Hasty conclusions and decisions based on half information

Hasty conclusions and decisions based on half information.


Hasty conclusions and decisions based on half information

    Here we go!
  • Jumping to conclusions
  • Taking hasty decisions.
  • Going away with half information.

These are three wrong practices which I would strongly call on you to stay clear off as you journey to the stars. They can stand on your way instead of helping you succeed.

Do you take hasty decisions?

Do you jump to conclusions?

Do you have the habit of going away with half information and acting on it?

Let us look at all these three practices closely. What does each mean?

  1. To jump to a conclusion is to get information on a matter and without careful thought or analysis, you draw a conclusion on it.
  2. To take a hasty decision is to take a decision in a hurry or in a rush without careful consideration of all the information on the issue.
  3. To go away with half information is to go off without having got all the information that you are supposed to get; and taking action on the bit of information that you have as if you had got all the information.

If you are guilty of any of these three practices, you need to do something about it. They can rob you of success in life.

Jumping to a conclusion
There are people who do not reflect well on an issue but go ahead to draw a conclusion on it. Take for instance, they may look at somebody and draw a conclusion without much information about the person. Or they will look at a situation and without getting all the facts about it, hastily draw a conclusion.

I remember once when a man I know was very sick; some of his friends went around telling people he would die. The truth was, he actually looked as if he would die; but it was jumping to a conclusion to say he would die because he finally did not die. Today, fifteen years after, he still lives while those who said he would die have instead died.  We say that those people jumped to a conclusion.  It was a hasty conclusion.

Half information

Half information is dangerous.

The need always to go away with full information and not half information cannot be over-emphasized.

This is a lesson I learned as a little child in primary school.  I was taught that it is not a good thing to go away with half information. This means that if somebody is telling you something, you have to make sure that you listen to it carefully right to the end.  You must not go away when the person has not finished telling you what they want to tell you. If you do, make sure that you do not take any action on the matter since you do not have all the information on it.

But the tendency with many of us is when someone is telling you something you think that you already know what they want to tell you and then you go away without listening to it to the end. What is worse, you start doing what you think is what the person expects of you as far as that matter is concerned.

You may be surprised to hear that even though I still remember this lesson, I have found myself going away with half information and taking action based on that information. In most cases I have been reminded later on by the outcome that it was not the right thing to do.

Disastrous outcome

If you allow yourself to go away with half information and start taking action, you may pay dearly for it. Such action can bring about your downfall.

  • You may end up doing the exact opposite of what you are supposed to do.
  • It can make you fail in business, in school, in a job, in  relationship with other people, in a negotiation, and you name the rest.
  • It can cause the loss of life
  • It can land a country in war.
  • It can cause a world war.

Not long ago, when I started this blog, I went away with half information and started blogging whereas a lot has been put in place to guide bloggers to go from ‘zero-to-hero’ in blogging.  When I started blogging I found that the tutorials were very good. I read them with a lot of  excitement. But I allowed myself to be carried away by this excitement, and without going to the end of the tutorials, I hurriedly started blogging. You can guess what happened. I did a lot of things the wrong way. I faced difficulties; I asked questions which I would not have asked because the answers were already there. I spent quite much time searching for solutions in the wrong places.

The cost of this error was almost too high for me.  Many times I found myself on the verge of frustration as things did not always go as I desired. I came close to being discouraged and almost gave up. Luckily, I decided to go back to the basics.  It was then that I discovered I had gone away only with half information and had gone to the level of application without a good understanding of what I was supposed to do.

It is important for all of us to make sure that we never go away with half information and start acting on what we have.

If you are a student, for instance, you have to make sure that you always go away with full information as far as your studies are concerned; not half information. This means listening to your teacher well before you start to do what he may be asking you to do.  If he is teaching, get to the end of what he is teaching you.

If someone is giving you instructions, listen to them to the end. If you buy an equipment for your home, make sure you read the instructions well before you start using it.

Hasty decisions

You must avoid hasty decisions.

This is different from quick decisions. Many times you may be required to take quick decisions especially if you are in a position of leadership. Without the ability to take quick decisions you may not give good leadership to the company, institution or organization you are leading. This, however, does not mean taking hasty decisions. A sound quick decision means you have got all the information on the matter and in a quick way you have weighed all the angles of it and decided on what to do.

