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Quote (dishonest people)

I “If the world is beset by problems, one reason is there are so many dishonest people. In fact, many of the world’s people cannot be trusted. They tell lies without blinking. There are a lot of good people though; but the evil ones seem to exert more influence than the good ones. That is…

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Quote (courage)

“While those who have the courage to brave the challenges and continue with their mission will be celebrating when victory comes, the cowards will watch in admiration or jealousy.” (Romilia quotes)

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Why are people poor?

“Why are people poor? Because they do not do what they should do to be rich. Riches cannot fly and meet you. You have to go for them; and do so the right way. If you go for riches the wrong way, you will never find. in life, there’s nothing you will get if you…

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Quote (girls and life)

“I have been examining the challenges that young girls face as they grow up. What I have found is many of them run into trouble with boys and men to a point where their lives are ruined. This is because a lot of bad people disguise themselves and pass for good people. In their naivety,…

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Quote ( problem)

“If you have a problem, dig into it to discover the opportunity or opportunities that it carries in its bowels. Hold at the back of your mind that every problem is an opportunity in disguise.” (Romilia Quotes)

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