Let me caution you;
Don’t try
To hold me back;
Don’t try
To stand on my way;
Don’t try
To make me fail;
Take note!
You waste your time
If you do;
You cannot succeed
No matter how hard
You may try;
To try to stand
On my way,
May cause your downfall;
It will make you fail woefully.
I am born to succeed.
What of you?
Are you equally born
To succeed?


Do you want to succeed?

Do you want to succeed?
Don’t say my question
embarrasses you;
There are many people
Who have no idea
What they want in life;
They have no ambition,
No plan for their life;
No determination
They make
No effort to make it;
This is why I ask
If you want to succeed;
You have to want to succeed;
You have to have a plan;
You have to be determined;
You have to work hard.
And rest assured;
If you do,
You will succeed.

Why I lost the game

I lost the game;
I lost the championship;
Why did I lose?
I had wanted to win;
And really hoped to win;
But it slipped through my fingers;
To my greatest dismay;
However, I learned a lesson;
An unforgettable lesson;
I understood why I lost;
And what I must do
To win in future;
This is a good lesson for me
And for you;
What I must do to win,
Is what you must do to win;
And it is simple;
Believe you will win;
Be determined to win;
Stay focused on winning;
Do your best to win;
And keep on going
Till you pluck the victory
That you want.

Be positive

When you get up
In the morning,
Be positive;
Don’t say
“What a terrible day
It is.going to be!”
Say instead,
“What a wonderful day
It promises to be!”
Don’t say
“I foresee things
Will be difficult.”
Say instead,
“I foresee things
Will be good.”
Think of ways to do
What you should do;
Don’t think of excuses
Not to do
What you should do;
Put in your mind
That you were born
To succeed;
Don’t put in your mind
That you were born
To fail;
Truth is, you were born
Not to fail;
You were born
To succeed.

The positive side of failure

Failure has two sides;
The negative side
And the positive side;
Most people see
The negative side;
And are blind
To the positve side;
You should not be
Like these people;
They are the losers;
The winners see
The positive side;
And to the best
Of my knowledge,
You are a winner;
The positive side
Of failure
Calls to you.
Will you take the hand?

Find the equation

Who can find the equation?
Words minus action;
Words plus action.
If you take a decision,
To do something good
For yourself,
For others around you
Or for humanity in general,
That will be a good
And laudable thing indeed,
But you must ensure
You follow it up.
You cannot decide, sit
And do nothing,
And expect things
To work out by themselves;
As we say,
Words speak;
But action speaks louder;
Your decision will go nowhere
If you don’t make it work;
But will go places
If you put action into words.
Always put action
Into words;
The equation is clear:
Words minus action
Equals to theory;
Words plus action
Equals to results;
That is the equation.

How do you win

How do you win?
Don’t get defeated by eyes;
The look of things
Doesn’t say it all;
It tells the story
Only in part;
If you want the full story,
You have to look beyond
The surface;
Dip your hand deeper,
To bring out what’s inside;
That’s how you win;
And if it’s the kind of fish
You don’t like,
Throw it back into the river.
And dig deeper;
And keep on digging
Until you get the right catch.
If you need to be told
A million times
That you will never win
By giving up,
I will do it;
You win by making sure
You stay on till you win.

Friend of progress

Don’t discourage;
Learn to encourage;
Encouragement is
What people need
Is encouragement
Not discouragement;
You have to keep
Your discouragement
To yourself;
Positive minded people
Negative minded people
Friends of progress
Enemies of progress
So, are you an enemy
Or a friend of progress?

6 mistakes you should not make

There are some mistakes you should not make if you want to succeed. They are:

  1. Being lazy. Lazy people have very slim chances of succeeding.
  2. Being extravagant. People who are extravagant find it hard to save and hence hardly carry out important personal projects.
  3. Living an aimless life. This means living without knowing what you are living for; having no goals in life.
  4. Taking things for granted. If you are blessed. It is God’s doing. Be grateful to him. If you have supportive friends, thank God for them and value them. If God blesses you with another day, value it and put it to good use.
  5. Neglecting your prayers. Prayer is the master key. If you neglect prayer, you neglect your greatest source of power to live a meaningful life.
  6. Living an unclean life. If your life is unclean, which means you do things like cheating, stealing, deceiving people, ruining others to find your way, unclean results will follow you.

What are some mistakes you think we should not make which are not mentioned here?

Enemy to failure

Don’t be an enemy
To success;
Be enemy to failure;
Friend to success;
Enemy to failure.
If success likes you,
And you like success
And become friends,
What else can you want?
Success is all we want;
Or who doesn’t want it?
No single soul I know;
Be it worldly success,
Or heavenly success;
It’s all success, short;
Which we all want;
And will all have;
So don’t be an enemy
To success;
An obstacle to success;
A setback;
Or stumbling block.
Be a good enemy to failure.