Don’t grope in the dark!

Stop and wait;
Look around;
Whether to go ahead
Or go behind;
Unless you do this,
You will be groping
In the dark;
A thing you must shun;
Don’t grope in the dark
When the sun is burning
Do the right thing
At the right time;
And success will come
Straight to you.


Counting on you

I count on you, my Lord,
I count on you;
I count on you, this day;
I count on you;
I count on you for my success,
I count on you,
I count on you for my happiness,
I count on you;
I count on you for my joy;
I count on you;
I count on you for my protection;
I count on you;
I count on you for my breakfast,
I count on you;
I count on you for my lunch,
I count on you;
I count on you for my dinner,
I count on you;
I count on you for everything,
I count on you;
I count on you because
You have it all.

It’s not over yet

It’s not over yet;
If you think it is,
You are mistaken;
A big mistake;
It is far from being over;
In fact, I want to say,
It is just starting;
Who is talking of
Being over
When it’s just starting?
We are still getting out of bed;
It’s still early in the morning;
The sun is still to rise;
Who can be that crazy
to talk of the sun setting?
It will rake a long time
Before the sun sets;
And you can guess
How many things will happen
Between the two poles.
And I know, many of them will be positive.
The long and short of it:
It is not over yet.
Much is still ahead;
Much more than
You have seen;
Much more than
You can imagine or hope for.

How do you win

How do you win?
Don’t get defeated by eyes;
The look of things
Doesn’t say it all;
It tells the story
Only in part;
If you want the full story,
You have to look beyond
The surface;
Dip your hand deeper,
To bring out what’s inside;
That’s how you win;
And if it’s the kind of fish
You don’t like,
Throw it back into the river.
And dig deeper;
And keep on digging
Until you get the right catch.
If you need to be told
A million times
That you will never win
By giving up,
I will do it;
You win by making sure
You stay on till you win.

You need to be careful

If you are not careful,
You will misfire;
You need to be careful;
If you are not careful,
You will run into trouble;
You need to be careful;
If you are not careful,
You will lose the trophy,
Be very careful;
If you are not careful
You will pay a heavy price;
You have to be careful;
If you are not careful,
You will regret;
Be very, very careful;
If you are not very careful,
You will see stars;
Be extra careful;
If you are not careful,
You will do what
You shouldn’t do.
And suffer consequences
You don’t like to suffer.

Confidence, faith and courage

Have confidence in yourself;
Have faith in God;
Have courage to do the things you know are right;
And shun the things
You know are not right.
Have the audacity to dare;
Have the nerve to risk;
For without the courage
To risk,
You cannot achieve much
In this world;
Confidence, faith and courage
Are three powerful weapons;
With which you can achieve
Many things in life;
Without which
Not much can be achieved;
If you have confidence
In yourself,
You will go far;
Be confident
You have what it takes,
To achieve what you want,
Have faith in God,
That he will lead you through,
Have courage
To do what you should do,
You will surely make it.
And make it big.
Confidence, faith and courage.

I found myself worrying

I found myself worrying
About many things;
I was worried
About what mighty happen;
About what might not happen;
I often not only worried;
But often got very worried;
In the end I found
It was a waste of time
And energy;
That I didn’t have to worry;
That my worry was asign
That I lacked faith in God;
That many of the things
I have worried might happen
Never happened;
That a lot of the things
I have worrued might go wrong
Never went wrong;
That instead of worrying,
I should have faith
In almighty God;
For he knows how to handle
The difficulties
Of his people;
And will handle any difficulties
That I have.

The future is bright

Who says it is over
For me?
Who told you so?
Whoever told you is wrong;
Dead wrong;
If you think it is over
For me,
You are mistaken;
It is not over;
I am still on,
And even stronger than ever;
The future is bright;
It has never been more promising;
I am upbeat;
And I have one person
To thank – God;
He is almighty;
He is wonderful;
He is great.
He knows how to take care
Of his people.
To him, I owe everything;
To him, I am most grateful.
And I thank all good people
Through whom God carried out
His wonferful works
In my life.