20 things to thank God daily for

You have many reason to thank God. Here are twenty of them:

  1. Thank God for your life
  2. .Thank God that you have seen this day.
  3. Thank God for your family.
  4. Thank God for those who are close to you.;
  5. Thank God for your friends.
  6. Thank God that you are so blessed;
  7. That Godll that he has offered you many blessings.
  8. Thank God that your health is whatg uit is. It could have been worse.
  9. Thank God for the challenges you have which make you strong.
  10. Thank God for your neighbours. Whether good or bad, they are there for a purpose.
  11. Thank God for the free air you breathe.
  12. Thank God for your opportunities.
  13. Thank God for your wisdom.
  14. Thank God for your financial prowess.
  15. Thank God for your leaders. They could have been worse.
  16. Thank God for he is so pure.
  17. Thank God making you know him.
  18. Thank God for His grace in your life.
  19. Thank God for giving to you a heart to love.
  20. Thank God for making you who you are.

Is there any other reason for you to thank God?


We will always fall short

Don’t fall short
In thanking God;
Or in prayer;
We ought to pray
As we breathe;
And thank God
All day long;
Every blessed time
We take in air,
Or send out air,
We ought to say a word
To Almighty God.
It’s simple to understand;
Every single second
We have in this world,
Is a gift;
Freely offered to us
From heaven above;
By no other than Him;
We do not earn it;
If he doesn’t want it,
We do not have it;
Not even a split second;
He is such a loving
And generous God;
He gives
Without being asked,
We can never
Thank Him enough;
We will always fall
Far short.
Even if we spent a full day
Chanting words of thanks!

Peasants of the Fields: The Pentecost

Have you ever noticed the corners of grain or vegetable fields after the farmer plows them? Look closely the next time you pass one and see they are left uncut. It’s strange, but this tradition started in biblical days, and it dates back to the Jewish Feast of Weeks, which begins exactly fifty days after Passover. Today, June 9th marks the 2019 celebration better known as the Pentecost. Yes, I know what you are thinking – Pentecost(al) is a sect of religion who speak in tongues and follow the Holiness Movement. However, Pentecost Sunday commemorates the receiving of the Holy Spirit by early Christians which is steeped deep in Jewish roots. This tribute inspired the beginning of the “church” as we know it today.

In scriptural times, the Jews were commanded to offer the Lord new grain in the form of two wave loaves made with the finest flour and baked with leaven. The Jew, Gentile, and other nationalities came together, speaking different languages. (Thus the origin of speaking in tongues in the Pentecostal church today). Peasants of the fields harvested their grain for an offering but under one stipulation. The Lord required them to leave all four corners of the field untouched, so the poor and strangers had crops to eat too.

The Jewish religion sees the Feast of Weeks as a symbol of the coming Messiah and His ministry. The celebration denotes the Lord gathering both Jews and Gentiles and making them one in Him.

Ephesians 2:14-15

4For he himself is our peace, who has made the two groups one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility, 15by setting aside in his flesh the law with its commands and regulations. His purpose was to create in himself one new humanity out of the two, thus making peace,

In Christian churches, Pentecost Sunday is an observance of the gift of the Holy Spirit. He lives and breathes in each one of us, just as He breathed on the disciples when they were filled with fear upon witnessing Jesus’ resurrection.

John 20:21-23

21Again Jesus said, “Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” 22And with that he breathed on them and said, “Receive the Holy Spirit. 23If you forgive anyone’s sins, their sins are forgiven; if you do not forgive them, they are not forgiven.”

Waiting on Christ’s return, today, we congregate and construct our churches for praise and worship. Inside its four walls, regardless of the religion, we are baptized by one Spirit, into one body. The Lord resides in each of us. It was Peter who prophesied all men must unite in one church under heaven. Let us open our minds and understand, it was God’s request the world is to be but one religion. Let each of us pray that one day we will fulfill His wishes.


All The World’s A Stage

All The World’s A Stage

By William Shakespeare

All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players:

They have their exits and their entrances;

And one man in his time plays many parts,

His acts being seven ages. At first, the infant,

Mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms.

And then the whining school-boy, with his satchel

And shining morning face, creeping like snail

Unwillingly to school. And then the lover,

Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad

Made to his mistress’ eyebrow. Then a soldier,

Full of strange oaths and bearded like the pard,

Jealous in honour, sudden and quick in quarrel,

Seeking the bubble reputation

Even in the cannon’s mouth. And then the justice,

In fair round belly with good capon lined,

With eyes severe and beard of formal cut,

Full of wise saws and modern instances;

And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts

Into the lean and slipper’d pantaloon,

With spectacles on nose and pouch on side,

His youthful hose, well saved, a world too wide

For his shrunk shank; and his big manly voice,

Turning again toward childish treble, pipes

And whistles in his sound. Last scene of all,

That ends this strange eventful history,

Is second childishness and mere oblivion,

Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.

