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Too hard to love?

Why are some people
So hard to please?
Why are some people
So hard to love?
You do your very best
To please them,
But they remain unpleased;
You do all the good
You can,
Use the best words you
Know to use,
Still it means nothing
To them;
Are you such a hard one
To please?
Examine yourself;
You make life hard for
Others if you are;
Which is not good;
Appreciate when others
Show you love,
Especially your spouse.
Help your spouse
To be a good spouse.
Don’t be too difficult;
Don’t be too hard to love.

Love is everything

Is there a fruit that’s sweeter than love?

Is there a meal that’s more delicious than love?

Is there a feeling that warms the heart as much as love?

Show me something that gives more joy than love;

Love is the best;

Love is the final;

Love is everything;

If you give love you have given everything.

Our Back yard in Southern New England


How lucky are we

To have captured

For all eyes to see

Still water,

Mirrored glass

Reflecting a vibrant sky.

Diversified deep blues

Interwoven amongst

Tumescent white clouds.

A natural artist canvas,

Picture framed by

Rolling mountains of

A multitude of

Various lush flourishing

Green trees

Rising above a youthful

Legion spread of a

Multitude of sprouting

plants and a sand colored


No matter

Where we roam,

Countryside in NH

Holds ones heart and

Forevermore, remains

The only place known,

As roots of origin,

That inherent place

Best described as

Our cherished home.


Kind Regards and hugs – K


Photography compliments & copyright of BGage, 2018

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