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Be Positive (B+)

Sharing a few instances which show…some people are so Positive in any Situation they face in Life… (This is called “Positive Thinking” ) Doctor : Your Liver is enlarged Patient : Does that mean it has space for more whisky ? (Now this is called “Positive Attitude” ) Lady to her dietician :- What l am worried…

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My goal for 2019 !

My goal for 2019 is To accomplish the goals of 2018, Which I should have done in 2017, Because I promised them in 2015, And planned them in 2014…….. Jokes apart…. Let us be frank…..Most of us fail to achieve what we plan for the new year ! It’s alright ! Take a deep breath.Relax….…

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Have you ever hugged a troll ??

This article is a 2.5 minute read. This post is in response to my experience with a reader,who is from non-English speaking country, who mistook my English,and became angry.I fully understand this situation in this particular scenario.I even had to take help of fellow readers(English Pundits) But many times we are not that fortunate( I…

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