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Don’t scare of change.

Life is all about change.

You’ll change.

Everybody will change.

Everything will change.

Look around you, you’ll always find changes.

You can’t stop the medium of change.

Nobody can stop it either.

Change is the universal law.

This is the truth of life.

Source: POSITIVE THOUGHTS OF SELF-MOTIVATION! Only you can motivate yourself… Only you can bring positive changes in your life…. Birister Sharma


Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless!

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Failure is important in your life.

Without relishing the bitter taste of your failure, You’ll never get the sweet taste of your success.

Failure doesn’t break you down, But failure makes you stronger and solid.

Don’t scare of your failure. Make your failure as the stepping stone of your great success.

Discover the new ways of your grand success and glory on the path of your greatest failures.

Source: POSITIVE THOUGHTS OF SELF-MOTIVATION! Only you can motivate yourself… Only you can bring positive changes in your life…. Birister Sharma


Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless!

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Our Year in Review

What a wonderful and exciting year we had in 2018! God blessed us with so many things, it is hard to name them all. Let me begin with our blog… danabicksauthor.com.

This year, we jumped to an astounding 20.6 million followers in 29+ countries around the world. It even crashed our personal website twice! My wife and I have met so many terrific people through the blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Renowned famous names are now taking a ride with us and communicating regularly. It proves my point everyone is looking for something to fill a small hole within themselves. In April and September, once again, Feedspot named our blog a “Top 30 Inspirational Blog in the World”; and Instagram also called it a Top 20 Inspirational Blog.

In 2019, our blog will be redesigned again and running from its own server. We will also begin a Weekly Newsletter to be emailed to all those who sign up for our latest news and blogs. You can find the email sign up box at the bottom of the blog and on the Facebook page – Dana Bicks, Author.

It was a rough start for my first book, There In God’s Grace. From March through July, it went through the hands of three very large publishers whose only agenda was to change sentences and words to make it more “politically” correct. These narratives are my miracles and struggles, and to alter it would have been a terrible injustice. So, after praying for answers, my wife and I decided to self-publish and incorporate our own publishing company, Bicks Books, LLC.

We finally released There In God’s Grace to the public on September 27, 2018, with wonderful reviews! It can be found everywhere in the world, in every bookstore, and online. Thank you to all our vendors who made it possible. This includes Integrative Ink, Ingram Press, and Amazon who has it rated a five-star book with a ranking in the top 20% of all their book sales. It is a bestseller on Kobo which is an international site for ebooks. Thank you most of all to our readers and followers who placed it at the top. Without your support, none of this would be possible!

For the new year, 2019, Anne and I are revising my thirteen children’s book series, “Dr. Peacock and Friends.” New story lines based on Christian morals and values will be the theme to inspire and entertain kids of all ages. We expect releasing them at the end of 2019 along with backpacks, coloring books, cups, and other items.

Yes, this has been a fantastic year for danabicksauthor.com. We sincerely hope you will continue to follow us and share God’s messages with everyone. Stay tuned for our changes coming soon and feel free to send your thoughts!

Happy New Year and may God bless your many days ahead!

It’s The Little Things #791…

It’s the Little Things #791


Yesterday, I debated long and hard about running to the grocery to pick up chihuahua cheese (yes, jokes are welcome in the comment section). I headed out around noon. The parking lot was relatively empty, and I was encouraged that it would be a quick trip: in and out.

Once inside, there were not any carts at the front door. I only needed a couple of things which meant I only needed a small cart. As luck would have it, there was an empty small cart just sitting there by the vitamin section. I scouted around to see if it belonged to anyone. No one was in sight, so I did something I have never done before, I took the cart. I kept looking back to see if I had actually taken someone’s cart, but apparently I had not.

I headed down the left side of the store trying to recall what I needed on that side, but I couldn’t remember, so I headed to the grocery side. Just like the parking lot, the store was relatively empty, especially for the Wednesday prior to Thanksgiving. My trip was going to be quick and easy.

Once I got to the grocery side, I started noticing how empty the shelves were. Staff was frantically trying to stock, and what few people were there, were maneuvering around aisles of stacked boxes. The chihuahua cheese is usually in the cheese case at the front of the store, but today that was not the case. My only absolute recipe for Thanksgiving Day depended on that cheese. I was starting to get discouraged. The other chain of stores did not carry this particular brand of cheese, and I was quickly running out of options.

