What a happy day!

What a happy day!
My heart is back;
My love is back;
I can now see her;
I can now touch her;
My love is back,
No longer will
I be lonely;
She is right there
For me;
Fully there for me;
She came just in time,
When I needed her most.
What a gift!
What a pleasant surprise!
My heart is back
Into me.
I am so happy;
This is my happiest day.


You mean the world

Do you know who I thought of
As I started this day?
Who else but you?
I could have forgetten everybody,
But not you;
I thought of you immediately
I opened my eyes this morning;
And that was for a reason;
It was like switching on
The light of my heart
To dispel any darkness;
Or turning on the heater
Of your car on a cold day.
Do you know what this means?
So much to me;
It means you mean
The world to me;
That is exactly what you mean.
I value our relationship.

My favourite

My favourite is you;
Will so remain;
And that will be
For a long time;
If not for ever;
For many years;
Do not be surprised
That I say this;
You may not know,
But you are the best
I have ever met;
I am happy this is so.
You are so sweet
And nice;
And give me reason
To be happy.
And to celebrate.
You are my favourite.
My most favoured;
I don’t know
What I can be without you;
Always you put a smile
On my face.
You are Godsent to me.

Together till the end

Hi loving friends!
I pray you!
Let us be friends
For ever;
Together till the end;
Holding hands;
We journey as one;
Heaven so desires;
For that, He, not human
Put us together;
Are we to sever
The link?
Cut the chord?
Untie the knot?
Are we to put asunder
What Almighty God
Has united?
We dare not;
Who are we to provoke
A mighty wrath?
We are bound to His will,
To bow to Him,
He who is so mighty,
So powerful, so invincible.
He wants us together
Till the end.
And there,
Never more to part.

I have lost some friends

I have lost some friends;
Friends who were precious
To me;
Friends I did not like to lose;
And for ridiculous reasons;
Religion is one of them;
Some friends have left me
Because they have discovered
We belong to different religions;
They don’t like my religion;
I told them religion should not separate us;
They will not hear;
They were adamant;
They are not making friends
With people who belong
To other religions;
What can I do?
Condemned to accept it
As it is;
But still I am not satisfied;
I don’t believe in discrimination
On religious lines;
I don’t believe in discrimination at all,
Be it geographical, linguistic,
political, cultural
Or religious.
A human being is first
A human being,
Belonging to a country,
a culture
A religion;
Or a language.
I think we should love everybody;
And treat everybody the same;
That means fairly;
Irrespective of their religion.

Faithful friends

I do really admire you
My faithful friends;
You are the kind of friends
Everybody needs;
But, unfortunately,
You are so scarce
To find;
What we mostly find
Are unfaithful friends;
Fake friends;
Who will be with you,
When the going is good
For you,
And part ways
When the going is bad
For you.
Call them fake friends;
For indeed,
That is what they are;
Who cannot be trusted;
Who cannot be counted on;
Who cannot stand for you
In light and in darkness;
When the rain is pouring
As when the sun is shining;
You have proven your fidelity, faithful friends;
I love you, faithful friends;
You are, to me, great souls;
Being what many cannot be,
You are great souls;
The blessings of fidelity
Await you.
Oh! my great, faithful friends!

What Love Looks Like

I remember my pop would get dressed on Sunday morning, perk a pot of coffee, and slip on his gardening shoes. He’d find his car keys, then drive to the local country store to buy a paper. I guess it was more a habit to get a newspaper than to turn on a TV channel. Sundays were always quiet.

As he flipped through the news, I played on the flagstone porch floor whose mortar joints I used as roads. For hours I built and constructed a world all of my own. It was a painting better described as Norman Rockwell… a father’s face buried between the worldly events and sports, and a child at his feet building miles of dreams in his head. This is what love looked like to me at home.

“Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.”

Romans 12:10

The serene scenery of swans swimming across the waters of the Tred Avon River lent itself to the ducks which lined the dock in search of food. It was a different world in those days. The infrastructure and landscape were ever changing. It would not be long before we could drive over the waters of the Chesapeake, instead of taking a ferryboat.

