Won’t let you go

You want to leave me,
That, I know very well;
But, I won’t let you go;
You are mine now,
And for ever,;
I will stay with you;
Whether rain is falling,
Or sun is shining.


Get Back Up And Start Over Again

A beautiful inspiring poem. Chin up my dear, pick yourself up and start over again. Failure is just an excuse to try harder. ♥♥♥

Just Don’t Wanna Let YOU Go …

a poetry about lovers’ parting embrace
“I feel as if my heart has stopped
for those seconds when you lose your enfolding hold”

The young and the old

While the young need the old,
The old need the young;
The one cannot go leaving the Other behind;
The equation has to balance
As that is how equations work;
The young complement the old;
And the old complement the
without the old,
There would be no young;
None can stand alone,
Else into a heap they go;
While the old are there
For the young;
Let the young be there for
The old,
So complementary their roles
Are meant to be.

You have no reason to fear

Why do you fear when
You have faith in God?
Hasn’t he promised
To stand by you?
Hasn’t he assured you
He will protect you?
Hasn’t he asked you
Not to fear
Even if you pass through
The valley of death?
You ought to know
He never fails in his
He never fails in his
What he has promised,
He will do;
You have no reason to fear.