My greatest blessing

My greatest blessing after my life is my faith in God. That is the key that opens the door to all other blessings for me.

What is your greatest blessing after my life?


Know God’s plan for you

God’s plan for you is good. Do you know it? He wants you to succeed. Success is his plan for your life; and he has made enough provision for you to realize it.

It is left to you to find the tools he has put at your disposal, and use them to succeed.

To succeed is to realize God’s plan for your life.

Are you ready to realize God’s plan for your life?

Look successful and important

Look successful and important. Looking successful and important enhances your chances of success.

If you look shabby, miserable, and unimportant, nobody will give you a seat when you go to an occasion and seats are scarce. You will be refused many opportunities. Many doors will close to you.

When you look successful and important, you will find people making way for you as you come. People will open doors for you. They will quickly give you a seat at occasions.

It is necessary that you look successful and important. To look successful and important is determined by the way you dress and carry yourself.

Dress well. Dress to kill if you can. Dress neatly. And carry yourself with the airs of an important person.

If you are not succeeding

If you are not succeeding, I know your problem.

You don’t believe you have what it takes to succeed. You don’t believe you were born to succeed. You don’t believe, what you are doing is good enough to make you succeed.

You have a deeply engrained lack of self confidence in you.

Unless you reverse the present thinking you have about yourself, you will remain where you are.

Reverse your thinking:

From lack of belief to belief;

From negative to positive;

From doubt to certainty;

Failure to success.

I encourage you to do this. If you do it, your success will be guaranteed. Nothing will stop you.

Good Planning

Let me
A sure road to success;
It is called good planning;
When you plan well,
You are more likely
To execute well;
And no one can doubt
The quality
Of the fruits you will reap.
It is like planning
Your farming season,
You take time and plan;
Plant at the right time,
And take good care
Of the crops,
You will surely reap
A good harvest.
Don’t do anything
However small,
Without planning.
Always plan;
And plan well.
That is a sure road
To success.

Success advice 10 Take time to rest

There is a thrilling story of two men who were engaged in splitting firewood.

The first man worked all day without a rest.

The second man also worked all day but took off time from time to time to rest.

At the end of the day, the man who took off time to rest did better work than the one who worked continuously without a rest.

When the man who produced better results was questioned on his secret, he said each time he rested, he also sharpened his axe.

The secret of success is work hard but make sure you take off time to rest and sharpen your axe.

There is an old adage which says “All work without play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Hard work is not all that matters. Rest also counts.