We take many decisions everyday on many things: what to wear; where to go; how to go there; who to talk to; who to go with etc. These decisions need that we reflect properly even if it is quick reflection.  We need to make well-considered and timely decisions.To take a decision without reflection is to work for our own failure.

Your success depends on taking right decisions. You cannot be sure to take right decisions if you have the habit of going away with half information and jumping to conclusions.

So let’s get your opinion.

What is your take on taking hasty decisions? Jumping to conclusions? Going away with half information?



Stop giving excuses!

Hello guys!

Stop giving excuses; and wasting those talents. Is that clear?

That’s not what your talents are meant for.

I can’t do that. It’s not acceptable, that you sit there and waste your talent; and waste yourself and waste your life and give excuses. Excuses won’t help you. They won’t take you anywhere. They won’t do you any good.

Anyone can give excuses. Who will not find a thousand and one excuses to do nothing and fold their arms and wait and end like woeful failures?

That should not be you.

Take note!

While you are giving excuses and doing nothing; and dancing on the same spot and cursing everybody and cursing the world, others with less talent than you are blazing their trails and going places.  They are doing things and leaving their mark.

You just have to be serious. The opportunities out there for you beat the stars in the sky. I mean in numbers.

Did I say the stars? I meant to say the drops of rain on a rainy day. You just have to change your thinking. Get out of that limited thinking and get out there in the world and change the world; and change the way things are done.You can do it. Millions are doing it; and you can do it. Yes, you can.

I’ve met amazing guys; awesome guys; brilliant guys doing super high quality things; but they are no better than you. They are just using the talents God has endowed them with.

You meet guys who tell you they will change the world; and you see them changing the world. A million people pay attention to them. They don’t have time for excuses. They have time for action; to change the world. You too can. Excuses are for the weak. Don’t ever listen to those who tell you it cannot be done. You should know it can be done; because people are doing it.

Discouraging messages are everywhere

Discouraging messages are galore outside there for those who give them a listening ear. Excuses are for deaf ears  when we want to conquer life; to conquer the world. Give them a listening ear and you are finished. I turn my ear off discouraging messages. I make as if I don’t hear them; and I keep going; focused on what I set my mind to do.

What you need is the right inspiration and the right motivation and the right encouragement.  That’s all; and then you take the action. That’s what I am there for. You just eave the motivation to me. Leave the inspiration to me; and the encouragement. Play your part and leave motivation and encouragement and inspiration to me. Short and simple. Its my job; my full-time job. I am ready to pump you with all that stuff. It’s for you that I sleep very little. I want to see you up in the sky; I want to know you are traveling around the world and having fun. People make sacrifices for others. It’s my vocation to make sacrifices for you.

Don’t mind where you stand right now.

The great guys who rock the world today did not start at the top.

Some were further down than you are. Bill Gates did not start where he is today. Barack Obama did not start where he is today. Oprah Winfrey and you name the rest, did not start where they are today. But see where they are; rocking the world and calling the shots. They worked their way to the top. They did not walk their way. They worked their way to the top. So too can you. Only one thing is stopping you: excuses!


You must stop giving excuses. Drop excuses; and hoop! You are in the sky.That’s how it goes.

Pick up your destiny with your own hands and shoot for the stars.

And let’s meet there.

Are you ready? Do you have the courage? Then stop giving excuses.

Mind you, it’s not for cowards. It’s for the courageous; and I want you to have the courage; and stop giving excuses.

What do you think?

The formidable weapon for success

Life is full of challenges

There is no life without challenges. Life is full of challenges. Some of them even seem insurmountable. What do you do in the face of such challenges? What do you need to defeat them? I call them warriors that are out to crush you and prevent you from succeeding? What do you need to defeat these warriors and succeed?

The formidable weapon

There is a formidable weapon that you can use.  It is the most formidable weapon that you need on your journey to success. It will make you defeat the warriors that are out to crush you; that are poised to prevent you from succeeding.It will enable you to face and overcome the challenges of life.

Success has its enemies

Before I give you that weapon, let me say that success has its enemies. They are the warriors that are out to prevent you from succeeding.  By warriors here, I am referring to all the things that stand on your way: doubt, fear, discouragement, laziness,  temptation and you name the rest. They are your enemies and the enemies of success. If you have this formidable weapon be able to handle them.

