Safe journey

Thank you O Lord,
We traveled safely;
Our journey was tiring,
Because of the bad roads,
But it went hitch free;
And for that,
We give praise
And glory to your name;
Almighty Father,
Ever so good.
And pray you ever be near
To gude and protect us.


Praying without ceasing

Whatever your religion,
There are many things
You must dispel completely
From your life;
Those things that stand
On your way to God.
If you cannot think of any,
I do think of many;
Topping the list is doubt;
When doubt takes hold,
Your faith must suffer;
You must get rid of doubt
And believe.
God is real and almighty.
This, I believe, wholly.
And prayer is the engine
Of my life.
I will pray without ceasing.

Praying for you

What am I doing
For you?
I am praying for you;
If you hate me,
Know that I am
Praying for you;
It doesn’t matter
How deeply
You hate me;
Know that I am
Praying for you;
If you are trying
To stand on my way,
Know that I am
Praying for you;
If you are rejoicing
Over my misfortune,
Know that I am
Praying for you.
That is what I always do;
And what
I will always do.
I pray for you;
I will always pray
For you;
May I always pray for you,
Regardless of who you are,
And what you do.

God will attend to you without stopping

I have high expectations today;
I am hoping to see
Many good things happen
To me today;
In fact, not only to me,
To me and others;
I will not be the one
To make them happen,
Though I will play my part;
God will be the one
To make them happen.
He makes things happen
When he likes;
And we can also move Him
To make things happen;
We move God with prayer;
Prayer is a powerful force;
The only force in the world
That can move God;
The only telephone call
That God hears and answers;
The only melody
That is sweet in God’s ears;
Always go before Him
In prayer;
Always pray;
Pray without ceasing;
God will play his part,
By attending to you
Without stopping.

My king, my all

You are my shepherd
O Lord;
My only shepherd;
You will remain my shepherd
For ever;
In you, I put all my trust;
In this world,
Which is such a hard place,
No one, on their own,
Can survive.
The dangers are many;
Nothing is certain;
Nothing is guaranteed;
But with you on our side,
There is hope
That the best will come
Our way;
No earthly power
Can give us what we need;
The protection
And the blessings
That you can give;
You alone
Can provide our needs;
You hold my life
In your palms;
Hence, to you,
I pledge my fidelity
And loyalty.
You are my God,
My king, and my all.

God’s decisions

If God takes a decision
That it’s your time,
It will be your time;
You cannot change it.
If God takes a decision
That you will succeed,
You will succeed;
You cannot change it;
You cannot defer it either;
If God decides
That you will be great,
You will be great,
God’s decisions are final;
You cannot change anyone;
No one can change any;
What he decides stands;
And happens at the time
He chooses;
In the light of this,
Let us pray:
God our Father,
Thank you for revealing
Your truth to humanity;
Help us to put our trust
Fully in you.
Hear when we cry to you
As you have promised
You will. Amen!

Prayer for my need

Almighty God,
You are a God of miracles;
You can do everything
Including the impossible;
Here I am, O Father, desperate;
On my knees before you;
You know my problem;
You know my need;
You know what I am going through right now;
Please, Father,
Do something for me;
Solve this problem for me;
Put a smile on my face;
Give me the best solution;
I know you can do it now;
You never fail those who
Put their trust in you;
My hope is in you;
Do something for me now;
Thank you!