I am not my appearance

I am not my appearance;
You may see me as beautiful;
You may see me as handsome;
You may see me as ugly;
You may see me as nothing
To write home about;
What does that matter to me?
I am not my appearance;
I am my heart;
The content of my heart;
And my mindset plus my body;
And by the way,
Whether you see me as
Or handsome;
Or ugly
Is only your decision;
Who set the standard for
Or ugliness?
If you call me ugly,
The one who is dying for me
Calls me most beautiful,
Or most handsome,
Who is right?
And who is wrong?
In any case,
I am not my appearance;
Stop judging me
From appearance.
I am appearance, heart and mind.


The broken pieces

green printed door building
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
You gather the broken pieces,
Don’t let them lie awasting;
They too have their usage;
When the vase has shattered,
All cannot be allowed to scatter,
None should le that happen;
You gather the broken pieces;
And still do something remarkable;
Those broken pieces
Can birth
A totally new creation;
When anything is broken,
Don’t settle your mind on the damage;
And let it go aworrying;
Think instead of the profit,
That can come out of the damage.
So now, as your jar is broken,
Get your thinking cap and put on,
You will make a great discovery,
How to piece
The broken pieces together,
And make anew, the shattered,
That will look bright and shining.

You are one in a million

You are one in a million.
You are unique;
Did you know that?
There is none exactly
Like you;
And none will ever be;
God created you unique;
And gave you all you need
To make it in the world,
In a big way;
You are unique;.
You have space that is yours,
And yours alone;
Nobody has a right
Over your space but you;
You have work to do here
That only you can do;
And only you will do;
No one will ever play
Your role;
Each plays only their role.
You are unique;
One in a billion;
The only version of you
In the world.
How nice to know God
Made you unique,
And special.
You are a great creation
If Almighty God.
Be careful not to downplay
Or sell yourself short;
You are a finished product
Of Gods divine hands.
You are unique;
You are special;
You are great.

hypocrisy crocodile tears

adult alone black and white blur
Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com
Better Stop shedding
Crocodile tears;
Why are you shedding
Crocodile tears?
Who advised you to shed
Crocodile tears?
And who are you deceiving
With crocodile tears?
You want to make believe
You are sympathizing
With me as I am in trouble,
When you are rejoicing
That I have fallen;
Your crocodile tears
And hypocrisy are
One and the same thing;
No shameless hypocrisy;
Called crocodile tears.

Are we aware?

Are we aware
Of what we are doing
To each other?
Are we aware
That we are gradually
Wiping out
The human race?
Are we aware
Of the killings going on?
Are we aware
Of how much our people
Are suffering?
Are we aware
That parents are being
Killed and their children
Abandoned to themselves
As orphans?
Are we aware
Of the way we are tearing
Hearts apart?
Are we aware?
Are we really aware?
That we are slowly
Destroying our own world?
I don’t think we are aware;
We are not aware;
We are blind;
We have eyes
But we don’t see;
We have eyes,
But we are blind;
We better see;
We better be aware.
We better examine ourselves;
Examine our conscious;
We seem blank;
We definitely are blind;
We are not aware.

Let us have our peace

No destruction do we so want
In our land;
No fire and blood in our land
Do we want;
What we want is peace and calm;
That milk and honey may flow
For all, strong and weak;
Rich and poor alike;
We want not brother to fight
Against brother;
No running up and down on our
Streets, our cities and towns;
Nor brother to kill brother;
But brother and brother to hold
Each other’s hand and move
In love and solidarity,
To the destiny that is ours;
Wouldn’t we have our peace
To live our lives?
Shouldn’t we have our freedom
to freely move and live?
Give us the opportunity to live
Our lives to the full
As our Creator planned we should.


Let me take you on a journey with me. You can call it a LUCID DREAM but it was actually my chance to play around with some MAGIC and some LOVE. Get on with me on this fairytale adventure where a CRANE FAIRY took us on a Blind Date with the world.

My Post (19)

“I think we should take a break so we can have some time to figure it out” I shouted and burst into tears. I thought he would hug me and try to settle it all but instead, Mr husband responded with a “yes”. I marched back to my room, banged the door and locked myself in. Next day I called up my bestie and told her about the fight.  she started laughing and said, “sweety, you guys are an inspiration, your fairytale romance keeps our faith alive in love. Disagreements and arguments are normal, maybe you both are just stressed out. Yes, you guys need a break but not from each other rather from your routine. Why you guys don’t plan a HOLIDAY??? Think about it and I will call you later”.

I was still feeling so angry and ignored after the fight that it was impossible to even imagine repairing the relationship but I really wanted to identify the missing pieces of our bond. The doorbell rang, he was back home and asked me about my day, I just nodded my head in fine with a half-hearted smile. We had our dinner and get into our bed to sleep.

Lying on my bed, I was gazing at stars outside my window and saw an aeroplane flying with its flickering light. I remembered my bestie’s advice about the holidays and quickly wished upon that flight, “Oh sweet world! please take us somewhere on a blind date with you so that I can find those lost missing pieces of my love back in you“. I wished upon that flight like kids wish upon the shooting star. Suddenly I felt his arms around me. He held me tight and said, “Hey love, I Missed you”. Tears rolled down my cheek. We hugged each other and were about to kiss but interrupted by a knock on our window.

There was this smiling fairy with the wings of the crane, with the yellow scarf on her neck and was wearing a navy dress. She gave us a folded map and said, “Wish Granted”. Stamping the crane logo on our wrist she said,

” Follow the instructions and do not delay… we are giving you the wings and your love will find the way”

We opened the map and it pulled us into itself…. whoa! we were standing in a beautiful fairytale European old town, beeping red dot in the map showed us that we were in  The Main Market square in Krakow, Poland.

Main-Market-And-Basilica.jpgThis place brought back the first missing piece CHARM, that fairytale charm of our bond was back. We hugged each other as if we had met each other after years of separation.

Famous Krakow horse carriage was waiting for us. We got onto that and it took us to a big garden through the beautiful Royal Route there we find this majestic Private Jet Fleet. Two magical black ribbons came flying and blindfolded us before we began our journey.


Somebody escorted us withholding our hands to this unknown place. I could feel the cold, smell the freshness and touch the flowers. Black ribbon flew off from our eyes,

I could not contain the joy filled in my heart

by this beautiful land,

And the red dot on map beeped,

wow!!! it was Switzerland.

I screamed with joy and started dancing with the wind on the Mount Rigi, the queen of mountains. I was caught off guard by a romantic Kiss from Mr Husband. He cuddled me and said, I fall all over in love again with this beautiful smile of yours”. In that very moment,……… TO READ FURTHER, PLEASE CLICK HERE