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Below is my first published Poetry Book “Mann ki Aarzoo,” which is available on Notion Press, Amazon, Flipkart and Kindle.


I am delighted to inform that my book has won 4th place in October 2016 Book contest among other books published with NotionPress.

My book “Mann Ki Aarzoo”, is going to New Delhi, to be a part of New Delhi World Book fair between January 7th to January 15th 2017.

You will be kept informed of further developments during January.

Name Place Date
New Delhi World Book Fair Pragati Maidan 07.01.2017 to 15.01.2017
Chennai Book Fair St. George’s Anglo Indian Hr. Sec. School 06.01.2017 to 19.01.2017
  • Discounts of up to 40% to readers at New Delhi World Book Fair and up to 10% in Chennai Book Fair (As per book fair policy)


You’ll love reading through it and won’t be disappointed

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Roots: alfaazmeredilse

Originally posted on alfaazmeredilse


By- Rishika Ghai

Roots; an integral part of a tree
Allowing them to stand upright
Fulfilling all the needs of the tree.

Like a tree, everyone needs their roots
To stand upright in their lives
We know them as parents.  

Fulfilling our need
They prepare us for the race of life.
Without them; we are nothing.

Try to weed out this root from your life
And your life would be not less than
A dead tree whose roots have been destroyed.  


©All Rights Reserved
© Rishika Ghai

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प्रकृति की सीख/Nature Lessons — alfaazmeredilse

(English translation below the Hindi one. Click on the link to read the English translation)

ऋषिका घई/Rishika Ghai

प्रकृति की सीख पेड़ो से तुम सीखो,
निष्ठा से छावॅ फैलाना|
सूरज से तुम सीखो,
नित दिन नया सवेरा करना|
पशुओ से तुम सीखो,
बेइन्तहा प्यार करना|
तो पक्षी से तुम सीखो,
पंख फैलाकर खुले आसमान में उड़ना|
ऐ मानव कुछ सीखो!
अपनी प्रकृति से तुम कुछ तो सीख लो! चाँद से […]

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Gori: A Stray Who Is Close To My Heart — alfaazmeredilse

The writer Rishika Ghai has taken pains to write this story in two languages back to back (English and Hindi).
It’s a true and a  heart warming story of a stray.
Do read it.
I’m sure you’ll love it.


By Rishika Ghai

Met a Stray Dog My story revolves around the time when I use to stay in Hyderabad Artillery Centre. We had shifted there in April, and that’s when I saw that there was a female Pomeranian dog in our block. Though she was a Pomeranian… she looked like a stray, which was […]

via Gori: A Stray Who Is Close To My Heart — alfaazmeredilse

Blurry Faces of the city

Blurry Faces of the city is a series of illustrations of the people who are living around us but are rarely noticed and acknowledged in mainstream. I have attempted to see their lives and struggles as they go through the ordeals to keep themselves and their dependents alive – in hope for a better tomorrow.

Please don’t hesitate to share your opinions, thoughts and feedbacks by going at sanjeevkumarpandey’s blog.

-Sanjeev Kumar Pandey | author, sanjeevkumarpandey’s blog

The ice-cream seller

A Friday night, somewhere in Noida.

Clock is about to strike 11 pm. We came out of a restaurant and started walking on the eastbound road alongside a now-slept market. On the road there are auto-rickshaws lined up with their drivers wandering around looking for passengers. Some auto-rickshaws are rushing down the road and some others slowing down to ask if we are intended to go somewhere. Some of them would try to guess the place we are likely to go and shout – ‘So and so much money for blah-blah place… Get in!’ We would answer some and ignore others. I know it is their daily practice so it hardly makes a difference what we really say. Deal is – are we getting into it or not? Actual listening would start only after either we nod to a fixed amount or the meter is down – which would be rare thing to happen so mostly for us and for most of the commuters it is the first one.

Amidst this, a police car came and from it a policeman wearing a washed away shade of standard-brown-police-uniform shouted on the owners of the roadside food stalls to close the business. Meanwhile a companion of the theirs, a motorcycle-ridden policeman, patrols the adjacent alleys and then signaled one of the stalls to bring food to the police car.

This must have been a routine for these stall owners and the patrolling party too.

We kept walking towards the end of this market where there is a traffic signal – mostly ignored by all during this time of the night. Just before the signal, around a corner standing in ebony skin was a thin boy of age around 17 with his ice-cream trolley.

