The answer is there though you may not see it

I have just found an answer I had looked for in vain for a long time. And I didn’t go far to find it. In fact, it was right at my nose, but locked inside a box which stood right there; and which I saw many times a day.

Do you know? I was seeing the box locked with a key hanging on it; but honestly, I never imagined it was the box in which the answer I was looking for for was locked.

I kept on wishing I knew how to solve the problem and almost became frustrated that I could find the solution I wanted.

Do you know my real problem? My real problem was a problem that many people have. I wanted an answer or a solution, but all I did was I wanted. I did not go out for it. I did not take time to search for it. I did no ask those I knew knew the answer.

Isn’t that what many of us do? We have a problem or we want an solution to a problem but we sit and think it will come and meet us. It will not. This is the big lesson I got.

The day I made up my mind to go all out and find an answer to my problem, I got it. I got it because I went for it; I looked for it. I decided to go to school at home for learn how to solve the problem. I searched for it and got it.

What intrigued me was how near the solution had been all along. I was seeing it every day; passing by it ever so often, but my eyes were not open to see it. I needed to learn to see it.

Learning opens our eyes to see things that we would not have otherwise seen. Learning opens our eyes to see the solutions we are looking for. Learning opens our eyes to see something in things that do not look important.

If you want to make it big, make learning an absolute part if you. Keep learning and finding solutions to the problems you encounter; acquiring new skills, empowering yourself.

Thank God who guided me to discover the solution I had been seeking. That also led me to write this post.

I hope it inspires, motivates or encourages you to go out and fight for an answer to any problems you may be facing now. If you cannot find it go to school. The web us a big school with teachers all over with answers to give you. Go to them. There is free tuition.

Education is the key to finding solutions to our problems. Learn and always learn.


Photo Blog: First Day Of Autumn In Europe

Summer is gone and here comes the fall …
for some more beautiful pictures 

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A Real- Life Love Story Of A Sailor And His Queen

He went onboard for 6 months again. And that ‘Long-Distance-Love’ phase struck us again. But, the wait for the calls and video calls was worth it all. It was difficult for me but he always gave me strength. He made sure that he gave me all his time when on port and wrote to me each day without fail no matter how tired he was.  To read more please CLICK HERE:-

…And Order H2O (Part Two)

Yesterday in my post I wrote about the Psychological Concept of Synchronicity as explained by Carl Jung.

Synchronicity does not have fundamental empirical evidence to support it as a “force.” This was pointed out on by reader of the post in a well written comment. However, my Buddha Quote Onepost was not about proving the existence of Synchronicity. Both the primer post and this post are to explain the concept and why I believe it is a “force”–at least in my life–despite the lack of empirical evidence.

Having laid out the bare basics of the theory my personal experience is next.

Let me start by backing up.

I apologize.  This is my third guest post on Success Inspirers’ World site.  I failed to give an introduction as I am a new writer to the site. Given this opportunity to introduce myself I also can wrap in the context and background of where my belief in Synchronicity developed.

When I first started my WordPress Blog,, I talked about my Spiritual Path in a two part post.  The overall theme of my site is to share the journey of how I became a writer and how my characters’ stories continue to develop, how I continue to develop as a writer. I have been writing stories since I was in first grade.  I have had a love of reading since long before grade school. My grandfather read me nursery rhymes at bed time. Each year at Christmas time, until I was ten years old, I was coaxed into the retelling of the story of the Nativity, which I did from memory for the first time when I was three years old.  The need, the drive, the passion to be a storyteller, a writer, is in my soul.

I believe in messages. Not necessarily from an outside presence.  One way these messages manifest to me is through Synchronicity. Most of the my experiences of Synchronicity are positive and good fortune coming into my life. However, there have times which were negative, karma if one chooses the label, showing me my choice of not cursing or wishing ill on someone who had harmed me was the right choice.

The best example of karma in motion was when I was unexpectedly terminated from my position as Administrative Assistant for a Church. The pastor who was my boss had graduated from seminary and was going through the Ordination Process to be Ordained Full Clergy in June of that year.  The Church only does Ordination once a year and usually the person passes the first time. When I was terminated I was not given a reason for my termination.

