Motions of Monday

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My thoughts wander back to the Mondays of my younger years when I fought so hard to get up and go to work. During my school years, I always hoped a cold, and rainy Monday meant a cancellation. I’ve made a lot of mistakes in life and wasted a lot of those precious days, but now I thank God for the ability to face my world of dreams. Today, the first day of the week brings me joy and positive electrons I never felt before now.

I know what it’s like to be raised by a single mother, and then to raise a child as a single dad. The obligations of working two jobs, commitments to friends, and to my Father above, I relentlessly prayed for a change. Gray Mondays seemed to keep count of anxiety and stressful, unmanageable routines. Does that sound familiar? Existing without God’s ever-presence, I was merely going through the motions of Monday.

Jesus took these days (though in biblical days it was not recognized as Monday), to escape and spend time with His father. Many times he experienced the peacefulness of the Garden of Gethsemane such as in Matthew 26:36:

Then Jesus went with his disciples to a place called Gethsemane, and he said to them, “Sit here while I go over there and pray.”

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Sometimes He enjoyed the quietness of a desert, listening to God. Prayer and meditation was the answer for Him, and perhaps for us too. Maybe God gives us a glimpse into our future, ordinarily impossible to comprehend, when we use days like Mondays to focus on Him. Let our jobs honor Him, be a ministry to His unending good deeds, and advance His kingdom. It’s so simple!

My guiding light never forgets nor leaves me. Now, I greet Mondays with enthusiasm – in God’s light of life and love. While I learn the ropes of my destiny, He waits and watches over me.

Another Monday is coming, and my gracious Father will follow me, blessing me with the will to carry on, even though I do not know what lies ahead. But on this day, His gentle winds will soothe the pains of all the missing Mondays I was out of tune of His messages. It is days like Monday when we learn to believe and have faith in God and trust they will always have heavenly direction.

Motions of Monday

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SIWO Global News 19th June 2018 #64

Knowledge is Wealth

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Trump makes America Great again by by stepping out of the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC)

President Trump has stepped out of the UNHRC because the organisation has members with diabolical human rights history who are not been flagged up.  He finds it hypocritical that the organisation criticised the current immigrants and their children’s situation.  And also continues to target Israel for human rights violations in Palestine.

Despite many protests from people of all walks of life, as well as from his wife and daughter Trump refuses to let the children join their parents.

1st Anniversary of Finsbury Park Terrorist Attack

A gathering of unity; made up of citizens of all faiths, politicians, the Emergency services, Community groups, religious leaders, worshippers who were at the North London Mosque last year, family and friends, news crews and sympathisers.

The Iman who protected the terrorist until the police came talked of the continued unity, which must be maintained.  The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan spoke too.  The mild and gentle father and grandfather who died was remembered.  Some of the injured who are still healing spoke of their journey since the attack

Selling their organs for a future and to survive

Syrians are escaping from war but on reaching safety, they are financially limited.  Some have now been left with no option but to sell their organs.

Senegal 2  Poland 1 at FIFA Russia

A great and entertaining match where the Senegalese players played in unison and with determination.  Despite discussions about whether one of the goals should have been allowed, the fact remains they scored two goals to win the game.  Their coach, Aliou Cisse, at 42, not onky the youngest coach at FIFA Russia but also the only black coach.  Well Done Senegal! Great Achie


Inspirational Story

A Morrocan quote says

“Manage with bread and butter,

And God will provide the honey.”

(From Morocco to Timbuktu)


Content from BBC news. BBC 2 Documentary.


Be careful Be joyful Be peaceful 

Raining in the Reign

Raining (or Reigning) Cover pic

Lightning from afar signals a war is going on, but not here on earth. A disgruntled God commands His angels to disburse, for Satan’s reign is about to end. Days of drought plague our hearts as souls need water to flourish spirits. Only God knows the day and hour Satan’s reign will come to an end and the heavens will order the change of command. And in the early morning light, some speak to God our Creator telling Him; please let it rain!

So, we listen to the mighty music of the rumbling, heavenly clouds. Even Satan hates the sound of thunder. It’s only God who controls the power to overturn hardships we endure on earth. Let the storms roll in and bring us relief! We feel peace as we take a deep breath and smell the heavens through the scent of rain.

Many today ask if God really exists in our world. They believe life is a little less than magical because they never experience its miracles. As Satan’s drought withers away in the refreshing rain, I ponder…. why does God wait so long to deliver His blessings?

God’s timing is perfect in everything! He is accomplishing His divine purposes in our life. It prevails in all our storms, whether in heaven or here on earth. Some miracles take a very long time and others happen in a flash. They come both great and small. There are those who think incidents are a coincidence when actually it is a small miracle. God wants to show us that he is real and loves us. He greets His people through supernatural experiences!

You must be prepared to know the difference between Satan’s rain and God’s reign. Observe the lightning; listen to the thunder, for it is where you’ll find our Father high above, watching over us. Your prayers and problems are catered to by God, who is always listening if only you would speak to him in the silence before the storm.

Raining or Reigning

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“Happy Father’s Day,” Dad

Enjoy the video!


I dedicate this day to my father who was a godly man and who only sought the best for his two sons. He weathered his own personal trials and fought the system to protect his dignity. My dad graduated from William & Mary College and served as a Commissioned and Warrant Officer of the US Naval Reserve. He was a test pilot during WWII where he flew solo the first mechanical PBY and later the P-71 Mustang. Pop was larger than life. He was a man of poise, distinction, and honor, and his 6’2” stature grew as I looked up to him in my childhood days. He never needed an introduction.

Pop’s hobbies included boat building, hunting, and most of all, being a father. But things in 1955 went south as he and Mom went their separate ways. There were unaccounted times and many questions left unanswered, but sometimes in life, we just have to come to our own summation. I remember being deprived of visiting him on weekends. I didn’t understand the value of distinction. Only God could prepare my innocence – I needed the endurance later down the road.

