Health and wealth: Virgil and others were right

What is your dream? Is it to make a lot of money?

If your dream is to become wealthy, I congratulate and encourage you. That is a lofty and worthwhile dream.

There is absolutely nothing wrong in being wealthy.

Riches are good. Money is good. Wealth is good. When we talk of wealth, we are talking of abundance, riches, valuable possessions.

I admire people who are wealthy and live in affluence. Living in opulence is good as long as it is legitimately earned.

If you know a way to create a fortune for yourself and live in luxury, don’t squander it.

If you become one of the billionaires of the world (and you can be), you can use your wealth to do a lot of good for others; for your people; your country and why not humanity in general?

Honestly earned wealth is unquestionably good. And it is the right of every body to be wealthy.

You can be wealthy; but listen! There is a point about life that many people miss.

Make no mistake.

There is a common saying that health is wealth.

Mahatma Gandhi says wealth “is not pieces of gold or silver” “It is health that is real wealth.”

Urijah Faber goes on the same line:

” Good health is true wealth.”

While Raph Waldo Emerson says,

“The first wealth is health.”

For the famous ancient, Roman poet, Virgil, “The greatest wealth is health.”

And to Hippocrates, the Greek Doctor who lived from 460 to 370 BC and called the Father of Medicine, “Health is the greatest of human blessings.”

These are just a few great minds randomly selected.

While you are labouring to succeed in your job, rise in position or to make a lot of money through your business, make sure you take care of your health. Do not neglect it.

Pay careful attention to tips on healthy living so that you can live healthily and enjoy the world.

One anonymous write says, “You can’t enjoy wealth if you’re not in good health.

It can’t be better said. What will it profit you if you have a lot of money but are in great pains because of poor heath?

Some people have much money but cannot eat the things they love because their health does not permit them. Maybe they spent their time pursuing riches and neglected their health.

Good health is important for success, be it to rise in your job, win an election, become President, or make a fortune.

What do I mean by this?

I mean that good health enhances your chances of succeeding in these areas. Poor health can be an impediment.

Let me explain. If you have worries about your health, you will not be able to put all of your energy into your work to achieve the success that you desire.

Take for example that you have to lie on a hospital bed for months; that is time taken away from you. Or take that you are paralysed or bedridden. It will be hard to do what you would have loved to do.

If you are not healthy, instead of focusing on your job or business, you will be worrying about your health.

In some countries, sound physical health is a pre-requisite for someone to run for president. And this is wise.

Hence, you need to watch your health and stay healthy.

The greatest worry about health and safety in the world today is the corona virus pandemic.

Let us look at this for a while because it is a threat to everybody from street sweepers to superstars, world political, business and ecclesiastical leaders. Nobody is immune to this disease. Worse of all, it is deadly.

In some parts of the world, the surge in infected cases is frightening.

The jump in one day in the USA, for example, is unbelievable. Figures for Thursday July 16, 2020 stood at over 77.000. Just imagine that! Meanwhile, in the roughly 6 months of the existence of the disease in the world, and precisely by Saturday, 18 July, 2020 when we wrote this, 14.211.652 people had fallen into its dragnet.

And of this number, 599,827 persons had received the fatal blow.

What accounts for our inability to contain this deadly disease?

Are we, the common people, to blame or our leaders are to blame?

It intrigues me that people are dying, figures are soaring and yet, when I look around me, I find lots of people who don’t care to respect barriers measures to stop the spread of the pandemic.

Many people I see everyday behave as if they were immune to covid 19.

Hardly would you find them wearing a nose mask, doing hand sanitization or respecting social distancing.

This is worrisome because it increases the chances of the spread of the disease.

Covid 19 is a dangerous reality which everyone must dread and take seriously.

The best action anyone can take as an individual to be safe and enhance the safety of others is to respect the barrier measures given by the WHO.

Three of them stand out above the others:

  • Wear your nose mask.
  • Respect social distancing.
  • Wash your hands and sanitize them.

These measures must be respected at all times and as a package not selectively.

What I see many people do is they select what to respect and do not care about others. For instance, someone will wear a mask but not bother to wash and sanitize their hands.

Another error I see people making is they will respect the measures at one time, and at another, will not.

You will find everyone in Church during a funeral or wedding Mass wearing their nose mask and respecting social distancing.

Later on, at the reception ground, they will throw off their nose masks and interact normally with no regard for social distancing.

