.

That is what blogging should be. Help us grow and we help you grow.

In this challenge, we will put up a number of activities a day and ask you to carry out those that you like.

These activities will demand that you like a post and leave something in the comment box. In return, we will visit your site, read, like and leave a comment.

This challenge is out to promote the concept of give and take. If we give good things, good things will come to us. If we give love, love will come to us. If we give comments. We will receive comments. Wao! How sweet!

This is a win win game. We need this in the world. There’s enough for everybody. You win, I win.

Isn’t that sweet?

Let’s be on our way and make a difference in our little corner.

We grow you grow challenge