Four thoughts on US Presidential elections

“Trust no one who expresses a conviction with all their energy and vehemence, just to turn around and retract their words because they meet with disapproval and a possible impediment to the achievement of what they want.”
(Ngobesing Suh Romanus).

“A US Presidential election is not an affair of the US alone. It concerns the whole world although not the whole world participates in voting. Whoever has an opinion to express, and whoever can influence the way it goes must not hesitate as long as they act in accordance with the law. The work of a US President has an impact on the whole world”.
(Ngobesing Suh Romanus).

“Individuals who do not know that words have power to build and destroy, and who speak before they think, should not be trusted with positions in which they have to make important declarations; for they may carelessly utter words that will end up causing enormous destruction.”
(Ngobesing Suh Romanus).
“During serious democratic election campaigns, as we witness in the USA, candidates hold debates to show proof of mastery of the issues and how they would lead if given power. It must be admitted that it is not easy. Listen very keenly to what the candidates say and how they say them. Words and how they are said speak volumes of those who utter them.”
(Ngobesing Suh Romanus).


Trump must be stopped

Who is capable of stopping Donald Trump as he rockets to grab the first GOP air ticket to the White House? In the first place, should he be stopped? Can he be stopped?

These are questions that are boggling the minds of many people in the US and around the world.  As this happens, the race for the White House rages on.

A lot of people are also wondering if Mr. Trump is truly capable of making America great again. He swears he can and would if given the chance to do so. Who believes him? Tell me if you do. How will he do it? Will the world be better or worse if Donald Trump happens to be the next President of the United States of America?

These questions and many more will continue to burn the lips of millions of people in the United States of America and all over the world until November comes and goes.

This election is very special in many ways. Never before, as far as we can remember in the recent history of American Presidential elections has a candidate sparked off so much debate and controversy as the GOP front runner, business magnate Donald Trump.  This billionaire is rolling like a rocket as he seeks his party’s nomination for the November dwell. Already, he is heading towards the November dwell with a momentum that is leaving many people mouth-open. He will more likely than not lurk horns with Hillary Clinton, from the Democratic side, unless Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s rival, removes a series of jokers in the weeks ahead to overturn, the decision already clearly written on the wall.

The question that bogs my mind and I daresay many minds is if Trump wins his party’s nomination and goes on, by some magic, to outsmart Hillary Clinton in November, what type of president will he become? Will he make America great again?

Undoubtedly, Trump supporters  will respond to this question in the affirmative; but those on the other side think he will not. In fact, many believe instead he will drag not only America into the muddy waters of destruction and shame, but the entire world.

A 26 year-old American, sharing his views says Mr. Trump “will not make America great again. He is everything that (most) Americans are not. He cares only for his cronies (the 1%). I have never seen so much hate in my life. I’m only 26 but seeing people hate other religions, races and creeds is disturbing. What happened to compassion? What happened to the world? It’s scary times we are living in!”

This young man is far from being alone to hold this view. Another person says, “I think Trump is in for a big surprise because he thinks he will make America great by simply being an aggressive negotiator with other countries. If he does make it to the Oval Office, I think his negative bluntness will stop working for him and the global economy will suffer. We need a president who is strong, understands humanity and truly has a good heart.”

The third person goes the same direction: “No, he will destroy us and be out for himself.  He is a dangerous person, mark my words. Now he is warning of “riots” if he does not receive the nomination. He is prompting his “followers” (they are not supporters, but ardent followers) to riot.”

All over the United States and many parts of the world voices are raised in an endeavor to trump Donald Trump. Two former Republican candidates for the Presidency, Mitt Roomney and John McCain denounced Mr. Trump as a danger to democracy. They warned that victory for Mr. Trump could put the United States and its most cherished democratic system in peril.

Mr. Roomney outrightly called Mr. Trump a ‘fraud’ and a ‘phoney’ frightened that he would drive the country to the point of collapse. To Mr. Roomney, Mr. Trump embodies a “brand of anger that has led other nations into abyss.”