Corona virus is something to be feared. It is dangerous because it kills. It has killed many and will still kill many. No one is immune to it and there is no vaccine yet. Although some patients have recovered from it, the best cure is prevention.

Wherever you find yourself in the world, do not play about this deadly pandemic. Make sure you take the necessary measures to protect yourself, your family and others.

Keep in mind that health is wealth. One who has good health is rich. One who has poor health is poor indeed.

Do not be like those people who spend all their time running after their business or career and make huge money but lose their health and have to spend all the money fighting, and sometimes in vain, to regain their health.

Health is wealth. Yes. Health is wealth.

Which of the quotes about health and wealth catches your attention the most?

Do you know another health is wealth quote?

Don’t sink your boat

If you hear me speaking
The truth,
Don’t be hard on me;
I’m talking from my heart;
Saying what I know
And also what I believe;
I cannot do otherwise;
Know the truth
And say something else
Is a mortal sin;
And to know the truth
And stay quiet;
Would mean
Being an accomplice, of course;
Where then shall be your conscience?
Truth must be told;
However bitter it may be;
And that’s what I am doing;
Exactly what they taught us;
Though now, what they do,
Is the direct opposite of that;
Quite hard to believe,
The same people
Who swore by the truth,
Saying nothing was more
Than the truth;
Now swear by lies;
Lies-telling, is now
Their stock in trade;
That’s hard to enter my skull;
The truth is,
Only the truth
Shall set us free;
Lies will roast us;
Or chain and imprison us;
That is what I know;
Lies will sink us;
Only the truth
Will set us free;
That alone will save us.
Those who tell lies
To amass a fortune
Are not rising but sinking;
Better to be poor
Than rich through
Unscrupulous means.
I know a man with
A very fat head,
Who is fabulously rich;
But do you know
How he got his fortune?
Through foul means;
His is dirty money;
Acquired through unclean means;
Not as you would get
Through the sweat of your brow;
Such is the wealth
That in the end, sinks you.
So when you look at him
And see a highly successful man,
Call it the epitome of success,
What I see is a drowning man;
I like you to know
As it has been said
Over and over,
All that glitters is not gold.
And not all gold glitters.
You sink your own boat
When you go for dirty fortune.

What is the way to financial abundance

What is the way to financial abundance?

What strategies does one have to put in place to attain such a status in life?

Today, someone published a post titled, “Gaining financial abundance.”

It caught my attention.

I noticed that it caught the attention of many others as well, because it had more comments than all the others posts.

I guess that reflects how hungry people are for money.

I read the article with keen interest and high expectations.

You may want to know if I was satisfied with what I read; and whether it thrilled or disappointed me?

It thrilled me. It held me spellbound. I daresay it was worth its weight in gold.

I got superb tips which, I believe, can help anyone whose goal, like mine, is rolling the dough.

It’s absolutely normal to want to fill your cup to overflowing isn’t it?

We all want to enjoy life.

My only regret after reading that post was not knowing the tips much earlier.

They should have garnered enough energy for me to excel in my financial aspirations.

Anyway, I told myself that no time for regret. I do not subscribe to crying over spilt milk. It doesn’t help.

What counts now is deciding where to go from here.

Good thing, I feel so pumped up by what I have read that I am already dreaming of conquering, not the world, the universe.

I know this will sound like a pie in the sky dream; but not to me.

Financial abundance is what many have achieved. It is very feasible.

And since my determination is unbendable, I know I will make it.

It is a fact of life that once you are determined, you become like an unstoppable rocket.

When I look at some of the financial giants in the world today, and think of where they are coming from, I am left with no iota of doubt in my mind that I can do it. And if I can, you too can.

Financial abundance is at your reach. Isn’t that great news?

Many of us believe financial abundance is out of our reach. For that reason, we give up even without trying, thus affirming to ourselves, definitively, that financial abundance is beyond our reach.

Although the rungs on the ladder of financial abundance are many and hard, you can climb them.

Let us look at the key ones:

  1. Awareness of the fact that financial abundance is possible for you.
  2. Belief that you will gain financial abundance.
  3. Make financial abundance your goal.
  4. Determination to gain financial abundance.
  5. Learn what it takes to achieve your goal.
  6. Draw up a plan.
  7. Follow your plan.
  8. Persist when you encounter difficulties.
  9. Let nothing discourage you.
  10. Keep on going till you achieve your goal.

Many people will say it is easier said than done. Nothing can be truer than that. You can know all that you need to know and do to gain financial abundance, and be able to recite it like a prayer, but will be miles away from it.

