Quote (difficult situation)

“If you find yourself trapped in a difficult situation from which you cannot escape, start digging into it and make sure you get right to the bottom. There, you will find God waiting for you with all that you can ever need.” Romilia quotes


Quotes (Limits)

The limits you put are what limit you. If you are not getting to the top of the mountain, it is not that it is impossible. It is not impossible. In fact, it is possible. You can do it. The problem is you have set yourself limits. Remove those limits and you will find yourself flying to greater heights. ” (Romilia Quotes)

Quote (riches)

“There are two ways of becoming rich. Either you serve people to be rich or you exploit people to be rich. The riches you get by serving people are clean riches or honest riches. The riches you get by exploiting people are dirty riches or dishonest riches. The financial giants of the world either served people to be rich or exploited them. This means either they got their money honestly or dishonestly.” (Romilia Quotes)

Quote (age)

“If you think you are too young to start making your impact felt in the world, look around. Younger people than you are doing marvels. You are not too young. If you think you are too old to do something that will get your name into the history books, look around the world many great figures made their most remarkable accomplishments at an older age than yours. Don’t make age an excuse.” (Romilia Quotes)