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13 reasons I expect to win

I want to win. I am determined to win. God created me to win. I have what it takes to win. I work hard. I am determined. I am upbeat. I hardly give up. I have people behind me. I have faith in God I pray God answers prayers Others like me have won. Advertisements

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Don’t waste your time

Don’t waste your time; Time is the most Precious thing you have; Don’t waste your time; Time is the most Valuable commodity; Don’t waste your time; There are useful things That you can do with Your time; Don’t waste your time; If you waste it, You will regret; You will never have it back; Don’t…

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Your 13 most dangerous enemies

Do you know your 13 most dangerous enemies? I call them your 13 most dangerous enemies because they can prevent you from enjoying success. Some of them are waiting to destroy you; and they can do so with ease. You need to know them and be very careful. If you don’t protect yourself from them,…

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Strongest where you are weakest

You can become strongestWhere you are weakest;I have seen that happenSo many times;And I know it will happenAgain and again;You are no exceptionTo the rule;If you want it, do it;All is to be determined;And resolve to turnYour weakest pointInto your strongest point;If you take that resolution,And let no day passWithout you workingTo turn your weakest…

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Stop waiting for it

Stop waiting for it! Stop waiting For what you want To come to you On its own; Go out And get it! Stop waiting For your queen; Go out and look For her; Stop waiting For your hero; Go out and look For him; Stop waiting For your opportunity To walk or run to you;…

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Don’t deceive yourself

Don’t deceive yourself; Or allow another to do so; No matter how bitter The truth is, It must be said; Success is not an easy thing To come by; Few are those who find it With ease; Some might look like They do, But that may not be The reality; You have to toil For…

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Success, we will find you

Success, We are searching For you; Where is your hiding place; Tell us where you have Hidden your head. You’re such A little word But you stand for What everybody wants; And so slippery Indeed, you are; As you slip through Many fingers With such ease It’s so hard to say; Success, Don’t be so…

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