He had his skeleton prominently visible. All the features of it – the cheek bones, eye-ball sockets, collar-bones, elbows. His head appeared large though – due to unkempt hairs those fashioned a brownish color owing to dust gathered in them.

One can easily be startled by an ‘apparently unprecedented’ form of living being when least expecting. Not even in figment of imagination I would have thought this structure of bones, flesh and blood.

So I reacted, – “What are you doing on this side of the road!? There are no restaurants or anything luring for people to crowd around!”

“Cars stop here sir.”, came a reply riding on a voice that was sure of itself but also a little sad. “They buy from me. I am here for those customers.”, he added sounding defending his ground.

“Why not move a little closer to the market behind the bus stand?”, I said almost rhetorically.

“There is already a trolley on the northern corner. Two of us can’t sell together, we have to cover larger area, plus we have to follow a strategy of being visible at a certain place in continuation of positions – a series of trolleys placed at a certain distance from each other would form such a chain that would induce the ‘desire’ by repetitive stimulous to vision and mind”, he spoke in authoritative and compelled voice while narrating his sales plan.

He was getting into it. I’d drawn him into a conversation now. Earlier it was merely asking and answering. By this time, I had understood that he could talk more freely now. His body language suggested that he was at ease and the cover of defense that mind had created was gone.

I could see him more clearly now, for now he didn’t feel embarrassed, or offended, when I ‘stared’ at him.

Those eyes could not have been more alert and skin did not wear wrinkles and a nice bath would have had brought-out a smooth chocolaty tone instead of grainy and dusty brown one.

Teeth were surprisingly white against the common notion about tobacco eating mouths and surely one would have been able to count all the ribs if he’d took off his yellow-brown shirt.

He probably read my thoughts for he spoke suddenly, “I’ll put on some weight once my worries are over sir.”

I looked at him in awe and he went on with his story of leaving his village in Buxar (Bihar)and coming to Delhi to work in a factory that produced packaging items.

There came a mention of his father and his eyes lit up, his hands clutched the pushing-bar of his trolley harder as if they were the hands of his father whom he probably has longed to grab and cry, sharing his ordeals. It became ‘necessary’ to talk about something else to do away with the emotional overwhelm.

“So which ice-cream do you like?”, I made an attempt to change the subject but came no reply from the him. I felt a little embarassed to ask such a stupid question after a heavymoment. I, however, threw away that feeling and asked another question.


“When do you start your sale?” I asked, while pretending to read from the items’-chart hanging from the top of the trolley.

“From afternoon 3.”, he glanced at that menu chart and looked away on the road to our right.

“And when will you go home?”, I continued.

“I am waiting for some friends, the other trolley manning men, who would be going with me. It is risking life and property to travel alone on these roads due to some anti-social elements who will strip you of everything and wouldn’t hesitate to put a knife into you, so we go in groups.”, he said gravely while his forehead frowned.

The timing of this response could not have been worst, so to lighten the air I asked, “For how much did you sell today?

“Not much – only 1200 Rupees. Usually I make 2000-2500.”

“I understand that that money goes to the company. What do you get?”

“16% of my sales amount.”

“So you get it monthly?”

“I wouldn’t survive on monthly salary if it is this less! I keep my 16% every day… and I don’t like ice-cream sir.”

His friends arrived and he left with them; talking while waving hands animatedly. Sharing stories from the day. Sharing their common worries and pacifying what’s there to pacify.

‘Love & Unity Solution Song’ – audio track, video and lyrics

New-Topical Dance-Electronica Song ‘Love & Unity Solution Song’ by Michel Montecrossa : audio track, video and lyrics

Video © Filmaur Multimedia

Love & Unity Solution Song

Love & Unity Solution Song coming from my angel soul.
We are childsouls, yes, we are, near the gates of hell.
There’s a bird a-flyin’, flyin’ in the air,
singin’ of love, of love and unity fair.

Love & Unity Solution Song coming from my angel soul.
Uncounted are the people living in slums all over the globe.
There’s a bird a-flyin’ and the air is a-gettin’ thin.
The human spirit is the force that cares from within.

Love & Unity Solution Song coming from my angel soul.
Only the few want to see what’s a-really goin’ on.
Unfair distribution, you know, of the wealth and of changes
leads to protest for butter, bread and good chances.

Love & Unity Solution Song coming from my angel soul.
A rising number of the working poor
revolts against the greedy and the lazy
and poor recyclers are saving indeed our endangered planet.

