Wisdom on Life: This Too Shall Pass

These are the words from my teacher in High School that I surely will not forget. She said, “Every time you are in your low moments of your life, there’s no point in wondering or dwelling on it too much. It will only make you feel depressed. What I advise you to say to yourself is – This Too Shall Pass. Breathe in, relax, feel the pain, cry it out if you need to, release… Learn, then move on.”

Her words truly have wisdom. For many times this has saved me. Not just from getting too nervous every examination but more now that I am in my adult age. It has saved me from depression and from my pessimistic tendencies. In summary, her words made me realise that “Everything in life is temporary!” Success is never forever, so stay humble. Failures are never for long either, so learn to dance in the rain! Go with the flow.

That is why time is the most important value in the world. What you do with your time is what you do with your life. We can never turn back time around, but we can always spend it in ways that bring forth happiness, good vibes and energy to share with the people that matter to us.

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I wish that you’re enjoying the journey of your everyday life! Make the most of it both in your alone time and with the few people who truly matters.

And to all Dads out there… a huge shout out to you – Happy Father’s Day!



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Quotes on Courage and Determination


When life seems hard, the courageous do not lie down and accept defeat; instead, they are all the more determined to struggle for a better future. – Queen Elizabeth II

Go after your dreams and goals! 

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure. – Colin Powell

Dreams are but illusions until you decide to make it come true!

All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them. – Walt Disney

All it takes is an ounce of courage daily.

Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. – Nelson Mandela


You gain courage, strength and confidence by every experience in which you stop to look fear in the face – Eleanor Roosevelt

So, one experience at a time… one opportunity to be courageous at a time.

Remember, you are given this life because you are strong enough to live it!

You are Braver than you Believe,

Stronger than you seem,

Smarter than you think,

and Loved more than you know.

Keep this in your heart.

Source: LynDurante.com‘s Quotes on Courage and Determination


I wish you all the best,

Lyn Durante

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Little did I know

Little did I know
When I abandoned the goal I was pursuing,
That I was just at the point of achieving it;
It was a lofty goal, indeed,
And I had achieved it I would have been very fine;
Unfortunately, I listened to discouraging voices;
And foolishly gave up my strive to achieve it;
Only later did I know,
When it was too late,
That I needed just a little time and effort
To reach my desired paradise;
I lacked patience;
And the ability to persist, I threw to the dogs;
I was gullible to discouraging messages;
And had to lose what I lost;
Imagine what a difference
It would have been;
All I have now is the lesson I’ve learned;
I wouldn’t let it slip through my fingers also;
And cling to it and stick to my goals,
Even when I am told chances of success are slim;
I shut my ears to discouraging messages;
And I’ll keep on till I get what I want.

Wisdom; me.

Wisdom comes in unexpected ways. Thanks to a lot of books, I’d read, I knew this fact far earlier than I understood its true meaning.

What might be counted as mistakes, I managed to convince myself as being so obvious learning curve. So here I stand, today, not knowing if I am overlaid layers of lies on my behavior that now all I can do is a mistake again and yet not realize I have done one.

It’s time I heard it from someone I least expected from. Surprisingly it wasn’t surprising because I knew I can expect wisdom from any source, thanks to the books.

Outside my office there is a smoking zone. A vendor sells cigarettes, Gutkha and other such consumables at a far end of this side. One might refer to this place as a relaxation lounge, but open and without any seating arrangements. People come to smoke-off their stress and ‘unload’ (read talk) off-the-record.

On one fine day, it seemed like it’d rain. FitBit showed five in the evening. The combination of pleasant weather and evening time invited me to go outside and take a walk.

A colleague was with me. After a few minutes of walk we sat on the side walk itself. A cab driver in uniform was standing nearby who happen to know this colleague of mine. They started chatting. I was all ears. There followed a discussion on Central Govt. and demonetization and later state Govt. policies. Driver seemed a well-read and informed man. In our social setup one may not expect such deep understanding of these matters from a man such as himself. But this is not what made me write this matter. That happened later.

Incidentally, a group of people who were smoking nearby left cigarette stubs on the ground and started to walk away when our driver friend broke the conversation, and to everyone’s surprise, approached this group and asked them to pick the stubs and throw in the bin put along the sidewalk.

