You were created for me

Don’t raise eyebrows;
This is a truth you cannot deny;
You were created for me;
Maybe not to live with me
In the same home;
Not to go out and come in with me
As we humans think,
But to meet me and interact with me
As we are doing through this post,
I say you were created for me;

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And I for you;
Billions of people, the world has;
How many will I meet or see?
A very special few;
And you are among;
Because, you were created for me;
It’s not your decision,
It’s God’s decision;
You are here for me, and some others;
I am here for you and some others;
You and I were created for each other;
It does not matter how far we go;
And how long we go,
By meeting even once, we accomplish
The creator’s plan
Of creating you for me and me for you.
Mind you,
You are not exclusively for me;
And I am not exclusively for you;
But we were created for each other.



Time changes hearts

How time changes hearts!
Your heart is now
A different thing;
Not the milky way I know;
When we were in love,
Everything I did was right,
And also nice, it was;
That was what you told me;
You called me the best man
You ever met;
That made me feel on top
Of the world;
And you were my sunlight;
You thought of me always;
Now that we are
Where we are,
Nothing I do is right;
Nothing about me again
Is nice;
All I do is wrong;
And I am no longer
As sweet as honey;
But as bitter
As bitter leaf;
The things I did
And passed for a saint,
Are the same things
I do now
And pass for the devil’s
It’s beyond imagination
How time changes hearts;
Your heart was soft,
Sweet and nice;
Time has made it hard
And bitter.
Can’t time again work
Its miracle?
And reverse the situation?
We are at the end
Of the rope of our love,
Can’t the return journey
To take us back to where
We are coming from?
That is the question
I pose to you.
Can’t what is dead
Like the messiah resurrect?
Can’t time do it again? We just ended the first half of the match, with no goal scored;
We cannot call it
The end of the match;
It’s not full time yet.

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Since you left me

Since you left me in the
Freezing cold of love,
Things have never been
The same again;
And it looks like
They will never be
The same again;
If I say I don’t miss you,
I will be lying;
I am suffering in silence;
I must be honest to say
You have left a vacuum
In my life;
That vacuum will be
Hard to fill;
I envy you because
You are so calm;
I know you are fine;
Which means you never
Loved me in the first place,
Though you claimed you did;
For me, I loved you;
And still do;
That is why I miss you;
However, I have learned
That in life,
We cannot always have
What we like;
Sometimes, we have it;
But many times we don’t;
This time I haven’t had it;
And thank God my father
Already taught me
To be strong at such times;
No matter what I am
Going through;
I do follow that advice;
It enables me to sail
Through many challenges;
As I am doing now;
I am proud to say
I am fine.
Yes, I miss you;
And wish we had not come
To this;
But, I am braving it;
I am fine.
I do agree with your stand;
And it is actually mine also;.
If you have lost your keys
And cannot open your door,
Do not rush to force it;
You may damage it;
Just to later on find the key.

How did we get to this?

How did we get to
Where we are?
I am talking of our relationship;
Can you explain?
I must assure you
I am lost;
And dumbfounded;
If not shocked;
A relationship
So sweet; so romantic;
That soared so high,
To sink so low
To rock bottom;
Can you explain?
Were we not inseparable?
Didn’t we say we
Had never had it before?
Questions bombard my mind;
Unanswered questions;
Please, tell me;
I am anxious to know.
How did we get here?

It’s senseless, isn’t?

I want to come back
To something
I already talked about;
Repetition, you know,
Is a good way
To drive home a point;
I noticed you were trying
To force your relationship
To work;
That is why I cautioned you;
Even if you are married;
How can you force it
To work,
If it is doomed to fail?
Have you forgotten the adage,
“You can take a horse
To the stream,
But you cannot force it
To drink water.”?
If you force a relationship,
Or a marriage,
It will only be in name;
You may have the ring
But not the marriage;
You will be the legal owner
Of the heart,
But another person may be
The real owner;
You may be getting
The flavor of the food;
While another person
Is savoring it;
You have to be vigilant;
And call it quits
If it cannot work.
I just see no need
Wasting your time
And your life
On something that is
Doomed to fail.
It’s senseless, isn’t?

Value your friends

Have many friends if you can;
Value your friends;
And protect your friendship;
Friends are rare to have;
Yet, some people don’t know;
Many are careless with their friends;
How they treat their friends,
Makes the friendship
To hit the rocks;
Don’t neglect your friends;
And don’t treat them shabbily;
Don’t take them for granted;
They are important;
With friends, you are rich.
Without friends, you are poor.

The end of the road

I do meditate on our love,
To see where we are;
Are we closer or further
From each other?
I do recall how we started;
How intimate we were.

When we started,
I thought I could not do
Without you;
Love for you burned fiercely
In my heart;
I thought of you wherever I went.

Today, I am at a loss;
It is hard to say what is
Going on;
Our love seems to be burning
In hot fire;
We are torn apart.

Yes, our love has hit
A hard rock;
There is no use forcing
What cannot work;
The chapter must be closed;
And life must continue.