Don’t scare of change.

Life is all about change.

You’ll change.

Everybody will change.

Everything will change.

Look around you, you’ll always find changes.

You can’t stop the medium of change.

Nobody can stop it either.

Change is the universal law.

This is the truth of life.

Source: POSITIVE THOUGHTS OF SELF-MOTIVATION! Only you can motivate yourself… Only you can bring positive changes in your life…. Birister Sharma


Thank you for reading. Let us make a beautiful world together. God bless!

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Love fills the air

❤️❤️❤️ Love fills the air;
Look how it sails
Like clouds
Across the sky;
Its flavour is sweet
Like fine refined wine;
Like a Christmas meal;🍓🥑🍎🥕
Like the stars;
Like the flowers🌷🌻💐
In the garden,
It beautifies millions
Of hearts💟💟💟💟💟
Across the world;
On this lovers day;
Call it Valentine’s Day.👫👫👫
Sail on love;
Like waves in the ocean
What can man have
That is sweeter than you?💃

Hardest thing in this world is……

Hardest thing in the world......

I know you are tempted to say ‘Diamond’ !

True to some extent.Diamonds symbolize Status,Love,strength( hardness), beauty and Prosperity.

It’s also interesting to know why  60 th wedding anniversary is called ‘Diamond Anniversary’ ?. It’s because of longevity of the couple’s relationship both in times of happiness and difficulties and the marriage surviving this long of 60 yrs without break up in relationship, a toughest job indeed in the modern-day philosophy of ‘divorce’ at the drop of a hat.

Do you want to know which is tougher than Diamond ?

“True Love and Loyal Friends are two of the toughest things to find.”   Unknown

Whichever part of the world you are in ,remember,never underestimate the power of true love and loyal friends. Be a true lover & don’t lose loyal friends.

To all my WP friends…

Happy Valentine’s Day 

Thank you

Philosophy Through Photography


How many times?

How many times
Will the word valentine
Be pronounced today?
How many times
Will the word valentine
Be written today?
How many times
Will the word valentine
Appear on pages today?
How many times
Will the word valentine
Be watched on video today?
Today is valentine’s Day;
I join millions if not billions,
To think of
My most precious gift:
May your love tank
Be full
To the brim
And overflowing
the Valentine’s Day!