That came unexpectedly but added to the beauty of the evening; people picked what they were leaving behind and threw in dustbin with a ‘thank you’ to the driver. Evening was not lame anymore, suddenly everyone around became so attentive to what we were talking.

He returned to us with a smile; I asked him if he had done something like this before and if he had hesitated (not that I noticed any) before approaching people to correct their mistakes for some may not receive that well, especially if questioner is not what you place equal in social hierarchy (a sad truth in India). He replied, ‘Initially, people wouldn’t appreciate a driver approaching them and asking to correct their actions. I realized, after some incidents where they completely ignored me or even asked me to mind my own business or sometimes even to do their bit myself, that I had been somewhat hesitant myself since I subconsciously acknowledged that I am placed lower in society. So, I self-taught and learned, gradually, that to convince others I had be convinced myself (Leadership 101!). Hence, I threw away the prejudices & hesitation and started to speak my mind free –  with authority and concern I feel I have in such situations. I believe everyone can change when you push the right button.

I have also seen that some are there who appreciate me reminding them and may be next time they will repeat what I have done if they see someone else making the same mistake they did. It’s a chain-reaction and once provoked this feeling of responsibility keeps flowing through. I believe in power of conviction and good intentions; after all this entire country is my home and whenever and wherever I will see someone damaging its beauty I will stop, approach and ask them to correct it. People will learn, slowly, eventually.’

It was time to go back to work so I smiled, thanked him and wished him ‘all the best’ to keep making a difference. He smiled back and said, ‘I should too get back to my cab for people would be looking for their driver.’

Of course, I realized that by not stopping people from doing this mistake I was making one myself. I, now, am making one less mistake and, a difference by such small contributions.

Wisdom truly comes in unexpected ways.


Because of you

If God had not created you,
I would have missed;
Thank God you were created.
My life is different
Because of you;
I smile more,
As more and more nice things come to me;
You are so special;
And so nice;
An invaluable partner
On my journey to my destiny;
Thank you for you love
And loyalty.
If God had not created you,
I would have prayed to him
To do so.

Rising momentum

How do you feel if, after losing momentum, you find it coming back at great speed? Very elated I believe. That is how I feel now.

I lost momentum when, for long, I was off internet. When it was re-instated, my momentum was slow to come back. But as I continued to meet and interact with my sweet old friends and the new ones I made, it also continued to grow.
Today, my spirits are high. I am up and ready to run.

In one of my posts, I said it. Let me reiterate it. When you are down, only one direction is open to you – upwards. Keep on moving up. Before long you may find yourself higher than you ever thought you could go.

No defeat should stop you. Every failure should challenge you to hit harder than ever before. If you do and keep doing, who can stop you? It will be hard for anything or anyone to stop you.

My momentum is on fire, burning to my joy. Why not set yours on fire too?

Let’s Be Clear. I Am Not Begging For Money. I Am Offering An Opportunity To Invest Your Money Wisely.

Here is the second post today. To your benefit!

Journal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Thursday, May 18, 2017 at 1:12 pm

Indeed! There are countless individuals in need, but! I am not one of them.

I do not need anything other than what my Father in the heavens supplies for me.

Even so, I am mindful of the needs of others, still! No need to beg.

The Father/Creator has given to each one of us the talents to invest in His Kingdom, for His honor and our benefit.

About our talents, please let me share with you the words that have made a difference in my life once the Spirit applied them to me. Read them in the Bible, Matthew 25:10-46.

Now, the Father/Creator gave us His written words from the beginning, but! We humankind have made havoc of those words. Each one of us take those words as each one of us think is best to take them. Unfortunately, no human being’s best shall ever prevail over the intrinsic value of His words.

Me? It took these last 9 years in the Middle East, in Jordan to finally come to terms with the fact that all the knowledge I acquired from my former religious leaders is opposite to the meaning of those words.

I expose that matter in all that the Spirit of the Father/Creator inspires me to write for all His children to take notice of such facts. Thus, the power to repent from our religious, self-righteous ways will descend upon each one of us.

Millions of religious as well as non-religious humanitarian people going all the way to help the poor, to spread the Gospel of the Messiah, to save souls…Charities of all sorts. Humanitarian organizations. Ministries & Ministers—some good/some corrupted. Missions & Missionaries. Billions of dollars thrown away to make us and this world better! Really?

