The opposition is an asset to the government

If you surround yourself only with people who think like you, agree with you on every issue, fear to contradict whatever you say, because they like to conform, you do yourself no good. In fact, you do yourself a disservice.

Do you know why?

Because, even if you are wrong, they will only agree with you.

If you are heading for a precipice, they will only praise you and keep praising you until you take a dive of no return.

Dangerous are people who agree to everything you say. Even more dangerous are people who praise you for every move you take.

There are people who will praise you for going right. If you suddenly realize you are going the opposite direction and make an about turn, they will praise you for your wisdom. If along the way you make another about turn, they will still praise you.

You must beware of such people. They are dangerous. They will not help you. They will destroy you.

It is good that you be surrounded by both people who support you and people who oppose you.

A government does better when it has an opposition than when it doesn’t.

An opposition helps the government to sit up.

An opposition helps the government to sharpen its wits.

An opposition helps the government to see the other side of the coin.

Hence, the opposition helps those in power to perform better.

The opposition helps the government to obtain better results.

I see people who do not like to see anybody around them who does not agree with them.

Don’t discard them. Keep them but be vigilant.

The opposition is not a liability, but an asset to the government.


Look successful not unsuccessful

Why carry the loser’s look
On you?
It doesn’t help
On your journey to success;
Rather, it pulls you back;
If you want to succeed,
Carry a winner’s look on you;
Look like one
Who is born to succeed;
That enhances your chances of success;
Carry on you the success look.
Real successful people look
Successful not unsuccessful.
Therefore, look successful.

Don’t wait for luck

Are you banking on Luck,
To cart success to you?
When is he landing?
Has he taken off?
Are you sure he will land?
Did he promise to come?
What motivates your trust?
He may never arrive;
Anyway, you keep waiting
If you like;
But I have my qualms;
I wouldn’t bet on him;
I will go out for my success,
Instead of staking on Luck
Who may never show up.
I will go for it myself.

12 true colors of success

When life is booming for you, that is when you need to be very careful. Many people run into trouble, not when the going is hard, but when the going is smooth.

I have seen it happen again and again. Everything will be working perfectly for you and from nowhere trouble will land; not on it’s own but through your own fault.

It may surprise you to hear this. Many people who hear me say this are usually surprised and tend to disbelieve until an explanation is given.

There are glaring examples that can be given. This happens even to couples. You will see couples poor but living very happily as they struggle to improve their lot. But finally, when money comes, instead of them enjoying their marriage more, problems come in and the marriage ends up hitting its head on a rock.

This is how sometimes it happens. A man is poor and is sticking to his wife. He does not go out everyday to drink and get drunk as a lot of other men around him do.

His wife is happy that her husband does not go out to drink and lose control of himself and misbehave like his friends. To her, that is clear proof that he loves her. It makes her happy and he is happy. Both of them are happy.

But it does not take long when the man’s business starts to boom. Money starts to come in. He buys a car. Girls start to take a keen interest in him because he now has money and can provide for them.

That is the beginning of temptation that creeps on until it grips him well. He starts going to drink, stays there and comes back late after having a good time. Can you guess what will happen? Trouble at home. What caused it? Success.

There are people who start to live recklessly when they have money. A man will start moving from town to town to ‘rock life’ because he is rich. He wasn’t doing it before because he was not viable.

Some people have gone out and not returned.

Success sometimes brings pride which often goes before a fall.

It is common knowledge that accidents are more likely to occur on a smooth road than on a rough one.

As you are fighting to grow in your business or job , know that success is good but also a great risk.

Abangshe had one wife. Then when he was appointed Chief of service he started telling his friends he wanted a second wife. When asked what had happened to his wife, he said nothing but he felt ripe for second wife since his salary had increased.

Success has two sides. It can be good and it can be bad.

Men and women of the underworld will not come to visit you and steal from you if you have nothing. They go to where they know they will find money.

Don’t change your lifestyle and start living lavishly because you have succeeded. Money has a way of taking people to the middle of the sea and abandoning them there. If you succeed, you may be tempted to become extravagant. if you allow yourself to fall into that trap, too bad.

Let me give some advice to anyone reading this. Learn to manage success. And you who are married, be very careful with success.

Many people only know success superficially. We don’t know the true colors of success.

Colours of success

Success can be dangerous;
Success can turn bitter!
Success can hurt you;
Success can betray you;
Success can be slippery;
Success can fail you;
Success can rub you in mud;
Success can cause misery;
Success can make you poor;
Success can make you sad;
Success can embarrass you;
Success can disgrace you.

