Love this day

Love this day,
And make it a great day;
It is the day
The Lord has made;
Give it a touch;
Be happy!
Be thankful to Him
Who is great.
Who made this day;
And who loves you.



In you my trust

Far away I am from home;
A long way I have to go;
Rough the path
On which to travel;
And dark my night;
Fear beholds me.
Who am I to turn to
If not to you O Lord?
On you alone I count;
Be my guide and lamp;
Light my way
And lead me home.
In you my trust I put.

#prose-poetry, #prayer

Love is a mystery

Love is what it is, love;
I do heartily welcome you;
Ever since you left me,
Things have not been the same;
I need you more and more;
I need you as never before;
Why is this feeling so strong?
As if I just met you?
What a mystery we call love!
That’s hard for us to say.

#love, #mystery

Don’t you want me?

Why are you looking so sad
And so lonely
When I am there for you?
You seem to feel so unloved;
Don’t you see
I love you so much?
You have stolen my heart;
I am crazy about you;
I love you so much;
You don’t have to be sad,
You don’t have to feel lonely at all;
I am all for you;
Or am I not the one you want?
Don’t you want me?


Wicked soul

You are a wicked soul;
You have broken my heart;
Why have you broken my heart?
If you were not wicked,
You wouldn’t have broken my heart;
What makes you this wicked?
How many hearts have you broken?
And what do you gain
When you break a heart?
Wicked soul!

#poem, #wicked, #wickedness

Who has taken you from me?

How can you leave me in the cold
When we were already like one?
I never took you for granted;
But never expected
This sudden departure from you;
You have been so sweet;
I trusted you fully;
Even now I still do;
You don’t have a heart to let down;
You have a heart to love;
To build;
To support;
What happened?
Did I hurt you without knowing?
Who took you away from me?
Please, don’t go;
I want you forever.
Be there for me;
Not for you;
For me;
Come back to me, my sweet.
And bring all our family along.
We can make it together.


product for sale

I have a product for sale,
Which I must do everything to sell,
In other to carry out my sale,
I have to set sail,
For a good marketing cell,
Where I will put it on scale,
Before I advertise it for sale.