Fortunately for me I have an amazing support system and was able to bounce back.

In the first six months after my departure the pastor did not pass her Ordination, had a fender bender which was bad enough the insurance opted to total her car, and broke her ankle in same accident. I wished no ill. Prayed no vengeance against my boss. I genuinely felt bad for her when I found out these things happened. She has since gone on to be ordained, gotten married and has children. Yet, at the time she wronged me, the Universe balanced the books.

For many years I believed in Serendipity instead of Synchronicity. Happy accidents.  Luck. Those times were mainly during my teens. As I matured, studied Buddhism and became more conscious of my thoughts and actions Synchronicity started to make more sense.

The Secret and The Circle touch on a version of Synchronicity. Since the 1970’s, if not earlier, the idea of Positive Thinking has become a large, almost mainstream movement. Some mock the idea, some are fanatic about it, most do whatever they can to make money off of it.

People who are fanatical, as those who are vehement critics, both miss the mark.  As a believer of a Middle Way and everything in moderation, taking the principle ideas of Synchronicity, The Secret, The Circle, and other teachings and using them to adapt my worldview is the best practice I have found.  I do not go to the extreme of shunning every sick person or sitting on my butt day in and day out without activity toward making my wish a reality.  At the same time I don’t dismiss the ideas as whimsical or vapid. Instead, I use the knowledge gained to guide my activity, making conscious choices in my actions, thoughts, and speech.

The most recent Synchronistic events happened in the last couple of weeks.  Since I am currently unemployed I have been focusing my attention back on the *Bear and Hunter* book series I co-author.  Though we are nowhere near being able to afford the making of an audiobook I like to do my research ahead of time.  So I have been looking into what it takes and how much it would cost to record and distribute.  One day I happened to catch a friend of mine at his home. We have not been able to get together and really talk for several months.  He happened to be off and his house is on the main drag of the town.  I drove by after going to the store and was on my way home.  So I got to talk to him. At the same time I have started therapy online. I talk to a counselor over the phone.  I have had three sessions at this point.

When I was a little girl my grandmother, as part of her ministry, would take me around to nursing homes and make me sing for old people. Fortunately for her I am a Leo so I wasn’t too traumatized by these memories.  As I grew older I continued to show fearlessness in front of an audience. By high school I was doing vocal lessons and in band, choir and Speech and Drama. Quite by accident (a story for a later time) I discovered I was good at public speaking and people liked the sound of my speaking voice as well as my singing voice.

Keeping all of this in mind, earlier this week on Wednesday, I was talking to my therapist.  She knows I am not working but my unemployment is not the issue I am currently tackling.  As a completely unrelated tangent (again this was only the third time we had spoken on the phone) she asked me if I had thought about doing voice over work, i.e. recording for audio books. She says I have a pleasant voice which she would pay to listen to me read one of her favorite authors so I should give it a shot.

I was looking to find someone to be the voice of our book, not the other way around.  Yet, this was an intriguing possibility my therapist had suggested.  It has potential.  The friend who I finally reconnected with the other day happens to do DJ work and has equipment and software to record and edit.

As I am writing this post, my friend is editing a sample of my recordings to post on ACX. In the span of a little over a week I had the thought of creating an audiobook, had it suggested I record audiobooks, and reconnected with a friend who has the resources to record my voice.

While this is the not the neon-lit eureka moment story to convince die hard skeptics of Synchronicity it is for me the latest example of how being conscious of the moment, of keeping a positive outlook, and of going with “gut-feeling” or “little voice” can lead to a new and good things in life.

Hello SIWO Family!

I am privileged to be a new part of the SIWO family. I would like to begin by telling all a bit about myself and my writing. I reside in a small abode in the small town of Beatrice, Nebraska, U.S.A. I consider myself a Christian, Husband, and Father, in that order.


15827808812_9683cdd61c_mI became a born-again Christian in 1975 while serving in the United States Army at Ft. Hood, Texas. I was saved through reading the gospels one evening after leaving a party intoxicated at the age of 19. By the time I got through John, I came to the LORD Jesus in prayer and He came into my life.

Since then I have walked a road not as straight as it should have been, but Jesus has walked with me always.