Be very careful
When success comes to you;
Be happy but watch out;
It may have a secret agenda;
Wine and dine with success,
But use a long spoon.

Do not take success for granted. Do not take success at face value. It is such a beautiful thing, and what all of us want but be fully aware of its potential to destroy you. it can let you down. It can disgrace and embarrass you.

It does not mstter who you are. Whether you are the Pope, the leader of your country, a General in the army, a member of Government, a Bishop, a Priest, a Pastor,a Brother, a Sister, whether you are married or unmarried, whether you are a Director or a Chief of Service,be careful when success becomes your bedfellow. Deal with success using a long spoon.

God has a big plan for everyone

God has a big plan for you. But make no mistake. No one has ever made it big alone in this world. If you find anyone who has made it really big, look around, you will find someone or some people who offered them a great hand.

It is your duty to look for people who will lend you a hand and get you to where you want to go in life.

Of course, some will come without your looking for them. In such a case, you may think they have come on their own; which is not exact. God has sent them.

God is permanently working to realize his plan for your life:

  1. Opening the way for you,
  2. Giving you the wisdom, energy, courage and health you need,
  3. Sending to you people who can help you succeed.

Unfortunately, many of us are not aware of this. We do not know God is permanently working for us to have our due. As a result, we do not collaborate with him to facilitate the process.

Instead, without knowing it, what we do is we work against it.

This is tragic. We could liken this to fighting to score against our team in a football match. This means helping our side to lose instead of to win.

What interests us here, is the people that God sends into our lives to help us succeed.

These people include people you have never met, and might never meet such as writers and speakers; people you may only hear on radio, watch on TV, read in the papers or meet on the web.

There are many ways they can help you. They may:

  1. Teach you,
  2. Encourage you,
  3. Challenge you,
  4. Inspire you,
  5. Motivate you,
  6. Campaign for you,
  7. Finance you
  8. Advice you,
  9. Caution you,
  10. Guide you etc.

You have to be discerning, open and receptive to embrace the people God sends to you to help you become the person he wants you to be.

God may also send you into someone’s life to help the person become who they are meant to be. But you may not know that this is what God is doing.

We need to oray for the grace to discern and know when God sends someone into your life to help you become who he wants you to be, and when he sends you to help others or another.

Yes, we need to know when he has made us an instrument in another’s life.

Your call in life is what God wants you to do for others. My call is to encourage, inspire, motivate, educate, advise and help people realize their potential.

Ever since I discerned this purpose for my life, I have been on it. But it is not everybody who opens their door to me. Some bang it to my face. But, I am never discouraged. You must not be discouraged because you are not working for them or to please them but to accomplish God’s plan for your life.

The take home here is, do not think you can make it in life on your own.

God has a plan for your life; and has put in place a strategy to make that plan come true. You can’t work alone and succeed to make it come true.

You must look for those who will help you succeed and embrace all those God sends into your life to help you make his plan for you come true.

If you do this, all the chances are on your side to make it big exactly as God wants you to do. God bless you!

The Best State of The Union Speech Ever Given [Video]

47843103822_e9a7043063_kOn February 4, 2020, I listened to the best State of the Union address ever given by a President of the United States of America. It was so exceptional that I did something I never do; I listened to the speech again.

The speech itself began with a notable moment of enthusiasm from the Republican contingent in the House chamber who chanted “Four more years,” for about 30 seconds before the President even began speaking. One might have thought this would be a rare highlight during a speech that is traditionally lengthy and boring.

However, as President Trump began speaking it soon became clear that there were many more significant highlights to follow. The theme of his speech was “the great American comeback,” and he provided more than enough substance to justify adopting this theme.

America’s Comeback to Greatness and More

President Trump’s introduction was a sweeping view of all that has been accomplished for the betterment of America under his leadership, beginning with the economic boom resulting from his policies, the rebuilding of America’s military, and the successful efforts to secure our borders. He then pronounced that the “State of our union is stronger than ever before.”

Trump, State of the UnionThere are those among Americans who may have assumed that the President was engaging in hyperbole with that statement. However, any fair-minded individual, friend or foe of the President, was going to be treated to a solid and enthusiastic defense of his characterization of the state of America’s union.

President Trump moved seamlessly from one topic to another in a tour-de-force of American optimism backed by actual results in measurable terms that came because of specific policies he enacted as the Chief Executive. In terms of economics, he cited the results of job growth that hasn’t been seen in over 50 years, as well as historic lows in the unemployment rate in every category!

