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Clean or dirty Money?

I want to be rich; A rich tycoon; Who doesn’t want to? But what I hear About riches boggles My mind, It is mind blowing; Does it confound you toon? Do all rich people Play foul games To amass their wealth? Aren’t there Clean rich people? Tell me true or false; Does one have to…

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Quote (riches)

“There are two ways of becoming rich. Either you serve people to be rich or you exploit people to be rich. The riches you get by serving people are clean riches or honest riches. The riches you get by exploiting people are dirty riches or dishonest riches. The financial giants of the world either served…

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Critically sick of poverty

Critically sick of poverty; All around me are riches; Everyone bathes in wealth; Having enough to eat, And some to throw away; Living in mansions And enough money To throw around; But here I am living in Misery; Abject poverty; Nothing to live on; No food to eat; No roof over my head; I live…

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Where is Treasure Island?

Looking for Tresure Island; The land that is full of treasure; Where is Treasure Island? Who knows its location? I want to go to Treasure Island; I want to get some treasure; Which is found on Treasure Island. If you know where this Island is found, Do me the favor to take me there; Take…

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Which is wiser?

Which is wiser to do? To spend money on your health and live a healthy life with very few material possessions or to spend money building mansions and buying cars and be highly regarded for your wealth and be in poor health?

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Crazy search for money

This search for money That is so crazy; Craziest search I know; All go for it, As they were all mad; And why is it so? Everyone’s crazy? In search of money? What is this money? With so much power! Everybody wants it; And can kill for it; Money, money, money! Money, riches, wealth. Can…

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