Faith is that weapon


The formidable weapon n question is faith. If you have faith, you will not need to fear the enemies of success. You will not need to fear anything at all.  You will crush them. You will overcome all your obstacles. You will solve even the problems that look unsolvable.

The story of King David

If you look at the lives of some of the great people who were here before us, you will see this clearly. There are people who lived here before us whose faith was strong and enabled them to do seemingly impossible things . One of such persons was a great king who lived a life full of adventure and romance. I like the inspiring lessons that we learn from him not just about our faith but about many things. His story is quite thrilling. He is not the only one, but let us talk about him.

This man was the king of the Hebrews of ancient Israel.  His life was often visited by challenges, tragedy and sorrow; but also he had great victories. Out of his sorrows beautiful things emerged.

We share his story here so that we may draw inspiration from how his faith made him the great person that he was. His faith gave him victory. This man whom you should know already was King David. As a little boy, he was a shepherd.  He lived in Palestine about 1000 B.C. While looking after his flock, he often played the harp and sang to keep off loneliness. When King Saul learned about him and how beautifully he sang and played, he ordered him to come to his palace and sing and play to entertain him. David obeyed and while he was in the Palace, King Saul found him so charming that he appointed him the king’s sword-bearer in battle.

David’s most remarkable feat as a boy was when he fought and defeated Goliath, the giant soldier of the Philistines.  Goliath was not only a giant; he was well armed as well. He had been a soldier all his life and left a great record of victories. David was not an experienced soldier.  He was a shepherd boy who had only a sling and a stone.  Yet, he stroke Goliath on the fore-head and he died on the spot sending the Philistines on the run in confused ranks.

This victory gained for  David fame and popularity. At the same time it earned for him the jealousy of Saul for he became more popular than the King. Consumed by this jealousy, Saul tried to kill David. When David learned of the plot, he escaped into the wilderness where he lived as an outlaw.

King Saul eventually died and David became King; and sat on the throne for forty years.  Under his leadership his kingdom became rich and secure from enemies. However, he also made some mistakes.

Most pronounced was how he fell in love with a beautiful lady called Bathsheba, the wife of one of his army officers. He desired this woman so much when he saw her that he decided to marry her.  To do this, he sent her husband as a leader to the battle front knowing that he would be killed. The man was, indeed, killed; and he married the woman. We are told he regretted his act later.

David had another low in his life.  His own son rebelled against him; and he sent some of his soldiers to punish him. The young man fell in their hands. What a sorrow!

David actually had many sorrows. But worthy of note is the fact that it was during this time when his heart was heavy with sorrow that he composed many of the psalms which we pray together.

Lessons from King David

There are a number of lessons we can draw from the life of king David which can help as we journey to success. The one that comes top is that of faith. We have seen that as a little lad he fought and defeated Goliath the giant. How did it happen? If we go into the details of the story, when Saul warned him that he was just a little boy while Goliath had been a soldier all his life, David did not listen. Rather he responded in the most beautiful words: “Your Majesty, I take care of my father’s sheep. Whenever a lion or bear carries off a lamb, I go after it, attack it, and rescue the lamb. And if the lion or bear turns on me,  I grab it by the throat and beat it to death.  I have killed lions and bears, and I will do the same to this heathen Philistine, who has defied the army of the living God.The Lord has saved me from lions and bears; he will save me from this Philistine” (1 Sam 17:38).

This is faith. This is the faith that moves mountains. It is total faith; strong faith. Faith has power when it is strong. David had strong faith in the lord. That faith gave him confidence. He was sure that he would come out victorious.  He was sure that the Lord would stand by him. He had tasted the Lord’s power and was confident that the Lord who had saved him from lions and bears would save him from the giant.

The Lord has stood by us many times.  He has done marvels for us.  That should give us reason to trust him; to be strong in our faith in him.

The bible tells us that when Saul heard David he said, “All right; go and the Lord be with you” (1 Sam 17:38). Saul also had strong faith. This must have strengthened David’s faith. The faith of others can help us become stronger in our faith. That is why reading the stories of others is a good thing to help us grow by drawing strength from their strengths.

When Goliath saw David, he was full of scorn for him and told him: “come on and I will give your body to the birds and animals to eat” (1 Sam 17:44).

David answered,”you are coming against me with sword, spear and javelin, but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty…” He told the giant he would defeat him and cut off his head and everyone “will see that the Lord does not need swords or spears to save his people. He is victorious in battle, and he will put all of you in our power.”