Love & Unity Solution Song coming from my angel soul.
We are childsouls, yes, we are, near the gates of hell.
The human good is there in the midst of it all.
I’m a-seein’ the bird a-flyin’ and the bird is a-singin’ my song.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

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Navaveda – the Free School of Mirapuri (text & video)

Navaveda is the Free School of Mirapuri. It is a school for the Mirapuri children which is guided by Mirakali ( who lives and works in Mirapuri, the City of Peace and Futureman in Europe (Italy). Navaveda helps the children to keep in touch with their soul and to unite inner experience with outer knowledge and understanding in an integral consciousness. At Navaveda the teaching expresses itself in a wide freedom and its content is explored with the children in harmony with their needs and aspirations as an expression of their individualities and unique characters.

See also this link:

The school-experience in Mirapuri protects and encourages the childhood and youth with all its energy, ease, visions of the future and future-wideness, so that the whole life is filled with happy trust in the beauty, the good and the meaning of life. Creative joy and the experience of freedom through freedom is the golden treasure of Navaveda, and the happy laughing of the children and the light in their eyes are the rich reward for all that work at Navaveda: the children, the young and the adults.

Navaveda is the educational action of Mirapuri and Miravillage for children of all ages. Its activities are linked to M.I.R.A and the New Age Seminars. Navaveda also incorporates Navaguha (the kindergarden section of Navaveda) and the Miramour – Project for orphan children. The aim of Navaveda is to encourage perpetual renewal and growth of consciousness in freedom and joy, to be able to always see and experience in a new and unexpected way and to expand one’s capacities without limits – in short: to preserve and live the spring of eternal youth.


‘Youth does not depend on the small number of years one has lived, but on the capacity to grow and progress. To grow is to increase one’s potentialities, one’s capacities; to progress is to make constantly more perfect the capacities that one already possesses. Old age does not come from a great number of years but from the incapacity or the refusal to continue to grow and progress. I have known old people of twenty and young people of seventy. As soon as one wants to settle down in life and reap the benefits of one’s past efforts, as soon as one thinks that one has done what one had to do and accomplished what one had to accomplish, in short, as soon as one ceases to progress, to advance along the road of perfection, one is sure to fall back and become old.
One can also teach the body that there is almost no limit to its growth in capacities or its progress, provided that one discovers the true method and the right conditioning. This is one of the many experiments which we want to attempt in order to break these collective suggestions and show the world that human potentialities exceed all imagination.’ (Mira Alfassa).

‘Child & Water’ – drawing by Michel Montecrossa

‘Child & Water’ – drawing by Michel Montecrossa

Description: ‘Child & Water’, Miravillage, 2013, ink and wax crayon on paper, 50 cm x 70 cm

Copyright: All Michel Montecrossa Paintings, Drawings, Photography, Digital-Art, Art-Objects and Movies © Filmaur Multimedia

All Michel Montecrossa Paintings and Drawings can be seen as previews:

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Angel Nation – lyrics, audio track & video

New-Topical-Song ‘Angel Nation’ by Michel Montecrossa with lyrics and audio track


The revealing gleam of eyes
in the high noon of sunlight.
I raise myself, I lean over her,
kiss her with tender moments.
The night pauses with a song for love
that stays and wonders.
The Angel Nation of the Bright Earth
is silent, peaceful, calm.

It is the time of Europe‘s golden hour morn,
sweet with her soul in human nature reborn.
How bright a face is shining
when joy is with the young.
The Angel Nation of the Bright Earth
is courageous, determined, strong.

A house there is and streets and hamlets
and glad am I, glad that the past is gone
and glad that the future forever moves on.
The Angel Nation of the Bright Earth is beautifully one.

My face is warm and wide-eyed, putting a spell.
She has that passion, has the satisfied yell.
My boots she holds in her hands,
wants my strong embrace.
The Angel Nation of the Bright Earth
is love, the kiss, the grace.

Calm is my way, peaceful my dream in the silent night.
My wishes are beyond all limits of the sky.
There is something in me that always sets me free.
The Angel Nation of the Bright Earth is there, is with me.

You sing a song for love that stays, love that‘s pure.
Love gives unity that forever will endure.
Human unity of love means jobs and sound economy.
The Angel Nation of the Bright Earth
leads on the way to destiny.

Lyrics & Music: Michel Montecrossa, © Mira Sound Germany

The song is part of this live-video of the LOVE WORLD ACTION NEW YEAR CONCERT

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