This is shining time

Trying times, these times
We are waddling through;
A challenging era
For a long time not known;
Which, interesting to say, offers a great opportunity
To shine;
It’s time to shine;
If not like the sun,
Like a star or the moon;
Glimmer, glow and radiate;
I urge you to do just that;
And don’t wait;
You don’t have any reason
Not to glimmer on the hill;
Begin to shine now
And be a star;
Make sure you shimmer
And glitter so,
The utmist you can be;
Light the lamp in you;
And put it on a lamp stand;
So it may shine,
And give out light
To illuminate all the world;
Yes, my friend, shine!
If you don’t light your lamp,
Switch on the meter;
Because it’s time to shine;
If you squander such a chance,
You will always live to regret;
Beam your light!
Brightly so;
It’s time to dazzle
The best you can.
For this is shining time.


How do we avoid working hard for nothing as many people do?

Hard work is the key to success. Who does not know this? Every body should know this already.

But if that were all that was required, the billions of people who are killing themselves with work in vain would succeed.

Hard work is not enough. That is a truth that is often taken for granted.

As a result, many people work so hard for nothing. Isn’t that tragic? That you work so hard but your table is always dry, no food to eat, your family goes hungry, you cannot pay your bills, yet you have exhausted yourself.

How do we avoid working hard for nothing?

That is what I want us to know. That is very important. You must stop wearing yourself out for nothing. Work hard but let your hard work produce the fruits you want – put enough food on your table for you and your family; make you enjoy this world.

The whole thing is simple; so simple that you may not believe it. It is this: do not end at hard work if you want to succeed. You will not succeed.

There is hard work that gives success and hard work that goes does not. It simply goes in vain.

Let me tell you the type of hard work that leads to success and the one that does not or better still, that leads to failure.

This is important to know because unless you are foolish or don’t have value for your time, you will not go in for hard work that will not bring you success.

Unfortunately, that is precisely what many people do. They work extremely hard, and yet at the end of the day, they are worn out but success eludes them; and feel disgruntled, frustrated, bitter.

And so what is the type of hard work that pays?

The answer is contained in a quote by Warren Buffet. This man is an investment guru; one if the mist successful investors if all times. He is someone to listen to when it comes to the secrets of making it big in life. He says: “There is no use running if you are on the wrong road.”

That says it all. Replace ‘running’ in that quote with ‘working hard’ and replace ‘are on the wrong road’ with ‘are doing the wrong thing’. That quote means there is no use working hard if you are doing the wrong thing. It will be a waste of time and energy; and maybe resources.

They key to success is clearly hard work doing the right thing.

To work hard doing the wrong thing is to waste your energy. It is to suffer in vain. It is foolishness.

Do you want to succeed? Work hard but make sure you are doing the right thing. Make sure you are doing what can make you succeed.

You simply need to look around you to see the numerous people who spend their day working hard but at the end of the day, there is nothing to show for it.

You work hard to succeed not to fail. So if you are working hard and getting tired but not getting results you desire, ask yourself if you are not running so fast on the wrong road.

The best days are ahead

Things are not fully fine
But they are better;
Nothing is yet certain,
But we are surer;
The sky is still full of
Black clouds,
But rain seems far away;
The night is still dark,
Yet, we are finding our way;
But it’s not our doing;
It’s the Almighty God;
We are still far from what
Our heart desires,
But much closer than ever;
Our spirits aren’t yet flying,
But are up and getting ready;
There’s reason to be happy;
Who could see this coming?
It seemed so farfetched;
The future was so bleak;
But with rays of sunshine
In the horizon,
At the end of the tunnel;
We can only thank God,
The almighty Architect;
Hope, there is,
That the best days are coming;
The best days are ahead.

You can create

Can you create your own thing?
How easy or difficult is it?
I think it is not as difficult
As many people tend to think;
And it is a great thing to do;
Surely, it takes creativity; What we call a creative mind
To create anything at all;
But you may have such a mind
Without being aware of it;
You have to try to create;
And it may surprise you
To see how far you can go.
It is always good to try;
Do not decide what you can do
And cannot do without trying.
There is nothing wrong in trying;
Try your hand at creating;
Make something that can be traced back to you.
The possibility to create
Is available in every domain;
A piece of writing like this
Is a creation;
You can create your own poem;
You can create a story;
You can create a book.
Artists are creators;
To create simply means
To bring something into existence;
To manufacture;
Or generate;
To produce something that did not exist.
Indeed, there is a need
To cultivate the habit of creating.
It will bring enormous rewards;
It is worthwhile, indeed.