He tied those gains directly to the massive tax-cuts and the unprecedented de-regulation of his administration with surgical precision and pride in American accomplishment. The pattern was repeated with every subject from the rebuilding of the military through a historic investment, which enabled the destruction of ISIS and removal from the earth the two terrorists Al Baghdadi and Soleimani, to the measurable improvements in health care and the new price transparency laws for the medical industry.

There wasn’t a single arena of important public policy that the President didn’t address in the speech. Immigration, education, religious freedom, foreign policy, trade, the 2nd Amendment, and more were all addressed from a common-sense, results-based Conservative philosophy.

Moreover, the President showed that by fulfilling the promises he made in the campaign on these kinds of issues, there has been a large measurable improvement in every area. His resume is impeccable, and he made a dynamic case for re-election in November.

However, that wasn’t what vaulted this speech to the best SOTU I’ve ever heard. It was rather the extraordinary personal stories attached to the achievements so effectively throughout Trump’s address that convinced me in the end.

The Personal, Life-Changing Stories Moved the Heart

Throughout the speech, the President presented special guests whose personal stories reflected the success of his vision for making and keeping America a great, no, the greatest of nations. For instance, President Trump honored exceptional service and patriotism with two military and one civilian who were his guests.

Tuskegee Airmen, State of the UnionThe youngest of this trio was Army veteran Tony Rankins, who was the beneficiary of economic “opportunity zones” provided by Trump’s policies in Cincinnati, Ohio. He was formerly living a life of drug addiction, losing his family and homelessness, but through found a construction company investing in “opportunity zones,” and is now a tradesman with that firm, drug-free and reunited with his family.

Later the President introduced Iain Lamphier, a young man who is the top graduate of the Aerospace Career Education Program and desires to one-day attend the U.S. Air Force Academy and become of member of the newest outgrowth of the Air Force, the “Space Force,” created by Trump.

Then he introduced the lad’s great grandfather who is 100 years old, a World War II veteran, and former member of the famed Tuskegee Airman, a historic all-black squadron of pilots during the war. To further honor Charles McGee, already the recipient of multiple military honors, the President announced that he had earlier promoted McGee to Brigadier General and he has now retired as General McGee.

The third special honoree of President Trump was a civilian who was completely surprised by being awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom during the speech. It is the highest civilian award given in America and the man who received it has been most responsible for the entire resurrection of the conservative movement in our time, beginning as a lone voice 32 years ago.

Rush Limbaugh is the greatest pioneer in modern radio broadcasting and has been the most influential spokesman for liberty and conservative thought for more than three decades. In this brief video clip, the President makes the announcement of this award, and why he is doing the presentation at that time.

While watching this presentation, I was genuinely touched because of the influence of Rush upon me since I first heard him. I began listening to this man shortly after he was syndicated on national radio and I was instantly hooked by his wisdom and humor, as were millions of others, and conservative talk radio was reborn.

Rush’s reaction was one of genuine shock melting into humble gratitude and joy for being so honored. He had announced being diagnosed with advanced lung cancer the day before on his program and now received both an honor and a great encouragement from the President. It was one of a series of wonderful moments featured in Trump’s address.

In addition, the President showed support for the struggle against tyranny in Venezuela by featuring the newly-elected President in exile, Juan Guaido, the leader of the opposition to Socialist dictator Nicolas Maduro. He touted his pro-life stance by introducing a woman and her daughter who was born pre-mature at an almost unheard of 21 weeks and is now a healthy two-year-old child and announcing a grant of 50 million dollars for advanced neo-natal research on her behalf.

President Trump highlighted his policy of expanded school choice in education with the story of a young woman who would now be allowed to attend the school of her choice due to an “opportunity scholarship,” provided by his program. And in another especially touching moment, he reunited a soldier who had been deployed to Afghanistan four times with his wife and children who were special guests of the President.

The Speech Effectively Showed Failures of the Political Left and Highlighted the Solutions

The President effectively showed the policy failures of the Democrats and contrasted them with his successful solutions throughout the speech. One of the most effective demonstrations pointed out that the drop of over 75% in illegal border crossings since May of 2019 was partly due to the bravery and service of the Border Patrol and Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ICE officers.

Sanctuary cities, State of the UnionHe went on to show that with the old “catch and release” policies of the Obama administration, which he ended, and the current policies of “sanctuary cities” and even “sanctuary states,” criminals pose real threats and cause real harm to American citizens. The President told the story of one criminal illegal alien who was detained by California sheriffs and then released per the state’s sanctuary laws in December of 2018.

This criminal went on a crime spree a couple of days later in which three people were shot, and one died as a result with the criminal firing eight bullets into his body. President Trump featured one of the grieving brothers, Jody Jones, as his guest and had him stand to lengthy applause.