Joining his successor in the vy for the leading job in the country, Senator John McCain, decried Mr. Trumps ignorance of Foreign policy and what he called ”dangerous pronouncements on  national security.”

The former Senator from Minnesota, Norm Coleman was point blank: Mr. Trump “cannot be the President of the United States.”

There are people in Mr. Trumps own very party who have vowed never to vote for him.

Yet, this is only one side of the story. Not everybody thinks this way.  Don’t be surprised. Many voices may be calling for a stop to Donald Trump’s rising momentum, but if the billionaire businessman continues to stun his detractors and elate his supporters by sweeping states in the primaries and grabbing endorsements it means he has many people for him.

Endorsements so far procured include former California Congress man Doug Ose; two great business men, Tom Barrack and Andy Bear, Nascar CEO and Drivers; Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach; Senator Jeff Sessions, Benghazi Heroes Mark Geist and John Tiegen; Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, Governor Paul Lepoage, Jersey Governor Chris Christie ; and important influential personalities including Attorney General Pam Bondi who in her endorsement statement had a panegyric:

”Peope today are looking for leadership, the kind that Mr. Trump offers, that’s unafraid to tell it like it is and will do something about renewing America’s strength and greatness.”

Attorney Pam says, “ I’ve seen first-hand how he leads, and how he cares deeply about the people of this copuintry. If elected President I know he will bring America’s best minds together to preserve what we have, and secure what we need, for the future.”

She definitely speaks for many who swear by Mr. Trump. Undoubtedly, more endorsements are expected in the week and months ahead.

But what is raising so much dust in the Trump candidacy? Mr. Trump himself seems to be the answer. This controversy is as old as Mr. Trump’s candidature.  When he made the announcement that he would be running for the Presidency of the United States, he made statements that will not leave him for a long time. He spared nobody whom he felt needed to be placed in a certain position: members of his own party, the incumbent president, and even other countries around the world. It seems he wanted to sound as tough as he wants America to be under his presidency.

 One thing which Mr. Trump said which stunned many was he would build a giant wall on U.S.’s southern border and make Mexico pay for it.

“I will build a great wall, and no body builds walls better than me and I would build it very inexpensively and I will have Mexico pay for it, mark my words.”

Mr. Trump has gone on to say many other things that have got people worried.

CNN asked a great question in a panel discussion on the US Presidential election: “Can Trump be stopped?” I would like to take this question a step further to ask: how can Trump be stopped? I think if Americans are true to themselves they should not be asking if Trump can be stopped but how they can stop Trump. Trump has to be stopped. That is a non-negotiable.

America cannot make the mistake of failing to stop Trump. I know how Trump supporters would feel about a statement like this; but it is not time to care about individual feelings and selfish interest. It is time to look at the global future; the future of the world; the dangers ahead; the threat that humanity faces.

It doesn’t take much to blow off the world. We cannot afford to place power n the hands of someone who sounds dangerous; so dangerous. Not to stop Trump is to drag America to the side that America has fought against all along to keep the world safe for everybody.

No one can doubt the danger that looms in the horizon. Violence which has not been heard of for a long time in US politics has resurfaced, elicited by the candidature of this GOP front runner. He himself has predicted that there will be violence if he is denied the nomination.

That could well be the start of something which will be hard to end.

I fully agree with how unjust it will be if Mr. Trump is denied the nomination if he gets enough delegates to be the nominee. That would be a distortion of Democracy.  But there are things to think about; issues that cannot be ignored.

If Donald Trump is doing so well in the primaries it means there are millions of Americans who support him;  who  buy what he stands for; who share his views. It means there are many like Donald Trump in the US. There are millions who would want to see the agenda he stands for carried out to the letter. They are the ones propelling him to the nomination and hopefully to the White House.