Though it is possible for you, it is a tough race. It may be easier to get to the summit of Mount Everest than to reach the foot of financial abundance in our present world.

All the same, there are people all over the world who have attained that status and many more do so every year.

You could be one of them. Why not the next multi millionaire in town.

Start right where you are. Start by equipping yourself with the know-how.

Once you have the know how, as already stated in this post, set to work and work as if all your life depended on hard work.

Also do the other things and the type of prosperity you desire can be guaranteed.

How I become so rich

My story is one of extremes. Extreme pain, extreme joy. Extreme darkness, extreme light. Rock bottom to mountain top. Rags to riches.

My story teaches me some lessons about life. Top amongst them, you can rise from oblivion to stardom. You can go from a hut to an ivory tower.

How can that be possible? I will share that secret with. First, my story:

I was once in rags. I never knew what it meant to wear a new dress, new shoes, and new whatever.

I went for days without food. I would watch people with a mixture of envy, bitterness, wonder and sorrow as they wined and dined like lords.

It looked like I was not born for the good things of life.

And many people, without saying so, made me understand I could never amount to anything; that my place was at the bottom; that I had no choice but to accept my lot in life.

But I refused to accept this declaration. Some voice within me, silent but strong, kept telling me I was not born to be among the downtrodden; that despite what I was going through, I had a place at the top which I needed to gun for and claim.

This was what I did. That was the voice I listened to. I set out to create a new story of my life.

I told my God in the silence of my heart I knew he had a great plan for me and I would leave no stone unturned to make it come true.

I asked him to be on my side; to help me; to guide me to my destiny as designed by him.

My decision taken, I went to work. Each time someone or something told me I was meant to be at the bottom, I refused to listen. Instead, I told myself I was meant to be at the top.

It was with this belief in mind that I kept working. Day in and day out, I worked.

I worked. I sweated. Even when I was tired, I continued to work. I strained every nerve.

I met with disappointment. I failed many times in many projects I tried; but refused to call it quits.

Many times I reminded myself that quitters never win and winners never quit.

It was a long, hard journey. The road was not smooth. Many potholes paved my path. Many times I slipped and fell. But I did not stay down. I got up and continued.

It went on and on. Then, before long, I began to see some light at the end of the tunnel.

And before I knew it, I was living a brand new life. I was living in an ivory tower. Today, I rank among the richest men in the world.

I have given my story that you may learn if you want to make life me. There is no reason for you to waste your life in misery. You can become whatever you want to be.

Get what I did to become one if the richest persons in the world and follow the same steps. You will become as rich as me, if not more.

Wealthy but unsuccessful

Being wealthy does not necessarily make you successful.

There are many wealthy people who are woeful failures.

It is better to be poor but successful than to be rich but unsuccessful.

The best thing, however, is to be both wealthy and successful.

Your dream should be to be rich and successful.

It is tragic to be wealthy but unsuccessful.

That could mean you have worked so hard for nothing.

This may happen when you use dirty methods to acquire your wealth, or when you use honestly acquired wealth for evil instead of for good.

Using unscrupulous methods to acquire riches makes you a woeful failure weather you are exposed or not.

You are merely an elephant standing on sandy feet or a storey building on a mud foundation.

What is money meant for?

I have looked at money
And I have done so
For a long time;
I have discovered
That money has power;
Human beings love money;
Or to put it better,
Human beings adore money;
And so they do everything
To get it;
By everything, I mean
Everything humanly possible;
Nothing is left out;
Once you go for money,
And start to accumulate it,
It is hard to stop doing so;
Money is, by all standards,
A good commodity;
Theres no doubt about that;
Many are using it for good,
And that is in the world;
But it is also dangerous;
If it can destroy;
It can also cause damage;
Too great and hard to describe;
Therefore, if you say
Money is a double edged sword,
You will not be far
From the truth;
In good hands
It can do invaluable good;
In bad hands
It can do untold harm;
We must pray for money;
Not for money accumulation
But that it may go
Only to people
Who will use it for good;
And not for evil
In the world.
Use money for good;
To make the world better;
Not worse.
That is what it is meant for.

Serving God’s Purpose

I hated to see my leftover coffee go to waste, so I sipped on it and waited on the Lord to give me this message for today. You see, God awoke me in the middle of the night, many years ago, and asked me to serve Him. I still do not understand His reason, but I’m glad He did; I rejoice and am honored to witness His good works every single day. However, few Christians know how to serve God’s purpose in their life. Have you ever questioned this thought?

