If you commit an error

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If you commit an error
Don’t leave it;
Correct it;
And the sooner, the better;
Don’t allow it to go worse;
There is nothing wrong
With making an error;
Errors or mistakes are common;
Everybody makes them;
A problem only comes
When you make a mistake,
Or you commit an error,
And do not correct it;
Correct yourself and move on;
And if there is anyone
Who has never made a mistake,
Or committed an error,
Let that person step forward.
Your success depends on this.


I have a feeling

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I have a feeling
You will make it big today.

I have a feeling
Things will go well for you.

I have a feeling
Your spirits will be high up.

I have a feeling
You will have a breakthrough.

I have a feeling
You will have a turning point.

I have a feeling
You need to begin to thank God.

I have a feeling
God has much in stock for you.

I have a feeling
the best is yet to come.

I have a feeling
You future is in an ivory tower.

I have a feeling
You will reach the mountain top.

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Try and try

What is it that
is doing?
What is it that
For success;
Wanting to make
At this moment,
Millions of people,
are engaged
In the search
For success;
For money;
A fierce search;
Some search
And find;
Some search
And never find;
Everyone wants
To search
And succeed;
But if you
Are searching
And not finding,
Take courage;
And plunge ahead;
Bear in mind;
No one finds it
Most people try
And try
Before they find.
That will be same
For you.
Try and try;
And try again;
And keep on trying;
Till you pluck it.

A look at failure

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Are you afraid of failure?
Are you ashamed of failure?
Are you worried about failure?
Are you worried when you fail?

Don’t be afraid of failure;
Don’t be ashamed of failure;
Don’t be worried about failure;
Don’t be worried if you fail;.

Failure is part and parcel of life;
Failure is a normal thing in life;
Failure is a necessity in life;
Failure is inevitable in life;

Welcome failure;
Embrace failure;
Appreciate failure;
Salute failure.

Learn from failure;
Build from failure;
Improve from failure;
Make a stepping-stone of failure.

If you fail, get up and start all over;
If you fail again, get up and start all over;
If you still fail, get up again and start again;
If you fail again, get up and start again.

Sharing gives more

Many people think that when you share what you have, you become poorer. Hence, when they have, they are selfish and refuse to share, believing it is better for them.

The opposite is what is true. When you share what you have, you become richer. When you selfishly keep it all for yourself, you become poorer.

God will bless you for sharing your blessings not for refusing to share them. When you keep all for yourself, there is no way it can multiply.

What goes out can never come back the same. It is what stays in that is most likely to remain the same until it moves or is moved.

If you look at your community, those who share the most, receive the most and have the most.

Let me use a smile to make you grasp this point better. The more smiles you give, the more smiles you receive. The fewer smiles you give out, the fewer smiles you receive.

If you are nice to people when they are in trouble, wait for the day you will be in trouble. You will have an influx of people coming to show you love.

If you never go to sympathize with people who are mourning, be sure that very few people will stand by you the day you will also be mourning.

If you do not have the habit of sharing because you think that keeping what you are blessed with for yourself is the best thing to do, I advise that you change. Be open handed. Be generous not just with material things but with everything you are blessed with; immaterial things like time, your smile, love, kindness, humour, company etc. The more you give, the more you will receive; and the richer you will be.

We can safely end by saying share and grow rich. Hoard and grow poor. Share and have more. Hoard and have less.

Always respect your opponent

There is a lesson which I learned a long time ago and which has stuck with me.

Never underestimate your opponent.

If you are going for a football match, give full respect to the opposite team knowing that they can win just as you can win.

Do not think that because you have won many matches before your victory in that match goes without saying. You may be shocked.

Every football team that gets onto the field to play is a potential winner of the match.

Every boxer who enters the boxing ring is a potential winner of the match ahead.

Therefore, you do not look down on your opponent ahead of the match.

In the boxing ring of daily life this holds true as in the boxing ring of politics.

lf you want to succeed in any competition, take your opponent as seriously as you can. Have high regard for them.

If you lose today

If you lose today,
You may win tomorrow;
Losing today
Does not mean
You are a loser;
Or will lose
It does not also mean
You will always lose;
It cannot be that way.
If you lose,
Don’t feel frustrated;
Victory may just be
At the corner;
Lose today;
Win tomorrow.
Also you may win today
And lose tomorrow.
That is the way life
Is weaved.
This means you must fixed
Your eyes always on
The mountain top;
where you want to land.