Nothing is stopping me

Look where I now stand;
Right at the mountain flour,
And like a pillar planted;
Mind racing like rocket
A myriad thoughts afloat,
My gaze on that so fixed;
Can you make a good guess
Whereto I head?
To that mountain top;
Which, like the sky so high;
And silently I wonder:
Shall I get there?
A question I find so hard;
Can I get to that high top?
My head, doubt invades;
But I won’t keep it there.
That is not where it belongs;
I will be positive;
The top is my target;
There I will get;
Nothing’s stopping me.
What I want, that’s what
I will get.

Be careful if you are shining

I might never have met you, but if you are here, and reading this, I make bold to say it is your time to shine. You are here to shine.

But watch out!

You will agree with me that when certain things are extremely good they could produce bad results.

I know someone who is extremely brilliant; and because of her brilliance, she is being taken and treated as someone who is abnormal.

This does not help her; neither does it help anybody. It is to her detriment.

Look at it! Not that she is sick; but that she just happens to be far too brilliant for the people of her time and community; and, instead of seeing and treating her with high regard, many see her as being abnormal.

From this, I have learned a great lesson: that it is not enough to perform excellently in anything.

I hope you see the point.

Your excellent performance can be the cause of your unmaking.

I know you may ask what we must then do; and if we must stop pursuing excellence.

I will say far from it. Excellence must always be our target. Excellence in academic performance, if we are still in school, excellence in our work, excellence in politics if we are in politics, excellence in the family, in short, excellence here and everywhere. Everywhere we go, and in everything we do we must try to give it a touch of excellence.

Also, we must continue to encourage our children to strive for excellence in everything; to shine, to be outstanding in every way they can.

But at the same time, we must encourage them to know how to manage their brilliance or excellence

They must know how to treat those who are not as brilliant or as smart as they are.

I know some people who have lost their lives because they were outstanding in their work; and because of this, some others became jealous of them and decided to pull them down.

That is a sad truth.

Pulling down people who are up or who are performing brilliantly is a common practice among us humans.

It seems we generally don’t want to see others progress. Though not every body is guilty of this evil disposition, quite many of us are.

However, it is comforting that, as the adage says, children throw stones only at trees that have ripe fruits.

We cannot say this proverb is exactly true, but the point is registered. When you are shining, you get more attention focused on you; more people scrutinize you; and more people criticize you.

Thus, though it is very good to shine; you have to be prudent when you are shining; when you are in the limelight, be it as a leader, a musical or football star, a superstar, a media personality; a community leader, you have to be prudent; be it in business, or in church, you have to be very prudent.

To draw the curtain on this discussion we say you have a right to go for excellence and attain it. In fact, you were born for excellence, but take note that excellent is not always excellent. At times, it pulls people down. You have to learn to manage excellence so that it does not pull you down because if it does, it will be like falling from a mountain top to the bottom.

This will be wise of you

If you do what I am going to tell you in this post, it will be wise of you.

Can you, for one moment, guess the two important decisions I wish you could take today if you have not yet taken them?

I imagine it will be a hard thing for you to say what I am thinking of.

Let me go straight to the point and say it.

They are, first, the decision to develop your potential to the full, and second, to offer the best of yourself to the world.

Intriguing, isn’t?

These are the decisions I advise all young people to take.

I even advise every adult willing to listen to me to do same. Take those two decisions.

They are powerful decisions which can lift you to unimagined heights in life.

I don’t see any dreams for your life more lofty and more worthwhile than these.

Or, can you think of any? If you can and don’t mind it, I would love to hear.

Having the aspiration to develop your potential to the full and offer the best of yourself to the world means you want to be everything that God created you to be.

God has a plan for you. He created you for a purpose.

That is what you should seek to accomplish.

To do this demands that you first know what that plan is, and then how you can accomplish it.

With all this information in hand. you can then go for it.

One thing stands clear: only he who designed that plan can tell you what it is; and how you can realize it.

He alone can equip you to realize it.

This implies you have to turn to him for that

You have to plead with him to help you realize his plan for your life.

He will do it for you. He always does it.

When the Bible tells us in the Gospel of Matthew to seek first the kingdom of God and every other thing will be added to us, many people don’t understand it has to do with God’s plan for our life.

Seeking God’s plan for your life is seeking God’s kingdom.

God’s plan for your life is that you live in a way that you will end in his kingdom.

This means living according to God’s command; doing what God wants you to do to be the person he wants you to be.

The potential that God has given you is what he wants you to be in this world. Had he not wanted it, he would not have put it in you. He doesn’t work for nothing. He couldn’t have wasted his energy creating you for nothing.

