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Now is the Time to Grow

A battle between love and prideMy soul remains restless insideI thought my heart grew widerBut it only worked as a divider A meadow only grows annuals in springBut is growth everything?Death and decay is a graveyard siteDoes six feet under make things alright? But dirt is decay and growthBut you don’t want bothYour ego is…

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Which is which?

Which is which? Have we agreed to disagree? Or we have disagreed to agree? Let us agree on What we agree on, And what we disagree on; Do we agree? Or disagree? Tell me Which is which?

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Stop it

Let us stop quarreling; What is the use quarreling? Let us stop arguing; In what way does that Help you Or anyone else anywhere? Let us stop doing Things that are no use To anyone. That is a whole waste.

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I admire her flair

One poem just caught my attentionWhile I was browsing;I wonder how you find it;I admire a.mermaid'spen's flairFor poetry writing.Did you see Numb?I like you to read it;And if you tarry on her blog,a.mermaid'spen blog,You will discover many poemsThat will delight your heart.That, I promise you.

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Cloud Haikus

We can feel shrouded As the white firmaments spread Making minds clouded (C) Carly Wiggins 2019 The cumulus clouds move Colors of blue and pink bled In a cotton bed (C) Carly Wiggins 2019

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