The Gavel’s Decision


“GUILTY!” States the Judge!

“Of what? ” I ask?

He replies, “It’s an extensive list!”

“Please tell me!”, I plead.

“Remember, YOU asked”,the Judge retorts and continues .

“On this day, let it be known that:”

“You love him too much.”

“You accepted unacceptable terms.”

“You walked into a relationship with the odds against you.”

“A couple needs the freedom, to be there for each other.”

“Equality in spending quality time, at your house, or his house. You DID NOT have that.”

“Without the above, you lose a precious gift. The opportunity to truly show your love, be there and support each other through all kinds of things, on an even playing field.”

“Due to yours being one sided, your house open, his being off limits, your giving nature was stifled.”

But I thought it would be only for a short time and all would work out!”, I intervened.

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SIWO Global News 25th May 2018 #39

Knowledge is Wealth

Harvey Weinstein on $1million bail

Harvey Weinstein went to a Tribeca police station to give himself up as arranged.  He was charged with rape and sexual crimes against two women  and released on $1million bail.  He has been accused by more than 70 women and many wondered if he would ever be prosecuted.   The #Metoo and The Time’s Up movement came about because of this Hollywood producer who abused his power and their trust.

Liverpool fans’ journey is disrupted by cancelled flights

The flights of many Liverpool fans have been cancelled and their desire to see the final of the Champions League has being disrupted.  It’s been the aim of fans to be in Kiev and watch the match between Liverpool and Real Madrid.

Added problems has caused anxiety for  fans as some hotel bookings have been cancelled too.  Some places are charging exorbitant prices while other kind Kiev citizens are helping the fans with free accommodation.  The Mayors of the two cities, Kiev and Liverpool are working together to help sort the flight problems.  The trip Operator Worldchoice Sports is also working to organise more flights.  Disappointed fans have paid in excess of £2000 for their journeys.

Inspirational Story

12 strangers  and 12 good deeds

A manager at a US Taco Bell Restaurant shared his story of one amazing day at work.  His town was not an uplifting place and people came to use the bathroom to shoot up or cause one trouble and more.  On this day his Drive-Thru cashier came to tell him a customer wanted to pay the bill of the car/person behind him.  He told the cashier, “Just make sure he knows how much that bill is.”  The kind hearted man was happy to pay the $25 bill. The next car came forward, the woman who had her $25 bill paid, offered to help the customer in the car behind her.  To the astonishment of the staff this went on with every car until 12 bills were paid by perfect strangers.  The only reason it stopped was because there were no more cars in the queue.

What a blessing it was to give as well as to receive.  The manager’s faith in humanity was restored that night with this 12 back to back gestures of kindness.  It made him look at his town differently.

I say “What would you do today?”  It is after all worth giving to bless someone and possibly teach someone the art of kindness.  The mouth is a strong tool, bless someone, speaking positively about yourselves, each other and your towns because it is a good thing.”


Content from BBC news, Channel 5, The Telegraph, Sunny Skyz.

BE careful Be joyful Be peaceful





Blogger of the week- DeepikasRamblings


Image from Deepik’s blog

Simple words but big impact,

Deepikasrambles is all about that.

Every word written from heart,

A journey from Pen & paper now to laptop.

All her thoughts big and small,

She shares with us in colorful post.

Words of gratitude, sharing and caring,

How we can grow, love and improve

she keeps rambling through her blog.


Deepika, a simple and beautiful soul who loves to write from her heart. She uses no big words but touches the readers. She knows to motivate, she takes out time to read others blog and comment. I can say this coz she has motivated me so many times.. her post have often inspired me to write my own post. Hope u enjoy reading her blog as much as I do..

Gone pear-shaped

My project has gone pear-shaped,
Leaving me in total confusion;
What am I going to do now?
On this project I staked my all;
Everything has fallen overboard;
My foot moves on black soil;
Can anybody advise me on this?
I need your help, please;
Do not leave me in the cold;
After everything,
Doesn’t man live by man?

I wish to express gratitude to Indishe and topomzblog for the idioms they sent to SIWO and which inspired me to write this poem.

Are you guilty or innocent?

What is the problem with
You and the word guilty;
Why don’t you like it?
Is it that you are guilty?
Each time you hear guilty,
Your face darkens;
And you haven’t even looked
At my last post
On the word guilty;
If you don’t prove me wrong,
I think you are guilty
Of something;
Are you or are you not?
If you’re not, tell me
You’re not.
Let’s have this thing don
Are you guilty or innocent?

I Stand Accused


issac hayes

The late great Isaac Hayes; yes the same artist that is famous for singing the theme sound trek for the original Shaft movie. Hayes was a pioneering artist made a record album called “I Stand Accused;” I can recall the picture of that album that my father had in his collection of records and when that picture popped into my head I swear that I could smell the scent of the vinyl record in the album’s jacket. Hell, I even have the picture of the stereo’s  needle riding the record’s sound groove as it played every time I hear this tune. The first song on the album is the theme song of the album. If you were Guilty of having some sort of feeling for somebody else’s romantic partner then perhaps one can relate to the lyrics.

Another thing that I found interested on the album is that Hayes…

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