Again, this is a wonderful display of faith. It’s wonderful to know that things happened exactly as David had said. The lesson is inspiring. Those who believe in God have no reason to fear anything. No matter how mighty an enemy may be, let us face him with this same weapon that David used to defeat the giant.

David’s story teaches us more than a lesson on faith. It teaches us that in times of sorrow we can do many beautiful things for ourselves; for fellow humans and for the Lord. Look at the many psalms which he composed when his heart was heavy with sorrow.

Moments of sorrow are not moments to give up in life. They could well be our greatest moments.  Many of our greatest artistic works in history are known to have been created during moments of sorrow.


The life, faith and sorrow of king David can be a great source of inspiration to us as we journey through life. Our moment of sorrow can be an opportunity to offer something lasting to humanity.

During moments of challenges,  when it looks like we may not be able to live up to the task, when it looks like we may not be able to sail through, let us do as David did: put our whole trust in the Lord; and he will see us through.

Question of the day.

Which other personality in history or in your neighborhood demonstrated or has demonstrated strong faith in God and reaped great results?


The life of a poor village boy

six boys standing near trees and houses photo takenToday We begin the story of Che Zama and his struggles. It was not easy for Zama. He had many obstacles in his life.
 How did he end? That is what we shall see.

 Che Zama struggles through school

Che Zama was born in a very poor family.  His parents were unable to send him to secondary school. It had not been easy for him to go through primary school. His parents had found it hard to pay his school fees, not to talk of buying his books and other school needs. For the seven years that he was in school, he had neither text books nor exercise books. He did not even have a pen to write. He used sharpened sticks to write.

In those days, children in the senior primary section used pen holders to write. The pen-holder would be dipped into ink and then used to write. Since Che’s parents could not afford a pen-holder, he would sharpen a stick or a piece of the outer skin of a dry bamboo, and use to write.  While the other  pupils dipped their pen-holders into ink and used to write, he would dip his  sharpened stick; and that served the same purpose.

You needed to see Che’s uniform. It was old and torn. His whole appearance smacked of misery.

Che Zama passes with flying colors

Despite the difficulties that Che Zama faced, surprisingly, he passed the First school Leaving certificate Examination at the end of his course with flying colors.

Many of the children from rich homes failed. Che’s success earned for him respect and admiration in the village.

Che is admitted in a prestigious secondary school

He also had easy admission into secondary school.  It was not just any secondary school.  It was the most prestigious secondary school in the country.

There is confusion in the village

The news of his admission into this wonderful school was broken, it threw the village into confusion when.  That became the talk of the day. Nobody could believe that the son of a wretched man like Mr. Ekema would go to  such an outstanding school.

The is a problem of money

Everybody waited to see the magic that the man would use to get the fees to send the boy to such a school. Behind his back, they said nasty things about him.  They even said they were sure the boy would not go anywhere.

Money is found

Happily, after a hard struggle, the school fee was found and Che was poised to go. He was the happiest child in the village when it became clear that he would go. He thanked God that his father had worked hard and had the fees although it was only for the first term.

The villagers, on their part, were at a loss about what they were seeing.  They began to say all types of things to run down Mr. Ekema.  Mr. Akema did not mind it when he heard what they said. He was happy and proud that his son would go to college. He would be the first boy in the village to go to college.

Che Zama goes to school

When the day came, Che went. That was the best day in his life. He met other boys from other schools and they began to live and study together .  It was a boarding school. He had never experienced boarding school life before and so in some ways it was difficult; but on the whole he enjoyed it very much.

Che Zama leaves school

Unfortunately, Che’s joy and that of his family was short-lived. He only tasted secondary school for a short time. At the start of the third term, he was forced to leave for good because his father could not afford to pay the fees for that term.

Che’s sadness the day he was leaving could not be measured. You could touch it. He was down cast as he carried his blank box home. When he thought of how he would miss his lessons tears rolled down his cheeks. He had wanted to come out on top in the exam that term.

Although he hoped his father would struggle for him to return to school, he was worried. Many of his classmates shared his sadness and worry. Some comforted him saying they hoped it would not be long before he returned to join them in school.

Che Zama never returns to school

That ended up as wishful thinking. Che never returned to school. School had ended for him.