President Trump then mentioned that Senator Thom Tillis [R-NC] who had just introduced legislation that would allow individuals and families such as the Jones family to sue sanctuary cities and states for losses if family members are hurt or killed as a result of those policies.

In much the same manner, when introducing the mother whose child had survived premature birth at 21 weeks, the President took the Democrats to task for their support of abortion until the point of birth, and in some cases beyond the time of birth.

On issue after issue, it became clear throughout the SOTU presentation that the Trump presidency was delivering sensational results, and that the policies advocated by the Left had failed before and promised only failure in the future.

President Trump Cast a Strong Vision for a Stronger America Going Forward

President Trump isn’t one to rest in his past accomplishments, and in this speech laid out concrete actions that are already ongoing or proposed to make an even stronger America possible in the future. For example, he is laboring to put into place a revamped system of immigration based on merit so that America will be attracting those persons who can contribute to the benefit of the nation and not become a perpetual burden on the taxpayer.

Inset. the front of judicial court appointments, the President highlighted the incredible success already achieved by confirming almost 200 judges to the federal bench, including two Supreme Court Justices that are constitutionalists. His goal is to continue that trend and return the courts to their Constitutional roots insuring a stronger republic in the future.

At another point in the address, President Trump asked Congress to support a new program called “Artemis” and put America at the forefront of new space exploration. He called it “America’s manifest destiny in the stars,” and plans are to put the first woman on the moon and become the first nation to plant our flag on Mars!

Moreover, the President did not mention something almost everyone thought he would mention, the sham impeachment process. On the eve of a vote in the Senate to possibly remove him from office, President Trump ignored the failed sham and exuded stern confidence that was its own rebuke of the phony process born of the Left’s vindictive heart.

Finally, I must mention that the President touted new efforts in his administration to protect religious liberty in public education. Trump announced the plan in January of this year.

The White House said the plan is to “help safeguard students’ rights by giving education providers and students the most current information concerning prayer in public schools.” …The Education Department also will update 2003 guidance regarding prayer in public schools and streamline a federal complaint process for students alleging discrimination by authorities. …Kelly Shackelford, chief counsel for First Liberty, was at the White House for the announcement along with clients Hannah Allen and former football coach Joe Kennedy. “We commend President Trump for his strong efforts to protect America’s first freedom – religious freedom,” he said. “These revisions to the Guidelines on Prayer and Religious Expression ensure that the religious liberty of students in public schools is protected.”

This effort has the potential to shape a new generation in faith and morality and produce results that tend toward a more civil and righteous society in America. That is a future that can only enhance America’s greatness as a people by elevating our goodness as a people.

Much more was packed into this ‘triumph deluxe’ than I can relate in this writing. However, the future under a renewed President Trump and a second term promise to unleash the almost unlimited potential for an even greater and stronger America going forward.

Any American with a heart to see the nation stronger and more prosperous could not help but be encouraged by the speech. The President’s address was a spectacular reminder of what our nation has already accomplished under his leadership, with God’s help, how the future is bright and beckoning us to new heights of greatness as the world’s firebrand of freedom.

For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope. Jeremiah 29:11 [ESV]

D.T. Osborn

Sources: The Holy Bible, English Standard Version, Crossway Bibles, 2001

Featured and Top Image courtesy of Brian Copeland’s Flickr page – Creative Commons License
Inset Image 1 courtesy of Gilbert Mercier’s Flickr page – Creative Commons License
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All other sources linked or cited in the text

Originally published in TIL Journal

The power of success

If you succeed to amass wealth
People fear you;
And respect you;
If you rise in position,
That is if you gain power,
People will follow you.
If you fail or are failing,
People will run away
From you.
That is life and the power
Of success.
We associate with success;
People identify with power;
Because we want our share.
You have to succeed
To be recognized and respected in your community;
Yes, money has power;
With money, enough money,
You can corrupt whoever;
You make people see wrong
To be right,
And right to be wrong;
You make lies truth;
And truth lies;
This is the world
In which we live;
Our world;
Sad for the poor;
They may get glory in heaven,
But on earth, its hell.

Your people

I have some people
Who are so very special;
I call them my people;
I trust them;
They are
The people I rely on;
The people I count on;
The people who never
Let me down;
They are the people
Who make things move
For me;
They are
The engines of my life.
Do you have such people
You can rely on?
Whom you can trust?
Whom you can depend on?
Who will serve as
The engine of your life;
You cannot go far in life,
If you don’t have
Such people;
They will make things move;
They will pull you along.
They will help you succeed.
You can call them
Your people.