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Have you said a good thing
About somebody
Since this day began?
Have you given out a good smile
To somebody
Since this day began?
Have you done a kind deed
To somebody
Since this day began?
Have you held a good thought
About somebody
Since this day began?
If not, are you ready
To do it now?


Apple of my eye

My favorite person?
Who else is my favorite person?
My favorite person is my sweetheart;
The apple of my eye;
My oxygen;
My spouse;
My favorite person
In the whole wide world;
Yet, a lot of times
I spend away from her;
Why would it not be so?
We have work imperatives;
And other imperatives too;
Hard to be together all the times
If not downright impossible.
Yet, she remains my sweet heart;
The one who makes my heart tick;
My favorite person in the universe.

My Favorite

What’s the most time you’ve ever spent apart from your favorite person? Tell us about it

An ocean of love

Do you know why my face is beaming
With so much joy?
Do you know why I am smiling
Form jaw to jaw?
Do you know why the light coming from my face
Is so bright it’s lighting up
My whole environment?
Because I have found the love of my life;
I have found the one I love;
And now I am in love.
I have left the wilderness of love
And I am bathing in an ocean of love.

Victory is victory

Look not any victory to be small;
No victory is small;
A victory is a victory;
And from small things big ones come;
However small our victory may look;
It could be an announcement loud and clear
That big things lie right ahead;
Come, then, friends!
Let’s celebrate my victory;
That’s what friends are meant for.
Stand by me now;
Put your hand on my shoulder;
And lovingly tap me on the back
As this victory we celebrate.

No magic wand

Limerick Challenge week 3

There’s no magic wand;
That’ll hand you all you demand;
There’s no magic man,
That’ll give you everything in a pan;
Peer into the magic mind;
And no truth you shall find;
If you give them a little dime,
They will promise big magic time;
But it all boils down to lies;
A fake gets your money and flies.

This poem has been written in response to the prompt for week 3 of the Limerick Poetry Challenge.