It is fifty years today.  Che has never met some of those classmates he left behind on that day. These include the boy who sat closest to him in class and the one whose bed was closest to his in the dormitory.  Both were his best friends; and they had great dreams together for their lives.

Che Zama returns to village life

Che got back home to join the other poor children whose own parents had also been unable to send them to school. After two months, when he did not return to school, he knew he would never do so again. His life style changed. He would get up in the morning, loiter around their home, do a few things around the compound and go to play with his friends.  At times, he would join them to move up and down and idle away their time.

On some days,  he and his friends would go hunting or setting traps to catch bush animals….CONTINUED ON TUESDAY 16 SEPT. 2014 in New on Success inspirer as Our Story of the day..

Getters are not waiters and waiters are not getters


Know what you want

                                                                             And go for it


I want to believe you know what you want from this world. I want to believe it is to succeed and succeed in a big way. I want to believe you are serious about your success. If you are, then we are on the same wave-length. We vibrate together. We share common aspirations. We were meant to go together. That is what has brought us together.

You are in the right place

This is the place for you. Here, you are in the right place. Being on this site on a daily basis is the right thing to do. You shall see how inspired you shall be by the time you are leaving from here. Give yourself enough time. DSC_1399 - CopyDo not hurry. Do not leave before the angels come. I know people who are here every day; and they read every word they find. They know what they get. They are happy to come again and again.

This is my gift; this is my call

There are many things I honestly do not know; but there is one thing I am sure of: that my gift is to move you to bring out the best that is buried in you; to motivate and inspire you to rise to your highest dreams.
That is my gift. That is my call. That is my purpose and my mission in life. I know this from the feedback I get from people; from the results I see with my own eyes on the ground; and from how I feel deep within me.

                                  The Genesis

It all began more than thirty years back, when I started my journalistic career as a young reporter for Radio Cameroon. That was in 1981. At that time, I created and ran a radio program titled “Success Hour”; my first ever program. From day one when it went on the air, its destiny was clear.

Great days lay ahead

My focus was success in life. I dished out tips on success; tips not many had heard before. I was a pioneer. I told people what to do to be become the person God created you to become; the person their hearty strongly desired they should be.

It was from this program that more than 95% of my compatriots, for the first time, heard about positive thinking. I drew a wealth of knowledge, wisdom and inspiration from the Father of Positive Thinking and author of the all-time masterpiece, “The Power of Positive Thinking”, the American pastor Norman Vincent Peale. With it I motivated and inspired my listeners with the confidence and conviction of someone who was himself inspired.

The results were beyond all expectations

The results did not take long to come. The program stroke a cord in the hearts and minds of my listeners who responded by making it their favorite program with an influx of mails (reactions and contributions) every week from all the corners of the country and beyond.

I multiplied my efforts


Motivated by such an overwhelming positive reaction, I multiplied my effort to gather material for the program. I read everything I could lay hands on. I combed bookshops and invested my scarce resources in books. I bought and read magazines. I listened to radio and watched television all in search of inspirational material. I would not let any book pass by without my perusing it to see if it could be of help.

Educating, motivating and inspiring people to go for excellence and realize their dreams soon became a passion to me.

I went from school to school to talk to young people about the enormous potential buried in them; to encourage them and show them how to discover, develop and exploit their opportunities for their good, the good of their families, their country and the world.

Three years later when I moved station, I began a reflection titled “Something Useful” with a wider focus. In addition to helping people to realize their dreams, I X-rayed the society; unveiled the ills plaguing the world, and proposed what I thought would make the world an excellent place for everybody to enjoy.

A motivational speaker was born

This is how I gradually and steadily built myself into a motivational and inspirational writer and speaker. I am convinced that this is what God put me in this world to do. I am here to tell people they are full of potential and talents. I am also here to show them how to exploit this potential, develop their talents and stand out and be counted. I am here to tell people we can make the world an excellent place for all of us to live in and enjoy. I am here to say how we can do this.

The kind of people I love

I love people who burn with the desire and determination to make the most of their potential. We all have talents and opportunities; and when people who are making or determined to make the most of their own talk, I listen. I do not like people who fold their arms and sit and do nothing. I do not like people who wait for opportunity to be tossed at them. Such are the people who waste what God has given them. Nothing is as annoying as wasted talent.

