The rain is over

The rain is over;
There is sunshine;
The weather is bright;
No more tears;
No more crying;
But laughter all the way;
Darkness is gone;
And brightness is here;
Light has come.
Let’s go out,
Into the yard
And play!
This bright weather
Is a gift from God.
But won’t be there forever;
Let’s enjoy it now.
Sing a song of joy;
Shout out loud!
Blow the trumpet;
Let all the world come
Celebrate with us.


I wish I could help

I know your pain
I see your pain;
I feel your pain;
I know what you’re
Going through;
It pains to know
How desperate you are;
To know
What’s happening
To you;
I see how you are
All alone;
Left all alone
To go through this;
It’s too heavy for you;
And you are all alone;
I wish
I could help;
But see I can’t;
There’s nothing
I can do;
It saddens
My heart.
What do I do?
It pains;
I really wish
I could help.
All I can do is urge
You to take courage;
To be strong
As you have always been;
To trust in God;
And run to him;
He will rescue you
From the wolves who are
Out to devour you.
He will rescue you.

Do you welcome help?

Who will hold my hand
And pull me up?
I welcome help;
Do you welcome help?
Some people welcome help;
Some people reject help;
They want to do everything
By themselves;
Who can do everything
By themselves?
You can do some things
By yourself;
You cannot do all things
By yourself;
We all need help
From time to time;
And when you need help,
Ask for it;
When others offer you help,
Welcome it.
No one is born to live alone;
On one another, we depend.
Welcome help.

You are a blessing

You are a blessing
To humanity;
God created you
For a purpose;
To bless the world.
Ensure that
You accomplish
God’s plan for your
Which is to serve
As a blessing to
You are a wonderful
To humanity.
I am shouting this
Out to you
And all the world.
Teach your children;
They are a blessing
To humanity.
We are, each a
Blessing to humanity.

If you commit an error

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If you commit an error
Don’t leave it;
Correct it;
And the sooner, the better;
Don’t allow it to go worse;
There is nothing wrong
With making an error;
Errors or mistakes are common;
Everybody makes them;
A problem only comes
When you make a mistake,
Or you commit an error,
And do not correct it;
Correct yourself and move on;
And if there is anyone
Who has never made a mistake,
Or committed an error,
Let that person step forward.
Your success depends on this.