Gilets jaunes


Amazing people in the world

The world is full of amazing people.

We need to thank God for these so many amazing people.

How would you not be joyful
If you met so many amazing people as I do?

I am amazed by the number of amazing people I come across everyday on the web.

I meet amazing people among the rich.

I meet amazing people among the poor.

I meet amazing people with white skin color.

I meet amazing peopled with black skin color.

I meet amazing people with red skin color.

I meet amazing people with mixed skin color.

I meet amazing people from all continents of the world.

I meet amazing people who speak my language and others who speak a language I don’t understand.

Yes, there are amazing people all over the world.

Thank you, Lord for so many amazing people in the world.

The kind of people I am looking for

Do you know the kind
Of people in the world,
I am looking for?
I am searching for
People like you;
Kind people like you;
Just people like you;
Hard working people like you;
Peace-loving people like you.
Generous people like you.
Responsible people like you.
You are the kind of people
I am searching for;
And you are numerous
In the world;
Found everywhere;
In all continents;
People of sweet hearts;
Who want to see the world
What it was created to be-
A sweet garden of Eden.
You are the kind of people
I am searching for
With a torch.

The world and her people

The world has good people;
The world has sweet souls;
The world has generous people;
The world has kind souls;
The world has lovers of peace;
The world has honest people;
The world has just souls;
The world has brilliant people;
The world has clever souls;
The world has smart people;
The world has active souls;
The world has upright people;
The world has straight souls;
The world has nasty people;
The world has wicked souls;
The world has selfish people,
The world has stingy souls;
The world has lovely people;
The world has holy people;
The world has saintly people.


It has been three long months at a B-School while I am still trying to adjust to its hectic ways and demands. Joining a curriculum straight after a weak graduation does not seem to be a wise move but I am glad like few others I have been able to make it and I am breathing fine. While I still panic at times to decipher the meanings of the occurrences around me, I make several observations, few of which need to be learned and many to be discarded as irrelevant happenings. Being one of the youngest people at my college, what I really feel blessed about is when many people confide in me. However some confessions really strike hard leaving me in wonder.
Are we supposed to be going by the worldly ways that are common and seemingly right or abide by our morals that rarely make our conscience speak urging us to take the path that might not be clichéd?
Anyway my purpose is not to question morals regarding what is right or wrong for I feel it is all a personal choice and a matter of the upbringing but yes I wish to assert that what is common is not what is natural!
Being a part of one of the coolest gang in my college, many a times I am offered drinks and cigarettes, however since I am adamant on not trying these, I am more and often forced to go for it in the lieu of missing out something really great and worth trying! What has been strange was when two of the members of the same group approached me personally, individually regarding the issues they had been facing in regard to the addictions. I was really shocked by the fact that those were the same people regretting who were forcing me the most in the group to drink and smoke. Well, I didn’t know how to react while they confessed their regret for they were elder to me. But it was really despicable to know that they were indulging in something that they actually didn’t enjoy. Of course I could easily sense from their conversations that it was a way out to escape from the daily tensions but cannot there be another way to evade the stress levels?
Well, I had no advice for them because I actually didn’t know what would work but all I could explain to them was relatively in terms of how they were getting trapped and succumbing themselves to the slavery of these addictions. Hearing their individual rants, one thing became very clear that all of it starts with peer pressure and the worst part is that despite knowing the harmful impacts, they are unable to quit it.
Another trait of human being that comes forward is that the one who is trapped in this vicious cycle of vices, feels pleasure and relief to have others on the same way as well. Making the incorrect correct has become very common nowadays and so it is really a tough call for people with a gullible mind to follow their intuition. Maybe that is the reason of our dying conscience as the world is so fond of making common vices seem like a natural process and ironically it happens to an extent that the line between the right and the wrong vanishes slowly.
‘Doing what one believes in’ is still not a banal quote to say for most of us still act out of pressure which can be family, peer and societal that succumbs our mind and weakens our heart. Undoubtedly it depletes our aura and breaks our determination for we end up committing regretting actions which we later try to justify by falsely convincing ourselves ‘ it is okay , it happens! ’
Before this article turns out to be a boring moral lesson , I got to write this simple reminder that let us not be a victim of the unconscious moves but rather be thoughtful of the consequences before we again end up doing just another common thing!

How long are you here?

You are here
Only for a while;
You are not here forever,
It does no matter how rich you are,
You are here
Only for a while,
You may be the most handsome man
Or the most beautiful woman who ever lived,
You are here
Only for a while;
Be as powerful as you can be;
And when you talk, all the world trembles,
You are here
Only for a while;
Be the top of your class
And graduate with
The highest academic distinctions;
You are here,
Only for a while;
You may have a box full of academic and professional qualifications,
You may be the greatest orator
The world has known,
Or sing like a nightingale,
And move all hearts with your mellifluous voice,
You are here
Only for a while.
And how soon you hand your place
To another. you do not know;
It is not determined by you!
It could be today;
It could be tomorrow!
It could take quite a while again;
You know nothing about when it comes!
Neither do I;
What I know with certainty is
You are here
Only for a while;
No need to boast
Ot to be nasty to others;
For soon the bell will go
And you must quit the seat
you call yours
In this world for ever.
So, my friend, always bear in mind
You are here
Only for a while.
And your powers are limited;
You may think you can do and undo,
But that’s one of the biggest lies
of all times;
You can only do a few things;
And your time here is limited;
You are here
Only for a while;
That, you cannot change;
So where is the power?
You may take away life from others;
But you can never create life;
And you cannot be here for ever;
You are here
Only for a while.

You are nothing but a candlelight;
You shine but never for ever.

20 kinds of people to avoid

If you want to successful,
Some kind of people
You must keep out
Of your life.

  1. Negative people;
  2. Lazy people
  3. Idle people
  4. Irresponsible people;
  5. Disorganized people;
  6. Extravagant people;
  7. Impatient people;
  8. Unambitious people;
  9. People who are not determined;
  10. People who lack focus;
  11. People who spend time gossiping;
  12. People who cannot persist;
  13. Dirty people;
  14. People who lack morals;
  15. Greedy people;
  16. Self-centered people;
  17. Power hungry people;
  18. Wicked people;
  19. Dogs in a manger;
  20. People who steal.

This list is not exhaustive. What can you add? Please. Add!

Welcome Day Three of Walking

Some notes about my daily walks. One it is really hard not to take a bunch of pictures and cheat, posting them on days I don’t walk. This would be self defeating. I have set a limit on myself: three to six pictures a day. Two I love where I live. I wave at every car passing me. Today 6 out of 8 drivers waved back. Country/Small Town people are pretty friendly. Lastly, I measure my distance by mailboxes. My phone has the Samsung Health App which measures my actual distance and time. What I do is pick a mailbox up a head and walk until I get to it. Each day I pick a further out mailbox.

So without anymore delay, today’s pictures:

The Daily Trees to inspire. From this angle they look like they are in line but they are not.
This is a path into the woods I would like to walk but I am not sure who owns the property.
First Wooly Warm of Autumn. Anyone know the folklore about the coloration and Winter?
A turtle cross in the road. This folklore I know, when turtles cross the road it means rain is coming.
BONUS PIC: My best friend’s two year old not ready to face