The millions who cannot stand him are worried and saddened that things are happening in their country as they are. The bad thing about those who are worried is many of them do nothing more than feel worried, bitter and complain.

There are others who are indifferent. They don’t care what goes on and so the bad guys take control. This is how tragic it is. The good guys shy away or fold their arms and the bad guys take control.

If the good guys anywhere do not want business to play into the hands of the bad guys, they must wake up from slumber and become more active  in the decision-making process. Participation in elections is thus crucial to make your voice heard; and to make your stand prevail.

Let all the good guys in the US who have been indifferent about this 2016 presidential election take their responsibility and shape the future. This is the  democratic way to stop Trump.

Get out and determine the future of your country and the future of the world. We need to ensure that the efforts that have been deployed for centuries to make the world a better place do not go up in flames at a go. And if Trump is not stopped, forget it.

But Trump must be stopped. There are no two options.

America is America

When I say
I don’t understand America any more,
I really mean what I say;
This is a country I adore;
Their values;
Their vision;
The ideals on which the country was founded;
Their positive approach to life;
Their courage and faith in themselves
For building bridges not walls;
Above all, when I grew up,
I believed an American would not lie;
That if you wanted the truth,
Turn to an American.
But what do I see now?
I see an America that is ready
To elect just anybody
To go to the White House;
To make America great;
It’s not a question of money;
It’s a question of what do they stand for?
Does the one you are voting for
Represent the country you love,
And are proud of? The ideals your country is admired for?
Thank God I hear voices of wisdom here and there;
And America is America;
Hope America will end up doing the right thing;
The world is watching.

Can Trump make America great again?

Can Donald Trump make America great again? This is a question on many lips.
Donald Trump is the front runner in the bid for the GOP nomination to run for President in November in The United States where he is likely to lurk horns with Hillary Clinton; unless Sanders, Clinton’s rival, removes a series of jokers in the weeks ahead.
A good question is if Trump wins his party’s nomination and wins in November, will he make America great again? His supporters definitely will say he will; but others think he will not; and in fact, believe that instead he is likely not only to drag America to destruction but the entire world.

Why do they think so; and how right or wrong are they? Watch out for our post on Donald Trump, US Presidential aspirant in the hours ahead.

American reporting: gender bias?

This question of whether the US media are gender bias has been ruminating in my mind. It’s a serious one.

I have been following the US Presidential election primaries from campaigns, debates, voting and results; and this is the impression I get away with.

I am tempted to conclude that there are some key persons in the the US Press who do not want Hillary to win even though she seems unstoppable; and they have succeeded very subtly to spread their way of seeing things to the rest of the media.

Why do I say this?

Most of the reporting on Hillary is negative. See how long it took to hammer on Benghazi and Emails. This thing was exaggerated.

The front-runner on the Republican side seems to be given more coverage and exposure than Hillary who is also the forerunner on her side. Trump seems to enjoy twice as much publicity as Hillary Clinton. Watch the news or read the papers just for a day.

Look at the way their pictures are presented. Trump and Sanders are presented to look presidential; not Hillary.
See the way Clinton’s victories are announced. Compare to the way those of Sanders and Trump are announced – with pomp; but she only “Ekes out A Win’ in Ohio.” The Sander Michigan victory has been spoken of for more than a week; and read the way it is presented.

A lot of times when Clinton and Trump are reported on at the same time, as in “Big night for Trump and Clinton”, it is usually Trump who is mentioned first. This is a subtle advantage given to Trump.

All that I have seen leaves me with no doubt that there is a subtle desire and attempt by the media to break Hillary. But why? Is it because she is a woman in favor of Trump and Sanders because they are men? Is there gender bias in American reporting?

I wish this issue would be taken up for debate. One of the founding ideals of the American nation is equal opportunity for success for everybody without discrimination. It is true that America has never really succeeded to treat its women equally but if this country wants to continue to be the leader of the world, the lofty ideals on which she was founded must be translated into action.