My cart was filling up with other last minute items, and I rounded the corner of the last aisle of the grocery store. There at the far end was the treasure I sought for this trip – chihuahua cheese, and as an added bonus, it was already shredded.

My cart full and my heart happy, I headed toward the check-out lines. I didn’t notice until I reached the front of the store, but the reason the store was not swamped with people is because they were all standing in lines, lines that snaked through racks of clothing and down every aisle to the middle of the store.

I headed down to the far end of the store as it looked a little less populated with people and carts. Check-out lane 23 opened just as I got in line. People rushed to be first in the new line. After the ‘dust’ settled, I was now third in line behind a woman who you could see was debating whether to get in the new line or stay where she was. And so we waited, and waited. No one got in line behind me; the other lines were moving, slowly, but they were moving. My line; we just waited.

I believe we were waiting because the beautiful woman in front of me had some good news she just needed to share with anyone, with me, and eventually she did. How the conversation started, I don’t remember.
She was rather bold and to the point: “My husband just got out of the hospital Sunday. They did surgery for stage 4 cancer. I have so much to be thankful for. He is home and walking around the store. I’m sure he will sit down if he gets tired while I am in line. He can’t drive yet, but we have so much to be thankful for this year.”

I responded and smiled and we chatted some more; her good news shared with me three more times. My chihuahua cheese didn’t seem so important anymore. We had so much in common – it was just the two of them for Thanksgiving this year, he worked in a neighboring school corporation, and the list went on and on.

We are all in various stages of gratitude and thankfulness, but here is the thing, it all matters. The question is, are we so full of gratitude and thankfulness that we have to share it with someone else. Are we willing to share with a perfect stranger what we are grateful for? Our health, family, faith, a struggle or trial that we have maneuvered through with the help of God?

My challenge to you today is to start a family gratitude journal. Include the difficult stuff as well as the easy stuff. Here is the catch, don’t wait until next year to see the blessings God has poured out on you and your family, instead, review the journal monthly.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 (KJV)18 In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Breaking Bread

Breaking Bread cover

It was early morning, and I smelled the aroma of pumpkin and turkey as I walked into the kitchen. Loaves of bread were cooling on the counter. The beginning of the holy season was here. It was a time to give thanks to all those who made the year a little easier for us; dear friends and family, and most of all, for the multitude of blessings from our Lord.

Enjoy this beautiful Thanksgiving rendition of “What I’m Thankful For”:

Shorts and T-shirts changed to football and wrapping gifts. Trees lost their summer foliage, and the wet, black bark stood somberly, against shades of gray. Embers in the fireplace were still aglow from the prior night. The house shifted into a winter wonderland.

We started the day off right – sipping coffee in bed along with the morning news, and then the Thanksgiving parades. Later, my wife scurried about the kitchen donning an old-fashioned apron. The family will be here soon – my favorite time of the year!
The bread rose, moist and golden brown; perfect for a holiday tradition. I lovingly watched her focus on perfection. Cradling the loaves onto an empty shelf, she closed the refrigerator door and spun to her right. A smile flashed across her face. “Jesus is in our kitchen!”

Gasping in His glory, my wife turned to the counter and reached for the last loaf. She handed it to Him gently and then pulled out a chair. He smiled and reclined, gesturing me to do the same. Breaking bread and sipping the wine from our crystal goblets, we spoke of our blessings for this communion of three!

Breaking Bread verse

Jesus appeared on this holiday with never a word. He was the brightest of bright shining at our table – the sacrament of life. And as He arrived, so He left; only a broken twig laid upon the dinner table where we broke bread. Tears streamed down my wife’s face as she took His napkin and wiped her cheek. I’m sure He is in heaven smiling and preparing a special place for her.

Breaking Bread pic 2

We set the table in silver and gold and plugged in the charger plates. A centerpiece of memories – holly, and pinecones adorned the table. I lit the candles as the doorbell rang; the holidays were in full swing! My wife, smiling ear to ear, carried out an extra chair for us from the bedroom. She greeted the kids with a great big smile and a huge hug as well! We celebrated that joyous Thanksgiving with love in hearts for each other and our wondrous Father, Jesus Christ.

Will you invite Him to your Thanksgiving meal this year? May you and your family have a blessed holiday and spread the cheer!

Please join us again on Sunday, November 25th for another “Everything Christmas Blog”!

Give a gift which keeps on giving!

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