If we all understood this and dedicated our lives to realizing God’s plan alone for our lives, the world would have been a heaven on earth for everybody.

Unfortunately, many are those who do not think of this. Many of us still see the world as a jungle where only the fittest survive;where the strong prey on the weak.

This is the reason we have made evil thrive more than good. In fact, one can say boldly that evil is in total control; and the world has become virtually unlivable for us all.

We need to go back to the drawing board and ask ourselves why God put each of us here. Each one needs to search for the answer.

You, surely, will find that God has a purpose for you.

When you know what that is, make its pursuit your life goal.

There can be no wiser person than the one who seeks God’s plan for their life, and who seeks, with the help of God, to make it a reality; and who seeks to offer their best to the world. To offer your best to the world is to offer your all to God. That is the wisest thing to do.

Go get it, you can

Go get it. You can. Are you aware of that? Yes, you can.

Let me ask you: which qualities do you consider the most apt to bring you success?

I can’t say with certainty what your answer will be, but I dare to conjecture you will think of resolve, determination and hard work.

Please, let me know if I am right, close or far from it.

If I quickly thought of these three, it is because they are commonly known sterling qualities that have taken countless people up the ladder of success.

Undoubtedly, they will continue to do so.

But it wouldn’t surprise me if you come up with others like faith and persistence.

Here, I will still agree with you because faith and persistence are amazing forces when married to hard work.

Imagine the persistence of Christopher Columbus; how it contributed enormously to the great discovery that he made and which turned him into an historical figure.

Of course, you could still talk of courage, passion and self confidence. No one, I guess, can boast of any tangible reason to gainsay this.

These are also indisputable qualities that have led people in varied walks of life to success.

We have borne witness, time and again, to what they have done in the lives of people, taking some from total oblivion to superstardom.

You can begin to see why it is said success is not a day’s job.

I laugh when I find people who think they can get up, and in a day, become a top flight. It’s a big mistake.

For sure, it can happen; but that is rare; and an exception has never made the rule.

I say these things to encourage my readers to get to the top. That is precisely what I am here for; and have been in this all my life. When you have the right information or knowledge, you are best placed to make wise choices that will take you to success.

My work is to inspire, motivate, encourage and help people rise to the summit because that is where we all belong.

There is no single normal human being who is not endowed with the potential to soar high in the sky. You are no exception.

What most of us lack is a coach, a mentor, someone to hold our hand, lead us, guide us; encourage us to bring out the best in us.

It is more difficult to succeed without this support.

One thing that gives me real joy is when I find someone with the passion for great exploits. I mean the thirst or hunger to excel; to bring out the best in them.

This passion is a positive indication of what lies ahead for the concerned. Without a burning desire to excel, it becomes difficult to do so.

When you have that passion for success, when the desire to excel is burning in you, then you will begin to search for ways and means to do so; and when you search, of course, as the Bible assures us, you will find.

Let me leave you with three quotes that gave greatly inspired me:

“The path to greatness consists of having a strong and genuine desire, good purpose, and also having good company along the way – people who will help you endure as you walk through life for greatness isn’t a one-time effort, it’s a lifelong habit.” Peter Economy

“Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness. Some have greatness thrust upon them.” William Shakespeare.

“Whoever renders service. to many puts himself in line for greatness – great wealth, great return, great satisfaction, great reputation, and great joy.” Jim Rohn.

I like you to know you were born into this world for greatness. Greatness is at your reach.

I am smiling

I am smiling;
It’s not that everything
Is moving on well for me;
Far from it;
Many things are not moving,
It’s just that I have hope:
I believe in the future;
My creator put me here
To succeed;
He didn’t put me here
To fail;
He has fully equipped me
For success;
Why shouldn’t I succeed?
I will succeed;
I will do my best;
And I will make it.
And make it big;
That is why I am smiling.

If you don’t quit

You not only have found
The secret of success,
You are actually using it
If you work hard
And don’t quit
When the sky changes colors,
Turning from bright to dark;
When a hot day
Suddenly becomes cold;
Or, from a cosy armchair,
You find yourself sitting
On mud,
And yet refuse to budge an inch.
I like such a horse;
There is no magic wand
That lifts people
To the top on this planet
That I have come across;
The only lever I know
Is hard work happily
Married to persistence.
Let this couple never lack
In your entourage,
No matter the purpose
of your journey
And your destination;
If you call them
Brave soldiers in your war
Against failure,
I will not contest.
Since I know no door
They have failed to open.
What I tell my people is:
Work hard and don’t quit.
That is the Master Key.
If you quit you lose;
If you dont quit, you win.