We must take back our land

We must take back our land;
It was designed to be
A love land,
And not a hate land;
But what do we find?
Hate all over the land;
Who has turned it
Into a hate land;
We ourselves;
What an abuse
Of the Creator’s goodwill!
We have a big challenge
On our laps;
To take our land back
To where it was
When the Creator created it;
Remember it was
A Garden of Eden;
Full of the milk and honey
Of love;
We Chased the bees out
Through our stupidity
And greed, and lost our honey;
Then came a barren bee
Of hate, to install itself.
Today, we pay the price
With tears of sorrow;
As we fight and kill ourselves.
What a pity!
But we can’t let it be so;
Let us take back our land
From Hate and give to Love.
This is a must else
We are wiped out of the universe.


When we have a good day

A good day is a good day;
A good day is made by God;
A good day is heaven’s gift;
A good day is above our power;
True, we can contribute
To make a good day;
As fellow workers with God;
But that can only be
A contribution,nothing more;
As all that is good
Comes from God;
So too does a good day.
Let us thank God
When we have a good day.

Why I like Monday

I want to tell you why
I like Monday;
M reminds me of mercy;
Which challenges me
To show mercy to others;
If I don’t show mercy,
I will not receive mercy;
The mercy I show to others,
Comes back to bless me;
O reminds me of obedience;
And invites me to obey
The word of God;
Obedience to the word of God
Is the best prayer;
N reminds me
Of a name;
Jesus, the miracle name
Unlike other names;
It is called billions of times
Every day;
It heals;
It protects;
It saves;
It frees;
It works miracles;
D reminds me of dedication;
I am challenged to be dedicated to whatever
I am called to do;
A reminds me of answer;
The Lord calls me daily;
I am expected to answer.
Like Mary;
Like Joseph;
Y reminds me of yes, my answer,
A vehement yes.
That is the Monday I like.

Live in hope

I live in hope

In hope

That the future will be bright.

In hope

That everything will work out well.

In hope

That God will always come to your aid;

In hope

That God will put the right people on your path to help you on your journey to the promised land.

In hope

That no matter how rough and stormy the sea may become, you will sail through successfully.

Yes, in hope, I will live.