Story Time With Gary – The Late Witness

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My debut novel, Joshua and the Shadow of Death is due to release October 30th, 2018



My Journey (part-1): From A DOG-FEARING person To A Crazy DOG-MOM !!!

There used to be a time that if I would see any dog running towards me I would be like dead … And today is the time when I see him running towards me I feel like I can’t wait to hug him and feel whole again, as he has become an integral part of me now..

That Day A Father Was Born

Nobody becomes a parent by bringing a child into the world but it’s the child that makes a person a parent. A story about a man becoming a father of a baby who was not his own child. Please click the link to read the whole story.

Hanging Pride Street: Abandoned No More!!!

A story about a Woman who helped a group of women prostitutes to start a new and independent life. A story about the power of determination. A story which will make you believe that dreams do come true.

A Short Story About Domestic Abuse: “The Window To Her Life “

In the dark, She used to gather her strength to heal the wounds of her heart. It was getting late and she had so many things to do. She got up, switched on the lights and the sight of wounds on her body broke down her spirit, once again………
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Do You Believe In ‘Fairytales’?

I don’t know whether you guys believe in fairytale romances or not but, I DO. I believe in it because I wanted it & I knew I deserved it. Despite all low moments of odds and disappointment, yes I still choose to believe in it. Because Love is like Magic it just doesn’t happen on it’s own, It’s being created.