Category: Nature

Charming world of flowers

In a garden of flowers, I stand; Charmed by the beauty That surrounds me; What a variety of flowers; I find! At the far end, At my right, A rose nods its head; I will harvest that rose For the one who has won My heart; I hope for a love Far from short lived…

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Natural Beauty Boom

Natural beauty boom Is open for you to enjoy; A real flower show; The true language of love; Flowers of all kinds, But not known by all, Some see their beauty, But many eyes are closed; The language of love They do so well speak, Beautifying the heart; The flowers are rose; Those I love…

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Look at the stars

Look at the stars up in the sky; Tell me how you see them, What can be more lovely to see? Look at the moon; It’s beauty beautifies my mind; When st nature I take a careful look, I cannot help but to admire The color that from it emanates. The beauty of nature, A…

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