Do the prophetic words matter at this point of the age of man? I think not. Despite the enormous human effort to make this and ourselves better, the earth will end in a ball of fire. The human beings living in a tangent of self-righteousness, self-improvement, a better world and so far? They will also end despite all tears & the gnashing of teeth

Me? Not for one second can I contemplate such an end for any of us chosen children of the Almighty Creator of our beings. That’s why He is raising the unknowns like myself to bring you the message of His restoration to the original intent for our creation. Plus, the opportunity to prepare to survive and endure until the end of the great tribulation while the earth and all bad element is burnt away.

Even so, I read the post my readers post, and? I wonder. Where are you all going? Why did you ‘awesome’ the post I posted? I ponder & wonder. I hear, “Those are My children—your sisters & brothers. I am taking care of them as I take care of you. Rejoice! No need to wonder what is happening there yonder. In time, I will let you know more than I let you know for now. Keep at your task, write & publish & optimize. I am doing the rest.”

Phew! I don’t have to post the long Scriptural quote. I know you will all find a way to read those words just because? O well, let me no wonder or anymore ponder. Father is leading you all as He is leading me.

His love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia.


 Should I Mix With The World At Large?

Journal—An ongoing dialog between thia/Basilia and Master Yahuwah/Yahushua. …

Thursday, May 11, 2017 at 8:15 am

Thanks, my Father for all I have accomplished this morning with my neglected house chores.

My life continues with my focus set on You. Why I address You and not Yahushua in all my writings? I do it in obedience to Yahushua’s instructions to do so.

There are so many clichés in all religions it boggles one’s mind. When I hear, such clichés imposed by the different religions to the adherents of such religions, I cringe. I distinctly know that person quoting those imposed clichés has not come into the fulness of Your Presence yet, but!

I no longer dare to condemn anyone. Today You brought me back to Romans 2. Wow! What a revelation to re-enforce Your words to me personally.

I thank You, my Father for eradicating such clichés out of my mind & heart. Our communication is now simple and genuine, just as if I was talking to You physically in my presence always.

Thursday, May 11, 2017 at 1:33 pm
You are right here with me bringing to my mind all that You need for me to type. You know exactly what triggers the thoughts that so disturb me. You know because You not only know me, but! You know each one of us individually.

Therefore, it is not for me to judge or condemn or not anyone for any reason whatsoever, but! Should I mix with the world at large?

No matter what evil in my midst I see, I must let it be. I trust You to keep me away from the evil doings of Your people.

Thus, I refuse to make my own plans. I have no agenda, but! Your agenda rules my doings. Thanks, my Father! Even physically, my pain is gone! I worship You!

Thursday, May 11, 2017 at 4:34 pm
Father, thanks for Ray Edwards. He opened my child’s eyes big time. Yes, You know how aware I am of the successful business amazing achievements.

Specially, all the amazing advances to make this a better world, but! Have they succeeded?

It has always been a puzzle to me. All the amazing institutions founded by the super wealth in this world, to make this a better world.

Yet, this world is far beyond that better in the human mind. This world has regressed to the times of Noah. That is the fact.

Why is this so? So many theories are there in this world to debate this matter, why is this so? Why the evil? Why our good is not good enough?

Me? A long time ago I quit debating period. A long time ago I quit trying, I started trusting.

Now? Whatever I do it is not a try. Whatever I do, I do it because that is the way Father tells me to do. Of course, a lot of what I do, do not work out. Why?

Father tells me He wants me to learn the difference between my human thinking and His command to trust Him.

A lot of what I do, I do it because of the influence of wonderful leaders like Ray Edwards and Rebecca Matter et all, but, I do it in obedience to my Father’s instructions to be a human being—to abstain from bucking the system. To do what they tell me to do but, do not do what they do. So, I give the template a shot.

Hum! Try to figure that out. I have, but! After a while? I run to my Father with my cry, “This is Impossible!”.

On comes to my mind, what am I to do next. So, this latest in my mind? Go fund raising.

OK. Now I get the message from Ray Edwards about the profit lie and the give back.

Me? Profit? Give back? Never occurred to me. That’s why Father has let me flounder all around the successful grounds talking about apples when the whole talk is about oranges.

Even so, the whole thing has not dampened my spirit. I keep writing & publishing & optimizing as per Father’s instructions to do. He will do the rest.

Will He quicken Ray Edwards to help? Perhaps. I’ll keep going one way or the other.
His love in my heart for all, thiaBasilia.

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