What if

What if the world was yours,
How would you treat it,
Would you be a better leader,
What if you were alone,
How would you lead on,
Would it be better that everyone’s gone
What if cars didn’t exist,
How would you move quick,
Would you not fall into a ditch,

What if you was evil,
How would you hurt people,
Would you try and cripple,
What if you loved someone,
How would you move on,
Would you stay strong,
What if there were total honesty,
How would you treat treasonry,
Would you say that lies are make believe,



What you gonna do?

When your mom’s at the hospital,

Because she got shot,

What you gonna do?

When you can’t finish school,

Because police came at your spot,

What you gonna do?

When you stress about an exam,

Thinking about your mom paying you 7 grand,

What you gonna do?

When you got bills and can’t pay em,

Because you have no money to lend,

What you gonna do?

When your fathers never there,

Because he ran in fear,

What you gonna do?

When the whole world’s in danger,

Because of a virus emerger,

What you gonna do?

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Endless love

Nobody can stop this,
Endless love,
It runs through people,
It’s all and above,
Don’t be afraid,
Fly like a dove,
It will keep you in shape,
Just give the lamp a rub,

Endless love deep inside you,
It might mask itself as unfriendly,
Although you know it’s true,
It keeps you from anger and insanity,
Endless love is like a pill that is blue,
Being in peace comes in handy,
It has you reaching for something new,


A reason to live

It’s good to be alive,

But somethings may haunt you,

With good vibes we can thrive,

Beat any obstacle,

We all come in different shape,

We give and we take,

To be fully awake,

Means one step further from the grave,

If there is a life to save,

Be smiling every day,

Cause you never know what may come your way,

Say what you want to say,

Live life to the fullest,

Cause what else is there to do,

You got to push it,

For something new to come through,


True love story

There’s so much going on,

But I stay strong,

There’s many doubters,

And a few who hold on,

Don’t listen to the rumors,

You know we have special bond,

I keep watching myself in the mirror,

Waiting for you to call my phone,

This is like Romeo and Juliet,

A true love story,

I keep reminiscing about how we first met,

From zero to glory,

That’s how I felt,

I became a person with no worries,

I still am,

No reason to hurry,

I am no longer in quicksand,

There is a lion inside,

Everytime I think of you I roar,

Coming home from a workout,

My body is sore,

You are at my core,

I keep wanting more,

It’s like it’s new all over again,

You are my best friend,

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We shall always fight

Fighting is part
And parcel of humanity.
We may fight against
But we cannot be sure
To win.
We must fight
To beat fighting.
But can fighting
Beat fighting?
Man fought
When he lived alone,
To survive;
To eat;
To protect himself
From wild beasts,
And harsh nature.
We shall always fight
Always fight
To survive;
To win
We shall always
Fight for our lives;
Fight for our faith,
Fight for our people;
Fight for our land,
For our marriage;
For our culture;
For our beliefs;
For our convictions,
For our health;
For the truth;
For justice;
Against evil;
Exploitation of man by man;
Cruel, shameless.killings;
Let us fight;
A good fight,
Not a bad fight;
A clean fight,
Not a dirty fight;
A fair fight,
Not a wicked fight.
We shall fight,
And keep fighting
Till the world ends.
God help us in our fighting.

Shall we make it?

The world in which we live,
So boils with wickedness
And falsehood,
Like oil bubbling in a drum,
That I am at a total loss;
Where gone are the honest ones
Of our century?
Where gone are the living saints of these times?
My faith melts daily in a hypocritical world,
Like snow in the sun;
Or dew on leaves vaporizing
At sun rise;
How my naivety is being stripped naked!
I thought good people still lived with us;
And could sail through the stormy seas of politics
To safe anchor,
In the harbour of honesty,
Like ants hypocrites have invaded our land;
Lies have captured the hearts of God’s people;
Thieves swagger around
Like Lords,
While the innocent are burdened with the yoke of all sorts of torture, manipulation, exploitation and suppression;
Horrors stare us in the eyes;
Our hearts pound with confusion and loss.
Shall we make it?
This is what boggles my mind.

Since our chat last night #SIWOPC

Since our chat last night,
I have been savouring
Your words;
Which taste like honey
On the tongue of my ears;
And sugar in my cup of tea,
They sweetened my heart;
Ask me their color,
I would say yellow,
They shone so brightly
Like the moonlight
That suddenly appears
On a dark night;
Ours was a sweet chat;
That pierced my heart delightfully with love
I never before felt.
I hunger for same words;
I thirst to drink
That refined wine of love
That poured from your lips,
Like the spring
That ran down the hill
Through our abode
When I was a kid.
I long to hear
That angelic melody
That rolled out
Of your golden lips;
Those love words
That took me to heaven
Where I wish
I could live forever.