This morning I flipped from Google to Yahoo news and read the commentaries of discernment. The world is full of hatred – an opposite ingredient of what love looks like with God in your world. I don’t know about you, but I refuse to live in a place without the condiments of love! We are God’s prodigies who live in a society of recreational love with very little significance to the word.

The Bible has over one hundred scriptures directly related to the fundamentals of love. I can find what love looks like everywhere in my world. It’s from my sweet wife giving me a cold glass of iced tea on a hot summer afternoon; my cockatoo who comes to me in his time of need; hanging up a fresh towel for my wife on a hook near the shower; turning down her corner of the bed at night. Love isn’t just an expression of “I do’s,” but a state of mind.

“Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her to make her holy, cleansing her by the washing with water through the word.”

Ephesians 5:25-26

What love looks like outside marriage may involve the special squeezes or a smile from our grandchildren; a neighbor getting the mail for a someone housebound; baking a dish for the less fortunate; donations or volunteering to help others. Giving of yourself, even if it’s inconvenient, means more than all the money in the world. A lesson on the definition of loving one’s neighbor is in the Parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37). We are to have compassion and love towards each other, irrespective of the parameters which divide us.

So, what does love look like to you? Have you searched your heart, or is the wallet more important? Love is a verb meaning affection based on admiration. It begins when selfishness ends.

“The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”

Mark 12:31

It’s another perfect morning, and I give God the glory and love. My gorgeous bride prepares breakfast for her hubby. I think about the many wasted years I wish I could do over, for we missed so much living separate lives. How can I ever show her how much I love her? It’s easy, you know…  I stand beside her, and God is our center. I never want to let go of the immense feelings of love I have for her!

Dana and Anne’s Wedding Celebration


Kindred spirits

Kindred Spirits

“The most intriguing people you will encounter in this life are the people who had insights about you, that you didn’t know about yourself.” Shannon L. Alder

It’s 3.1 minute read.

“Oh God ,I just met you ,but I feel I know you so much already”

A kindred spirit is someone whose energy resonates at the same frequency as yours.

This can happen when you meet some one in person or online !

Definition of Kindred Spirit

According to Free Dictionary, Kindred spirit is defined as

“A person who shares several or many fundamental beliefs,ideas,convictions,sentiments,attitudes and/or interests with oneself”.

Kindred Spirits

It’s shared way of experiencing the world.

Simply put, a kindred spirit is someone who you share a mutual meaningful connection with.

Kindred spirit is the person who understands you so well and you too feel ,you understand this person equally well at the very first meeting between you both.
Both are very comfortable with each other at any given point .

It’s about innate connection.

The kindred spirit can enter your life for a moment, for a short period or be with you life long .

We meet many people in our lives.With some we feel the disconnect as if there is a wall in between but with some you feel they are magnetic and you both get attracted to each other !

Kindred Spirits

To discover a kindred spirit is to find your heart ,in the heart of a friend. Ann Parrish

Kindred spirits can be with anybody,be a known or unknown person.

What is the basis of Kindred Spirits ?

  • You both share common interests.
    you can talk hours together and surprisingly outsiders can’t understand you.
  • You both understand each other so well and there is never an argument.
    You both enjoy each others humour
    You both feel as if you are a long-lost friends.
    You are comfortable with each other .
    You don’t hesitate to tell the most personal stuff
  • Though you might have met the person physically or online for a brief period, you have some sixth sense telling you that you can trust this person.
  • You are available all the time supporting each other both in Times of happiness and sadness.
  • You both are always in sync.You both understand your limitations.And there is some unexplainable cosmic flow between the two.The relationship is always positive and supportive.

Don’t confuse Kindred Spirits with soul mates or Twin flames.That is another discussion on some other day.

Have you at any time come across Kindred Spirit ?

Please share your thoughts on this subject.

Thank you.
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