Do you ever get those days of nostalgia when you just tell yourself all this suffering through life is pointless?

We are just existing in space, nobody knows for sure where we are from or where we are going to.

Today I feel like I have ants under my sheets.

Like there is something I need to do but I can’t put my finger on it.

Like there is still so much to be done, but so little time.

Do you get these days?

How can we overcome nostalgia?

Tips coming up soon in an updated version of this article.

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Drop the lash


I have been kind,

I have been a blessing,

I have been a wonder woman,

Drop the lash.

You asked for coupling,

I gave you more,

You asked for a house,

I gave you a home,

You were staving,

I gave you food.

You keep tearing me apart,

I can’t take anymore,

Remember those walls we’ve built,

Don’t turn them down.

World Marriage Day

Are you aware
Of this day?
Are you celebrating
This day?
It’s World Marriage Day;
A day for couples
To celebrate marriage;
To celebrate two becoming one;
To celebrate unconditional love;
It is a day
For couples around the world;
Wherever you are,
If you are married,
This is your day to celebrate
Your love;
Do something with your spouse;
Why not with other couples?
Celebrate marriage;
The foundation of society;
If marriages are happy,
We will have a good society.
When marriages are sad
Of course,
We have a gloomy society.
Let’s celebrate marriage;
Above all,
Let’s work for the success
Of our marriage.

My twist quest to find my dear



At dawn, with no lingering gesture, 

I will dash off to find thee, 

In an early voyage. 

Though no food nor water, 

But I do not mind. 


At noon, with no lingering gesture, 

I will pace off and find thee, 

Though a failure I was at dawn, 

But I will not mind. 
At dusk, with no lingering gesture, 

I will run to find thee, 

Though, thorns on ground, 

But I will not mind. 
In my circle, they asked,

“Thee” that ye finds, will ye find thee? 

“Why search for such a dear?”

In my circle, I addressed, 

“That special one, keeps me beating”

Truth about love

I know a real truth
About a thing called
That never changes;
Who wants to know?
I will tell them;
LOVE follows LOVE;
If you LOVE,
You will be LOVED;
if you don’t LOVE
You won’t be LOVED;
Short, simple truth
About love.

Happy Sunday

Happy Sunday
To all my friends;
Happy Sunday
To you, dear colleagues;
Happy Sunday
From a loved one;
Happy, happy Sunday.
May this Sunday
Bring you joy;
May it bring you
All that you wish
Happy Sunday to you

A day that looked so good

How do we explain?
A day that looked so good,
Turned out not to be so good;
Does it confirm what we know?
That it is not at the start
That we know the winner
Of a race?
Or is it?
That is what we know;
The things that appear to be
Going wrong may actually
Be going right;
And the things may look
When actually they are wrong;
Rainy clouds in the sky may
End up not giving rain;
But a clear sky may soon turn
And give a down pour;
Life doesn’t always go
In straight lines;
At times it does;
At times, it doesn’t;
So don’t be surprised
That a day that looks so good
Doesn’t end so good;
While a day
That doesn’t look so good
Ends up being so good.
That’s the world as God made it;
Take it or leave it.