Spouses work together

If you are married,
Or when you marry,
Don’t spend time fighting
With your spouse.
It is not only a waste of time,
It is also a misuse of time;
A mismanagement of time;
Abuse of time;
And working against yourself
Not for yourself;
Working for failure
Instead of working for success;
Spouses should work together;
And support each other;
So as to enhance their chances
Of succeeding.
Start today to work
With your spouse
If you are married;
And if you are not married,
Decide now
That you will work
When you become married tomorrow.


Sign a pact

I will not sign a pact
With fear,
I have already signed one
With courage;
I will not sign a pact
With doubt,
I have already signed one
With faith;
I will not sign a pact
With failure
I have already signed one
With success;
I will not sign a pact
With sluggishness;
I have already signed one
With smartness;
I will not sign a pact
With negativity;
I hgve already signed one
With positivity.

Welcome my success

Warm welcome to you, success.
You have come
Sooner than expected;
I never could have imagined,
You were right
At the corner, waging your tail,
Like a faithful dog;
Not further away from me
Than my eyes from each other;
What a joy to know!
Soon, you will enter the house;
You will be home;
And you will be mine;
Never more to part from me.
Welcome home, my success.

Born in poverty

I know someone so well,
Who was born in poverty;
In a little
Poor village,
And there, he lived;
His were poor parents;
Who hardly made
Both ends meet;
Often, he went
A begging to survive;
Lived a life
Of struggle and pain;
Hunger and starvation;
From hand to mouth;
A life of no hope;
Of total despair;
But skip 25 years,
And see him
Calling the shots;
Had a miracle happened?
Call it that if you like;
But it so often happens;
People leaving from mud
To ivory towers;
From villages
To cities;
Determination, the key;
Together with belief in self,
And faith in an Almighty God
Ever ready
To stand by those who
Put their trust in him.
Yes, to.leave from poverty
To prosperity
Is a reality of life.
You may be down today
And up tomorrow;
Nobody today,
And somebody tomorrow;
Weak today, powerful tomorrow.
Never dismiss anyone,
Or yourself
Because the future is bleak;
After rainfall and bad weather,
There is good weather;
The rainy season is always followed by.the dry;
When the sun overheats the grass, it becomes,
But the rain soon comes,
And new grass grows.
And so my poor village boy,
Nothing is lost;
You could end better
Than those born in ivory towers.

Don’t let him in

Keep it away;
Shut it off;
It breaks your wings;
It paralyses you;
It stops you
Do you know what it is?
It’s who we call Fear.
Do not welcome Fear
Into your home;
He must carry his luggage
And come to stay;
He will tell you
He will stay only for a while;
Don’t be deceived;
He is infected
With a destructive germ.
Let him in,
And he will want to stay forever.
Don’t smile with him;
Don’t invite him;
Don’t let him in.
If you find him coming,
Ask him to stop.

Bad weather

Give no room for excuses;
They won’t help you a pinch.
If the weather is bad,
As it often has been,
And often will be,
Make that not an excuse.
To do nothing;
To idle about;
In good weather
And in bad,
There are things to do;
Make sure you do them;
Do what you are required
To do.
Do what you must do.
No excuse can be good enough.
To stop you,

Fortunately unfortunate

How fortunate!
That this, unfortunately,
Has happened to you!
You shiver
When you think of it;
But take a closer look,
It has offered you
The opportunity of your life;
One you would pay anything
To acquire.
It has taught you
Many precious lessons;
Unforgettable lessons;
Invaluable lessons;
Transformative lessons.
Far from being negative,
The experience is positive;
It is so fortunate
That you had this misfortune.
Fortune delayed
Is not fortune denied;
Your best thing
Is your misfortune.
Your greatest blessing
You should thank God for
Is the disaster
That befell you;
That is what is taking you
to the top.
You are so fortunate
That this unfortunate thing
Happened to you.
Thank God you had such
A great misfortune.