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Which Is the Real Crisis for America? [Video]

In recent weeks the political landscape of America has been imbued with talk of a “crisis” of one type or another. On the one hand, there is the crisis on the southern border, as President Trump and the sensible among the GOP claim.

On the other hand, there is the crisis of “climate change,” championed by the new extreme Left of the Democratic Congress. Which of these claims holds up under investigation of the facts?

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Slouching Toward Molech [Video]

In 1919, W.B. Yeats composed the haunting and powerful verse, “The Second Coming.” A few of the lines from his apocalyptic reflection in the aftermath of World War 1 are particularly instructive a century later. …Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, … The best lack all conviction,…

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Beware of fake news!

You must shun Fake news;Beware of fake news!Fake news doesn’t build,Fake news destroys;You never win by telling lies;Stop trying to find your wayThrough fake news;With fake news, you lose;You may appear to winThrough manipulation,Which is fake news;But in reality you lose;A plane conveying fake news,Is sure to crash-land;Beware of fake news!It is as dangerous asA…

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