Yet, such people are not uncommon to find. There are individuals among us who are endowed with potential and talents beyond compare, but who sit and fold their arms and wait for manna to fall from heaven. Theirs end like wasted lives.

Rags-to-riches stories inspire me


What thrills me is to hear about people who, faced by life’s toughest challenges in their early childhood, defied the odds and went on to make it to the top of the social platform. I am positively overwhelmed by rags-to-riches stories; the stories of men and women whom no one imagined could ever amount to anything; but who went on to lift themselves to places of prominence and glory.

Time and time again, I have inspired and re-inspired myself reading and re-reading the edifying story of Canadian born Guy Laliberte, who, from the streets in his early childhood days created Cirque du Soleil and turned himself into one of the word’s financial giants worth 2.5 billion US dollars.

The story of John Paul De Joria has not left me indifferent. From door-to-door selling and a record as having slept in his car, he founded his own company, John Paul Mitchell Systems which made a billionaire out of him.

Be positive about life

Be positive about life

Oprah Winfrey lived in hardship, wearing dresses, we are told made of ‘potato sacks’. Yet all that did not stop her from becoming what we know her to be today.

Let nothing stand on your way


It cannot be over-emphasized that whatever your position in life, whatever your background and connections and where you hail from, you can make it to wherever you want to go. You don’t have to let anything stand on your way.

                                                        You have to want it badly enough

If you want to make it in a big way as you should, you have to want it badly enough. You have to burn with the desire to push ahead. You have to go to bed with the fire of ambition burning in you, and praying that the next day may come fast for you to get up and get going. You have to maximize your time and your opportunities.

Out in the world the guy who makes it to the top is not the one who sits and counts on circumstances to toss to him what he wants from life. It is the one who, with zeal, focus, determination, resolve, confidence and courage goes for what he wants. It is the guy who wants it badly enough to leave no stone unturned to get it.

Go for your opportunities, don’t wait for them.


Look at the people at the top of the chart in the world. They did not all start off with great opportunities. Many of them went out into the world, learned how to look for their opportunities; and went for them. They learned how to maximize the few chances they had. Those are the guys you must corner to learn from them how to make it in a big way in a highly competitive world that is not easy to beat.

You will find such guys on this blog



You will meet many of such guys on the net. You will find them here if you come often to this blog. That is the reason this blog was created. Come here and look for them and you will find them; and they will show you the road they took to success; and help you to walk the path. Come here to look for the way and means to become number one in your chosen field. Seek and you shall find. Knock and the door shall be open on to you. Don’t miss a day without coming here. Keep coming until you get what you want. And if you miss a day, pick up the next day and keep going. Falling is part and parcel of life; but you must get up and keep going.?????????? Time is money. If you are serious about your success you must stop wasting precious time as I see a lot of people doing on social media. Spend time educating yourself; motivating yourself; encouraging yourself; inspiring yourself.

Let the world hear about you


You have to want to get ahead. You have to want to go up the scale. You have to develop yourself and practice your lessons and shout from the mountain top and let the world hear your voice; and let the world hear about you. If it means getting a personal coach, let that be done.

That is my prayer for you. I like to see you doing what you were born to do in this world. I want to see you become what you were born to become. I want to see you living a life of fulfillment and joy. I want to see you shining and sparkling for others to admire and emulate your example.

That is my wish for you; that is your challenge.

How should you start anything?

Be positive about life

Be positive about life

How should you start your day?

Dear friend, how should you start anything? You may find this to be too broad a question. Let me be more precise. How should you start your day? How are you supposed to start your day?How did you start this day? How do you start a successful day? Are you aware that the way you start your day or any thing else matters? These may be too many questions to ask at once, but they are necessary for what we want to put across today. Continue reading




This e-book focuses on a subject of great importance to you the society and the world -the family. This subject is far more important than a great many people realize. Hence, they take it for granted. No doubt, it causes the downfall of many. Before they know they would have given it priority, it is too late.  Great damage has been done. Their lives have been blown off.

That is not what I wish for you; and that is why I have written this book. If you read it carefully and follow what it says, you will be happy you did. It tells you why and how you should pay great attention to your family as you strive to make your place in the world.

The author

Ngobesing Suh Romanus



Anyone who wants to succeed must know what success is and what it is not. Many people, unfortunately look at success only in terms of earthly achievements; and so take wrong actions which make them fail when they would have succeeded.

