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Don’t be ungrateful

“Don’t be ungrateful to your maker for your many blessings. He took the decision to make you win the race at conception. You did not win it by your own power. And if you are still enjoying this world, it is not by your power but by his. You did not choose to come into…

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Quote (winter)

“Every year has its winter. Every life has not one winter but many winters. These winters offer the opportunity for good planning for the future. Rather than complain and become disgruntled, use them to make solid plans for the future.” (Romilia Quotes)

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Think before you act

What you think matters. What you think shapes your life. Remove the cobwebs that clutter your thinking. Think straight. Leave the crooked line of thinking. Your success is determined by what you think. Think failure and be a failure. Think success and be a success.

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Builders and destroyers

Some people are Builders; Some others are Destroyers; While the builders Are building, The destroyers Are destroying. What are you? Are you a builder? Or a destroyer? Yes! Let us build; Let us not destroy What belongs to us Even to others.

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