How was today?

How would you describe
This day?
A good day or a bad day?
I think it was a good day;
You may think it was bad;
For one thing or another,
That did not go well,
But should that be the case?
A few bad things
Should not make a day
A bad one;
And also,
What you may consider bad,
May not really be bad;
A thing may appear bad
But be good instead ;
And a bad thing could be
The key to a great thing.


The best time

God’s timing is the best;
It’s the perfect timing;
God makes things happen
Exactly when they should;
Things that don’t happen
Do not happen because
Their time has not come;
Things that are delayed
Are delayed
So their time may come;
And when it does come,
They happen.
Hence, we say God’s time
Is the best.
And will forever remain
The best.

Sing praise

I will sing praise
To no human like me;
To God alone,
I will sing praise;
I will adore Him;
I will sing praise
To his name;
I will worship him;
And give him all
The honour and glory;
All that I have,
Belongs to him;
It comes from him,
And will return to him;
My life, my time,
Everything I possess,
Belongs to him.
He is a mighty God.
To him alone
I will sing praise.
No praise will I sing
To any human.

A special time

I have started celebrating;
Can you guess what I am celebrating?
I am celebrating the start
Of the week end;
I am happy
That I will rest;
And have time for you;
If you want it,
We can go up the hill,
And down the valley;
And make fun our breakfast;
Our lunch and our dinner.
It will be a thrilling time;
A time we will never forget.
A special time only for us.

We shall be free

The d-day is coming;
When the birds in the sky
And the fish in the sea
And the animals on land,
Shall with one voice,
Like one man,
Shout for joy,
Saying, at long last,
The Lord has done it
For us;
At long last, we are free;
What we have dreamed of,
At last has entered our hands;
What we have fought for;
And many have died for,
Has come and met us at home;
And we are alive;
At last, we are free;
To live in peace,
Like humans, not animals;
Yes, we shall be free,
Like birds in the sky,
To fly from end to end.
Indeed, we shall be free.
We shall not be in chains again;
We shall no longer be slaves
To anyone mighty or rich.
We shall simply be free.

All that glitters

It’s not every shiny egg
That you must eat;
Many mushrooms
Look beautiful
But are poisonous;
A red carpet may lead
To a lion’s den;
Don’t jump into a pool of boiling oil because it looks like a swimming pool;
The devil often
dressess like an Angel;
Temptation is usually sweet
Like nectar,
The container may shine
And glitter
While the content is rotten;
Underneath the green grass
May lurk a deadly serpent.
Let not appearance deceive you;
All that glitters is not gold.