Your heart is cold

Your heart is cold
As ice;
All the heat is gone;
What will keep me warm?
My heart so yearns
For the heat
of love.


Victory is victory

Look not any victory to be small;
No victory is small;
A victory is a victory;
And from small things big ones come;
However small our victory may look;
It could be an announcement loud and clear
That big things lie right ahead;
Come, then, friends!
Let’s celebrate my victory;
That’s what friends are meant for.
Stand by me now;
Put your hand on my shoulder;
And lovingly tap me on the back
As this victory we celebrate.

No magic wand

Limerick Challenge week 3

There’s no magic wand;
That’ll hand you all you demand;
There’s no magic man,
That’ll give you everything in a pan;
Peer into the magic mind;
And no truth you shall find;
If you give them a little dime,
They will promise big magic time;
But it all boils down to lies;
A fake gets your money and flies.

This poem has been written in response to the prompt for week 3 of the Limerick Poetry Challenge.

It’s hard to know

Witness Protection
When you do something scary or stressful — bungee jumping, public speaking, etc. — do you prefer to be surrounded by friends or by strangers? Why?

Of one thing, I am sure;
It’s hard to know
Who’ll rescue you when trouble knocks;
It may be friend; it may not;
It’s hard to know;
Sometimes from pure strangers,
Our help comes;
When the going is tough
We may be surprised
That a hand from nowhere
And never before seen
May be the one to set us free;
It’s hard to know;
Can you be sure
Who’ll be there to bury you
On that day
When you take your final leave?
It’s hard to know.
It could be friends;
Or strangers through and through;
It’s simply hard to know;
So while you take care of precious friends
Do not forget the strangers too.

Can I count on you?

Someone I need to count on;
Someone to trust;
Someone who’ll be there for me;
Someone who will always be there for me;
Someone who’ll be there in rain and in shine;
Someone who’ll be there in light and in darkness;
Someone who’ll be there in riches and in poverty;
Can you be that someone?
Can I put my trust in you?
Can I count on you whether rain or sun?

Sweet like your words

Your words are sweet;
And come from a sweet heart;
Passing through sweet lips,
On this sweet day
That the Lord has made
So sweet;
To land on a heart
That is yearning to be sweet.
Thank you sweet friend;                                                                                                                       Sweet like your words;
Were you food I would savor
Every morsel of you;

This poem was inspired by a comment I received from my sweet friend Sharmishtha of Indie Adda. Thank you my lovely friend for being the inspiration for this poem.

The demons of the world

Who creates the demons
Of the world?
The world creates her demons
It’s not God who creates demons;
God creates humans;
The world turns them
Into demons;
God creates hearts that love;
The world turns them
Into hearts that hate;
God creates generous hearts;
The world turns them
Into selfish hearts;
God creates sharing people;
The world turns them
Into greedy people.

This poem was inspired by a comment sent to me by Lelenad Olsen Hoel. He was commenting on my post What would you ask for? Leland has a blog  My Mixed blog. You may want to visit him. Thank you Leland for inspiring me to write this poem.

Eyes that don’t see

I have eyes that don’t see;
Do you have eyes that see?
Some have eyes that see;
And some eyes that don’t see;
It does not suffice to have eyes;
You need eyes that see;
Not eyes that don’t see;
Not such eyes that look
But don’t see;
But such eyes
That look and see.