True, not fake love

If you are not ready
To love
No one can force you
To do so;
Love has to flow freely;
Without coercion;
It has to be
Like a bird flying;
A gentle passing breeze;
Clouds sailing in the sky;
If you compel ito
Don’t call it love,
It will be sour not sweet.
Only semblance,
Or counterfeit of love;
Meanwhile, nothing is
Sweeter than love.
The most delicious meal,
A far cry;
The words “I love you!”
Are a gentle melody
In the ears of the heart.
And when they come
Straight from the heart,
Direct to the heart,
Also they go.
That, indeed, is love!
True, not fake love.

Don’t be a fool!

If you are having
Hard times,
You should know what
To do;
You change your ways;
If you don’t,
You will continue
To have hard times;
You may even have
Harder times.

Once you know the road
You have taken
Is not not right,
Because it does not lead
To where you want to go,
It will be damn foolish
To continue on it;
Never do what
You know very well,
Will not bring you
The results you want.

Any action that fails
To bring desired results
Is wasted action.
Avoid such action.
For what is the use?
That is for fools;
They will spend time
Hitting a rock
To get water to drink.
How stupid!

Use a long spoon

I mean what I say,
And say what I mean;
I don’t say one thing
And mean another;
I don’t mean one thing
And say another;
I am not a hypocrite;
I don’t pretend;
I think it’s dangerous
To pretend;
To say one thing
And mean another;
Or mean one thing
But say another.
People who pretend
Are dangerous;
They can kill you,
While praising you;
They can finish you
Smiling with you.
Beware of people
Who are like that;
To eat with them
Use a long spoon.
Mean every word
That comes out of
Your mouth.
As for me, always
I mean what I say;
And say what I mean.

God did it for me

Ever living God,
I praise you!
You have done it
For me.

Almighty God,
I adore you,
You have done it
For me.

Finally, and big,
King of glory,
You have done it
For me.

In no small way,
wonderful God,
You have done it
For me.

If I am so happy
It is because
You have done it
For me.

Laughing loudly
You have done it
For me.

Things are fine
O Lord, because,
You have done it
For me.

Songs of praise,
I do sing because
You have done it
For me.

Glory be to you,
So beautifully
You have done it
For me.

I used to fear

I used to fear;
I no longer do;
At least
No longer as before;
I do experience fear.
But it is minimal;
And normal fear;
Positive fear;
And do you know
Why I no longer fear?
Because in God
I have put my trust;
I used to fear
When I on myself
I depended;
Then I became wise;
I thank God
For the grace
Of wisdom
Which chased fear away.
Truly, I used to fear;
I no longer do.
In God I trust;
The one who trusts God
Has no fear.

Are you sure

Are you sure
You want to succeed?
Are you sure
You are determined
Enough to make it?
Are you sure
You have enough faith
In God your creator?
Are you sure
You have worked
Hard enough?
Are you sure
You are doing
What you should do?
Are you sure
You are respecting
The rules of play?
Are you sure
The road you are on
Is the right one?
Answer my question;
If you are sure
Then go right ahead.
You have no reason
To stop on the way.

A sin is sin

A sin is a sin;
Once you have sinned,
You have sinned,
Caught or not caught;
You have sinned.
You are a sinner.

A crime is a crime;
Once you commit a crime,
You have committed a crime;
You don’t have to be caught
Before it becomes a crime.

Theft is theft;
Once you have stolen
You have stolen,
You don’t have to be caught
Before it becomes theft.

Once you cheat
You have cheated
And it is a disgrace;
You don’t have to be caught
Before it becomes a disgrace.

A wrong thing is a wrong thing;
Even if nobody sees it.
The best thing is not
Doing wrong and hiding,
So nobody knows,
Because it remains wrong,
But to stay off the wrong.

A secret sin is one
That no one knows,
But it remains a sin;
Because he who matters,
Knows; and that’s God.

You are blessed

You are blessed;
You are blessed
By your belief;
You are blessed
If you have faith;
You are blessed
Beyond imagination;
You are doubly blessed;
You must thank God,
For your blessings;
God loves gratitude;
A grateful heart;
It is not every body
Who is so blessed;
Hence, you must
Be most thankful;
And bless others.
You are blessed
To bless.
Blessed so that you
May bless.

The best you’ll get

For you, the best, I want;
And nothing short of it;
I don’t want your love
To fade;
I want it instead to shine;
And be so all the times;
I don’t want your light
To quench;
I want it always alight;
And be so all the times;
I don’t want your spirits
To go down;
I want them ever high;
And be so all the times;
I don’t want your business
To decline;
I want it to ever flourish.
To flourish all the times;
Can you see what I want
For you?
I want the best for you;
Nothing but the best;
The best, surely, you’ll get.
I think you deserve it.