Serving the Lord isn’t about us receiving attention or glory; it is for Him to receive praise. So, I start my day with an early morning prayer. I give thanks for my many blessings, and I ask Him to reveal His intentions of how could I serve Him. Am I to be His voice calling His chosen people, or am I to be a pillar to support His kingdom?

Dana Bicks

In your case, ask God to show you how to change other people’s lives to be a witness to His love. Perhaps involve yourself in an outreach community or work at the church. Whatever calling you choose, it should not be something you do at certain times, but a passion every single moment of the day. If God is not changing sinners into Christians, then how can He be glorified by the seeds we should plant? Serving God’s purpose is changing the lives of others who will witness His love and grace through your deeds. Share the good news about Jesus’ forgiveness of sin. How do you do this on a nine-to-five schedule, in your dead-end position?

Is Your Job a Dead-End Position?

Are you unfulfilled in your current job? Maybe it’s boring, you’re overworked and underpaid, not to mention unnoticed for a job well done. A desire for a meaningful existence just doesn’t apply to you. The Bible teaches that finding our purpose in anything other than the Lord will always leave us empty. If we can’t make a difference, what is the purpose? I’m sure your next response will be, “But I have bills to pay and a roof to put over my head.” Many job openings abound which better serves the Lord, and they will, in turn, pay your debts. Pray for God to show you the way.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Matthew 6:33


A Personal Story of Inspiration

Allow me to share a personal story with you, which will explain how God works, helping us to serve His purpose. Before my wife and I reunited and married, she lived in Virginia, single, for over thirty years. Her occupational field of expertise was in the accounting genre, and her pay scale was in the top echelon of her field. She burned out crunching numbers and often prayed something newer and better would come her way. In 2005, she accepted an opportunity to do mission work for the International Board of Southern Baptist Convention in Africa. When she returned from her outreach work, she was eager to continue spreading the word of God. She applied and was accepted to work for the Peace Corps, but she turned it down for lack of security in her designated country.

Now confused and floundering, perhaps moving to a different area was her answer, so in 2007 she purchased a home in Tampa. Within weeks of moving to Florida, she walked into a publisher’s office and landed another high-paying job. What did she know about the publishing field, and how did this serve the Lord? Was this another mistake? To make a long story short, the company eventually folded, and she moved back to Virginia, where she took a job for a non-profit Catholic organization running the finances. Once again, another mistake.

When my wife and I reconnected with each other in 2016, she told me how she was praying God would find her a job serving Him. She spoke of going back into missionary work, but I wasn’t letting her get away from me this time. Within days of moving to Arkansas with me, she suggested we begin a blog and website which served the Lord, and the rest is history. She is now my Editor and marketing guru. How ironic God placed her in a publishing company in Florida only to gain the experience for our award-winning book! Today, we both serve God’s purpose; our messages go further than any missionary work she could ever perform around in the world. Amen!

Rejoice, for You are Chosen!

Our almighty God comforts us and gives us the conveniences of life if we remain dedicated in prayer. When we least expect it, He will drop that job in our lap serving His purpose. Just keep your eyes and ears open and pray for the discernment. Is it the one God is offering to better serve His name? The richness you will receive may not be monetary but one of spiritual peace knowing you are serving God’s purpose.

Rejoice, for you are chosen to serve the Lord! How do I know this? You are a Christian who just took the first step of reading this blog… His message to you!

Wealth overflows

We live in a world of abundance,
Wealth overflows;
Yet, billions live in destitute;
What really is the matter?
Why can’t all have enough?
What stops me or you
Having our fair share?
The world’s abundance
Is for all;
A few cannot be allowed
To exploit and dominate
The majority.
Things must change.
The wealth of the world
Must flow to all.

Be honest (Be inspired today 318 by Ngobesing Suh Romanus)

Do not be dishonest;
Do not go for dishonest riches;
Be honest;
The bible warns against
Riches dishonestly earned;
Do not take bribe;
You will land
Not only yourself,
But also your family
Into trouble;
It is better to be poor
But honest,
Than to be rich
And dishonest;
If you get a good position
By playing a foul game,
That position will bring you
More sorrow than joy;
Do not raise your children
With stolen money;
Or money you get
By cheating someone;
You cannot do that
And claim to be a success;
Neither can your children
See light.
Of all policies,
It is well known
Or everyone should know
Honesty is the best policy;
Therefore, be honest.