Off balance

Have you noticed?
I am
Off balance;
But don’t you worry,
I’ll soon regain my balance;
If like me
You are
Off balance,
Just as quickly
To regain your balance.


Give me your take?

Kuddy left early;
But got there last;
Fuh left late;
But got there first;
Both left the same home;
And traveled to the same place;
Which looks like common
In life;
So who can tell me:
What went well;
Or what went right?
How comes it;
That one leaves early
And then arrives late?
And the other leaves late
And then arrives first?
Give me your take?

My teen age idol

Jan 11, 2016
Teen Age Idol
Who did you idolize as a teenager? Did you go crazy for the Beatles? Ga-ga over Duran Duran? In love with Justin Bieber? Did you think Elvis was the livin’ end?

Peter Essoka
When I was a little boy,
He was my teen age idol;
I did so much admire him;
He was a broadcaster;
News presenter;
Sports reporter;
Above all, a singer;
Choir conductor.
A church man;
He was everything good in my eyes;
He amazed me; eloquent;
And so full of confidence;
He simply carried me away;
And continues to be my star today;
He’s called Peter Essoka.
A sweet friend and senior colleague;
Not many like him;
When once all seemed all over,
I told him:
The best is yet to come;
The best did come.

Send your opponent crashing

Many know a weary feeling
That does come from unrequited effort;
When such effort fully deployed,
Runs back home empty-handed;
That is how I sometimes feel
When the best I offer
Flies in flames;
Yet, I let not that feeling
Bondage me;
For he that keeps lying on the ground
After consuming a well boiled hard blow,
Never wears the golden crown.
Jump up then;
And do as I do;
And come with punches fiercer
Than before,
To send your opponent
Crashing off the ring;
Into the bottomless pit of failure,
While the golden crown
Adorns your delicate head.

To you my sweet friend

Even if we never meet face-to-face;
one thing I like you to know;
God meant us for each other;
God meant me for you;
And meant you for me;
That is why he put us together;
On this beautiful platform;
To hold our hands;
And journey as one.
Shall we do that?
Shall we move in one direction;
And be each other’s keeper?
Let’s do that, my sweet friend!
Let’s hold our hands;
And walk side by side;
And make this life a heaven
For you and I and everyone.

Each new day

Each new day,
I meet one new person;
Each new day,
I meet one lovely person;
Each new day,
I meet one charming person;
Each new day,
I meet one angel;
Each new day,
I meet one magnetic person;
The world is full of s
Sweet souls;
Though often we see only
The sour ones;
The darkness;
Blind to the light.

Let compliments circulate

You ask why compliment?
Compliments bring joy.
Double joy they bring;
To they that give
And to they that receive;
The joy of compliments is a sweet joy;
Full of nectar the heart that compliments;
Rich in beauty,
And like a stream overflows.
Let compliments in the air circulate
Sweet friend;
That the world may shine brighter
With your words!
Keep not sunshine in your heart
To yourself alone!
But share it to the world;
That it may may be a haven
Of love, beauty and joy
For all.

Why I call you friend

I call you friend;
And you are surprised;
Why are you surprised?
You don’t have to be surprised.

I Call you friend,
Because I can count on you;
You support me;
And only friends support friends.

I call you friend,
Because I know you won’t stab me
On the back;
I call you friend,
Because you are honest with me.

I call you friend
Because I value you;
You have all the qualities
Of a friend.