If you are among those who look at success only in terms of earthly achievements that would not be good for you. Right now I want you to know exactly what true success is.
When someone has gained recognition, wields a lot of power with many people under his command, has built mansions here and there, owns a fleet of cars, people usually say he has succeeded. Those who are unable to acquire these material things or  positions where they will be recognized are looked upon as having failed. Is this the right way to measure success?
Not at all! There are people who succeed in amassing wealth, climbing to the top rung, owning mansions all over the world; owning fleets of cars, but who are woeful failures because their families are in shambles. And there are others who own virtually nothing but can be said to have succeeded brilliantly.

In your search for success you must give your family priority. No one can say he has succeeded when he has failed in his family life. True success for the family man means keeping the family intact and making it shine like the Holy Family of Nazareth.

The world needs happy, successful, Christian families that shine like the Holy Family of Nazareth. This family ‘listened attentively to God, acted upon his Word and treasured the gift of the Child Jesus’. As a result they gained lasting success.

We can succeed at the surface level; and we can also succeed at a deep level. Surface-level success is succeeding in the world – amassing wealth already mentioned; climbing to the top of the social ladder; shining like stars. This is fleeting success. It fades away too soon.

Deep-level or lasting success is the one that shines with the virtues of the Holy family of Nazareth. The Holy Family has remained an example down the centuries because of the virtues that marked them as individual family members and as a family.

This is the family that we must emulate.  The issue is how to do this?
What do we do to be like the Holy Family of Nazareth? Can we actually be like this family?

Surely, we can. We are out to help you become like this family. We shall give you a guide that will enable you to become like the Holy Family of Nazareth. If you follow it, the light of this Holy Family will shine through you and on you.



  • Before we bring you the guide that will help you to shine like the Hop;y Family of Nazareth, let us get a few important facts about the family. It is important to know what a family really is; and how God wants every family to be. There are twenty good points I want you to read carefully and master them:
  •  Every human being is a member of a family.
  • By virtue of our faith we are members of the family of God which is the Church.
  • Christ blessed the family into a holy institution by belonging to one.
  • The Holy Family of Nazareth is a model for all families.
  • The characteristics of the Holy Family of Nazareth include their faith; their dependence on God and their readiness to fulfill the responsibilities of their faith.
    Some of the values that shine out in the Holy Family are honor, respect and obedience to parents. These are qualities of a good Christian family which we need to emulate. What made the Holy Family Exemplary was their patience; their persevering trust in God; their love for one another and their togetherness. They were always together. They were together at Bethlehem, during the birth of Jesus and other good moments. In the midst of their problems they did not drift apart from each other.
  • When husbands and wives stay together, and do things together, they thrive more and their love and trust deepen. We can make it as a couple if we stay together instead of each person laying blame on the other when things are tough.
  • When a couple stands before the altar to be married, they make a commitment to love; to be faithful; to accept children lovingly from God and bring them up in the law of Christ and the Church.
  • The family is the first school of life and spirituality where values and lessons of faith are taught.
  • In the Holy Family of Nazareth, Jesus, Mary and Joseph lived and practiced their faith. Their family was a community of love and life. We Christians must make our families a place of life and love; and a true domestic Church. This will enable the family to stand united in faith and love in moments of difficulties and trials.
  • Each member of the family has rights and obligations. Children must obey their parents. A child who honors his father obtains forgiveness of his sins. The one who respects his mother gathers treasure. Couples have to be dedicated to each other. The wife must love and respect her husband. The husbands must love and respect his wife. Parents must be good to their children.
  • Family life can be very enjoyable. Some people actually enjoy their family life. In their family they find happiness, care, comfort, communal support and mutual love. It is our duty to try to make our family life enjoyable. Some families do not enjoy family life. Members quarrel and fight; are intolerant, and inconsiderate. There is rivalry, hatred, lack of respect and trust. Such families must not despair because Jesus, Mother Mary and Joseph are there to intercede for broken families.
  • No family, actually, is void of problems; every family has its problems. Even the Holy Family is not left out. They met many challenges but because they were close to God and trusted in him, God stood close to them. All families today have the same access to the same God who is ready to bless them with peace, understanding, love, patience and forgiveness.
  • Prayer is very important for the family. Each family must pray together as a family. The family that prays together stays together. Because many families do not pray together, we are losing values such as respect, appreciation, obedience, care and mutual love.
  • There is a need for a family altar in every family for prayer and worship.
  • There is also a need for family fellowship at table.
  • In the words of Pope Pius XII, “The life of a family united in love is so beautiful. You can see each member eager and prompt in fulfilling his duties, in pleasing everyone, in practicing justice, honesty, kindness, patience in bearing adversities and in forgiving wrongs.” The members will show “strength in the hour of trial and under the weight of toil. You can see the parents educating their children with love and in the practice of virtues.” In such a family, Pope Pius XII says, “God is honored and faithfully served; everyone is treated with goodness.” What, indeed, can be “more noble and more edifying?”
  • It is good that every household should have its bible and use it for reading and prayer.
  • We all need to recognize the goodness of family life.
  • Parents have the responsibility to give their children proper education and bring them up properly. It is their duty to pass on to their children, and bear witness to, the meaning of life in Christ. They should be the first to proclaim God’s word to their children through their example, their fidelity and the unity of their family life.