Everyone ought to be treated equally and fairly even when it comes to reporting on elections.

Any attempt to discriminate or favor some candidates is sickening even when it is subtly done.

I don’t understand Americans any more

I am not sure I understand Americans anymore;
Truly, I am at a loss;
Tell me:
What do Americans stand for?
This election (2016) makes me confused;
Have they departed from the great ideals
That won for them the admiration of the world?
Who represents the American heart and mind?
Is it Hillary, Sanders, Trump or Cruz?
Wonders shall never end!
I can’t believe what I see;
The writing on the wall;
That the ones who give me reason
To go for the best
Are going for what they are going?
I have not understood;
Would someone, please explain things to me!
What is happening in America?
In the GOP?
Where is America taking the world to
Through this election?
Is it the wrong path or the right path?
Tell me if you know!

The race for the White House

Hillary Sanders,
Who will be the pilot
In the Democratic combat plane?
This is what Americans want to know;
And not only Americans,
But the world as well;
Shall it be Hillary?
Or shall it be Sanders?
Democrats, tell us;
Who shall be you General at the battle front?
To face the one who’ll Trump the others
On the Republican side?
And everyone’s wondering
Shall that be a Trump
Or shall that a Ted Cruz?
Trump is trumping on the Republican side;
And if it’s a Trump and not a Cruz Ted,
Shall he still trump
Or shall he be trumped in the final dwell?

What’s happenings to Hillary Clinton?

Look at Hillary Clinton!
What’s happening to her?
She’s on her way to the top;
Haven’t you seen it?
58% support yesterday:
62% support today;
Swimming right on top
of the world;
At Benghazi, she made it big;
Her misfortune,
She turned into a fortune.
Look at the polls!
It’s wonderful, isn’t it?
And what you should do,
When setbacks drag you behind.

You like to be President?

Politics is a very passionate game. This is because it has to do with a very important issue – power. It can be very exciting too; and also very difficult.

You have to be tough to win in politics especially an election for an important office like being the president of your country. That is if your country is a democracy. In a democracy, other tough candidates will be competing with you.

To be the president of your country is a good ambition. There is nothing wrong with that.

Some people say politics is a dirty game and they do not want to go into it because they do not want to dirty their hands. While I respect this view, I do not agree with it. I always say the world is as bad as it is  because the good guys shy away from politics and let the bad guys have their way to do what they like; and the bad guys impose their evil ways making evil dominate the world.

I encourage good guys to aspire for leadership in their countries so they can bring love and other moral values  into politics or leadership.

If you aspire, take time to prepare yourself. You have a great advantage if you are young. The first thing to put in your mind is you can achieve this dream. If you can have the courage to conceive this ambition, you can realize it. Put in your mind that you have a chance to achieve it.

Start preparing yourself for it early. This means studying what it takes to become President. It takes money. Start accumulating money. It takes courage. Start building your courage. It takes the ability to speak, debate, convince people and sell your ideas. Start learning all that. If you wait for election year before you start doing all this, it will be too late.

Of course, you are not going to tell the world that you are preparing to be President. If you do, there are people who will discourage you or stand on your way. Go about it quietly until the appropriate moment comes.

Do not see people who are running for president and think it has just happened. You will hardly win if you just get up and dive into the race. Although potential candidates are interviewed they say they have no plans to run, many of them actually have the ambition and have been preparing for it but do not want people to know it for the reasons I have mentioned.

If Hillary Clinton resigned her post of Secretary of State, it was definitely to prepare herself for the race. She wanted enough time to master the issues, work on her agenda, prepare her communication, and also avoid mistakes that she could make in office as Secretary of State and jeopardize her chances.

It was not for nothing that still as Senator, Barack Obama started writing books and promoting them all over the country. Wise candidates start preparing way ahead of time. By the time it is time, they are ready.

That is what you must do if you want to be president.