Tribute to Yesterday

Yesterday was Yesterday;
I never before had someone
Like the lovely Yesterday,
Except a long time ago;
Yesterday was Yesterday;
Yesterday was good, and I am Grateful from my heart;
For sure, she had her downs,
But I saw mostly her upside,
That warmed my heart;
Yesterday, you have to note;
Left her mark in my heart.
Thank you, Yesterday!
You were so sweet.
Great tribute to you I pay.


I believe

I believe it’s God’s
To see you work
To change your life
For good;
I believe
God can do and undo
For you;
I believe
He wants
You to succeed;
I believe
He loves all,
And gives all a chance
To be what they
Desire to be.
I believe
If you work hard
And do not surrender,
He will make it big
For you.
I believe;
I really believe
In a future
That is bright.

How nice of you!

Hello everyone on board!
How nice it is of you;
To know you are there;
That makes my heart glow;
I extend a hand to you;
That we may be friends;
And journey together as one,
In this difficult world
Of ours;
I feel in my bones
What pleasant company
We will make;
And that is what I want.
Be my friends for life;
I will be your friend for life;
The sun will shine on me
And the sun will shine on you.
And life will move on nice,
Sweeter than ever before.
Friendship, indeed!
A precious gift of life.
How nice of you, my friend!

Wisdom is flowing

Wisdom is flowing
Knowledge all over
The world;
There can be no
Shortage of wisdom;
If you have one,
Some have an overflow;
When we don’t have water
In the desert,
It is limitless
In the ocean;
Don’t die of suffocation
When air is everywhere.
Wisdom is flowing,
Knowledge boundless;
Tap from the
Abundance of knowledge,
Afloat in the world.
Knowledge, wisdom
Everywhere for all;
Go tap your share.

I believe

I believe it’s God’s
To change your life
In a great way;
I believe
God can do and undo
For you;
I believe
He wants
You to succeed in grand style;
I believe
He loves you,
And wants you to be
What you desire to be.
I believe
If you work hard
And do not surrender,
You will make it big
I believe;
I really believe
In a future
That is bright for you.

I am happy you’re so nice

I am happy you like it;
I am happy you tell me;
I am happy you say
The nice things
That you say;
I am happy, indeed,
You’re so nice;
You make my day;
When your words are
So sweet, as they are,
They go
Right to my heart;
And brighten my day;
I am so happy
I know someone like you;
Someone so nice.
All I can say is
Bravo to you.
I am happy you’re so nice;
I do pray for you,
That like the moon
You may brightly shine!

Only death shall part us

Do you remember
What you promised me?
Do you know
That a promise is a debt?
And are you ready
To keep or to break
Your promise?
Doesn’t it matter to you
That you made this promise
To me?
And are you not ashamed
To break your promise?
On my part,
I will never break
My promise to you;
In sun or in rain,
I am yours;
And you are mine;
You are mine for ever;
I will cling to you;
And only death shall
Part us.
Wherever you go,
There, I shall go with you.

I wish it had been

I felt so happy that
I screamed for joy;
And said a word of
“Thank you” to God;
It was so beautiful;
Exactly what I wished
For my life;
My happiness was
Beyond compare;
At one point
I made a big shout
To the Lord;
“Thank you my God!”
“I am so happy”;
“You are so sweet.”
That was when I got up,
To find that
Sweet as it was,
It was but a dream.
Yes, only a dream.
Why was it not real?
I wish it had been real!
It was only a dream;
A sweet dream.

Why do you want me to dance your dance?

You have your own song;
I have my own song;
Why do you want me
To stop singing
My own song,
And start singing
Your own song instead?

You have your own dance,
I have my own dance;
Why do you want me
To stop dancing
My own dance,
And start dancing
Your own dance instead?

You have your own ways
I have my own ways;
Why do you want me
To throw away my own ways
And start following
Your own ways instead?

You have your own kind
Of food;
I have my own kind of food;
Why do you want me
To abandon
My own kind of food
And start eating
Your own kind of food

How full is your love tank

How full is your love tank?
Half full?
Full to the brim?
Overflowing ?
Or empty?
Some love tanks are full
And overflowing;
Some are only half full;
Some are empty;
Take note:
Your love tank is full
Or empty depending on you;
It is only as full as
You make it;
A love tank cannot be full
On its own
All the couples you admire
Took time, or take time,
To fill their love tank;
They take time
To fan the fire of their love
And keep it burning.
You are challenged
To do same;
Do not allow your love to chance;
It will be swept off its feet
By the vicissitudes if life;
The heavy blows if marriage
Will knock it down;
Work hard to keep the fire Of love burning
In your marriage;
Work hard to fill your love tank
To overflowing.