Happy Greetings to All

Languages are fascinating,

Especially the greetings,

The ways of saying welcome,

They come naturally with smiles,

Hugs and kisses.

How many kisses is your custom?

On the cheek or rubbing your noses?

Handshakes, bowing or curtsying,

I am sure there are many more types,

Going on around the world, learn new ways,

Put your right foot forward when you travel,

So you don’t put your foot in it

Happy greetings to all.


A party we missed

Hello friends! Do you know the birthday party we missed? “Amazing Birthday Ever 24 July 2016”. Aki is one of us in the Happy Birthday Club but we did not have the information about her birthday. That’s why we missed the party. But it’s never too late to wish our loved one a happy birthday, is it? Just jump there right away and say something  to her: Amazing Birthday Ever 24 July 2016

Today is Sinziana Romanescu’s birthday

Dear friends, let’s visit and wish our friend a happy birthday.

Sinziana Romanescu
July 20
Happy birthday to you sweet friend;
May many more birthdays be yours;
May the sun shine brighter on you;
Happy, happy birthday!

Join the ‘Happy Birthday Club” and we’ll come in our numbers to visit you on your birthday.

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We don’t want racial conflict

Racial conflict, we do not want;
Racial conflict, we condemn;
Racial conflict is a shame;
Racial conflict should be discouraged;
Racial conflict is evil;
Racial conflict is promoted by uneducated minds;
Racial conflict tears society apart;
Racial conflict is against the will of God;
Racial conflict is not in line with any good religion;
Racial conflict is doomed to die.

Do you agree or disagree?
Who can say what is wrong with racial conflict?

What a world of lies!

Let's stop telling liesWhat a world of liars and lies!
On the political arena,
Politicians lie.
In the courts,
Magistrates and lawyers lie,
Accused, defendants and witnesses lie.
What a world of lies!
What a world of liars and lies!
In the media world,
Media men and women lie;
In the school milieu
Administrators, teachers and students lie;
In homes,
Parents and children lie;
What a world of lies!
What a world of liars and lies
In the business world,
Business men and women lie,
Consumers lie;
In the Church of all,
Church leaders and their followers lie.
What a world of lies!
What a world of liars and lies!
In marriage,
Husbands lie and wives lie;
In love,
Sweet hearts lie;
Who then is free of lies?
Is it the whole world that lies?
How can we make ours a world of liars and lies?
What a world of lies, indeed!

Are you inspired?

Are you inspired by the “Operation Good Neighbor”? I know it will inspire you because You are among those who want the best for others and the world.

Let us all support this operation and see what it does for the world.

You are requested to show your support in three ways:
Like the page Operation Good Neighbor.
Make a comment to show your support.

Thanks for your love!

How to end with strong legs

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krWho are those who end up with strong legs in life? I like you to take a while to reflect on this question while I pose another one:

How many people like it when they are travelling on a rough, hilly and difficult road? We all like to travel on a flat,smooth, and easy-to travel-on road, don’t we?

Yet,the hilly or rough and difficult road has its own blessings? Have you never thought about this? Many would wonder what blessings a hilly and rough road can have for anybody? How can going uphill be a blessing?

Someone has answered this beautifully. To paraphrase his words, when you have to go uphill all the times, you end up with strong legs.

It sounds brilliant, doesn’t it? Although someone has jokingly reacted to it by saying “if only the legs don’t break before the one in question arrives.”

To go uphill often is to struggle; and struggle offers us an opportunity to become strong. If adversity, which is struggle, is positively handled, one emerges from it stronger and tougher.

Strong muscles are often the fruit of constant use or exercise. Muscles that are not used or exercised become flabby.

If you are facing a lot of challenges in your life, consider yourself lucky. That is a great blessing. If you approach them positively, they will take you to where you want to go.

The writer was thus perfect when he said going uphill a lot was a good opportunity to end up with strong legs.

Thank God for the rough, uphill roads you have on your path. Ask Him to use them to make your legs strong.kr

Open letter to all

Dear brothers and sisters wherever you are in the world,DSCN0571
I like the way the people of the world are rapidly overcoming the barriers that used to separate them and are coming together like one people bound by love and a high sense of oneness.

Bravo to those who see others only as human beings regardless of where they come from, what their skin color is; their social status and other considerations that used to put people apart at one time in history.

This is a different era. New era, new people; new ways of doing things.

The other day I wrote a post titled Wisdom from Africa and great was my joy when People from all continents read and enjoyed those wise words.

I believe in one world, one people and a common destiny for the people of the world.

I love all those who promote the oneness of the world; who love others regardless of where they hail from.

I appreciate all those in the developed world who make great sacrifices to make life better for the less fortunate in the poorer countries of the world.

I do acknowledge that these kind gestures are not always given the appreciation that they are due. My prayer is that this does not discourage the generous donors.

Let me end with a quote from my continent: “A lit candle loses nothing by lighting another.”

Continue to love all without boundaries.

I love you.

Never waive anybody aside!

Let me tell you!
Never waive anybody aside!
You know not what God has in store for them.
They may look
Like nothing to write home about;
But may have a big surprise that is waiting for you.
Deeply buried their talent may be;
And then emerge when the right moment comes.
Many I’ve known to be like that.
Like good for nothing they look when young,
Then spring to the front
When the time is ripe in God’s plan for them;
And then you see them scoring the shots;
And you can’t believe what you see;
If it’s the same persons that you knew.
Never waive anybody aside;
No matter how the person may look;
And no matter how the person may be;
It’s quite a mistake if you do.
It’s God alone who can say,
What plan He has for anyone here below.

Youth and the future

Ever since the existence of humans on earth, the world has been handed down from generation to generation.

Those who were here before us and are gone handed it over to us. We have been managing it ever since.

How do you evaluate our management?
How do you feel about the world that this generation is handing over to future generations?

Looking at the young people of today who are the leaders of tomorrow, how do you feel? Are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of the world in their hands?