You are only a caretaker

Nothing here is owned
By you;
You are only a caretaker,
You are not the owner
Of anything;
The things you think
You own,
Are not owned by you;
Who says you own them?
They have been given
To you
Just for a while;
To take care of them
And return them
To their owner;
Your life is not owned
By you;
Yes, it belongs to you
That you may take care
Of it;
You are not its owner;
Your mansions;
Your limousines;
Your bank account
The power in your hands;
Belong to you;
But you don’t own them;
They can be taken away
From you at any time;
Never forget your role
As caretaker;
Detach yourself
From things you don’t
And will never own;
Don’t put your heart
In them.
They are not yours.



Pain is Pain, just like Rain…
Sometimes Small; Sometimes Big, But it is always present among us like 100 % attendance !!

Pain is Pain, just like Rain…..
It becomes less; when you are in front of me ❤…just like….How All students keep quiet when a teacher comes in the classroom !!!

Pain is pain, just like rain….
However again in the night; Pain sticks back to me just like Two Lovers meeting after a long time !!!
Pain is Pain, just like Rain…..⚘❤
– Shobha Iyer

We Work For God


We Work for God cover

The blackest of clouds stalk the night’s evening sunset. A phone call interrupts my joy of dreams. The update took precedence for a mother lost her young son to the practicing world of medicine. God forbid the professional caretakers who made the misdiagnosis! Her innocent child died of a curable cancer at the tender age of twenty-six. But, God anoints those who stay in prayer when questioning the validity of why He allows children to die young.

So full of mixed emotions at the devastating news, it’s ironic God brings my home and future so much love, and making Him happy is a priority. My wife and I share the miracles God gives us every day. But, it is times such as this, working for God is difficult… consoling the less fortunate, reflecting with the very ill, and nights spent reminiscing memories of those who passed.

In the gloomy daylight, we put our galoshes on and troop through the storms along with high expectations of a better tomorrow. God willing, there will be a rainbow at the end of the heavy rains. We become an armored troubadour on tough days, preparing to meet the tidal wave of life. So, let us rejoice!

We Work for God rainbow

It is not known to us, yet, why death occurs at any age. But, it’s safe to assume when Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit, God cursed the ground of humans on earth. The Tree of Life fell prey to sin, and none are indestructible, including our offspring. A lesson to learn – there is nothing of this world we can count on for true contentment. Instead, we must look to God for our ultimate and eternal fulfillment. We should worship and trust in Him who is wiser than we are, knowing our final rewards are in heaven.

Sworn to work for God, I pray our faith waves like Old Glory in the winds of the stormy seas. Batten down the hatches from Satan’s wild, destructive forces which seep through the cracks as we proceed on our current course. Remember your faith as you cross life’s treacherous roads and stay humble.

God loves each one of us. So, let us unite when the fear of catastrophic winds attack us. As Christians, resist temptations when Satan closes in, and restore love in each other and our Lord. We work for God. Be that pillar under His wings.

We Work for God pic

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God’s plan for your life

woman in black coat
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Let’s look at  where you are going;
Let us look at God’s plan for your life;
Do you know God’s plan for your life?
Have you discovered why God created you?
Do you know who God created you to be?
Do you know what God created you to be?
Do you know where God created you to go?
Do you know what God created you to do?
If you know God’s plan for your life,
Spare no effort to realize such a lofty plan;
No accomplishment can equal that plan’
Let alone surpass such a plan for your life.



I set myself free today.


Let you go,

Fluttering away as a

Colorful autumn leaf.

Twirling, twisting

Across the lawn,

In a gust of wind.

Whoosh! Came another

And you flew

Up, up, up and away,

On a cloud filled day.


I smiled.

Then exhaled,

Gently relaxing into

My own sweet release.

Kind Regards

and #winning- K


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How do others see you?

How do you think others see you?
Do you think others see you
As a winner or a loser?
Do you think others see you
As strong or weak?
Do you think others see you
As good or bad?
Do you think others see you
As negative or positive?
Do you think others see you
As kind or unkind?
Do you think others see you
As smart or sluggish?
Do you think others see you
As brilliant or dull?
Do you think others see you
As influential or uninfluential?
Do you think others see you
As literate or illiterate?
Do you think others see you
As fast or slow?
How others see you is important.
You are not an island;
If others see you negatively,
You need to do something about it.