Spring of wisdom

On the hillside
Flows a spring;
A spring of wisdom
From the masters;
The great teachers;
Who is ready
To drink pure water
From this source?
You have to nourish
Your intellect daily;
To get it blooming
Like flowers in spring;
Sharpen your life,
With a file
From the wise
O planet earth.


What if

What if the world was yours,
How would you treat it,
Would you be a better leader,
What if you were alone,
How would you lead on,
Would it be better that everyone’s gone
What if cars didn’t exist,
How would you move quick,
Would you not fall into a ditch,

What if you was evil,
How would you hurt people,
Would you try and cripple,
What if you loved someone,
How would you move on,
Would you stay strong,
What if there were total honesty,
How would you treat treasonry,
Would you say that lies are make believe,


What you gonna do?

When your mom’s at the hospital,

Because she got shot,

What you gonna do?

When you can’t finish school,

Because police came at your spot,

What you gonna do?

When you stress about an exam,

Thinking about your mom paying you 7 grand,

What you gonna do?

When you got bills and can’t pay em,

Because you have no money to lend,

What you gonna do?

When your fathers never there,

Because he ran in fear,

What you gonna do?

When the whole world’s in danger,

Because of a virus emerger,

What you gonna do?

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Endless love

Nobody can stop this,
Endless love,
It runs through people,
It’s all and above,
Don’t be afraid,
Fly like a dove,
It will keep you in shape,
Just give the lamp a rub,

Endless love deep inside you,
It might mask itself as unfriendly,
Although you know it’s true,
It keeps you from anger and insanity,
Endless love is like a pill that is blue,
Being in peace comes in handy,
It has you reaching for something new,


A reason to live

It’s good to be alive,

But somethings may haunt you,

With good vibes we can thrive,

Beat any obstacle,

We all come in different shape,

We give and we take,

To be fully awake,

Means one step further from the grave,

If there is a life to save,

Be smiling every day,

Cause you never know what may come your way,

Say what you want to say,

Live life to the fullest,

Cause what else is there to do,

You got to push it,

For something new to come through,


You are my everything

You are my energy supply;
You are my hope;
You are my star;
You are my friend;
You are my very heart;
You are my hero;
You are my champion;
You are my role model;
You are my encourager;
You are my motivator;
You are my inspirer;
You are my ambassador;
You are my special envoy;
You are my everything.
You are my reason for living.
You are my oxygen;
You are my everything.

The monster we must stop

There is a monster we must stop
The monster killing us;
The monster devouring our people;
The monster responsible
For all the destruction;
The burning of houses,
The slaughtering
Of men, women and children;
That monster
Is the devil incarnate;
And if not stopped,
We are finished;
We are all finished;
Destruction will continue;
It will intensify;
It will expand;
It will take greater dimensions;
He will devour everything;
That monster
Will gulp us down.
That demon;
That monster
Will sweep us off,
And drown us all,
As would a river let loose
On a mountain top;
That monster is Lies;
Fathered by Satan;
Devil Incarnate;
He wears a coat of many colours;
Blatant Lies;
Shameless Lies-telling;
Lies without blinking;
Lies in broad day light.
Yes, we have built him;
This monster called Lies.
One by one
He is devouring us.
Soon we will be wiped off
From the surface of tbe earth;
Shall we allow that to happen?
The custodians of the truth,
The journalists,
The men of God,
Have been held hostage
By the father of Lies;
And now they carry lies
On their heads;
What shall we do?
One option alone we have:
To say no to lies-telling;
A vehement no to Lies;
No to ‘zero mort’;
Either we kick out lies
Or lies kick us out.
Whoever lies must stop,
Or is made to stop.
Lies is the monster
We must stop.
The monster drowning us.

You have not disappointed me

Many thanks to you,
My people;
You have not disappointed me;
You could have failed me;
You have not failed me;
At first, it appeared
You were failing me;
My support came
From outside my continent:
From across the oceans;
America, India, what have you?
And I asked myself;
“Where are my own people?”
I felt disappointed;
Though I did not give up;
I felt you had not discovered
What your own was doing;
I continuef to have faith
In you;
Hence, I kept on digging
And hoping;
And I was right;
As expected,
The time has come;
This is that time;
You have discovered,
What your own is doing;
And this is your weight
All behind me;
And it is so clear
For all to see;
Silently eloquent;
Thank you and thank you
And thank you, my people;
Great, indeed, you are;
Greater than anyone can imagine;
Greatness I find in you!
Great people support their own,
To take greater strides;
To run and not fall;
And when they fall,
They hold their hand
And lift them up;
To continue
Their hard, sinuous journey.
Thank God
You have not disappointed me.

A day of great joy

Today is a wonderful day;
A special day,
A day of great joy;
Today is a day of days;
A day unlike other days;
There shall be shouting
And screaming with joy;
The name of the Lord
Shall be praised this day;
Unlike on other days,
For mighty is he;
And mighty his works;
Works of his divine hands;
Come all the world,
Come join me,
To praise the Lord;
For this wonderful day;
A gift so rare,
He has given to us.
It is this wonderful day.
Everynody enjoy today!