Category: prayer

O God, my Creator!

O God, my Creator! You know me, Better Than I do; You know what I should do, Better Than I do; You know where I should go, Better Than I do; You know what I can do, Better Than I do; You know your plan For my life, Better Than I do; You know what…

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Help me, O God!

Help me O God; Help me, my Lord, My protector and guide, Help me, this day; Guide me; Direct me, To know where to go From here; Where I find myself; I am at a loss; I don’t know my way; I can’t find my way; I look but do not see; I see but…

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Thank you, Master!

Thank you, O Master; I know that ‘thank you’ Is not enough; But that is all I have; So, please, Lord God, Accept my empty thanks. Thank you for this day; That I am here present; Thank you for last night. Thank you for all my many blessings; Including those that I am Not aware…

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You can’t say, can you?

You can’t say what’s Ahead For you, can you? If you can, I can’t; But in truth, no one can; You may guess, But that will only be Guess work; God alone knows What’s ahead; And in his hands, I commend you. May he take care of you; Protect you Guide you And provide for…

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Do not pass me by

Do not pass me by O Lord, When you respond To the cry of your children; Do not pass me by When you are touching Your children with Your healing hands; Do not pass me by When your blessings You are pouring down; Do not pass me by I am on the line Waiting for…

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