This special day

Good morning all!
Happy Sunday to you;
I like you to have
The best Sunday
You have ever had;
From start to finish;
Enjoy the day
The Lord has made;
But don’t forget
To thank him
Who made it possible
For you to be here
To see this day;
To live this day.
To celebrate this day;
This special day;
This very special day.


It’s no joking matter

You may think
What I am going to tell you
Is a joking matter;
Not at all;
It’s no joking matter
When everybody is scared;
It’s no joking matter
When everybody is complaining
So much of insecurity;
It’s no joking matter
When people are sleeping
With all eyes open
Because they don’t know
What may happen;
It’s no joking matter
When unscrupulous individuals
Armed to the teeth
Break into homes at will
And harrass peaceful citizens;
It’s no joking matter
When you get a message
At midnight
From an unidentified gunman,
Telling you he’s coming;
That you should wait;
And see his colours
When he comes;
With all honesty,
It’s no joking matter.
Security is not a thing
To toy with.

I am about

I am about to go to bed;
I am about to end the day;
I am about to stop here;
I am about to give up;
I am about to get tired;
I am about to win;
I am about to celebrate;
I am about to do something
I have never thought
I would do
Just because I have been
Pushed into it.
You have to be careful
Or you push too far.
I am about to sleep,
Which means I have finished
my day’s work.

Laughter is good medicine

Laugh off your troubles;
Don’t carry them
On your head
Or shoulders;
They may be too heavy
To carry;
But they can make you
Have a good laugh;
And that will make you feel less stressed up;
And if you see someone
Carrying a gloomy face,
Make them laugh;
It will give them
Not only peace of mind,
But also make you
Grow fat;
Laughter is good medecine.

This is where we are

Look at the damage
You have done;
How can it ever
Be repaired?
Houses have been
Some have been burned;
By wild fire they are
All consumed.
That is the damage
That has been caused;
Lives lost;
Many physically
And economically handicapped;
People thrown into
With no hope for
A future no one
Is sure of.
This is where we are;
This, sadly, is
Where we are.
Who likes this place
Where we are?
Can someone tell someone
We can have it no more?
Can the people be free?
And live in peace?
And not in pieces?

Stay off anger

Why are you so angry;
I see you carrying
A long face,
Which shows anger;
Is there any reason for that?
You don’t have to let anger
Take hold of you;
Or win your heart,
And transport you to
A foreign land;
That will not help you;
Instead, it will hurt you;
Anger is danger light;
Whenever you see anger,
There is danger ahead;
Anger has caused untold harm
To many people and the world;
If you see brothers
Tearing themselves to pieces,
Look carefully,
You will see the evil hand
Of anger in it;
If you see a country
Going down the valley
of death,
Anger is around in work clothes;
Anger is not a good person
To do business with;
Never forget that;
Yet, he will woo you
To go into business partnership
Without relenting;
Dont give in;
Keep your distance.
Stay clear to be safe.