My dad passed away after thirteen Father’s Days, so we never had a chance to do much together. Throwing a ball, swinging a bat, and playing catch, as most kids do with their fathers was out of the question. If I saw him, it was rare. Even now, my heart pales at the thought of him and tears fester from the altercation. We both deserved better.

Now, it’s my brother and I, on this Father’s Day, who commemorate the man we tried to be like many times. Life is short at best, and a glimpse is all I remember this day. But we call each other every year, still, and wish Pop well in heaven as his holiday is celebrated with God. So, I guess we’ll each wait our turn to enjoy the moments in life we missed with our father. God bless you, Pop!

To those whose fathers remain here on earth, pick up the phone and say “I love you, Dad,” and wish him the best. After all, it is he who helped bring you into this world. And, God bless the little boys who’ll soon be called “Dad.” The day will come when your sons will exonerate you too!

Happy Father’s Day to all those special fathers!

Father's Day verse

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Answer us O Lord

Answer us O Lord,
Hear all those who
Are crying to you;
We are many who
Are hurting badly this moment;
We are many who
Are going through
Excruciating pain right now;
We are many who
Are being tortured
By others even as we cry to you;
We are many who
Are dying in one way or another;
We are many who
Are being brutally killed;
We are many who
Are lying on sick beds;
Some are lying in hospitals;
Some are lying at home;
We are many who
Are sick but no money
To go to hospital for treatment;
We are many who
Are dying of fear that is eating us up because of the dangers
To which we are exposed;
We are many who
Are hungry
And not even a morsel to eat;
We are many who
Are crying to you, O Lord;
Praying that you may listen
To our cry,
And come to our relief;
We are crying that you may
Protect us from all dangers.
Hear us, O Lord;
Help us in our need;
On you alone we count,
Because you are all powerful;
Nothing can be above you.
Hear us, answer us, help us.

If this is your prayer also,
please, share. Many blessings to those who help others to reach the Lord.

Dana and Goliath

As you read this blog, please pray for the author, Dana, as yet another publisher, #4, has fallen through the cracks for his new book. This tormented piece was written with many emotions and frustrations.

I sit in disbelief. The gentle winds feel refreshing, but the big mills of the system still exhaust my very existence. I write my memoirs I receive from heaven as I believe I’m connected to a higher power. God only anoints certain people with miracles and I know I’m one of them. Feeling like Moses, I sweat at the thought, and at times I’m in disbelief. How do I cross many lanes of the highway’s vast interchange without being killed? The world has become a conglomerate of books and stories washed up by the beach. Crashing waters cave in!

Feeling as though I am David, standing on a hill staring at Goliath, I left my flock to conquer a monster. In the name of Jesus, God brought me thus far for purposes unknown. I trace my steps and ask the Lord, “Where are you leading me? Why are there so many roadblocks as I try to produce the gift you’ve given me? I suffer from disillusionment, yet I stay focused. I suffer financially, yet I’m a half a step from being penniless. You’ve brought me love and joy I’ve never known. But, I am lost in a maze as the haze clouds my intentions. Where am I going, Lord?”

My energies are mixed, and emotions stymie me. I’ve come to a fork in the road. What should I choose – give up on fate or follow my faith like David? It’s God I must stay centered on for answers. There has to be a purpose for Him to grant me such a miraculous gift.

Lord, I’m not a writer as most authors I know, yet millions think different. I am flawed, imperfect, and I struggle to refrain from sin too. I’m no better than one who is reading this message. But God, you have a purpose; I am certain. How long must I wait? The tribulations seem endless. I’ll stay in prayer; not for me, but for the gift you bestowed upon me. Please, Father, guide me through these mills of the system, and protect my enthusiasm for it, too, is clouded over.

I’m at the close of another road of disappointment. I’ve turned around, though life has no reverse. God give me the strength to stare down the Goliath. Evil is everywhere! Let there be more hope than just a mustard seed in my palm. I must remember my purpose in life and conquer…. in the name of Jesus.

Dana and Goliath


A Robin’s Legend

A Robin's Legend

The wind died down and the sun sunk low. My body reverently waited as the heat index was so exhausting it melted my conscience. I could barely breathe. But as darkness claimed the day, a robin made its way to a ledge of the porch. God spoke through her. Granting serenity, the stars suddenly became pronounced and the moon reverently rose. It was a little reincarnation of biblical proportions domineering the dark.

Amazingly, she stood guard – not high in the branches, but next to me. The legendary Robin thrives in God’s world, while carnivorous others only eat carcasses. And speaking of other “unclean birds” of the Bible – vultures, eagles, kites, falcons, buzzards, ravens, and such – they appear only to have black or dark feathers. I listened to the message as told from the verses:

Leviticus 11:13-19 (NIV)
13 “‘These are the birds you are to regard as unclean and not eat because they are unclean: the eagle,[a] the vulture, the black vulture, 14 the red kite, any kind of black kite, 15 any kind of raven, 16 the horned owl, the screech owl, the gull, any kind of hawk, 17 the little owl, the cormorant, the great owl, 18 the white owl, the desert owl, the osprey, 19 the stork, any kind of heron, the hoopoe and the bat.

Ordained in Christ’s name, the little robin is the holiest of holy in the animal kingdom. Legend says God, our Father, ordered her to remove the thorns from His son’s brow as they dragged Him through the streets of Jerusalem carrying a cross. When the bird pulled them out, drops of Jesus’s blood, stained its breast. God was very pleased, so He adorned these birds with a commemorative chest of red.

I stand in remembrance of the robin who is so famous. Few know, God guards the wings of this little bird.