The Dentist’s Chair


 By-Rishika Ghai

The worse thing in life
Is to sit, do nothing and wait

People want their work to be done
And over with as fast as possible
Hence they hate to wait.
Waiting in queue for check up,
At the dental clinic
The fear of unknown and the dental chair
Making them impatient
Do they have any alternative?
Cancelling all the other appointments of the day
To wait to be drilled on the dentist’s chair
Is the sad reality faced by everyone who suffers.


©All Rights Reserved
© Rishika Ghai

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If you know

If you know
The right thing to do
Why not do it?
If you know
What you should do,
Do it;
If you know
It’s good to work hard,
Work hard;
If you know
It’s bad to be lazy,
Don’t be lazy;
If you know
It’s bad to steal,
Don’t steal;
If you know
It’s irresponsible
To drink too much,
Don’t drink too much;
If you know
What you will do
Will hurt you or others,
Don’t do it.

Do what you should do;

Don’t do what you should not do.

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Light up your world

Is there a thing that threatens
To put down your spirits?
Turn you back on it;
Or better still, shoot it down;
I like your spirits up;
With lovely smiles flowering;
Your charming face glowing;
A brightly light radiating around;
Shining as you always do;
Lighting up your world.


Unwise or downright stupid

It’s unwise
If not downright stupid
To waste time
Doing what you know
Will not benefit anybody.

It’s unwise
If not downright stupid
To waste time
Waiting for somebody
You know
Will not come.

It’s unwise
If not downright stupid
To be crying for love
From someone
You know does not love you.

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My joy is exquisite

If I say my joy is exquisite,
You may not believe me;
I have not experienced this before;
Why such exquisite joy at this time
You may ask;
The answer is simple;
The apple of my eye is turning
Into an
Exquisite woman;
Exquisite in her dressing;
Exquisite in her speech;
Exquisite in her behavior;
Exquisite in whatever she does.

Daily Prompt

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What I admire in you

I admire in you
Is your
You look so
Are you
Of yourself?
You write with
And that inspires me.
Maybe you talk with
It’s really good
To be
That’s what I admire
In you.

Make sure you are

Who is wondering if I’ll make it big?
Only someone who doesn’t know
How determined I am.
It’s my determination that has kept me
Going to this point;
It’s my determination that will take me
To the top;
Your determination will do same for you.
I know what I am talking about,
It’s good when you are determined;
Make sure you are.