304129030_0cfe945fcc_mI have been husband to by bride Linda since July 14, 1984. For 34 years she has been my steadfast, supporting and loving companion. I am forever thankful to the LORD for her.

She is a true gift from God to me. She has always been willing to follow wherever God has led us. She has given me the best example of a true prayer warrior I have ever known.


2776326500_39d8516c07_mI have the treasure of two adult children, Thomas and Rebecca. They are both close in proximity and more importantly to our hearts.

The experience of fatherhood has been the blessing and trial of my life. I think that parenthood has given me a better perspective on God as the Father, and I am grateful for His gifts and love and help along the path of fatherhood.

My Callings

I first followed a definite calling from God in 1989. I pursued that calling to minister as a pastor first to seminary. I graduated in 1993 with a Master of Divinity degree in Biblical Interpretation and Theology.

I entered the pastorate in the very tiny town of Raritan, Illinois at Raritan Baptist Church. It was a hamlet of just 157 people. After four years there, I was called to First Baptist Church in Beatrice, Nebraska.

After 20 years in the pulpit with two churches in Nebraska, I retired almost two years ago to follow my current calling as a writer.

Along the way, I also became a direct support caregiver for mentally and physically disabled adults. I have worked there for the past 12 years. This is another occupation where I can minister to others even as they do to me.

My Passion

6384460355_a5372d27e6_mWriting is my passion and current calling from God. My desire is to bring the truth of God’s Word to the news and issues of the day. My website where I publish is and the publication is the TIL Journal.

TIL stands for “truth in love.” The words are taken from the New Testament.

Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ… Ephesians 4:15 [ESV]

I model my efforts after the admonition of 20th Century Theologian Karl Barth.

“Take your Bible and take your newspaper, and read both. But interpret newspapers from your Bible.”

These days, “newspapers” publish in multiple forms and the online platform is the fastest growing of them all. I hope to inspire and instruct others in the art and science of interpreting the news from the Bible.

Things to Come

The avenue of writing is not limited to my posts and articles. I am continuing work on a fiction piece which is turning into a novel. The LORD has impressed this work on my heart as well.

I have and will continue to compose other works as the LORD leads in areas such as poetry, devotions and perhaps Biblical quips and studies in the future. I hope to be a worthy contributor to the SIWO family for the future. I pray for many blessings to all of you from the LORD as He leads us all.

D.T. Osborn


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Inset Image 1 courtesy of Thomas Hawk’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
Inset Image 2 courtesy of Michael Kirwin’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
Inset Image 3 courtesy of Gilles Guerraz’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License
Inset Image 4 courtesy of Ulrich Berens’ Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

All other sources linked or cited in the text.



DAILY MOTIVATION: How To Handle Stress Of Continually ‘Proving & Improving’ Yourself In Today’s Competitive World??????

It takes a lot of mental and physical strength to try expanding your limits. In today’s competitive world, it can be depressive and exhausting. Try this simple Task I have mentioned in my blog. Let me know did it work for you?

Get Back Up And Start Over Again

A beautiful inspiring poem. Chin up my dear, pick yourself up and start over again. Failure is just an excuse to try harder. ♥♥♥

Do You Believe In ‘Fairytales’?

I don’t know whether you guys believe in fairytale romances or not but, I DO. I believe in it because I wanted it & I knew I deserved it. Despite all low moments of odds and disappointment, yes I still choose to believe in it. Because Love is like Magic it just doesn’t happen on it’s own, It’s being created.

God is a Ghost


This is a poem from a while back. Enjoy!

The cobwebs, the crooked doors, and the darkened hallways
I forget to acknowledge myself in all my ways
I forget there is one constant in all of the universe
It still has to run its course
When I feel all alone
I forget there is a soul of mine I can call my own
Aliens, ghosts, and skeletons
But don’t you forget God is a ghost
He has come to give you what you need most
You should fear this ghost
He can mysteriously pop up in front of you during the day
Sometimes it appears he is unseen
But he knows what you need
He has come to reap and comfort
For he alone can heal our hurt
Don’t forget God’s a ghost
And he loves you very much
Don’t forget his mysterious power

(C) Carly Wiggins 2007