What do you enjoy?

A lot of things I enjoy;
I enjoy being nice;
I enjoy serving you;
I enjoy putting a smile on your face.

A lot of things I enjoy;
I enjoy your gentle touch;
I enjoy your loving look;
I enjoy your love.

A lot of things I enjoy.
I enjoy you;
I enjoy a good time with you.
What do you enjoy?

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Create your own thing!

The Almighty God is the Champion Creator;
He creates with ease and speed;
He never stops creating;
Since he first created the world
He continues to create;
We each have talents to create;
Before I got the day’s prompt,
I had talked about create;
Create an impact wherever you go;
Create an impact with your life;
Use your talent to create and create;
Use your talent to create your own thing.


#create, #daily-prompt

Why are people so different?

Why are people so different?

Some people love;
Some people hate;
Some people are kind;
Some people are wicked.

Why are people so different?

Some people love peace;
Some people hate peace;
Some people like when people are united;
Some people like when people are divided;
Some people build bridges to unite people;
Some people build walls to divide people.

Why are people so different?

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What is holding you back?

You like to soar high in life;
That, I know;
You have the talent to soar high in life;
You were born to soar high in life;
But you are not soaring high in life;
You ought to be soaring high in the sky;
Instead you are trotting on the ground;
You are behaving like a hen
When you are an eagle;
What is holding you back?
Why are you not high up in the sky
That for sire is where you belong;
Let me tell you;
You are holding your own self back;
It’s not another person;
Your self-limiting beliefs are holding you back;
You are selling yourself short;
You have to free yourself;
Free your thinking from self-imposed limitations;
If you do, you will see yourself
Soaring high in the sky.

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All three volumes

We are going to study all three
Of the learned professor’s
Works this year;
Volume one;
Volume two and
Volume three.
I have already bought
Volume one;
I am still to buy
Volume two and
Volume three;
I cannot afford the money
At once;
Hence, I have drawn a plan;
When we are half way through
Volume one,
I will buy
Volume two;
When we get to the middle of
Volume two,
I will buy
Volume three.
This way it shall not be
Too hard for me.

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Who wanted to stop me?

Who wanted to stop me?
You wanted to stop me;
You fought so hard to stop me;
Have you seen you wasted your time?
You did;
You fought in vain;
What you did not know was
I am unstoppable;
You cannot stop me;
No one can stop me;
The reason no one can stop me is
The Lord is on my side;
I am not fighting alone;
The battle is not mine;
The battle is the Lord’s battle;
That is why victory has come to me.
Thank you Lord for fighting for me;
With you on my side,
No one can defeat me;
With you on my side,
I always win.

#encouragement, #poem

I tender my apology

I wish to tender
My apology
To you,
My sweet, tender spouse,
For not being as tender as
I should be,
To you so tender as you are;
You have a tender heart,
And show real tender
Love and care to me;
May God grant me
The grace of a tender mind
To be as tender to you
As I should be.


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