Now that you understand what the family is, let us move on to our guide

This is a guide that every family is called upon to respect:

  1. Build your family life on love.
  2. Assume your responsibility and bring up your children properly.
  3. Be rooted in fidelity to God’s Word.
  4. Parents must show exemplary love and faithfulness to each other.
  5. They should pass on to their children, and bear witness to, the meaning of life in Christ.
  6. They should be the first to proclaim God’s word to their children; be the first evangelists to their children;
  7. Teach them to say their first prayers; present their children to the Lord. work hard to maintain family unity.
  8. Parents must not give in to ‘the forces which weaken and destroy the unity, stability and happiness of the family.’
  9. They must not follow the path of selfish materialism and consumerism which have produced so much suffering in some parts of the world.
  10. They must not ‘listen to ideologies which allow society or the State to take over the rights and responsibilities which belong to families.’
  11. They must ‘Make every effort to preserve the spiritual and ethical values of marriage and family life.” (Pope John Paul II).
  12.  Every family should make family togetherness a top priority.
  13. Have family prayers daily.
  14. Have a family altar for prayer and worship.
  15. Recognize the goodness of the family.
  16. Fellowship at table.
  17. Go to Church together and sit together in Church.
  18. Have a family uniform and wear it from time to time to Church and other occasions.
  19. Have at least two pairs of a common attire and from time to time wear them, especially on Sundays when they go to Church.
  20. Seek the intercession of the Holy Family by praying daily as a family.


You have come to the end of this e-book. What do you think? Are there things which need to be added? I would lie that you go to the comment box and make your views known. Please, do well to share so that other s may also read.

Thanks for your love and support.

Another Icon Joins Our Community

It’s good to value people.  What would anyone be without others. Your people are your wealth.

When you value people, you celebrate when a new member joins your community.

That is why I am most delighted to inform you that more and more icons are joining our community.  The latest is Jaroslaw. Did you ever hear about him?

He is the type of guy you would love to know. I’ve just been looking at his profile and I want to assure you, Jaroslaw is great. His websites will give you all the travel stories you can imagine.He will give you ‘motivation, business, inspiration, and more importantly tips and guidance so that You can live the life that You deserve.’ All that you need do is just to meet him. He is right next door being a member of this community; and so is easy to find.

You start being motivated and inspired just as you start reading his story. It is striking that for the last seven years Jaroslaw has made his income online.It’s great inspiration, isn’t it?  To know someone who has made income online for such a long time is a wonderful source of inspiration. How he has done it is intriguing and makes us curious to know especially when we know from experience how difficult it is to make money online.

Jaroslaw is well traveled and has gathered quite a river of experience from that. Hear the countries he has lived in: ‘Indonesia,Canada,China, USA, Croatia, Thailand, Czech Republic and Poland + many months in 30+ countries”( his own words).

Jaroslaw says ‘You can do much more today than you think.’ I like to hear that and totally agree.

I am pleased to welcome this highly talented gentleman, just like the others before him,  into our  community and to wish that he enjoys our company as we journey together in our effort to realize our dreams. I have no doubt in my mind that like all the other members of our community, he shall make a mighty contribution to the growth of our community and the realization of our dream.

We need others to be what we were born to be.

Please, meet Jaroslaw in our community and draw from his wealth of wisdom and inspiration.

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